The Adventures of The Great Magnificent Transformo! Part 2 (The Panties) [non-con] [Piss drinking] [Inanimate transformation]

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[Features: Transformation, non-con elements, comedy, turned into panties, facesitting(?), female masturbation, drowning in pussy, way too much of a good thing, being stained, peeing/piss drinking, omorashi]

It is I! The Great Magnificent Transformo, again! Last time went …shudder… poorly. But no more! This time, there will be no, no awful experiences of the male persuasion! No no no, this time, nothing but pure, adult, femaleness!

For you see my dear hypothetical readers in my mind, I have chosen to do the most cunning, magnificent and amazing thing yet! A long time dream and fantasy of men around the globe, or at least, one of my most deepest, personal fantasy yet!

To become panties!

This work will take great cunning. I mean, how and why would a woman put on a random pair of panties? And if you just slipped them in to her drawer, how long would it take to eventually get worn anyway?! No no no, this requires a more in depth plan than any other plan I’ve ever made. It will require great cunning and speed.

Which is why I carefully, carefully, was now holding a lid above my head and standing over a small box, in front of my neighbor’s door. With my right hand, I knocked and quickly transformed into panties! I fell, falling, until I landed in the box and with perfect accuracy, the lid landed on top of it, sealing me inside.


Now, we wait.

I even made sure Maddie was home this time!

The less said about last time, the better said in general I always say. I’ll even take never talking about it ever again after this one time.

This was not my first foray being panties. Even outside the last horribly boring attempt, important questions needed to be answered! After all, knowing where my mouth was going to end up, was perhaps my biggest fear. As I layed down to wait, I reflected a little bit on my current predicament. As panties, it didn’t feel like I had a body, like with soap. No, the weirdest part, was it felt as if I was only a head. Well, no, that’s not the weirdest part. The front of it, felt like my face, the back of it, felt like the back of my head and the insides? Well, the insides felt like the insides of my head. So unusual! But this would work out perfectly fine an- Ah! The door is opening!

A tired, somewhat panting, voice soon reached me.

“Who on earth? No one’s even here. Wait, what’s this box?”


“Who got me a present?”

Soon, I saw not only light but also a beautiful face looking down upon me. Well, beautiful for sure, but in a certain tired way. Bags under eyes, slightly disheveled, but still a beauty!

“Panties.” Maddie said, completely dead toned. “Someone actually got me…panties. That’s creepy as a fuck.”

WHAT?! Say it isn’t so! Is getting someone undergarments considered so creepy nowadays?! My perfect plan!

“Well, I could probably get some use out of these actually.”

Yes! A free gift, how could anyone ever turn that down?!

With that said, good ole maddie grabbed the box and carried me and it into her apartment. She took me out and set me onto her bed. I saw her room for the first time and it was…uhhh…


I knew Maddie sometimes had a stain or two on her shirt and a disheveled appearance and out of all the hot women in the building, she was the most into games but this was, this was crazy. There were piles of clothes on the floor, plastic trash just left lying around, her gaming setup was a mess from what I could see and everything was complete chaos. It’s like her mother had never once told her to clean her room and it had just gotten worse and worse! I think the only reason she put me on the bed was that it was the only clean surface I could see…

No matter! Sometimes people are messy, she’s still a lovely goddess in my eyes! No, wait, she’s even better! Not conforming to matters of perfection, showing she’s a character with flaws, what a perfect non-perfect person! Her beauty has only ascended in my eyes!

Now dear hypothetical readers, I did worry about maybe, you know, getting shoved into a draw, so the next events shocked me to my core. With barely any waiting, maddie slipped off her pants and…boxers?! And grabbed me. I was temporarily worried that I’d be cursed again, that this was the second coming of the feminine guy, come to make me question myself and lure me down darker paths but no, seeing what I saw, I could tell you for sure that maddie was 100% female.

Not only was I not getting shoved into a drawer or something, I was being worn immediately! What luck!

I felt her, as she put her leg through a hole of mine and then another one. It was one of the weirdest sensations to date as I could feel the sides of her leg inside my head, like someone was lightly touching the inner parts of my skull. Then I was pulled up and up and was soon fully being worn.

My mind short circuited for a minute as my brain has to process all the new stimuli. From my point of view, I had a whole person’s lower half literally inside my skull. Her ass felt like it was pressing up against the back of the inside of my mind, the front of her felt like it was pressing against the back of my face, and her vagina felt like it was directly sitting on top of my tongue.

The first two feelings were minorly disorienting but all my focus was drawn to that 3rd sensation. My mouth. Her vagina felt like it was not only in my mouth but resting right on top of my tongue. Just like I planned.


I could feel her wet already, juices flowing on to my tongue and somehow weirdly, down my throat. I could taste it all. YES! YES YES YES.

Victory for The Great Magnificent Transformo!

I layed there, well, no, but anyway, I layed there, basking in not only victory, but the joys of life. The whims of a god had surely lad me to here and now I get to partake in the finest dining imaginable. Worn by a woman as she presses herself against me, being the garment of choice for a perfect beauty, tasting heaven itself, what more could a guy ask for? There was many, so many, worries part of this endeavor. Would my tongue end up in the wrong place? Would I suffer another male experience? Would she shove me in a drawer and never wear me? 5 seconds ago I worried that she’d even accept my gift at all and yet, here we are. We’ve made it. I can feel my brethren across the stars congratulating me like an awards ceremony as I have achieved all of our dreams. I feel united in a common cause, like the first man to go to space.

If I could shed a tear of joy, I would.

Then I felt everything much, much more firmly in mind, as she sat down.

Before, the feeling of her being literally behind my face and in my head was a small, but significant aspect but now it had evolved to full blown everything. With her sitting down, the back of my head felt her weight and the angle pushed my mouth even deeper into her, as it were. I could feel my mouth being coated by her juices.

Unbeknownst to The Great Magnificent Transformo, Maddille Corshire has 3 oddities about her that he would have liked to know before going through with this endeavor.

The first and foremost, was that Maddille had overactive glands.

That’s, that weird? I know I hadn’t really been thinking about it but it’s weird maddie is so wet right now right?

Like a third sign of foreshadowing, maddie herself mumbled under her breath to herself.

“I hope this pair doesn’t break like the last one’s.”

Last one’s? Break? What?

Before those thoughts could go further, I felt maddie’s fingers on my lips. Or, well, it felt like they were my lips at the very least. Then she started rubbing, pushing my tongue up and across and back down her pussy. I could feel the liquid begin increasing already.

She’s masturbating with me on?! What, what luck! I never dared even dream of such a great occurrence to happen!

I could feel her soft fingers rub me against her more and more, her lower lips oozing out fluid that’s a lot of fluid actually. It had gone from me feeling like I was having someone pour water down my throat to me feeling like I was starting to drown in it.

I could feel the part where my tongue was already soaked through, as if I was choking and coughing up her fluid. I could feel the front of my face, no, all of my face starting to feel like water, no again, like her natural liquids were pouring out of me. As if, somehow, someone had thrown me into a river and now I was literally struggling to breathe.

Except that wasn’t even everything! My face, my tongue, I wasn’t flesh and blood right now but cloth! And cloth…cloth soaks. Nature’s liquid had decided it was going to not just push itself out through my weak cloth fibers and literally choke me to death but to also get stuck, I was being, I was being stained and I had no idea what that was going to do to me when I turned back.

Come on god! What are you even doing?! Am I going to die here like this, drowned in girl cum?!

But no, no it felt like I was drowning but I wasn’t, not actually. I just couldn’t breathe anything but maddie’s fluids. They were in me, through me, up my nose, down my throat, pouring in both directions, completely submerging my tongue and all I could taste and smell and breathe was it’s unique, very slightly sweet, flavor.

It was way too much! Come on maddie, what are you doing?! Don’t you think this is enough?! I was happy to experience such a joy but this was way too much! I felt like I was choking and I’m really not into that!

But of course there was nothing I could do as wave after wave after wave of fluid rained down upon me and through, coating me, making me feel like there was a river inside my mouth that was exploding rapidly.

Finally, finally, after what seemed like an eternity of her pussy grinding onto my tongue, of her river of fluids drenching me and making me feel like I was gonna die from lack of air, of her soft fingers pressing and rubbing against my own lips, I felt her squeeze and clench as an absolute monster of an ocean descended upon me.

If before, I felt like I was choking, like someone had thrown me into a pool with no warning or had gotten their hands around my throat, now I felt as If I was really drowning. There simply was no air and if I wasn’t actually cloth, I think any normal person might’ve drowned. I’ll never look at facesitting the same way ever again.

But finally, finally it was over. The fluids would…dry…but then I could breathe again and go back to enjoying the experience! Yes, yes this was just a temporary overindulgence after all. Good, good in the beginning but way over the top afterward. Who knew maddie had that in her after all? Not even I, The Great Magnificent Transformo! Could have predicted she was such a…wet person.

Wait…why is she…why is she still rubbing against me. You, you came already, you know that right maddie? Maddie? MADDIE!

The second thing he would have liked to have known, is that Maddille Corshire was a chronic masturbator.

It doesn’t end! It doesn’t ever stop. I’ve long gone past worrying about being soaked or stained and even slowly and quickly and necessarily adapted to not being able to breathe but I’m starting to feel like she’s going to tear me apart! She’s done nothing but grinding and soaking and grinding and soaking me for what feels like hours! Just sitting there, watching I think a youtube video or something, while I’m being absolutely nearly destroyed! I may not know what may happen to me if I’m stained or marked or whatever, but destroyed? I’m pretty sure that has only one answer…

And not only that, but I lied before, I am very worried about being soaked! Every single aspect of me feels like I was plunged into a raging river, an ocean, the rapids, I don’t feel or think anything could do what I am currently feeling justice! The only thing I can even think of that comes close may be waterboarding but I’m fairly sure even they are allowed to come up for air once in a while! And all the while, all the while, I know, with strong knowledge, that isn’t merely water. I can feel how it’s more…slick, how it seems to be more…solid, for a lack of a better term. Then water at least. Viscous? Is that the word? Anyway, it feels, okay fine, it kinda feels like I’m being coated in a thin thing of slime. And drowning in it, can’t forget that. And being stained by it. The taste and smell are going to haunt my dreams forever!

Finally though, finally, she stopped and luckily, before I was actually broken or torn. That would’ve been, way way bad.

“Huh. You didn’t rip. That’s good.”

Maddie sounded tired and I’m not surprised in the least. After that much masturbating, if she wasn’t tired, I wasn’t currently soaked panties.

Maddie got up and thank fuck for that. The simple nature of movement felt like I was sloshing around, as if I had become part liquid, true. But it also signaled it was over. My dreams, my poor aching dreams had been utterly demolished. I don’t think I’ll have the courage to turn into underwear any time soon, if ever again. Such a beautiful thing, ruined by having way way way way too much of it. There’s a lesson here, I think. A beautiful lesson of only ever being satisfied with the basic level of things. Yes, that’s right, that’s it.

I should have become her bra instead.

Like icarus, I flew too close to the sun and was burned for my hubris. I have learned my lesson god, no longer shall I use your power to over indulge! Or well, not for a long while at least, not everyone, surely, must be as…wet…as maddie is down there.

Stuck in my own thoughts, it was only then that I noticed that maddie had sat down again. Now this wasn’t that unusual, surely, except that she was sitting on the toilet seat. Alright, sure, I guess she had to go to the bathroom or wanted to just take a rest for a second. But I felt it was kinda odd that she was just sitting there with me on still but shrug that’s not that weird.

“Hmm. I don’t really wear panties, so this should be fine. I can just throw these away after.”

Throw these away?! What? And what do you mean…after….

The third piece of knowledge, was that Maddille Corshire, commonly known as maddie to friends, had a fetish for Omorashi. Otherwise known as wetting yourself.

I could feel it, as maddie leaned back and relaxed and before I could even think about what horrible atrocity was about to transpire, like a lightning bolt, it started.

Suddenly, the thickly sweet taste in my mouth was washed away as a different liquid hit my tongue and with a terrible pressure that wasn’t there before, forced it’s way through my fibers and into the toilet below.


But my cries, my beautiful, manly, not at all screeching cries went unanswered. She was pissing in me no through me. I could taste it, the acidic terrible, awful taste on my tongue, I could it as if it was going down my throat, feel it as it poured through and out of my face, feel it as it got “stuck” inside me in a way the previous liquid hadn’t.

Despite blowing my cover, I tried to untransform that very second and failed. I tried again and again, I tried to struggle, I tried to leave, I tried to ignore the horrible thing happening to me, but no, no I was being pissed in and through and I could taste and the smell! Thankfully, blessfully, it was a short few minutes but they scarred me like nothing else, save for Samantha’s brother, had. If I could gag or throw up, I might have. If I could run away, I could.

Because it wasn’t like that just because it stopped that I was free. No, no that horrible taste, that horrible feeling that I was partly now made of piss and female cum and fluid, the smell of it all, none of that had left me. Maddie slightly rubbed me after she was done peeing herself and I think for the first time, I was truly slightly grossed out.

She took me off and through me into a bag.

“I’ll throw you away later.”

Then she stumbled over to her bed, without even washing herself off, and fell asleep.


And I had to lay there, to just lay there as I could feel the wet piss and cum and fluid and all of that begin to dry, become a part of me and the smell was overwhelming.

Laying there, in someone else’s filth I had only one thought.


It would be another three hours before I was able to transform back and get home. My tongue and face had been dyed a different shade of color and the taste fully lingered on my tongue. I had to transform back into panties and put myself through the wash, dozens of times, just to get the stains out….

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