That one ex – crazy in bed and everywhere else

I had an ex, when I was much younger, who had all the symptoms of borderline personality disorder. I could provide multiple examples for all of the criteria, but the internal state stuff, as I can’t know that.

She was wild. At 20 she had a body count approaching 100, counting unique blowjobs, but definitely fucked by more than 50 guys, and had been fucked in MMF three ways a handful of times.

I had only been with like, 3 women at that time. Thankfully I was born with excellent stamina, because we were back at my apartment and fucking all night long within and hour of our first date. I was such a prude, I was borderline shocked when she wanted me to cum in her mouth, I was like, “should I wash my cock?” And she said “I want to taste my pussy on you.”

She came over three times that week to fuck more, before telling me she had a long distance boyfriend. However, she kept a standing fuck date with me twice a week. Telling me she was addicted to my cock.

She told me a lot about her sexual past and her body count. She’d tell me about other guys she had or was sucking off. She didn’t think of blowjobs as really cheating, and was trying to minimize how much she was cheating on her BF, so said she was only fucking me. After 1.5 years of this, and 8 months or so after she broke up with her BF, we eventually got more serious. I had no clue what hotpast fetish was then, but I knew K got really turned on when she told me about other guys.

Few highlights – this was before high speed internet porn, and she had like, a significant collection of porn DVD’s and magazines. Like, way more than me, maybe ~30 DVD’s and a stack of magazines. Also had a large number of sex toys.

By our fourth date she asked if I had any porn, and I had a few magazines. It became a regular thing where she would jerk me off, while I held the magazine and we looked and discussed, she was into other girls sexually but not to date per se. We’d go to the adult bookstore every so often to get new material. We’d do the same with DVD’s and she’d tell me about similar experiences she’d had, ask me if I wanted to do things we saw (she liked pretty normal porn) and like, fuck to the porn.

She also liked to go clubbing with her girlfriends. She’d dance with other guys and basically get fondled and groped and rubbed up on all night. I knew that’s what she was doing, but she said she kept it on the dance floor. Then she’d take a cab to my place when the night was over and give me the best blowjobs I have ever gotten, alternating a between sucking and fucking, she really had a thing for tasting her pussy on my cock.

And finally, we ran into a girl at a house party who I briefly dated. There was no drama, but something about it set my ex off, in a good way. She like, got super friendly with the other girl, and left us alone to chat and catch up, mingling with other folks, keeping a subtle eye on us. Then she politely asked me to help her with something and pulled me into the bathroom and told me to fuck her, so of course, I did. It was a pool party, so I just had to pull her boy short bottoms to the side and her tits over her bikini top. She swallowed my cum so it didn’t get on her for anyone to see.

Afterward, she kept being so friendly to the other girl, and as the night went on, and a truth or dare game broke out, they ended up kissing. My ex really pushed it and we ended up in the other girls room, all three making out. My ex undressed the other girls and really took charge and had me jerking off to her while she played with the other girl.

Then she told me she wanted me to fuck the other girl. Which totally blew my mind. It was crazy watching her frantically rub her pussy while I fucked another women right in front of her.

Later, when we got back to her place, as she alternated between sucking my cock, and showing me her pussy and playing with it for the whole drive, we immediately start fucking hard and using toys. She keeps going on and on about the other girl and her pussy and tits. I was fucking her in doggy and rubbing her asshole, and it was one of three times she let me fuck her ass. When I was getting close, she told me to cum on her face because she wanted both of our cum on her face. Thankfully my cock wasn’t “dirty” from her ass, I mean she wasn’t going to suck it, but she fucked herself with her rabbit toy while I jerked off right in her face until I cummed all over her. Every time I fucked her ass, it was when we were around another women she thought was interested in me, and like, it made her crazy horny.

On the one hand, she really taught me well how to pleasure a pussy, and turned me into a grade A cunnilingus connoisseur, which has paid dividends. On the other hand, out of the sack, she was so crazy it took me a long time to understand what a normal relationship should be like. It also kinda ruined me sexually, because she was just into stuff most women, and probably people, don’t know about or aren’t interested in.

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