Teacher’s Pet Ch 3 by DavidHog

DISCLAIMER #1: All sexual acts in this story occur between adults over the age of 18.

DISCLAIMER #2: Themes of this story revolve largely around humiliation, black mail, and voyeurism. If you are not interested in these themes, please do not read. Of course, in real life much of what is portrayed in this story is despicable, and should not be tolerated under any circumstance. Hence, why this is a story of fantasy, and should not be taken seriously.

DISCLAIMER #3: While themes of the story certainly can be dark, I do try to keep things light with a certain “comic book” style. Again keep in mind that this is a work of fantasy and not everything will be fully realistic.

Enjoy! Please leave comments on what you want to see next as much of the following chapter is a work in progress. Cheers

Chapter 3

I got to class early. I had fallen asleep after jacking off to a video of Katee fucking herself with a monster vibrating dildo. I made her masturbate to a video of a girl getting double penetrated. I was sure that this was the first time sweet Katee had watched porn. It made me so horny knowing that I had so much control over this once innocent teen, forcing her into degeneracy each day. This morning, I sent her a video of a slender blonde getting fucked roughly while in BDSM. Again, I made Katee send me proof of her watching the video and fucking herself with the vibrator. I watched this in class, knowing that Katee would be here in just half an hour.

Not a single boy missed handing their assignments that morning. I had told them before that any student that missed handing in their assignment would not get to attend class.They even all got there 10 minutes before class started, not wanting to miss Katee’s entrance to class that day.

The class groaned in awe as the door knob twisted and Katee walked in and took her coat off. I had her wearing a matching white crop top and mini skirt combination. Her crop top clung to her shoulders, before plunging deep down forwards, putting her tits on display, that were propped up by a thin laced under-bra. The top ended with a thick band just below her tits. There were thin laces that tightly wrapped around her otherwise exposed torso. Essentially, her lithe midriff was completely exposed. I had her wear a crystal stick-on belly ring on her navel.

While the top was unbelievably sexy, the highlight of this outfit was the sexy matching white pencil mini skirt that she wore. It started at her waist so that her entire midriff was exposed. It wrapped tightly around her ass, ending just inches below her ass cheeks, leaving her long legs fully exposed. The material was almost see through, so that you could swear that you could make out the skin of her underlying cheeky ass.

I got her matching white pumps to wear, so her ass would stick out even more.

“Well Katee, what you lack in smarts, you make up for in style.” I sneered.

The boys laughed, leading to her further humiliation.

I asked Katee to once again write the problems for the morning on the board. As she stood on her toes again, her mini skirt crept up, getting tantalizingly close to showing the bottom of her fleshy ass cheeks to the class full of boys.

As she bent over to write problems on the bottom part of the chalk board, I heard awes in the class as I was sure the boys were now getting a glimpse of her silk white thong and inner thighs.

It was short lived, as Katee quickly propped up, much to their dismay.

“Katee, come here dear.” I said as I watched Katee come to me. I decided to put on a show for the boys.

“Silly girl, you got chalk on your chest.” I laughed as I grabbed a thin cloth.

I positioned her so she was facing the class as I had my back to them. I grabbed the cloth and started to wipe some chalk powder off of her chest. The class was in shock, as Katee let me clean her chest with no objection.

Truth be told, using the chalk towel, I was putting more chalk on her skin than I was removing. I quickly moved lower, and started wiping her cleavage directly, reaching in ever so slightly to wipe the youthful flesh of her tits. I gave her some nudges, causing her tits to bounce for the class in her slutty crop-top.

I decided to put an end to the show before it got too out of hand. The morning went on like yesterday, the boys rushed up to answer the questions, to get closer looks at Katee of course.

In the afternoon, I once again had Katee give out the assignments, and relay questions from the boys to me, and back again, feigning that my hip was limiting my mobility just like yesterday. The boys were now freely gawking at her tits and ass, making no reservation to consider their ‘classmate’s’ feelings.

Half way through the assignment, I gave Katee a special task.

“Katee, since you’re too dumb to do this assignment, be a doll and scrub the floor while the boys are working.” I hissed

Giggles once again rang through the class, humiliating Katee. I handed scrub and bucket her. I asked her to crawl on all fours by each boy’s desk.

I watched the jailbait teen solemnly do as she was told. As she crawled on all floors through the aisles, the boys had an impeccable view of her tits hanging down as she bent forward. As she slowly passed them, the boys would turned around and be greeted to a delightful view of her bare thong clad ass, as her skirt would inevitably ride up and show some of the delicate material of her thong.

“Katee, can you clean under my desk, I spilled some juice there earlier.” One of the boys said as Katee approached his desk in the right side of the classroom.

The boys looked at Katee, and then at me. This was the first time one of them had given her a command.

I said nothing, so Katee eventually crawled underneath his desk. Her mouth was by his feet, and her ass stuck out and was the only thing visible to me.

The boy smiled at his neighbor. All eyes were on her amazing ass sticking up and out. The skirt had risen, exposing much of her inner thighs, and giving some a view of her thong and ass cheeks. The boy’s desk was at the right front corner of the room, so Katee’s ass was facing the entire class.

I saw as some of the boy’s even stood up on their chairs to get a peek. Of course, I was pretending to be oblivious to all, staring at my computer. I was looking intently at the situation though, through my thick sun glasses.

I saw the boy give a couple of the others a devious smirk, as he gently took the thin hem of the skirt between his fingers and gave it a quick tug, causing the mini skirt to suddenly give way and recoil to Katee’s waist. Suddenly awes rang throughout the class as Katee’s bare thong clad ass was exposed to the boys.

Either she wasn’t aware of it, or she had just given up, but Katee went on scrubbing the juice off the floor like nothing had happened. Each time she moved, her juicy ass cheeks would jiggle, much to the delight of the class.

It wasn’t long before lust took the boy over, he lowered his left hand again, and let it rest on her bare ass, before giving one of her ass cheeks a pinch.

Suddenly, she snapped up “Hey watch it you pervert!” She yelled.

I immediately sprang into action, sensing the opportunity to futher sexually humiliate the poor teen. “Katee! Stop distracting the boys. Just because you’re too dumb to do the work, doesn’t mean you should distract the boys who are trying to work”

She instantly looked down in dejection. “Yeah you slut” One of the boys chimed.

I decided to ignore this and again looked at Katee

“Now Katee, say sorry.”

Katee looked like she wanted to cry. Here she was, objectified in front of a room full of her classmates, being forced to apologize to a boy how pinched her ass. She took a sigh and simply said

“I’m sorry Billy.”

I looked at Billy. “Billy, I’m sorry Katee upset you. She really doesn’t know any better. Is there anything that she can do for you to make it up to you?” I cooed

Billy smirked “I’m really upset Mr. Wilson.. Sometimes when I mess up and make my siblings, my parents spank me..”

I laughed. I was so horny watching Katee crawl around in her slutty outfit, especially looking at her ass in that tiny tight skirt. I really wanted to get a feel of her ass. And to do it in front of the class, it would be so degrading for her. I threw caution to the wind, as I replied to the boy

“I think I know what you’re getting at son” I said as I moved my chair up in front of my desk and sat down on it.

“Now boys, from here on out, you must promise me, that whatever happens in this classroom, stays in this class room.” I smiled “A single person talking about this outside of class might get our friend Katee in real trouble”

The boys all nodded in agreement, as the looked at me in excitement. They vowed to me that if a single person ruined this, they would band together to say that he was lying, to protect our ‘special situation’.

“OK Katee, come here for your spanking, some old school punishment.” I said with glee.

“You can’t be serious” Katee exclaimed

“That’s it, you just doubled your spankings!” I yelled. The class roared in approving cheer.

Katee cried as she made her way over to me. I took her and bent her over my lap, sticking her beautiful ass up in the air so it was facing the class. In one swift pull I pulled her skirt up, exposing her ass to the boys.

“Count to ten boys.” I said as I gave her a hard smack on her cheek. I wound up again delivering a smack on the other cheek

The boys were counting aloud with each smack. I watched her perfect luscious ass cheeks jiggly violently with each brutal spank. I paused in between each blow, slowly appreciating her perfect ass getting more red between each spank. Katee yelped like a helpless puppy with each spank. I looked up at the boys, they were practically salivating, mesmerized by her hot ass getting spanked.

As I got to ten, Katee was bawling. Her ass cheeks were a deep shade of red. I could tell that this was her first spanking.

I gave her one more hard smack. “And one for good measure!”

She yelped loudly, the boys laughed.

With that class ended. The boys thanked me for my efforts, and left one by one.

I locked the door, and turned to my prey, who was angrily looking at me.

“How could you! You’re ruining my life.” She screamed

I walked up to her and bent her over the table, shoving her face roughly onto a stack of papers on my desk. I wanted to remind her who was boss, as her bit of defiance angered me.

“You haven’t seen anything yet you little slut.”

I pulled her skirt up, looking at the reddened ass facing back at me.

“This ass has been driving me crazy all day.” I said as I was pretty much salivating.

I bent to my knees, and slipped her thong down to the floor.

I massaged her perfect jailbait ass cheeks in my hands, salivating at the site before me. I could hear her whimpering on the other side of the desk. I split her juicy ass cheeks apart, exposing her tight pink asshole, which was practically winking at me.

I dove face first into her ass that had been on perfect display all day. I buried my nose in between her ass cheeks. I smelled the sweet aroma of her ass hole. I stuck my tongue out and gave it a lick, sending shivers down Katee’s spine. I spanked her reddened ass as a way of telling her to calm down.

Her ass hole tasted delicious. I gave it a deep sniff, before licking it again. This time I tried holding it open, and tried to slip my tongue inside the teen’s rectum. Again she shivered, and again I smacked her ass. I buried my tongue as deep into her rectum as I could. She tasted magnificent. I was again being sent into frenzy.

To make more room for my tongue, I quickly withdrew myself and stuck two fingers into her now lubricated asshole, this caused her to scream. I quickly fingered her ass, before spreading it open again. I again buried my tongue inside, getting it deeper in then before. I tried to lick each wall that I could. My hands were groping her luscious cheeks all the while.

When I felt like I needed to come out for air, I stood up. Still having the delicious aroma of her ass encasing my nose. I split her ass cheeks apart and forced my dick into her ass. I could almost feel tearing, as it was stretching with each inch I pushed in. Katee was wailing in pain, begging me to stop.

I forced the entirety of my cock into her ass. I pulled her head back by the hair to assert my dominance over the teen as I impaled her ass hole.

I slowly started to thrust, in and out. Her asshole has a vice grip around my cock. Either through my saliva, or my precum, the pathway was getting more lubricated. I was able to thrust a bit more, causing her to moan in pain with each blow.

From all of the built up anticipation throughout the day, I couldn’t take this anymore. I jammed the full length of my cock into her ass, and erupted.

I slowly withdrew, a sluggish trail of cum was leaking out of her ass hole.

“I imagine it’ll take you a few days to get that out of your system” I sneered.

I gave her the gift bag with the assigned outfit for the next day, as well as another gift. I saw her reach in and again look at the bag quizzically.

“You see, I knew I would love fucking your virgin asshole, now we just need to get you a bit more used to accepting my cock.” I sneered as I saw her take a six inch black beaded dildo in her hands.

“Tonight, you’re going to watch hours of anal porn that I send you, and you will make yourself come by fucking yourself up the ass.” I commanded

She simply put her head down as she put her slutty outfit back on. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she gathered her things and left the room promptly.

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