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Teaching the Girls.

I love my job. Everyday has its normal routine, yet you never know what is going to happen. I’m a teacher and coach at a private school in southern Iowa. I know it is a pretty conservative area, yet the parents of most of my students are liberal in their thinking. Certainly, not the bible belt types I have known in other areas.

Back to what I said earlier about not knowing what is going to happen at any given time, I was talking with some of my younger girls on the volleyball team. One of my girls had hosted a party over the weekend that was well attended by the girls on the team. Lots of the girls had younger sisters, but few of these girls had brothers living at home.

Naturally, with young school girls in attendance the talk had turned to boys, but the girls had to admit that none of them had any experience other than what they had been taught in health class, which was not much. I know, as I teach the class and the curriculum is sparse about sex. A few diagrams, but certainly no photographs to show what they can expect. To add to this, some of the younger sisters of these girls had expressed a very real interest in the subject as well.

In listening to the girls talk in the locker room and talking with them about this subject I came up with a plan. I thought I should bring it up to a few of the parents I thought would be at ease dealing with this subject.

I talked with a few of the parents and they were very much in favor so I had to put my plan into action. I was sure that my friend who taught at a public school forty miles away who would be interested in helping. I had taught at the same school as Don my first year out of college and we had remained friends over the years.

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Lorain Stevens, I am thirty-five years old, single, and keep myself fit as a coach should. I’m 5’5” tall, weigh 122 lbs. and compete in triathlons 4 times a year. I am a popular teacher try to be a positive role model for the students.

My friend Don is somewhat older and more experienced. He is divorced, fit, a very handsome fifty-four-year-old with graying hair that looks quite distinguishing on him. He is 6’ about 190 with a trim, well-muscled frame and a friendly smile and demeanor.

My plan, quite simply, was to have a really meaningful sex education class with these girls. A class with a live young model. Not just anyone, but a young man about their age. The type of young man they would likely have a crush on, or be the type of person that they would see or experience for the first time. Nothing dirty, certainly nothing perverted, but again, a little more than the school board would probably approve. Don would be my contact with access to a population of young males who were close enough to participate, but far enough away that the girls would not know them.

Now, we have found out that there were a few families who were very much in favor of lessons like this. It was time to contact Don and see if he was willing to help and if he knew of any young men who might be willing to act as a model. Finding a teen age boy who was; 1. Willing to let a group of girls and possibly their parents study and possible touch, grope, or fondle his goods. 2. Had the build, form, and demeanor to do this. It would not be as easy as it sounded. I would have to sell it to Don carefully. I’ll plan a trip over to see him within the week.

It’s a Monday afternoon in late summer. I stand outside Don’s office after having watched his football team in early season practice. They were looking good and it was impressive to see the older players helping the younger players learn. This is the type of teamwork and camaraderie that Don was known for putting together. Winning season or not, the teams he coached always pulled together. It was nice to see.

I knock and he beckons me inside. “Hey there coach, the team is looking good. Are you making any predictions on the season yet?” Don laughs his infectious laugh and says it’s too early to tell. Overall he is extremely pleased with how his boys are looking, but some of his competitors have good pools to pull from as well. We talk awhile about how things are going, reminisce about working together and talk about how things are going in our present jobs. We are both very pleased with how life is treating us. In time, I told him of my idea. This would be the litmus test. If Don thought it was a bad idea, that would be it. I wasn’t sure what he would think, but was pleased when he didn’t object right away. He asked for some time to think about it before he would give me an answer.

In two days Don called me and said he had thought about it and talked it over with some other friends and they had concluded that this was a good idea. This is when I dropped the idea of him finding me the young man to model for us on him. It made the most sense for the reason I mentioned above. Again, he asked for a few days to think of a way to ask someone. He did say he had a young man he thought would be very good at something like this. He was not on the football team so I had not seen him during my earlier visit. He was an incoming junior, dark blond, about 5’10” in height and around 145-150 lbs. Scott had been injured during his freshman year of high school and had to give up athletics. As soon as Don mentioned him, I knew of whom he was speaking. This young man had missed eight weeks of school due to his injuries, but during this time he had improved his grades with the help of his friends and an outstanding group of teachers who worked with him. When he returned to school he was on crutches and could barely get around. He spent the remainder of his freshman year regaining strength and relearning to walk.

His sophomore year he came back still ineligible for any contact sports but, with the help of Don, his family Dr. and his physical therapist, built his strength and fitness level to the top of the entire school. He could do more sit-ups, pull-ups, and push-ups than anyone else. He was not muscled bound at all, just incredibly fit and disciplined. In addition to that, he was one fine looking young man. Classic male physique, slim toned build, narrow hips and waist, broad shoulders very defined physique and handsome, all in one package. Not only did I know of this young man, I could not think of anyone I would like better for this project, though I had no idea what he looked like nude.

In two weeks Don called with the news that Scott and his parents had agreed to do it. We still needed to come up with a lesson plan. Would this be a one-day affair, something that we would spend a few lessons on, how far would we have him go, little details like this.

I asked Don how he had posed the question and he told me the story. It seems on a Saturday, late in the morning, Don was running some errands and happened to see young Scott at the feed mill in town. Scott was loading feed into the back of his father’s pickup, as Don drove by. He was wearing normal late summer farm boy attire of faded blue Levi’s, work boots, a belt, a John Deere cap and no shirt. He was looking great with streaks of sweat running through the dust built up on his torso. Don sat off to the side in his car and watched for a while, wondering if this were the time to ask or not. As Scott finished loading the truck he stepped off the dock and began walking around the truck to the driver’s door, wiping the sweat off his face and body with his t shirt as he did so. Don stepped out of his car and walked towards Scott, calling out a greeting to which Scott answered, waved and pulled his shirt on.

“No need to cover up and overheat.” Don said. Scott replied that it was just the polite thing to do. “Scott, I need to talk to you about something, do you have a few minutes? I’ll buy you a Coke while we talk.” Scott answered that he had a few minutes but did need to get back as they were building some fence after lunch. “Let me just pull the truck over there, out of the way, and we can walk across the street for that Coke.”

“Here you go Scott,” as Don handed him the can of soda, “there’s really no easy way for me to ask this so I’ll get right to it. If you are uncomfortable just tell me and we will drop it entirely and I’ll not bring it up again.” Scott replied that he remembered how much Don had helped him get back into shape and that there was not much he wouldn’t do for the coach. “Well Scott, this is not your ordinary favor. I have a friend who teaches and coaches in Ottumwa at the girl’s school. They are going to try a limited class with some new curriculum and she is needing a young man to help. When she called, me looking for help you were the first one I thought of. Please don’t feel you owe me anything because you do not. If you want to do it, or not, it’s entirely your choice. Scott, what we are looking for is a young man to use as a model, a teaching aid, to demonstrate and use during sex education classes. Most of these girls are in the middle school. You would be the type of young man they would likely want to see. Scott, I want you to think about this, talk it over with your parents, or would you want me to discuss this with them? If you are willing, I will get in touch with Lorain and get things started.”

Scott had the usual surprise and questions; Wow, really? You thought of me first? Why me? Where? Fully nude? What else? And then When?

Yes, really. Yes, Scott, your attitude about life and your open mindedness, willingness to help people and the way you are friendly with everyone, even people you have just met, that’s why I thought of you. Why? Because you are everything a girl would want. Where? At the school. It seems the school administration is in favor of trying this. Fully nude? Can you think of a better way to teach sex education? What else? I’m sure they are going to want to see you flaccid and erect, most likely they would want to see an ejaculation as well and possibly look at your sperm in a microscope. We’ll have to see how it goes. When? This fall if possible.

Not once did he ask about pay or what was in it for him. Don is right, he seems to be a great kid.

We decided that the best course for introducing him to me and the course would be a meeting in my apartment as soon as we could arrange it. A Sunday afternoon we thought would work well as it would give us plenty of time to talk about things and see how Scott reacted to the idea.

It was only one week after Don had called with the news that Scott was willing to do this that we were meeting at my apartment. There was just one, well two, problems. My niece Kara and her friend Jolene. I had not known that they were coming to town this weekend and had planned to come visit me until Sunday morning when they knocked on my door. It seems that they had come to town to visit one of Kara’s high school friends who was going to college here in Ottumwa. They had planned to have a girl’s afternoon with me, dining, shopping and such and then leave to return to Iowa City late in the evening. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work out. I told the girls that I was not going to be able to go out with them, as I had a meeting concerning a new class curriculum I was planning. They seemed interested so I told them a little about it. Once they found out that my prospective teaching aid was coming and that he was a live young man there was no getting rid of them. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go over. I know Scott was told what to expect, but two college freshmen were NOT on the list.

Right on time at 1:30 my doorbell rang. I had the girls remain in the living room, in the background while I answered. From their position, they could see the doorway, but were slightly out of the line of sight into the apartment.

I opened the door and there stood Don looking very relaxed and a very calm and handsome Scott. Scott was dressed in blue jeans, white high top tennis shoes and a black t-shirt. He looked great. Perfect even. He was tall and slender but perfectly proportioned. Not at all ungainly or awkward looking like some boys (girls too) get. His skin was clear, not a blemish, his smile was genuine and his eyes were bright and a beautiful blue gray. What more could I have asked for. Don introduced Scott to me and he confidently shook my hand and looked me directly in the eye as he said he was pleased to meet me. Not a quiver in his voice at all. How can he be so at ease? I just hope having two slightly older girls here will not change that, though at this point I will understand if it does.

“Hello gentlemen, I’m really glad you came. There is one thing I need to tell you though. I had no idea this was going to happen. I think it’s important for you to trust me and I will promise you this was not set up. I would have mentioned it to Don and made sure you were aware Scott. The deal is, my niece Kara and her friend Jolene popped in this morning. They came down to visit a friend at the college yesterday and wanted to spend the day today with me.”

Don looked at Scott and told him that he had no idea this was going to happen. As far as he had known it was to have been just Scott, Don and myself discussing how things would go and then maybe a trial run to see how it worked out. Just a little side note here, after meeting and seeing this young man there is nothing I wanted more for the afternoon than to see what he had to show my girls. “Scott, if you are not at ease and want to wait to do this I understand completely. This is being popped on you without any notice. It’s totally up to you.

During the introductions the girls had stood and stepped into view. I will say, they too, are very attractive. It could be quite fun watching three totally hot young people interact.

Again this young man surprised me with his attitude. “Well, I guess this is supposed to be a class for girls. I guess it makes sense to have girls here for the trial.” I wondered how a younger guy could be so receptive to situations you would think would stress him out like crazy.

I ushered Scott and Don into the living room beckoned them to sit, and offered drinks or snacks. They both removed their shoes as they came in and Scott just asked for a glass of water. The girls took the couch; Scott took the big easy chair and Don and I sat on chairs I had pulled in from the dining room. It seemed to give us more a position of authority and let our subject be more at ease.

“Well, Scott, this is a totally new class for our middle school health classes. You know, we are an all girl’s school and many of the girls reside here as well, so their lives are controlled. They don’t get the freedom to play post office, spin the bottle or truth or dare like you all have. Many of them have virtually no knowledge of a young male body and the changes you go through.” Scott just nodded his head. “My thoughts are to first use you to demonstrate the differences between a maturing male and female body. Your build, heavier muscle tone, broader chest, narrower hips. What makes you stronger and more suited for your roles as the hunter/ protector and the female as the child bearer. This is not to be sexist but it is nature’s way.

I think to demonstrate this part we would have you stripped to your boxers or something. If you have another idea of what to wear that would be fine.” Scott asked if there was going to be a female model there to point out the differences as well. I had not thought of that, but at this point, Kara said that she would be willing to do that part today if we wanted to see how it worked out.

“Well, then, if you two are ready, I would like to see how this is going to work.” Scott, took a sip of his water, set the glass down and stood, stepping to the side of his chair as he did. He immediately pulled his t shirt over his head, folded it in half and placed it over the back of the chair. His skin was again perfect and golden from his work in the sun, not a blemish anywhere. His chest was perfectly defined with dime sized nipples which were a nice brown and his stomach was flat and toned unless he was moving about when you could see his abs flex. Then a 6 or 8 pack clearly showed itself. I know I was pleased to see a young specimen like this. I think the girls were too. I glanced at Don and he just looked like a proud father. With the briefest pause after he set his shirt on the chair back as he looked around and began unfastening his belt and fly of his pants. He didn’t hesitate at all as he slid them down his legs and stepped out of them, pulling his socks off as he did. In two moves my model was standing in my living room in his boxers and looking better than I could have imagined. His legs were long and lean, covered with a light coating of fine blondish hair. His boxers, again dark in color hung nicely over the curve of his butt and had a decent sized bulge in the front. Kara and Jolene just looked. “Um, Kara, I think we are waiting on you, if you are willing.” Kara shook her head as if to regain her senses and undressed in much the same manner as did Scott. She was every bit as good a specimen as was he. Her skin tone, her breasts, the width of her hips. Again, a very athletic looking young person but feminine this time. I brought them to the middle of the room and for a moment we just admired them. Neither of you has any tan lines showing. This is terrific. Scott, I was a little worried about you having a farmer tan, but your tan is great. He laughed and said, that once the boxers came off the tan lines would be apparent but that he did a lot of fishing and swimming late in the afternoon or evenings and wore just shorts then.

I stood between them and mimicked a lesson about the differences in the two sexes and showed how they had grown from children into the adults they were to become. I pointed out the body hair, where Scott would grow a beard, he had a light fuzz on his face that boys get before their beards come in, and talked about the differences in hygiene. Scott had a beautiful patch of hair under his arms and Kara of course had shaved hers. Kara’s legs were shaved as well, Scott’s were not. Again, Scott had a light covering of that sexy blond fuzz on his stomach and chest. He may or may not develop a lot of body hair over his torso, all men are different regarding that.

That concluded this part of the lesson, so Kara dressed again and returned to her spot on the couch as Scott stood there in his boxers.

“Scott, are you nervous?” I asked. “Ma’am, I’d be lying if I said no, but I think I am doing OK.” Was his response. “Well, then, if you are ready, we can begin the second part. You may remove your boxers please.”

Scott took one quick look at all of us, took a breath and slid them right off. Not hesitating at all he folded them in half, set them on the chair with his other clothes and stood with his hands to his sides facing all of us. I did check out his face and he was not at all red. The kid seemed unflappable. My gaze went lower as I heard a couple of low gasps from the area of the couch. Two things, first, he was unshaven and had all his pubic hair. I was very pleased to see this. Second, Scott had not been circumcised. I had dared not even hope for that. He was beautiful. His scrotum was warm and hanging, swinging with its load. His penis hung down to the bottom of his scrotum but not past. The foreskin seemed to stop right at the tip of his glans. His testicles seemed large and shaped like walnuts. “Ladies, this is what the perfect male body would look like.” Even I had not hoped for someone this good. “What do you two think?” Both girls responded with approval. Jolene spoke first, “Scott, you are truly blessed.” I looked up at him and smiled inwardly as I saw him blush. “Thanks.” He mumbled. I laughed, “Scott, you really do have a breaking point. I thought maybe you were a robot.” To which we all laughed a bit. Don really did look like a proud father, “Didn’t I tell you he was what you were looking for? Did you doubt me?” “No Don, I never doubted, but I certainly never figured on this either. I don’t think he could be more perfect. Now let’s see if I can compose myself and go on with the lesson.”

I stepped beside Scott and said, “Well, Scott, this is now I think it should go now. I will point out your parts, try to explain the purpose and function of and answer any questions. Are you comfortable with me touching? His reply was to do what I thought I had to do to teach.

I began by slipping my index finger behind his penis and lifting it slightly. “Girls, here we have the male genitalia. First is the penis, you can see that now Scott’s is flaccid or limp, but when he is aroused it will fill with blood and become erect. At that time, he will be able to have sexual intercourse, or enter a vagina with his penis and ejaculate his semen inside. There are different parts to the penis as you can see. Mainly there is the shaft of the penis and the glans, or head of the penis.” I gently pull Scott’s foreskin back to show the glans. “The glans is very sensitive and provides the male with immense pleasure, isn’t that true Scott?” Again, I got to see that beautiful smile and blushing. I was truly loving this. I then moved my finger to his scrotum. “Behind his penis is his scrotum. Inside the scrotum are his testicles, or testes. This is where his sperm is made. Inside your body you have ovaries making eggs. His body produces the sperm to fertilize the egg so it will grow into a baby.” I reach up slightly behind one of his testicles as he spreads his legs slightly. “His testicles have a tube or cord the, Vas-Deferens, where the sperm travels to the prostate where it is combined with other fluids to nourish it and help inject it into the female body. This is called semen, or his seminal fluid.”

I released him and stepped back. “Scott, you are doing wonderfully, would you please show us what an erection looks like? Do you think you can do it easily or do you need to stimulate yourself?” Again, a very slight blush, his entire body appeared slightly flushed. “I think it will be no problem at all with an audience.” With that, he raised his hands, locking his fingers behind his head standing there in his full glory. His penis began to pulse slightly with his heartbeat and lengthen. It was just a few beats of his heart and the glans popped free of the sheath and began to swell. Outward and upward it came, growing to a very pleasing length. Don’t get me wrong, the length was great, but it was the girth of it that brought the bigger surprise. I had no idea such a lean, almost lanky boy would be this thick. His shaft grew in girth as it protruded from his body, narrower in close and thicker as it came out. The head was larger than the shaft with a very pronounce corona. It swelled like the head of a mushroom, the shaft pointing out and up from his body at more than a 45-degree angle with a very slight upwards curve. Just perfect for the sex act.

“Wow ladies, I don’t believe you will ever find a more perfect sample of the male form than this. With his narrow hips, skinny butt, that cock protruding from the thick bush of pubic hair, the angle and curvature of the shaft, and the size of the glans, this is a partner that should be able to please.”

Jolene was the first of the girls to speak. “I know I’ve never seen one better. Not EVER.” To which Kara laughed heartily. Scott was still in his seemingly permanent blush now, but smiled and looked down.

“Scott, do you produce much pre-cum?” Don asked. “I am sure that would be something the class is going to want to see.”

“It depends.” Scott replied. “If I am extremely excited, like I am now, I’m sure I will.”

“Excellent,” I looked at Don, “thank you for the suggestion.” “Scott, how long will it take to produce some pre-cum?” I’d love for the girls to see and maybe even feel it.

Again, with the blush, I can’t imagine the type of embarrassment this kid must be going through, yet he was handling it well. “Well, I usually need to stimulate myself to get to that point. Just some slow stroking, or massaging, something like that. I’m afraid now that if I touched myself I’d just go off.”

“I can understand that I think. Well, we have 3 females here, would one of us stimulating you be of help?

Before Scott could answer Jolene stood up and offered. “Scott, may I try?” Scott took a step towards her and she knelt on the floor. She reached up, seemingly knowing what to do and started to stroke his inner thighs just below his scrotum with one hand as she rubbed his pelvis with the other. Softly she commented, “You really smell great Scott. Are you sure you don’t mind?” Scott’s eyes were closed, his head back as he murmured, “Not at all. This feels great. Thank you.”

Jolene continued to softly stroke Scott and soon enough we were rewarded with a glistening drop of clear fluid being emitted from the tip of that throbbing member. She worked her hands up to where his scrotum and shaft became undistinguished and tickled him there. His testicles pulled up slightly then dropped and his glans flared slightly. More of the magic fluid was secreted.

“Ladies, this is an excellent lesson is how to pleasure a man if nothing else. Do you see how his body responds to the slightest touch?” I pointed out. “Jolene, you had better stop or we may get more than we are ready for at this point of the lesson. What I was hoping for was a sample of his pre-ejaculate for someone to feel, but it looks like you may produce plenty Scott. Do you think it would be OK for the girls to touch it?” Scott’s reply came somewhat hoarsely, which brought a chuckle from Don. “If that’s what you want, you can try. No promises, though.” And then a “Shut up Coach, do you think you could do this?” to which Don replied, “Not a chance my man, not a chance. You go boy.”

“Jolene, give it a try. Touch just his tip at the slit. Get a little on your finger. Feel it. Smell it. Taste it. Kara, do you want to try too? Why don’t all of us try and see how Scott is able to deal with it.”

With that Jolene swiped her finger slowly over the tip of Scott’s glistening cock. We could see the string of pre-cum stretch and break as she got her sample. Kara was right there as well doing the same. She took hold of his throbbing shaft with her left hand and slowly, gently messaged Scott’s glans. It brought forth a generous dollop of the magic fluid we were wanting to see. “My God, it feels really hot and hard as steel. I love how you can feel the veins. Does that make sex better Aunt Loraine?”

“I’m sure it does Kara. You only have nerves near the opening of your vagina, but I am sure you would be able to feel them. You will find that many condoms have ribs on them to enhance the pleasure for you. I think with Scott here that would not be needed. He seems to be able to provide that stimulation.” With that reply I took my turn to get a sample of his fluid. I slid my hand gently along the urethra milking some more out. It was just as I had hoped, nice and slick, smelled very masculine and tasted great. “Scott, I am so grateful that you don’t smoke or anything. Do you eat lots of fruit? You taste very good.”

Scott smiled and said that he did eat quite a bit. “If you think to, for a week or so before you come to do this for my class, try to eat a lot of pineapple. That will make your semen taste sweeter for the girls.” Scott’s blush this time was precious. “You want them all to taste it?”

“I would like that, if you are willing. You could ejaculate into a dish and everyone could take a sample of their fingers, or you could squirt onto your chest or stomach and they could get it off you. That might be more fun. Do you normally shoot very far or does it dribble out Scott?”

“Well, I figured you would want to see that so if you want I can show you and you can decide how you want to do it. I just never thought of them tasting it.”

“Scott, you are really quite a young man. I don’t know how you can be as relaxed as you are. Would you like to show us how you masturbate and what your ejaculation looks like?”

“If you’re ready I guess I can.” And he began to slowly stroke that magnificent member.

He had no more than gotten started when the phone rang. I motioned for him to stop as I answered. I did not want to miss this, or to be distracted while it was happening. Watching his scrotum slowly swing with those heavy testicles inside was one of the most erotic things I have seen. Watching two young women enjoy it was icing on the cake.

I answered to phone to learn that a small group of mothers of some of my students were wanting to come discuss the lessons. These women had been more reluctant at first but seemed to be coming around to the idea. I did not tell them that our model was here with us now, but invited them to come and discuss. While this conversation was going on Scott was just casually standing in the middle of my living room, surrounded by two young girls, his coach from school, and me, totally nude still, his erection throbbing and pointing to the ceiling. He was listening intently to my conversation and seemed to know what was coming.

“I guess there will be more company?” he asked.

“Yes Scott, a few of the mothers who were having doubts are starting to come around. They want to come over to discuss how the lessons will be handled. They should be here in 15-20 minutes. I wonder if we can have you hold off until they get here.”

“I guess I can. Are you going to want to start over completely or what?” he asked.

“I’m not really sure. I guess we’ll just see how this plays out. I think we will hide you at first. Welcoming them with you standing here nude may be a bit much. But we have a few minutes before they arrive, if you’d like to sit and relax for a bit.” When they arrive, we’ll put you in my bedroom until the time is right to bring you out. I do have a robe you may use when you enter rather than having you dress and undress again, if you are willing.”

With that, Scott moved towards the sofa and sat opposite Don. Jolene, sat on the arm beside Scott. He seemed completely at ease, his penis softening a bit but remaining flushed and swollen looking falling back onto his flat stomach. As he became more limber the pre-cum oozed out and smeared on the tanned skin of his belly making it shine. The glans was still purple and swollen, preventing the foreskin from covering it. It was a sight to behold.

Kara spoke, “Scott, you don’t seem to mind this. How many girls have seen you nude before?”

He gave a soft laugh, “Well, not a lot, but a few. My neighbor and her sister have. Candice is my age and we have played show and tell sine we were very young. About a year ago she asked me about guys masturbating and if I would show her, so I did. A few days later, she showed me how girls do it. At the time, only the one doing the showing was naked. We have not done anything with each other. We’re just friends. Also, just about two months ago I was swimming in the river off our back field. I had no idea anyone was around and a bunch of friends, male and female showed up to swim too. They all saw me then.”

As he was talking, he lost his erection entirely, but again, was still flushed.

“So, are you all over being excited?” Kara asked, noticing this.

“Excellent observation Kara.” Don answered. “I think it is safe to say that Scott will not get over this until he has some release. You can see the head of his penis is still swollen and flushed. You typically can’t get a male this excited and then just stop. That’s where the phrase ‘blue balls’ comes from, and unless I miss my guess, Scott is suffering from that now. Am I right?”

To this Scott laughed heartily. “Yeh coach. If this is as far as we go today I would have to say that I will need to do something to relieve it before we get home.”

“I’ve heard of ‘blue balls’. What does it feel like?” Jolene asked. “Do your testicles actually hurt?”

“No, not my balls, the feeling is entirely my dick, and it is not pain. It’s a feeling of excitement, but I will not lose it until I cum. It’s not exactly unpleasant at this point, but it would make me go crazy if it goes for too long.” Scott openly answered.

I wondered how he could sit her in this situation and speak so freely. Before I had time to think on it too much though, there was a knock on the door. I quickly ushered Scott into my room and showed him a nice bathrobe one of my previous male friends had left here. “Put this on and wait for us to come get you OK Scott?”

He said that he would.

“And PLEASE, don’t do anything.” I said, winking at him as I did. He just smiled.

As I entered the living room again I saw that Don had answered the door and made the introduction of the girls and himself to the three ladies who stood just inside the door. He told them he was there to assist me in the lesson planning and that the girls had just stopped by for a visit.

The ladies, Connie, Traci, and Judy all had daughters in my classes and we had met a couple of times at various school functions and such. They were all very nice looking ladies with great attitudes and in their mid to late thirties. Their daughters were all considered to be good students both academically and athletically. Our conversations had always been pleasant and I felt that they respected my efforts and abilities in their daughter’s education.

I beckoned them to sit, offered them coffee and began. “Ladies, I understand there are some concerns. What can I do to ease your minds about this? Are you having second thoughts about the lessons?”

Judy was the first to speak. “No, we’re not having second thoughts at all. I think this is all a great idea and wish it had been available when I was in school. Our worry is just how do you think you can find a young man to model for this and not be a jerk or act inappropriately around the students here. I would think that would be an impossible task.”

Traci spoke up. “Does such a young man exist? I’m not sure my husband is mature enough to handle something like this, let alone a boy still in school.”

Connie laughed and nodded in agreement. “I know Bernie couldn’t do it either. How do you expect to find someone?”

“Well, ladies, actually, that is why Don is here today. When I came up with the idea for this class he was the first one I spoke with about it. In addition to helping plan how we should teach it, he also found us a model. He is a student of Don’s, so he is not a local boy. There is very little chance any of the girls here will know him and he seems to be perfect for the job.”

“How do you know?” Judy asked.

Well, Mrs. Kern, before you called, we were going over the lessons with him. The fact that Kara and Jolene are here was a total surprise to all of us. Let me tell you, this young man seems to be totally unflappable. He’s still here if you’d like to meet him. I didn’t want to shock you too much when you got here.” I filled them in on what we had done so far and where the lesson was headed when they called.

“He’s here now? I’d love to meet him. I think we all would.” Was Traci’s quick response.

I nodded at Kara. and she jumped up immediately and headed down the hallway. We heard a quick knock and then “I think they’re ready for you Scott.” Followed by footsteps heading back to us.

Scott entered first clad in a maroon and silver/grey bathrobe that hung below his knees. It was pulled closed with the belt tied loosely at his waist leaving the top part open enough that his chest and defined pecs were visible. It appeared that his erection was completely gone now but after our talk about blue balls, I was sure that he would be excellent.

“Scott, these ladies are the mothers of some of my students. I think given the circumstances here we should be on a first name basis. Scott, these ladies are; Connie, Judy and Traci. Connie and Judy each have two daughters who will be in attendance and Traci has one. ” With the introduction of each woman Scott graciously nodded and extended his hand, shaking nicely as he said hello.

“Ladies, are there any questions you would like to ask or would you like us to continue the planning?”

“Oh, I think we have a few questions to ask. I’d really like to know what kind of young man Scott here is.” It was Tracie who spoke. “Scott, are you comfortable talking for a while like this or would you rather dress?”

“Well, it’s really up to you. I’m fine but if it seems awkward to you I will dress. What is it you would like to know?” Scott’s openness was genuine and felt by all.

I tried to make everyone comfortable. “Ladies, please, while Scott composes an answer please sit. Would anyone like anything.” I beckoned the girls to get everyone some coffee. The ladies all sat as Kara and Jolene brought in a couple more chairs. Scott stood in the center of the room facing the three mothers.

Tracie continued, “Scott, I have a pretty good idea how young men operate. How will you treat all the girls? You know, girls this age are at an awkward stage sometimes emotionally and physically. Things like glasses, braces, blemishes are things that young men tend to pick on girls about. How will you handle it? A young girl you do not think is pretty or something is not something that should be made known.”

Don spoke up before Scott could. “Ma’am, let me say this. I’ve known Scott since he was in elementary school. Before he even knew who I was I had seen him at the school both at recess and during their PE classes. Even now, in high school, some of our classes are coed. We play volleyball, badminton, table tennis, archery, swimming and bowling all coed. Scott is always, and I do mean always, very good with everyone. He will help any student, male or female, pretty or not, popular or the outcast, who is having a problem. I cannot think of a time where he has not been. I have never heard him talk poorly of someone behind their back. I have never heard or see him belittle another person to make himself appear better. If you are worried about conduct I don’t think I could have found a better person. At this Scott really blushed. I am certain from his reaction that this bothered him more than having to be nude in front of us.

Tracie smiled appreciatively. “That’s wonderful then. I guess maybe our girls will be in good hands. Thank you. Scott, if you are confident enough to do this I am thinking you must be quite experienced with the ladies. Am I right?”

Scott spoke immediately. No ma’am. I am pretty at ease around people. I have been all my life. I’ve never been shy. I try not to be cocky or over bearing, but if you are talking about sexual experience, no, I am a virgin. The first time anyone other than myself or my doctor has touched me in a sexual way was just before you got here. Like I told Loraine, Kara and Jolene earlier, I have played show and tell with my neighbor. She and I are the same age. One time, and one time only, she watched me masturbate, and a couple of days later I got to watch her. We have never touched, nor is there any romance between us. We are just friends. Also, just recently, about two months ago, I was swimming in the river near our farm and a group of my friends showed up to swim also. I was skinny dipping, not knowing they were coming, so they saw me. It was a group of about 5 guys and 6 girls. It was no big deal for me. They laughed and teased me for a while and that has been it. But again, no, I am a virgin.”

“Wow, I really didn’t expect that to be your answer. Let me ask, if this is all new to you, how will you be able to control yourself if the girls are allowed to touch you? I believe that was in the plan, was it not Lorain?” Tracie responded.

“Actually, I’m not sure. All I can say is if I feel an ejaculation is imminent, I will pull away and turn so as not to cause a problem.”

This time it was Judy who spoke. “I’m not sure I want you hiding that. I think the girls should learn, in addition to the parts, how a young man operates and his weaknesses. It may be best if they know all this before they ever start practicing what they learn. If they learn that the boy may get relief before she can, that sex may be worth waiting for. Scott, how were you doing being touched for the first time?”

Again, in total honesty and no sign of embarrassment, Scott answered. “I don’t really know. If I said I wasn’t excited, that would be a complete lie. If I said I was going to have my orgasm right then, that too would not be true. Maybe it is the experience of Kara, Jolene and Lorain at pleasuring just the right amount, but I was doing OK. They had all just gotten some pre-cum from me and were going to have me masturbate, to show the girls how boys do that, when you called. I know I wasn’t going to climax right away.”

I think Connie wanted in on the conversation too. “How long had you been erect at this point Scott?”

“Probably 15 minutes or so. Is that about right?” He looked at the rest of us to confirm his answer.

Don said it was a good 15 or 20 minutes.

There was a pause in the questioning so I asked, “Is there more you wanted to know or would you like to see what we will be working with?”

Connie and Judy looked at each other and Judy spoke. “We wanted to come talk about the plan. We had no idea the model would be here. It was not our intention to….”

Judy was interrupted by Tracie, “I think we should see. I don’t want my daughter scared off by what she sees. Your daughters each have a sister they can talk with. Dawn does not and I doubt she will talk to me.”

Scott turned beet red at this. “I doubt I have anything that will scare anyone. I would think there would be more pointing and laughing.”

“And how will you handle that pointing and laughing Scott? This is where you will have to be on your best behavior to not insult or offend anyone in the class.” Tracie’s tone was pretty aggressive.

Again, Don came to Scott’s defense. “Ladies, as I said earlier, Scott’s manners and consideration for others is beyond question. You must trust me on this. Again, we ask, if you would like a demonstration I think Scott is willing. Scott?”

Scott nodded his head. “Anything you want. I promise you, unless I am outright abused, I always try to treat people, no matter who they are, with respect.”

“Ladies please, let’s not be harsh on Scott. He is sitting here talking honestly with us in a pretty stressful situation. Let him show you how he is, please don’t prejudge him.” I tried to stop this from escalating.

Tracie spoke again, this time her tone was much softer. “Scott, I apologize. I wanted to try to stress you some to see how you would act. You did very well. I do understand that I am sitting here bitching about how fragile our little girl’s egos are and you are at this same stage in life yourself. You handle yourself very well. I am appreciative of that.”

“Well ladies, I think we have stressed Scott enough. We have told you and I am confident from what I have seen so far that he can handle this. Are we ready to see?” Lorain spoke and gave a nod to Scott who moved to the center of the room, paused only long enough to politely make eye contact with the three ladies, nodded and dropped the bathrobe.

Again, after all this talk he stood there totally at ease, fully flaccid and relaxed though the robe had done its job and kept him warm. His body shown well in the light, his tan lines evident on his golden skin. His muscle tone again exhibited in the afternoon light in the apartment. His penis hung again limply over that magnificent scrotum the foreskin covering the head as before. His testicles hanging loosely in the supple sack. His pubic hair showing will, his legs and torso covered in the lightest blond peach fuzz you can imagine.

It was easy to see that the three mothers who had earlier had doubts were much impressed by the young model we had found for this class. “Oh my, I wasn’t expecting this. I had no idea you could be so easy going about this Scott.” Tracie was doing the talking.

“I feel guilty for the way you were treated here Scott.” Judy spoke. “I had no idea we were going to witness this at all, though I must say, I don’t feel compelled to leave at this time.”

“Scott, are you equally at ease having to be manipulated or demonstrating some of the acts that I am sure you will have to?” Connie asked sounding genuinely concerned for Scott’s wellbeing.

“Ma’am, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t at all stressful, but so far, I was doing OK with it.” Scott stood there with everyone in the room ogling him. The effect was noticed by all. The glans of his penis began to swell, growing in girth and pushing the foreskin back until it retracted fully behind it. His testicles still hanging loosely in that supple scrotum. His penis head swelled more and darkened in color, a small droplet of clear liquid oozing from it. Slowly, that magnificent member lengthened and grew in girth as well, pulling up off his testicles and beginning to show its slight upwards curvature as it straightened from his body pointing outwards. Again, it pulsed slightly with his heartbeat as it continued its upward journey until it reached its full glory, pointing to the ceiling, neither to the left of the right but curving slightly upwards, his nuts still hanging free in the sack containing them.

“Oh, my. When you told us that the model was a young man and that he was here I was definitely not expecting this. I thought he would be a skinny kid, not anything like this. This young man is a perfect example of what a man should be. It would be expected that he would excite adults. The girls who attend these classes are very lucky. I hope they understand it. Scott, seeing you act so casual about this, I truly apologize for the way I acted earlier.” It was Tracie who was speaking, obviously very impressed with young Scott.

“Scott, how far are you prepared to go here?” Connie asked.

“Well, ma’am, when you called, Lorain had just asked me if I would demonstrate how I masturbate. I think at school the idea was for the girls to see me ejaculate and maybe look at my semen in a microscope, to see the sperm. If that is what you want to see now, I really don’t have a problem.” Scott’s penis remained erect, pointing at the ceiling and drooling his magnificent precum as he spoke. His testicles were still swinging as he stood still for all to admire him.

“Scott, you seem to be ready for action here, please continue as you were before we called. I feel a little guilty stopping you from taking care of that.” Connie spoke for us all I’m sure.

With that, Scott, standing in the middle of the room gently took his oozing member in his right hand and began to slowly stroke it. His swollen balls swinging gently in his warm scrotum. Gently he stroked the shaft, leaving the purple head of that thick dick in view for us. We all remained silent watching this young man do what all boys do, but seldom let anyone see.

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