Teaching the Girls Part 2 The Morning Class by farmboy_scott

Scott had done extremely well in my apartment during the trial run when we were planning the idea. I had the approval of the school board and of the parents, though I had asked the parents not to let the girls know just yet. I really wanted to see their reaction as the plan unfolded in the classroom.

As I explained earlier, the school where I teach is an all girl school in south central Iowa. The class size is about 15-20 students per classroom, with each graduating class population being between 30 and 40. It’s a good group of kids, with parents who are able to and willing to send their girls to an private school. We are actually fortunate to have enrollment numbers like this.

We would be right at the point in our Physiology class where we were finishing up discussing the differences between the male and female bodies. I thought that a demonstration with young Scott and our star track athlete, Meredith, a junior as well, would be the perfect way to introduce a scantly clad young man to the class. After a brief introduction, I planned to excuse Meredith and move right into the reproductive part of the lesson.

I was planning this for the third week of February for a couple of reasons. First, it was in the middle of a 12 week stretch of classes with no breaks. School was getting pretty monotonous for everyone, myself included. I was reasonably certain that a nude young man in class would cure that monotony. Also, during this week, we would be doing our double classes. Classroom time went from 55 minutes to 1 hour and 50 minutes. I thought having a class like this would be much better than trying to rush things to under an hour. The downside of this schedule would be that Scott would have to come over twice during the week. We would juggle the schedule so he was there in the morning both times rather than wait until after noon for the second group.

February 18th came and was a typical late Iowa winter day, cloudy, cold and blustery. It mimicked the moral of the students as well as the faculty. We were all ready for something to help break this late winter funk. The class involving Scott was to begin at 10:15 am in a classroom adjacent to our chemistry lab on the third floor. I chose this classroom for two reasons. First, the heat in our 80+ year old school building worked extremely well in those two room, something that I thought a young male body might need given the weather outside. Second, the chemistry lab and adjacent classroom were both accessed from a common vestibule off the main hallway, offering a bit more privacy. I didn’t want to have to bring Scott down a busy hallway in a bathrobe.

Scott and his coach, my friend Don, arrived at 9:45 and reported to the office. I was summoned, greeted them and we headed up to the lab where Scott could prepare, making small talk about the weather, the drive over and Scott’s level of nervousness along the way. As we passed by various classrooms, some with door open, some of our students caught a glimpse of Scott. I heard some gasps of surprise ad some commotion from the girls. A handsome young man was seldom, if ever seen, wandering the hallways here.

Reaching the lab, I ushered them both inside.

“Scott, you can prepare in here. I have the window in the door covered.”

With that Scott lay his coat, which he had removed on the walk up, on a chair and pulled his sweatshirt off, folding it and tossing it onto the coat.

“You don’t seem nervous Scott.” I mentioned.

He just smiled and nodded.

“Scott tends to jump right into things to settle his nerves. If he’s in over his head, you never know it.” Don explained. “You’ve seen him do it before. He’s a natural.”

Scott had pulled his khaki slacks off folded them and dropped them on his other clothes and was standing in his red boxer briefs.

“If you have to walk through the valley of the shadow of death, walk through as if you own the frigging place.” he said smiling.

Don and I each chuckled at him. He pulled off his underwear and tossed them onto the chair with everything else and nude, opened his duffel bag pulling out a plush bathrobe and wrap.

“Scott, I know that you wont really be dressed for this, but I think that will make it more fun for everyone. What we’re going to do is finish one segment before going into the new chapter on male anatomy. It will be a very short demonstration using you and our star track athlete Meredith and you doing some pull-ups, sit-ups and push-ups She is a junior like you, the girls in the class are freshmen, younger than the two of you. I’ll have her wait in here with you while I begin the class. Then I will send for you. You may want to warm up some. She won’t know what is going on either. None of the girls know about the lesson today. I think it will go well this way.” I explained.

The bell dismissing classes rang as I finished explaining and Scott had just put the wrap around himself as there was a knock on the door. Scott pulled the robe on as I opened the door.

“Good Morning Meredith, come on in. This is Scott and his coach Don. They are here to help with the demonstration this morning. Let me go initiate the class come for you in 5-10 minutes.”

Scott and Meredith exchanged greetings and I could see them evaluating each other. Meredith was looking great in her gym shorts, sports bra and t-shirt that showed her midriff well. I felt good about this. Having these two specimens of human sexuality was such a blessing. How could I fail. I headed next door just as the final bell rang. Scott and Meredith were just beginning to make small talk. I know she was checking him out, his robe was open to just above his bellybutton, showing his defined pectorals pretty well.

“Good morning ladies. How is everyone enjoying the day?” I greeted them.

There was a noncommittal murmur through the class.

“Well, I think that today’s class will help to break the monotony and bleakness of the season. Let’s get going so we can begin the lesson.”

I called the roll and then made the introduction.

“We have been studying the differences between the bodies of the two sexes and you have all done very well. The grades on this last test confirm your interest in the subject matter, so today for fun, we will have a short demonstration of these differences before we begin the next chapter. Excuse me for just a moment.”

I stepped through the doorway and knocked softly on the door to the lab. The door opened immediately and Meredith and Scott, followed by Don entered our room.

“You all know Meredith, this is Scott. He and his coach Don have come over from Chariton to help with the demonstrations I have planned for today. We will have them do just a couple of exercises to show the differences and then we will move to the next chapter. Scott, would you care to lose your robe please?”

There was an appreciable murmur through the class as the girls got their first look at Scott and his perfect body. Don assisted me in moving a piece of exercise equipment forward.

“Let’s quickly begin with pull-ups Meredith. I’d like you to do 5 pull-ups and then stop, midway up and hold that position while I point things out to the class.”

Scott stood to the side quietly being ogled by the girls as Meredith began. When she paused after 5 reps I began to mention the muscle groups that were in play during this activity. As I began to move forward to point them out, Scott, ever the gentleman, moved in to point them out for me, gently touching her arms, shoulders and abs. Perfect.

“Thank you Scott. OK, Meredith, thank you, let’s have Scott do the same and, if you like, you may point out the muscles in play on his body.”

They switched places, Scott’s wrap hanging loosely on his hips and slightly pulling away from his taught stomach as he began the exercise. A nice even pace, he did 10 reps and stopped midway again as I named the muscled groups at play and Meredith pointed them out. As she slid her hand over his abs, I noticed her fingers traveling dangerously close to that slight gap between his belly and the wrap and noticed his pubic hair was just barely visible to both her and myself. My secret plan was becoming known to her at least.

“Very good, both of you. Now let’s do some push-ups.”

Meredith got into position and began. She did the girl’s style, pivoting from her knees, again stopping midway after 5 so Scott could point out her muscle groups in play. They switched position, and Scott took over, doing the men’s style of the exercise, his body stiff and straight. He again did 10 reps before stopping midway as Meredith stroked over his body showing the muscles in play again. As she finished, Scott did two more reps pushing himself up and clapping before catching himself on the down stroke. He did like showing off. We repeated for the sit-ups, with them holding each other’s ankles. Watching them work so well together made me think about asking Meredith to stay for the next part of the lesson. Being two years older than the girls in the class, she wasn’t really part of the class, but watching the cooperation between them made me think otherwise.

“Well ladies, that finishes up that part of the lesson. Are there any questions or discussion? I concluded.

There was just a brief discussion, but you could sense that the midwinter doldrums were cured, at least for this period.

“OK, great job ladies, let’s move on to the next lesson. Meredith, I sense that you know what’s to come. I’m supposed to excuse you know so that you may return to your regular class, would you like to stay?” I asked.

“If the next lesson is what I am thinking it might be, I’d love to stay. If it’s OK with everyone.”

Scott smiled and nodded.

“Well, I think we are ready, Scott are you?”

“Yes Ma’am, that’s what I came here for.” he answered politely.

“OK, well, Meredith, you are right there, would you like to do the honors?”

With that, Meredith, who was standing beside Scott, turned, reaching out, taking hold of the wrap right below Scott’s navel and gently tugged. The folds came undone and the wrap fell as Meredith quickly pulled it aside.

Scott, that beautiful young man, stood totally nude and relaxed in front of a group of high school freshmen whom he had never seen before, nor had they seen him. The silence was deafening.

Let me describe Scott now. He is 6′ tall, 165 lbs, with a 27″ waist. His skin, even in this midwinter season, is golden and tan lines are still slightly visible where his shorts or swim suit covers. His muscle tone and definition are flawless. He is built lighter, like a runner or swimmer, slim and toned. His dark blond hair is neatly trimmed and his body is all natural. He has not trimmed his pubic hair nor had he been circumcised. This was the clincher the first time I saw him. He had nice broad shoulders and chest to match with well defined pecs, finished off with dime sized nipples that were brownish against his golden skin.

The warm temperature in the room was working, Scott’s scrotum was relaxed, swinging and full of it’s load. His penis hung over that wonderful sack the tip just protruding from the foreskin.

“There you have it ladies. We will begin discussing reproduction today. We will get and idea of how the male body is built, let you look and ask questions, see how it works, possibly get a look at some sperm in the microscope and, in general, just get an idea what we have here. Perhaps, after the final, we can invite him back.”

“How many of you have seen a male body nude before?”

Four girls raised their hands.

“Sarah, Marcia, Toni and Cheryl, you have all seen before, what were the circumstances.?”

Scott just stood there, letting the class look as the girls told their stories. It was as I had expected, babysitting and playing show and tell with cousins or neighbors when they were young. None had any recent experience.

“Well ladies, how does Scott here compare?”

That began a polite commotion in the class. Positive comments all.

“He looks different than my cousin did. Joey had a distinctive knob or something on the end. Scott doesn’t have that.” Sarah told us.

“Actually Sarah, Scott has exactly what your cousin had, plus he has his foreskin covering it. I’m sure that we’ll get a demonstration today.”

“Why don’t you all move up more closely and get a better look. Take turns, get a good look, touch him, smell him and let’s see how this goes. If you have any questions at all, just ask. I’m sure Scott or I can answer.”

Don and I pushed some tables back as Scott stood with his hands clasped behind him. Meredith stood beside him getting a look as well.

The girls surrounded him, looking and commenting. Sarah gingerly reached out, as if to touch, but pulled back.

“Go ahead Sarah. Be gentle, nothing bad can happen.”

The girls giggled, as Sarah again reached out. Scott was still flaccid, but I doubted that would be the case for much longer.

Sarah’s index finger lightly touched Scott’s penis at the base, running through his pubic hair. She gently stroked along the length of the limber shaft to the tip. I could see that Scott was getting aroused as the glans was appearing more swollen under the foreskin.

As the girls all took their turn with him, his arousal became apparent to everyone. Gradually, the tip of his glans came more into view and he began to rise off his fuzzy scrotal sac. When his penis was pointing straight out from his body, the glans popped free from the foreskin.

“That’s more like how it looked.” Sarah exclaimed.

Sarah reached out touching the tip of Scott’s penis. At the moment of contact, Scott’s penis jumped and Sarah jerked her hand back.

The girls laughed, but remained polite. Scott took her hand.

“It’s OK, that’s just a reaction. I’m just not used to someone touching it.” he said.

“Girls, lets all step back and just watch how Scott’s body responds to the slightest touch. Sarah, go ahead, Scott will guide you.”

The rest of the class backed off slightly as Sarah, knelt in front of Scott, his crotch at about her eye level. She slowly reached up and touched the tip of his penis, which was still pointing straight out. Again, it danced from her finger, but this time she raised her hand to stay with him. Her finger made contact with him right below the tip at the frenulum. This is a most sensitive area.

“If you will noticed, ladies, Scott is extremely sensitive where Sarah is touching him right now. You see how his body pulled his penis up and how it is dancing, almost quivering at her touch.”

Scott had sucked in a breath and was holding it as she touched, now as she maintained contact, his testicles pulled up and dropped again, his stomach sucked in and relaxed.

“You can see how sensitive he is and how his body responds.”

Sarah pulled her hand back, and you could see Scott’s body somewhat relax. He exhaled and his testicles dropped lower in his scrotum, though his penis remained pulled up, pointing at the ceiling, the tip almost even with his navel in it’s full on erection.

“Ladies, you can see that he is fully erect now. Notice the glans, or head is swollen and has turned a deeper shade of red, almost purple. Why don’t a few of you see if you can get a feel of the shaft. Run your fingers along the side. I think you will notice that his penis feels hard as steel, but the skin of the penis is softer and more smooth as any babies butt you have ever diapered, almost velvety soft. Just a few of you at a time. We don’t want to overwhelm him. I’m sure there will be a repeat performance.”

Four of the girls, including Sarah and Meredith moved in and deftly ran their fingers from his soft curly pubic hair up to the corona. Sarah, kind of the leader here moved her finger around the ridge and over the tip. Again, the stimulation caused the glans to flare out and his testicles to rise again. After this move, there appeared a large drop of his clear pre-cum.

“Notice here girls, see the tip and the fluid? That’s his pre-ejaculatory fluid. It’s a natural lubricant that is called pre-cum. As he remains excited, he will produce more. Some men produce a little. I happen to know that Scott produces quite a bit.”

“Miss Stevens,” Toni asked, “I’ve never been close to a guy like this, but his penis looks awfully big, really thick, for going into a vagina. Will that be painful?”

“You make a good observation Toni. I can tell you, from my experience, Scott is somewhat larger than average in the length department and I think definitely thicker but, I can assure you, his size will not hurt you. Just as Scott’s genitalia has enlarged as he became aroused, your bodies will act in the same way. Blood will be diverted to your own organs, your labia will swell. You too, will excrete a lubricant, and you will be ready. The first time you have sex, will be painful as your hymen breaks and your body gets used to having a foreign object inserted, but your body will quickly acclimate and even crave the action. I hope, for your first time, ALL of you, you have a gentle and caring partner who will go slowly and allow you to get used to it. Anyone else?”

“I think this is so hot.” Toni went on. “I assume that the head of his penis is shaped that was for a reason, I mean, I know it’s rounded or tapered to make it go in easily, but is there a reason for the large knob on the end?”

“Actually, yes, Toni, there is a very good reason the male genitalia is shaped as it is. Let’s get into that later and enjoy the young man we have here now.

“Why don’t you all try to experience Scott’s pre-ejaculatory fluid there. If you are gentle, I know he will make more. Some of you help to stimulate him while others get a sample. Find his erogenous areas and play with them. The rest of you, get his fluid on your finger, feel the texture, smell it. Taste it if you like. We know that it is not harmful.”

Again, there were 5 or 6 sets of hands, tweaking Scott’s small brown nipples, lightly rubbing over his stomach, causing those beautiful abs to pop and gently feeling his swollen balls in that fuzzy sack.

The rest of the girls took turns delicately swiping a finger over his glans as the magic fluid appeared. He does produce a lot and the girls were able to switch places and all get some.

Cheryl, when it was her turn, gently took hold of Scott’s throbbing member and pulled it out from his body slightly and leaned in to take a lick. Going right to the source, so to speak. Just as her tongue touched the tip, I saw Scott’s testicles pull up quickly as he frantically pulled back grabbing the base of his turgid cock turning away and bending over. The tension in his face and gravity of the situation were apparent to Don immediately and he broke out laughing heartily.

“Problem there Scott?” he laughed.

Scott remained like this for what seemed like a long time but was probably 15 to 30 seconds before turning back to face the group, still holding his prick at the base. I could see that his efforts had been successful.

“Well Cheryl, I think you almost pushed him over the edge. You just about got a face full of the real deal, not the precursor.” I said laughing as I spoke.

Cheryl, still kneeling, looked up at Scott and apologized.

Scott’s voice was hoarse, not the friendly carefree young man he was before, as he answered.

“It’s OK. It was just more than I could handle. I didn’t want to shock you, or mess you up.” then he laughed.

Don was still laughing. Scott looked back at him, “You know, you’re really not helping anything.” he said grinning.

Don did reply through the laughter. I’m sorry my boy. I know exactly what you were feeling there. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything like that.”

Don calmed down and Scott was able to recompose himself, as much as a nude young man can in front of a group of very interested young girls watching a young man for the first time.

“Scott, can you go on, or do we need to stop?” I asked.

“I think I can go on. I’ll let you know if I get close again.” he reached for Cheryl’s hand and guided it to his mid-section,

“OK girls, there are only a few of you left. Let’s all have fun and get a taste, perhaps not directly though.” I laughed.

“Are there any questions now?” I asked. “If not, I think now might be the time to see Scott ejaculate. I’m sure he is ready.”

“Scott, if you can, when you get ready to cum, I’d like you to pull your hands away and let the class watch your body’s orgasm. Do you think you can do that?”

“I’ll try, would you rather I was lying down or standing? he asked.

“I think for this first time, I’d like to have you lying on the table up here. The girls can gather round more easily. It might also show how well you can shoot.”

With that, Scott turned and pulled himself onto the table in front of the room and lay back. His cock was pointed towards his face, the head immediately began dripping that amazing pre-cum into his belly button. His testicles lay loosely in his scrotum between his slightly spread legs as he took hold of his member and began to stroke slowly.

Meredith moved forward and asked, “Scott, may I?”

He smiled, took her hand in his and guided her as she slowly stroked him, He tilted his head back onto a pillow I had provided and lay his arms at his sides, relaxing as Meredith began stroking. On the up stroke, she softly ran her thumb over his glans a few times, then returned her hand to the base, right at the juncture of his scrotum. This action worked very well for stimulating Scott as she got into a faster rhythm. Scott began to moan softly as Meredith sped up her pace again.

In just a short while Scott moaned, “This is it!” and Meredith pulled her hand back and stepped back.

Scott’s member flexed a couple of times, the corona flaring out almost angrily as his testicles pulled up tight to either side of his shaft. He flexed again, then his body went stiff, the head flared enormously and the first shot of his fluid squirted out. It shot straight over his face and seeing it, Scott turned his head. It was a thick rope of semen appearing to be about 18″ long. The leading edge landed above Scott’s head on the table as the rest draped in his hair, over his ear and throat stopping at his collarbone. His next spurt was equally as forceful and large and landed even further out on the table from his first. The third hit him in the chin and reached across his chest to his navel. The fourth and fifth were not as forceful and reached from his lower chest to just above his belly button. In all I counted 11 spurts from that magnificent member. His prick danced a few more times and more semen dribbled out before stopping.

Scott’s body was flush in it’s post orgasmic bliss. He sighed and relaxed. His penis actually rested on his stomach, still swollen but not the rigid piece of pipe it had been moments before, his juice still oozing from the slit. His testicles had lowered into his fuzzy sack again. His body had a light sheen of sweat in addition to the streams and puddles of his thick creamy juice.

The girls were silent.

“Well ladies, that was how a young man ejaculates. What do you think?” I prodded.

There was a general commotion, but I heard several “My God” and “Wow” comments.

“Is there always so much? My God, he’s a mess..”

Scott raised his head and looked at his jizz covered body and laughed, dropping his head back to the pillow.

“It depends, you have to remember, we have had Scott pretty aroused for almost an hour now. His body has been preparing for this action that entire time, so yes, a young virile man like Scott can produce a lot. We will learn that the volume of a normal male orgasm is about 3 teaspoons. It looks to me like Scott easily exceeded that here. I doubt this is normal, is it Scott?

Scott laughed, shook his head, looked at us and said, “No, that’s not normal. That was amazing, a lot more than I expected.”

“Ladies, I’m going to collect a sample and prepare a slide and we’ll get a look in the microscope.” I said as I approached Scott with a sterile glass spoon and collected his semen from his lower stomach and navel causing his abs to twitch erotically.

“Why don’t you all get a feel and taste of that and see how it differs from his pre ejaculate.”

It was funny to watch the girls go after him. Scott lay there as the girls all got a sample, gingerly dipping their fingers into the mess all over his midsection. Meredith got hers from his ear and I saw Toni collect hers from his right nipple, both using their tongues. A few of the girls stood near him, casually stroking his legs.

“It’s a lot thicker, and it tastes differently too.” was the general consensus. “More salty but not bad.”

“I am anxious to hear about what you all thought of this. Was it what you had expected from your earlier sex education classes? Have you seen this looking at pornography or anything online, when you weren’t supposed to? Do you have any questions about what you saw, or how Scott’s body reacted to the stimulation?”

Cheryl spoke up quickly, “I’m curious as to how Scott feels now. Scott, I’m sure the feeling when you climaxed was amazing, but how do you feel now?”

“What an excellent and considerate question Cheryl. I’m glad you asked. Scott?”

Scott sat up, hanging his legs off the edge of the table, his limbering penis slid onto his left leg, leaving a streak of semen across his lower belly as it did.

“To be honest, after the climax, it was almost as if it were a let down. I feel kind of vulnerable now, maybe cheap or ashamed of what happened.” he said.

“Do you want to cover up or stop now?” I asked.

“No, no, not that. I’m fine now, or at least better. This experience is almost as new to me as it is to you. I expected it after the experience I had when you auditioned me for this display. I’ll be fine. To be honest, I hope I did OK. I hope I wasn’t to quick on the draw or anything.”

He said this very seriously. The openness and honestly of this young man is still catching me by surprise.

He stood again, his flaccid penis hanging over his scrotum again. A drop of semen swinging about an inch below the tip.

“We don’t need to stop. In spite of what I said, I do like this and I’ll remain naked as long as you all want.”

“We’d better send for food then, you’re gonna be here awhile.” one of our quieter girls said, to which, everyone laughed, relieving the little bit of tension there was.

“Well ladies, I have the slide ready. I want you to notice the squares in the center and note the amount of sperm in each square. Don’t take too long, but if one of you would like to count and see if you get the same count as I did we can estimate Scott’s total sperm count.”

As the girls lined up to look in the microscope, I handed Scott a washcloth and towel so he could clean up. The girls in line watched him with interest as he did so, particularly as he washed his privates, not really privately though. He remained nude and after the girls saw the slide, they mostly gathered around him, still looking and still very interested. Before Scott cleaned himself up, his foreskin remained pushed behind the swollen head. Afterwards, though he was still very much engorged, the foreskin again covered it. He looked wonderful.

Don came forward as I monitored the comments and questions about the slide.

“Ladies, there are still about 45 minutes left before the bell. What else would you like to see or do? Scott is here for you.”

“How much more can he do, or can he even do it again?” one of them asked.

“Scott, care to answer that?” Don asked him.

“Ha, to be honest, I am sure I can do it again. I don’t know how many times though. I’m sure I can get hard again, or if you want, I may be able to stay soft for a while, now that I have cum.”

“Before we get involved in more play, Scott, Don, would you like to look here too? It’s pretty interesting.”

They both came for a look at Don whistled, “Damn, my boy, you’re shooting live ammo here.”

“Well, if I calculated it correctly,” I had the formula on the board, “Scott’s sperm count is 297 million per milliliter. Average is 15 million to 200 million per milliliter and anything less than 39 million per ejaculation is considered low. The amount of semen I spooned off of Scott’s stomach and out of his navel was easily over a teaspoon, or almost 5 milliliters. That gives a count of roughly 1.485 billion sperm in just what I collected. I’m certain we could conservatively say that he ejaculated 4 times that amount, so a totally sperm count for this orgasm would be in the neighborhood of 5.9 billion.” I explained.

“OMG,” Meredith said, “can that possibly be true??

“Well, Dear, you, Toni and I all three counted about the same amount of sperm swimming in the box. We took the lower count, so remember, this is a conservative count. Does everyone understand the importance of birth control now? It appears that during the right time of the month, Scott here, could impregnate a brick.” I said.

Everyone laughed.

Cheryl had a question. “Why the head is bigger than the shaft and has such a pronounced ridge? Is that for pleasure or is there another reason?”

The girls were silent but interested.

Scott spoke up, “I guess I’m the only one who knows the answer. It’s to keep my hand from sliding off the end.” which brought an immediate burst of laughter from everyone.

“Scott, you are great. I don’t know how you can stand there with the hands of two different girls fondling you and two more rubbing your body and crack jokes. I couldn’t have hoped for this. Do you know the real reason?”

“I think I do. Growing up on the farm and having a great father who would answer anything honestly, I’m sure I do, but I’ll let you tell.” he said.

“Connie, you’ve been quiet, but you are in the right place now. Why don’t you try stimulating Scott and get him erect again, would that be OK Scott?”

He just nodded and moved a bit offering himself to her.

Connie was one of the smaller girls in the class, but she deftly handled Scott very well and he responded. As his erection commenced I asked her, “Honey, make a circle with your fingers and gently slide it over the ridge, back and forth.”

As she did this his glans flared magnificently.

“Do you all see that? Think of a pump working. Honey, hold your hand still. Scott, can you thrust through her fingers there as if you were having intercourse?”

Scott slowly pivoted his hips, thrusting into her fingers. He had great pelvic thrusts.

“See the flaring action? If he were inside a vagina, that action would act to pump another mans semen OUT of her, so his semen could impregnate her. It’s all about survival. You may stop Scott. “

“Or not!” he said, again causing laughter.

“I really hadn’t planned to get into that today. I thought we’d talk about it in the next week and then, if we’re so blessed, have Scott back again you could see it then. What I’d really like to do is have you all learn how to roll an condom onto him. When we are finished, or in the middle if need be, maybe we can have Scott ejaculate again, into a condom if possible. We don’t want to wear him out. While you are waiting your turn, feel free to ask any questions or just talk about what you have seen today. No whispering, I want us all to discuss and I want Scott to hear all your thoughts.”

I pulled a box of condoms from under the table for the girls to use.

“Scott, I don’t want to have all the girls kneel, could you stand on this platform or lie on the table to make it easier?”

“Whichever you want. Who is going to be first? How would you like it?” he asked.

“I think I get the honors here to demonstrate.” I said. “Why don’t you stand up here.”

This would be the first time I would handle him since our first lesson in my apartment. and the first time really handling him while erect. I was looking forward to it too.

Scott stepped onto the platform bringing his midsection (and what a midsection) within easy access. His navel was about at eye level and his genitalia was perfectly placed for the demonstration. I pulled a condom from the box.

“Ladies, you always want to use your hands to tear the package, not your teeth, or a knife or scissors, you could damage it, and I believe, with Scott’s sperm count, you can understand why we don’t want that.”

That brought a round of good natured laughter.

With the condom ready I demonstrated how to tell which side was the inside warning them that if they began to install in backwards, it was contaminated with his pre-cum and that they needed to get a new one or the protection was basically gone.

“You want to make sure your mate is fully excited.” I explained, stroking Scott’s scrotum and then his penis.

“When you are certain that he is fully erect, you pinch the end of the condom to expel the air, then place it against the tip of the penis.”

As I demonstrated this step, Scott bounced his erection as I attempted to place it on him. More laughter.

“A jokester, huh?” I said, grabbing his balls. Again, more laughter. “I can make you behave.”

I applied the condom to his glans and rolled it over the ridge and down the shaft to his bush.

“See there ladies? Easy as pie.” I said, cupping his balls gently. Any lube you would use should be water based so as not to deteriorate the condom. Remember, condoms are for birth control and disease control. Use them unless you are 100% sure of your partner, or you WANT to get pregnant. ALSO, they are not 100% effective, so, use them wisely.”

With that, I began rolled the condom back off him and tossed it at the trashcan.

“One other thing to remember, to be kind to our model, as you roll this off, be aware, he has a thick bush here, be careful not to roll any hairs up with the condom. That would be less than pleasant for our guest. What do you think Scott, can you survive this step?”

“If I can’t, it’s going to be fun.” was his answer.

“I’m sure the girls are hoping for another show too.” I laughed.

The girls took turns working with Scott, doing pretty well. A few times there were some hairs caught or his testicles squeezed a little harder than necessary but no harm was done. By the halfway point, the pre-cum was again flowing heavily.

“Scott, I’m amazed you have lasted as long as you have.” Don said. “Do you need a break? There are about 20 minutes of class time left.”

“If I take a break now, I don’t think everyone will get a chance.” he said. “If I get close, let’s just stop for a bit.”

“Just tell us what you need.” Don told him.

Scott was wonderful actually helping the girls, guiding them, showing them if they had the condom the wrong way. I got to mainly just watch, and I was certainly enjoying the show.

The longer this went on, the more pre-cum Scott produced. With about 5 minutes of class time remaining, Shy little Connie rounded out the session rolling the condom on him. As she finished, is a surprising move, she reached back and tickled the backside of his scrotum. He loved that. His cock throbbed at her touch.

“Well ladies, everyone has done a great job here, Scott, I can’t believe you made it through that. Would you like to cum again?

Laughing tensely, Scott answered, “I’m going to have to if I’m going to survive.”

“OK girls, one question, condom ON or condom OFF?”

The answer was pretty much unanimous. OFF it was.

“OK Scott, you heard it.”

Connie started to back away, but Scott reached out grabbed her hand, which had been rolling his nuts while we had decided.

“Would you like to?” he asked.

She beamed nodding her head and reaching for his throbbing erection again. She carefully, but quickly rolled the condom off and tossed it aside as Scott guided her other hand where he wanted it.

“If you can, don’t grip the skin, but slide your hand over it, clear over the head., start out fairly slowly then speed up some.” he instructed her.

“Here Connie, let’s try this.” I said, grabbing a bottle of lube I approached them.

“Hold your hands out dear.”

I squirted a liberal amount of KY into her small hands. I also squirted it the length of Scott’s cock and then cupping his scrotum I coated it as well.

“Now, slide over him.” Honey.

“How’s that Scott?”

“OMG, better than I had thought.” he groaned.

Watching Connie’s dainty hand on that virile thick dick of Scott’s was more erotic than I could have hoped for. As she began stroking, Scott began to hump into her hand. They began slowly enough but sped up as time went on. Gradually, but noticeable to all. Scott’s balls began swinging slightly, but soon were slapping into Connie’s wrists and she just held that cock with one hand, her other pressing against his bush. His glans disappeared and rapidly reappeared, the slap of his balls, then it was gone again, only to reappear, and another slap. The class was totally enamored with what was happening.

The final bell rang, but no one left. I guess they’d rather watch a nude young man cum than eat lunch. The halls filled with students, you could hear the quiet hustle in the hall, but my class was totally focused on Scott and his actions. His thrusts quickened, he started to moan quietly.

Hoarsely he asked, “Do you want to hold it or let go?”

Almost in a whisper Connie answered. “I want to hold it.”

He took her hand that was against his pelvis and guided her to hold his scrotum.

“Hold my nuts, gently, hold em please.”

His thrusting was steady and quick. His motion was all in his hips, good strong pelvic thrusts, not humping his entire body. He was going to be a great lover.

He groaned, “I’M GONNA CUM!” and thrust in hard, his bush tight against her hand, more than half his cock sticking through. Again, that glans swelled. The way she was holding him, he was still pointed up at about a 45 degree angle. That first spurt shot about 4 feet from him. Again, a long thick rope, the second one was of lessor volume but went just as far. We all counted 7 spurts this orgasm. The total volume was less than the last time, but that was understandable given his first orgasm. Something else that we can discuss this during class time.

“How did that feel Connie?” I asked.

“My God, I couldn’t believe it. It felt to hard, like a steel bar or something, then, just before he came again, it got even harder. Then, while he was squirting, I swear, it felt like his nu… Sorry, his testicles, were pulsing. It was amazing.”

“You did great.” Scott told her. “Thanks.”

At this point, the door to our classroom swung open and two of the senior girls from the classroom burst in, seeing more than they should have seen.

“Hey, what’s going on in here? Are you guys going to lunch or wh….”

It registered that they were seeing a nude high school junior surrounded by a group of freshmen girls, his erection waning but still pronounced, his body slick with sweat and lube, seminal fluid dripping from his semi erect cock.

“Oh My God! What kind of class is this?” and then, “Are we in trouble?”

I commanded, “Come In and CLOSE THE DOOR, NOW.” which they did instantly.

In a softer tone, “No ladies, you are not in trouble, but I wish you hadn’t come in just now. We’re still working out a plan here. This is our introduction to the male body for physiology.” I’d ask you to keep quiet about this, but I doubt that can happen. I was hoping to at least surprise tomorrow’s class with this, but now I imagine the word will be out.

During this time, Scott, as he had for almost two hours now, just stood nude with these two new girls staring at him. His penis seemed to have stopped softening, but was not yet inflating.

“If I allow your girls to attend class this afternoon, do you think you can keep quiet through lunch?” I asked.

“Hell Yes.” they replied.

“Scott, are you free this afternoon?” He said that he could stay. “Do you have any problem performing for girls a year ahead of you?”

“If they think they want to watch, I don’t care.” he said, still nude.

“Well, we need to get you girls to lunch. I’ll be down in a bit. BE QUIET about this, all of you. You can all discuss it with your classmates for the rest of the year. Please let them be surprised as you were.”

With that, I dismissed the class.

I quickly helped Scott clean up and asked him if I could bring him some lunch.

“I’m going to need some water. Other than that, I don’t really feel like eating now. Probably on the way home I’ll be hungry.”

“How are the nerves?” I asked.

“Right now, coming back, but during the class, I didn’t; have time to think about it. How did I do?”

“You’re kidding, right? You did great. Are you willing to come back after this chapter, in a couple of weeks? It could be fun.”

He just grinned.

What do you think? Another chapter? What would you like?

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