Teacher’s Pet Ch 5 by DavidHog

DISCLAIMER #1: All sexual acts in this story occur between adults over the age of 18.

DISCLAIMER #2: Themes of this story revolve largely around humiliation, black mail, and voyeurism. If you are not interested in these themes, please do not read. Of course, in real life much of what is portrayed in this story is despicable, and should not be tolerated under any circumstance. Hence, why this is a story of fantasy, and should not be taken seriously.

DISCLAIMER #3: While themes of the story certainly can be dark, I do try to keep things light with a certain “comic book” style. Again keep in mind that this is a work of fantasy and not everything will be fully realistic.

Enjoy! Please leave comments on what you want to see next as much of the following chapter is a work in progress. Cheers

Chapter 5:

I groped Katee’s young tits with my hand as she had her luscious lips wrapped around my throbbing cock. I stroked my hands through her silky brown hair as she sucked my cock like an absolute slut. I was amazed at how this teen who I had forced to give me her first ever blowjob just a few days ago, was now sucking my cock like such a pro. She really was a quick learner.

She felt my cock start to pulsate, she withdrew it just a bit from her throat, so that the head of my cock rested on her wet and warm tongue. I moaned as spunks of jizz started flying from my dick into the teen’s open mouth.

Like a good girl, she waited for me to finish, closed her mouth and gagged softly as she swallowed each drop.

“Good girl.” I said as I patted her on the head “Now put your top on.”

Without hesitation, she stood up and put on her white tube top. I watched as the thin fabric stretched tightly around her perfect rounds tits. It clung to her jailbait tits, leaving her shoulders and upper chest completely bare. The hem was just above her navel, leaving her toned midriff exposed. I was in awe at her tits. Even without a bra, the large round tits remained perfectly perched on her otherwise petite chest and frame. The lack of a bra, and thin fabric made the outline of her perky nipple easily visible.

Below, she had on skin tight baby blue yoga style tights that hugged every inch of her delicious ass and legs. The thin fabric was partially transparent. It simply sank into her ass cheeks, leaving no room for the imagination. Her sexy ass cheeks jiggled with each step that she took. I made her wear a white lace thong which matched her top, and hiked up the sides of the thong above the waist of her pants, so that it was visible to anyone that looked that she had a thong on. In short, she looked like a sexy little teen whore.

You see, today was no ordinary day. Today, Katee had a special mission.

I knew, that as long as the asshole of a principal had his eyes on me, that what I had with Katee would eventually come to an end. I knew that it was only a matter of time until one of the idiot kids in my class let the word out that we were treating sweet Katee in such a depraved manner. If it was any other teacher, I’m not sure the claims from a boy in a remedial class would be taken serious. But you see, this asshole of a principal has had it out for me since day 1.

His name was Chad Rogers, he was a 30 something year old golden boy that decided to take this job in the worst school in the district ‘out of the goodness of his heart’. He had a prestigious teaching background, had a beautiful family, and was a shining member of the community. The superintendent hired him without a second thought, jumping all over the chance to hire someone with the credentials that Chad had. He was praised in the local news for taking on this position when he had so many other options. The problem was, that Chad knew this, and as a result, his inflated ego resulted in him acting like he owned the place. He knew the favor that he had with the superintendent and public at large, and knew how to leverage this.

Now, he was praised as being an amazing principal, and treated most of the staff well. However, it seems like he has had a special dislike for me. Ever since he came into his position, I’ve seen countless teachers promoted over me, all the while I had been progressively demoted to the point that the only class this asshole let me teach was this remedial math class. And that was only because all of the other math teachers would ratherr quit than take this job on.

I knew that I was at the bottom of the totem pole, and that Chad would use even the rumor of sexual misconduct to make sure that I was fired and out of this school forever. I knew that I had to get him before he got me.

So I came up with a devious plan that would take advantage of the one thing I had working for me, Katee. Today, I decided to put my plan into action. I had ended class early, so that I could get a blowjob from my teen sex toy, before I deployed her on her real mission.

I had sent a message to Chad, begging him to help me out. I explained that I had to give a student in my class detention for breaking the dress code. I told him she had dressed too provocatively. But that I had an emergent family situation come up, so I couldn’t attend to her detention myself. I explained that I would normally just let her go home, and talk with her father, but because I knew that he was very stressed over work, that I wanted to let her off with a warning this time.

After many back and forth’s with that asshole, he finally agreed when I added in that Katee would clean his office for him during detention, and also agreed to never dress like this again, in exchange for not telling her father about the situation.

So with that, I sent Katee on her way. I watched in awe as her ass swayed and her cheeks jiggled with each step.

Her instructions were simple, she had to seduce and fuck the principal.

As soon as she was out of view, I closed the door and locked it. I rushed to my computer and logged on to view. With a few clicks, I had 4 crystal clear camera views of Chad’s office with the cameras that Frank had installed for me. Of course, he didn’t have much choice but to do what I said with the footage I had of him.

As the camera focused, I saw him. My nemesis. He had dirty blond hair. He was a tall and broad shouldered man that clearly took care of himself. I overheard some of the female staff and students calling him good looking, but I didn’t see it. He looked like a douche bag to me. He was dressed in a white shirt, tie and slacks, like he usually does. He always looks like he is trying too hard if you ask me.

Abruptly, he got up, and walked to the door. I switched views, to see Katee, dressed in her provocative outfit at his door as he opened it.

He led her in. While I could make out that he was talking to her in a disapproving manner, he did what any heterosexual man would do. As soon as Katee turned her back to him, his eyes scanned her up and down, inspecting her bare lower back and perfect ass swaying in those baby blue tights.

After she sat down, he did as well opposite of her, separated by a wooden desk. Katee sat as I instructed her, with her back straight and her chest sticking out, as to make her big tits protrude out as much as possible.

I chuckled as I saw Chad trying to put on a stern face, obviously trying to lecture her. But every 5 seconds or so his eyes would dart down to her scantily covered jailbait tits, before painfully prying them up to meet her eyes.

Although Katee was never the brightest bulb in the attic, I had her play up her naivety and gullibility. I wanted this asshole to think that he could get away with whatever he wanted with her in his office. She was simply looking back at him, sticking her bottom lip out, pouting as he lectured her. God she looked so sexy.

After 5 or 10 minutes, he stopped talking. This was the part that Katee was to offer to clean his office while he worked, as this was what led him to accept my request. This was where the real show began.

Katee stood up, and walked over to his bookshelf, which stood against the left wall of the office. He pointed her towards a duster. She started dusting his bookshelf. He had a great side view of her lithe body. I could see him sneaking looks up from his computer up at her every 10 seconds or so. He had to keep them quick, as he was scared that she might be able to see him checking her out with her peripheral vision.

I switched my main screen to the camera position on the wall behind him, so I could see what he was seeing. The contour of Katee perfect ass was on display in her tights. She would reach up on her tippy toes to clean the top of the shelf, exaggerating the curve of her ass. And then every time she would shift her weight back on to her soles of her feet, her ass and tits would give a tantalizing jiggle.

As the next few minutes progressed, I could see that he was spending less and less time on his computer and more time looking at this sexy teen student in front of him. He was beginning to figure out that the oblivious young teen student wasn’t paying much attention to his leering views.

Just then, Katee dropped several books on the ground ‘by mistake.’ I could see him look up from his desk, stand and gesture in a way to her that he was likely expressing concern.

She flashed him a smile, said something cheery, and then looked back at her work. He sat back down, and feigned interest in his work.

Just then Katee bent forwards and got down on all fours, exposing her deep cleavage to him. She started to meticulously dust the books that she dropped. Now, his attention was focused fully on her tits, as he knew her eyes were down focused on the books.

Her braless tits swayed down with the aid of gravity, appearing even bigger. The clingy tube top stretched as well, exposing her sexy cleavage.

She started stacking the clean books on top of each other, her tits shook as she slammed a book onto the stack. I knew Chad was hoping so very much that her tits would just fall out of her skimpy top. But unfortunately he had no such luck, yet.

As she finished, she stood up, turning her back to him. She made a show of bending down to pick each book up from the stack, and then get on her tippy toes to put them back in the top shelf where they fell from. Chad was practically salivating at the young teen’s sexy ass bending over in front of him.

Just as Katee finished putting the last book back, another clumsy swing of her duster sent a large vase full of roses and water tumbling down. Katee made a scene of falling down to the floor. The now empty vase was in her grips.

The roses were sprawled around her, and the near liter of water that once filled the vase was now spilled on her chest, stomach and pants.

Again Chad jumped up to feign concern. Katee jumped up as well, reassuring him that she was okay. She looked very sorry though, and I’m sure she was apologizing for spilling his flowers.

I smiled, as Chad made no attempt now to hide where he was looking. I switched views again.

Katee’s top was soaked, leaving the thin white fabric completely see through. Her big tits were now completely on display, and her nipples were clearly visible through the now transparent top. Katee’s pants were similarly soaked. The dirt and debris from the flowers accumulated on her pants mostly.

Katee quickly stood, gathered what was left of the flowers and put the vase back on the shelf. She then paused cleaning, and put her hands on her pants. I could see that she was pointing to where the dirt was, all over her thighs and ass.

She said something and looked at Chad for a response. Shortly thereafter I looked in awe as she stuck her thumbs in the hem of her tights and peeled the tights down. She turned her ass to Chad as she jumped up and down to get the wet tights fabric unstuck from her ass cheeks. Her ass cheeks bounced uncontrollably as she hopped. Chad gave no objection to this teen stripping down to her white thong in front of him. He was just in awe of the view.

Finally she stepped out of her pants, and folded them neatly before putting them on the chair where she once sat. Damn, I was proud of my girl for the show that she was putting on. For as hopeless as she was with math, she was a genius at knowing how to tease a man.

Here Chad was now, with Katee in front of him, in nothing but a white lace thong, and a soaked tube top that was completely transparent at this point. Beads of water ran down her bare tummy onto her near naked ass and thighs..

She grabbed a cleaning rag, and started cleaning his desk now as he worked. He made no attempt to pretend to work. He simply looked her up and down as the near naked jailbait, teen appeared to be deeply consumed by her task at hand.

She bent over in front of him as she stood on the opposite side of the table. She exposed her now completely visible cleavage to him, as her tits bounced with each movement she made with the rag.

Meticulously, she moved around the table so that now she was beside him. She now blatantly knocked over his sports drink so that it spilled onto the floor.

He didn’t feign concern this time, he just handed her a rag and pointed down at the ground. She bent down onto her knees and crawled under the table. He backed his rolling chair up so that she was crouched directly in front of him, giving him an unobstructed view of her perfect thong clad ass.

She intuitively spread her legs, and stuck her ass in the air as she feigned giving the carpet a deep scrub.

Next I saw as he reached for the bottle of blue sports drink. He poured some on his pants, and then poured the rest onto her naked ass.

He said something, I’m sure explaining how he ‘accidentally’ spilled it, and then proceeded to start wiping her ass with a single sheet of paper towel.

Katee of course, let him proceed as he wished. Soon, he discarded the soaked paper towel, and started to grope her ass cheeks as he pleased. He started to use both hands.

Just as Katee could feel him becoming more turned on by the strength of his gropes, she got up and turned around. Of course, she didn’t scold him, she simply noticed how his pants were dirty.

He had his legs spread open. She crawled directly in between his legs, and perched up so that her mouth was head level with his lap. She grabbed a paper towel and stroked his inner thigh, feigning to clean the power drink.

Needless to say, his dick was poking through his pants at full attention. Katee tantalizingly cleaned his inner thigh, but didn’t touch his penis.

The man couldn’t take much more of this, he let his hand fall on Katee’s bare shoulder. As she continued to stroke his groin, his hand moved onto her tits. I couldn’t help but notice the gold wedding band on the ring finger of his hand as he groped this young teen’s perfect tit. I chuckled as to what his wife would do if she saw her hunk of a husband groping the tits of a teenage student. His wife was the classic stuck up hot blonde bombshell. But admittedly, her best days were now behind her, she couldn’t compare to the girl he now had kneeling at his lap.

With his other hand, he unzipped his pants, and let his hard thick and long cock spring free. He had now thrown caution completely to the wind. Here he was, ready to risk his entire career to get a chance to have his fun with this jailbait teen. I could tell Katee looked up at him in shock as she dropped her paper towel. but he simply moved his hand over her head, and forced it onto his cock.

He had both hands on her head as he bobbed her mouth up and down his cock. He moved one hand onto her top, and slid it down and off her tits and let it fall down her waist. He looked down in awe at her now bare round tits. He started to grope them freely as she sucked him off.

I could tell that this man had regular sex, as he was lasting a lot longer than I did when I got my first blowjob from Katee!

After a few minutes, he stood up, and stood Katee up with him. He positioned her so that she was bent over his desk. He groped her young ass now freely, and gave it a few good smacks before slipping her white thong off.

He positioned himself behind her, and I could see him inaudibly moan as he entered her jailbait pussy. He reached around to grip her round tits as his thrusts intensified. I could see Katee moan as well as he started fucking her harder and harder.

She bit the underside of her lip to keep from moaning. She instinctively spread her legs so that her cheeks would allow him more room to penetrate deeper.

After a few moments, I was surprised. She stood up, interrupting the sex. She pushed him back onto his chair, and got on to his lap. She took his cock in her hands and gave it a few strokes before wrapping her pussy around it.

I could see them both moaning as she rode him. She stuck her tits in his face, and he slobbered away at her offering. I was impressed watching this teen slut work her hips as she rode him.

His hands squeezed her ass cheeks tightly in approval. He gave her sharp smacks on the ass as she rode him. She was practically gyrating as she rode him faster. Finally I saw his whole body spasm, before collapsing.

This was it. Just like that, Katee got off of him, and started putting on her now nearly dry clothes.

I clapped as Katee came back to my office. She had her head down, giving off a look of shame.

“Wonderful performance, better than any porn star I’ve seen! You’re a true slut.” I jeered.

She looked at me coldly as she put her coat on.

“He was supposed to be one of the good guys.” She said solemnly “After using me like a sex toy, he told me that if I told anyone that he would expel me from school, any nobody would believe me.” She had tears welling up in her eyes “I could expect something like that from a monster like you, but not someone like him.”

She cried softly. I responded “My dear, all men are the same. Whether they be young and handsome like your beloved Mr. Rogers, or old and fat like me. We all view a young hot girl like you like a whore, to be used. The sooner you embrace your true role in life, the better.”

She cried as she looked away from me.

“And by the looks of your performance today, either you’re a very good actress, or you’re starting to enjoy getting fucked like the slut that you are.” I jeered as I handed her a bag with her outfit for tomorrow.

She looked away from me in disgust as she took the bag. She took a look inside and eyes opened wide.

“Yes, with our friend Mr. Rogers out of the way, I think we can make our classroom fun a lot more interesting.” I jeered.

That night, I masturbated to the video that I had Katee send me. Tonight, I had had her force the 6 inch anal dildo fully into her ass, and then deep throat a banana while she fucked herself with the 10 inch vibrating dildo until she reached orgasm. While terrified at first, as usual I could see that the further she got into the depraved act the more she enjoyed it. I smiled in satisfaction as I closed my computed and picked up my phone.

I called Chad Rogers from my home.

“Chad! Katee called me in tears after her detention with you. Would you mind telling me what the hell went on in your office?” I exclaimed.

I heard the usual smug voice of Chad Rogers transform into one of sheer panic.

“Hey listen bud, nothing happened. You can’t believe what these kids say, especially a girl like her.”

I paused, before continuing.

“That’s what I thought too, ‘bud’, but to do my full diligence, I had Frank pull some surveillance tapes. It just so happens there was one that had a good view inside your office. And you won’t believe what I saw.”

“Hey Hey, listen man, please, keep this to yourself.” He said in a panic “I got a lot to lose man, you wouldn’t tell anyone right.”

I paused, salivating in his agony

“Hmm, well I suppose I can keep the secret. I’ll take care of the tape, it’s in my house now. I guess you can just owe me one.” I said as I smiled

He thanked me profusely over and over until I hung up on him. I smiled as I put down the phone. I knew that a man with as much to lose as Chad Rogers, would do anything to keep me happy so that I wouldn’t release the tapes of him fucking a teenage student in his office. I knew that with a simple click I could ruin this golden boy’s entire life, and he knew this as well. From now on, I knew that I could get away with anything I wanted in my math class.

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