Teacher’s Pet Ch 4 by DavidHog

DISCLAIMER #1: All sexual acts in this story occur between adults over the age of 18.

DISCLAIMER #2: Themes of this story revolve largely around humiliation, black mail, and voyeurism. If you are not interested in these themes, please do not read. Of course, in real life much of what is portrayed in this story is despicable, and should not be tolerated under any circumstance. Hence, why this is a story of fantasy, and should not be taken seriously.

DISCLAIMER #3: While themes of the story certainly can be dark, I do try to keep things light with a certain “comic book” style. Again keep in mind that this is a work of fantasy and not everything will be fully realistic.

Enjoy! Please leave comments on what you want to see next as much of the following chapter is a work in progress. Cheers

Chapter 4

I got to work early again. I watched a video that Katee sent me early that morning. She was lying naked in bed, and was using the 6 inch dildo I had given her to fuck her asshole, while watching hard core anal porn of a black man fucking a petite blonde teen up the ass. She did this for 20 minutes or so before reaching orgasm. I masturbated furiously to this video. Just last week, Katee was a sweet teen virgin. And now, here she was, forced to send videos of her fucking herself up the ass to a perverted old man! It was all part of my plan to mold the once innocent teen into a depraved slut that I could force to do whatever I wanted.

After I cleaned up, the boys started to roll in. As routine, Katee would come in a few minutes later after all of the boys were in the class.

The boys were not disappointed at what Katee was wearing that day. It was the most deviously sexy outfit that I had made her put on thus far. She dropped her coat, and the boys were in awe.

She was wearing a variation of the “sexy schoolgirl” outfit. She had a black top with pink trim. It wrapped around her shoulders, and then the fabric came together just below her tits in a knot. It functioned to pull up her tits into perfect position, and expose all of her cleavage, and midriff again. She had a pink strap collar around her neck, giving herself a symbol of naughty obedience.

Below she had a matching black and pink flannel miniskirt which wrapped around her waist, covering just below her ass cheeks. The skirt was loose and frilly so with each step it would float up a bit giving us a view of her pink thong clad ass. She had on matching pink high socks that came up to below her knees, and black pumps.

She looked like she had walked out of the centerfold of a Hustler magazine.

I chastised her “I’m liking your style more by the day girl.”

The boys laughed.

Katee, by now knew her routine. She wrote up a list of problems on the board again, with the boys.

“Today boys, I’m gonna give you a challenging round of problems, since you have been so good recently with your home work and assignments. So Katee, if one of the boys gets it right, I want you congratulate him with a big, tight hug.”

This got the boys’ attention. They were practically fighting over each other to answer the questions. Truthfully, the questions were a bit harder. So two boys tried, and went back to their seat in defeat, before one finally got the correct answer.

He, one of the shyer boys, turned to Katee. She shyly smiled and offered him a hug. He wrapped his arms around her bare waste. His arms lingered.

I had instructed Katee over text to not break off the hugs before the day started.

His hands soon stroked her waist and made their way down to her ass.

The boys started to cheer him on. With their cheers behind him, he squeezed her ass gently.

“That’s enough” I chuckled “This is a classroom after all.”

He quickly let go, and went back to his desk with a smile on his face. A few more boys eventually got answers right, much to my surprise. Each of them pushed their luck, trying to cop feels of Katee’s ass, or smush her tits against their chest.

I broke them all up before it got too serious. After all, I liked showing Katee off, but I was a bit possessive over my prize. I just loved the utter control that I had over her. I knew she was being humiliated by all of this, this turned me on. I knew her degradation progressively would make her even more moldable for my ultimate plan.

I once again had Katee hand out the afternoon assignments. I had her wait hand and foot on the boys. Asking them if they wanted juice boxes, water, or snacks. Much to my glee, sometimes the boys would give her smacks on the ass as tokens of appreciation. Katee didn’t make a scene of this anymore, she knew better. It would just have led to me further sexually humiliating her.

Today I made the announcement, that the boy that would get his assignment done the quickest, while passing, could have Katee in front of him, in any pose he instructed her to for the rest of the class, without touching her.

It was a tough assignment, as the classes were getting progressively more difficult. But one of the boys, completed the assignment with 15 minutes left, and was able to pass as I quickly marked it. He was practically giddy.

He ordered Katee to sit on top of his desk. She did. Just then, I dismissed the rest of the boys home, allowing the boy a bit of privacy with Katee as his prize. The rest of the boys groaned, but I told them that this could be their prize if they win the next day’s contest.

He instructed Katee to get on all fours on the desk and face forward so that her tits were hanging down. He progressively got her to bend further down. It got to the point where her tits were literally about to burst out of her blouse. He dipped his head forward and sniffed her tits, just inches away from them

I chuckled. After a few moments, he asked her to turn around on her. He was now facing her ass directly. He ordered her to stick it up in the air. Her frilly skirt simply inverted so that her thong clad ass was fully exposed.

He sniffed her pussy and anus, again merely an inch away. Just then, the bell rang.

“Fuck” he yelled.

“Haha good job junior, you’ll get your chance again one day” I chuckled.

He thanked me profusely and left.

Katee knew what was coming, I locked the door.

I told her to get off the table and get onto her knees. She started to suck me off. This was already a lot better than her first blow job. We were about 5 minutes into it when I heard a knock on the door.

“Cleaning here, I’m coming in.” I heard keys rattling.

“Fuck.” I exclaimed. I thought quickly. “You stay here girl. Pretend you’re studying, I’m going in here.” I opened the storage closet, and got inside. I could see through the slants in the door.

It was Frank, the Janitor. He was a 6’2 Black guy who like me, his best years were behind him. He was broad, muscular, but had a big grey beard, was bald, and was carrying a bit of a belly. He was known to be a nice guy, and had worked here for as long as I had.

I noted an opportunity for mischief and texted Katee “Tease him like the whore you are.”

She quickly looked at her phone and flipped it over.

“Well my my my, aren’t you dressed rather provocatively for Mr. Wilson’s class.” He teased Katee, eyeing her up and down in her Lingerie style school girl outfit.

Katee sighed before going ahead. She stood up, almost making the poor Janitor’s jaw drop. She twirled before saying.

“Oh you know, a girl’s gotta use everything she’s got to get ahead.”

He laughed, as he took this as an invitation. He walked up closer to her.

“I bet that dirty old man likes looking at you dressed like this huh.”

“Why else do you think I’d dress like this. Math isn’t my strongest subject you know.”

“Smart girl” he cooed as he nudged her on the shoulder.

She instinctively took a step back. The sheer contrast in his overwhelming size to hers was striking.

“Oh what’s the matter, can’t I just feel the fabric of your pretty blouse?” He said as he walked closer to her, making up space.

She tried to jolt back, but he quickly grabbed her by the waist and brought her in towards him. He started pawing at her tits in her blouse.

“Get off! Im going to tell everyone about this!” She screamed.

“Girl, dressing like that to school, who the fuck is going to believe you.” He sneered. “I’m sure you’ve fucked hundreds of old men to get what you want. Why not give old Frank a taste”

With one swift pull her blouse was unknotted. He threw it aside, his eyes feasting on the teenager’s nude big tits in front of him.

“Papa likes.” He moaned.

I wanted to jump in. Again, this was my girl. I wanted her teasing Frank a bit, but I had no idea he would do this so quickly. Only I could do this to her. How dare this fucker touch my girl. But then again, there was no way that I could explain why I was here in the closet. I was forced to watch this unfold. I was shocked at Frank, he was a married man with grand kids! And here he was forcing himself on a girl that was the same age as his grand kids!

He started mauling her naked jail bait tits with his hands, forcing her into him.

“I haven’t had some nice white tits in my face in so long.” He cooed as he started suckling on the teen’s tits.

He picked her up easily and placed her on a desk. He spread her legs and slipped her thong off.

“Oh this is going to be fun” he squealed in delight.

He flipped her over on to her tummy, as he regretfully let go of her tits with his mouth. He slipped her skirt off, leaving her completely naked, save for her pink collar and matching pink high socks.

“Look at that ass! I didn’t know white girls had ass like this” He howled as he spanked her ass.

He toyed with her ass like it was play-dough.

He slipped his trousers down, unleashing a thick hog that was longer than mine.

He screamed in joy as he entered the tight teen’s pussy, which was previously only owned by me. She was sobbing as he was fucking her roughly. He had his brutish hands on her narrow waist as he continued to assault her pussy.

I was amazed by how long he was fucking her for. Her hair was flying around wildly. Her sobs turned to soft moans. He flipped her around and grabbed her legs and put them on his broad shoulders. He bent forward, causing her legs to widen and bend back.

He inserted his cock in her from the front, causing her to moan. He continued to thrust viciously as her legs continued to bend back. She looked like a contortion artist as he was fucking her.

He must have been hitting the sweet spot, because she was moaning like I couldn’t believe.

“Oh yeah honey, I knew you’d like this.” He cooed as he continued to fuck her like a mad man.

She was moaning like a porn star, and not the innocent teen I had known just a few days ago.

After seemingly half an hour, he started to thrust slower and harder. He finished deep inside her and she and him both moaned loudly.

He zipped up his trousers. “You call old Frank anytime you need a good fucking girl.” He cooed as he left the class room.

Katee was lying there. Half of her body was on the desk, half was hanging off. She had his cum dribbling down her thigh. She was sweating profusely.

When the coast was clear, I got out of the closest.

I smiled as I picked her up by her hair “Liked that, didn’t you you little whore.”

I forced her on her knees “Well, if you keep pleasing me, what’s to say I don’t call old Frank one day to double team you with me. You would like that wouldn’t you you little slut.”

She got snapped out of her reverie. “No sir.” She said softly.

I forced her down on her knees, and forced my cock in her mouth “Now where were we?”

That night, I was lying in bed, pondering about how this situation had worked out so perfectly. Here I was, in a matter of a week, I had turned my dream girl into my personal sex toy. I was living out what I couldn’t even had imagined a week ago.

But despite this feeling of accomplishment, I knew I had more to do. And I knew if one thing went wrong, it could all come crashing down. Frank almost walking in on us was one thing, but what if it was our douchebag principal. He has had it out for me for years, and would just need one excuse to send me packing. All it would take is for one of these boys to tell one of their friends and have word get around to him about what we are doing, and I’d be in jail and back to jerking myself off everyday instead of fucking my jailbait sex toy.

I knew I had to formulate a plan to eliminate him, using my new secret weapon.

I called Frank. “Frank, I need to talk to you alone pal.”

“Oh OK. What’s going on Mr Wilson?” he said as he moved into his back yard, away from his family.

I could sense the fear in his voice.

I got straight to the point.

“Frank, I know about what happened with Katee, she told me everything after she got home.”

Frank replied “That lying slut! I walked In to the room. She was dressed like a slut. I made some chit chat and left, I-“

I cut him off “Frank, I have a camera in my class room, trust me, I can verify what she said.”

Fear took Frank over “Please Mr. Wilson, Please don’t tell anyone. I was weak, it was a mistake.”

I reassured him

“Frank, please. You know how crazy seeing her prance around in clothes like that makes me? I completely understand. Just don’t let it happen again, and I will convince her not to tell anyone.”

“Oh thank you, thank you Mr. Wilson!” he exclaimed profusely

“But in return Frank, I’m going to need your help.” I explained

“Anything.” He reassured.

“OK, if you say so. I’m going to need you to plant some cameras into the Principal’s office. It’s about time that little rat got what’s coming to him.”

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