That one time I fucked my boss 35(F)…

So this happened back in India when I was working there. My boss was recently divorced then; she is 35, looks like a milf with bigger than average boobs. She recently came out as a bi and we (me, her and her then girlfriend 25F) went to pub celebrating that. We also bought some rum to drink in her apartment.

Since it was a Friday night, there is no rush to wake up early. We came to her apartment in a cab and as soon as we arrived, her girlfriend started vomiting. She was then given some water, medicines and made to rest. My boss and I came to the balcony to drink a little. She has changed now wearing only a shorts and a tshirt. The night was hot & humid and I was in my boxers as well with no shirt on. It is not weird for us since we were good friends too.

Let me transgress here to tell you how she looks. She is the example of Dravidian black beauty; short and slightly fat; big boobs and ass that makes you give a second look.

So we were out now in the balcony sipping our drinks. She was asking me how my life’s going. I said I was rejected by my crush recently and started to lament. It was partly the alcohols deed and partly by my own insecure self. She tried telling consolations and hugged me. She brought my face to her boobs as she hugged, now I could feel that she has no bra on. I can feel the nipples, areola (big) margins. Now my wood started growing like crazy. I got a bit embarrassed and gave up the hug; I started looking away and couldn’t maintain proper eye contact. But now she noticed this and little did I know that she also noticed my protruding penis in the boxers!

She again grabbed and gave me a hug; whispered “I saw your boxers”. It was 2 AM in the morning (or night?) and she started caressing my hair as we still hugged. I didn’t know what to reply. I was stammering and froze like a fucking chicken. I have fucked her so many times in imagination, but didn’t gather courage to take it up to her. She asked “What do you think about me?”. I said “What about you? You are so good”. (poor choice of words, I know). “Just good?” , she now pushed me aside and started playfully taking off her tshirt very slowly. “Still just good?” She asked as started humming a song as she was taking off; I could see her navel, curvy body and little underboobs. I was nervous and heart started racing fast. Unknown courage took over me as I pounced on her and took off the tshirt myself. We were still in balcony remember? She was shocked and tried to hide those boobs; I forcefully took those arms and replaced with my mouth, started sucking those huge jugs. She started moaning “Stop, No. Not here”. I pushed her into the room, (with her tshirt still in the balcony) and removed her shorts as well. I could see her hairy pubes as she tried to cover that with her other hand.

Now I pinned her down in the bed where her gf was sleeping and started licking her hot pussy. It was wet and I was hard like never before. By now I am not high of alcohol anymore and so is she. My thing is to started cursing in foul words, and she seemed to like that. “spread you legs you naughty cunt” She obeyed as I surveyed her boobs with hands while still licking her pussy. She pushed my head into her vagina strongly and started moaning. By now her stoned gf gave a little noise, may be she was dreaming. We were shocked and tried to keep our volume low from then on. While I became naked and put my dick in her, she gave a quick shrill. I could feel gooseflesh, which made my heart race even more faster. I gave her some thrusts and turned her in her bed. I asked if she has condom and she showed me a drawer to find it. As I was wearing it, she started caressing her gf’s boobs who is still asleep (mostly stoned for good). This was so hot for me, as I started cursing her even more and put my dick in her pussy. I took her favourite small dildo (or anal plug I am not sure) and thrusted down in her ass. She gave out a loud noise as she is now double penetrated (kind of) ; she grabbed my shoulders too hard that her nails ran deep and little drop of blood came out. Now it’s my time to shout of pain and I slapped her and bit her nipples. This went for like 2 or 3 mins as I cummed into her (condom is on btw) as she put her finger into my ass. It was hot af and I haven’t orgasmed like this ever before. We cuddled together that night and talking for a long time.

I forgot that my crush rejected me. She forgot that she has a gf now. We were in our own little universe where nothing mattered. We both slept with both of us butt naked, my dick against her ass and my hands rightly in her jugs. Later the next morning, her gf found us both naked over each other. And what unravelled after that is different genre of story altogetheršŸ˜…

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