Teacher’s Confused Mind – complete by Swa1481

Chapter 1


Beth Martin: 25 year old high school history teacher, working in a suburban school outside a major mid-west metropolitan city. She went to a major west coast university. Beth and two of her sorority sisters have been asked to be brides’ maids for her good friend Mary Stuart. Beth stands 5’4″ tall and weighs about 125 lbs. She has blue eyes and long blond hair that falls down to the middle of her back. Although she is not beautiful she is very cute with girl next door beauty. She dresses at school to hide her curves, but having a 34C cup and trim waist she’s every teen’s wet dream.

Mary Stuart: Mary is a picture of beauty. Standing 5’8″ tall and weighing only 130 lbs. she was always the prettiest woman in the room. She is to be the bride and is close friends with Beth, Susan Stuart (the maid of honor and her sister), and Trish Collins a fellow teacher with Beth. All were members of the Chi Sigma sorority in college. All vowed to be in each other’s weddings on graduation. Mary and Susan are very well off and very rich; their family’s money can be traced back for many generations and Mary’s wedding is to be held in Las Vegas. Her family spared no expense guaranteeing she would turn any head either male or female.

Susan Stuart: Mary’s sister and maid of honor. Mary was very close to all the other women until right before graduation when Beth stole Susan’s boyfriend. Even today, after four years, she still holds a grudge. While Mary was the prettiest of the family, Susan was the most athletic; always the star of any team for whom she played. But the result was her 5’10’ body was trim and strong. She has fire-red hair that’s cut in a bob, and small, 36B tits. Susan was always used to getting her way so when Beth stole her boyfriend she swore revenge.

Trish Collins: The fourth of the sorority sisters in the wedding. Trish was always in the background and followed the two sisters everywhere in college. She is now a teacher at the same high school as Beth in the English department. Trish is the smallest of the group standing only 5’2″ and weighing barely 100lbs. The Stuart sisters always intimidated her but because she always did what she was told they included her in everything they did.

Josh Franklin: High schools senior and in Beth’s history class. This school was very high tech as each student had a laptop and iPad for use. Josh was very smart and computer savvy. He lusted after the pretty Miss Martin and spent most days trying to hack into her computer trying to find out anything he could. His highest hope was to find pictures of her in a compromising position. Josh was not athletic; in fact you could call him a geek. He was barely 5′ 6″ tall and only weighed 140lbs. His brown hair was long and usually unkempt.

Beth was sitting at home when her phone rang. She didn’t recognize the number but answered anyway.

“Hello?” She asked.

“Hey girlfriend, it’s Mary. How’ve you been?” asked Mary Stuart.

“Mary, it’s great to hear from you. What’s up?” Beth asked. “I haven’t heard from you forever.”

“Well I’ve got news. I’m getting married and I want you and Trish as my bride’s maids. Will you do it?”

“Married, wow great news of course. When?” Beth asked.

“In two weeks in Vegas. You’re on spring break then right?” Mary asked.

“Two weeks, I’m not sure I can swing it. Yeah we’re on break but this is very short notice. Remember we’re poor teachers. How much are the dresses?”

“You don’t have to worry about anything. I’ll cover everything. Remember, my family has plenty of money. I’ll pay for everything, flights, hotels, dresses, food, entertainment; you just need to show up with your ID. Now you have no excuses.”

“Well I guess that settles it then. Who is the maid of honor?” Beth asked.

“My sister Susan is of course,” she answered.

“Oh, that might be a problem. She hates me. If I show it will ruin your day,” Beth said.

“No it won’t, I talked to her and it’s all water under the bridge. She told me she’s OK with you being here and in the wedding.”

“OK if you’re sure, then I’m in,” Beth agreed.

“Great I’ll send you your tickets in a couple of days. Expect to arrive on Tuesday. That will give us a couple of day to get everything ready. I can’t wait till you get here. We’re going to have heaps of fun.”

Mary hung up the phone ant turned to her sister. “OK, Susan, Beth’s in. This is going to cost us a fortune to get your revenge. This had better be good. Do you know what you’re going to do?” Mary asked.

“Thanks, sis, yeah everything is ready. By the time she leaves here her life will never be the same. I will have her begging to do anything I want, to anyone I want, anywhere I want. By the time I’m done she’s going to be the biggest slut east of the Mississippi.”

Mary arrived at school the next day. She walked down the hall towards Trish Collins room. When she walked in the door, she saw her friend sitting at her desk marking papers. “Hey, Trish, did Mary call you?”

“Yeah she sure did. I can’t wait. I’ve never been to Vegas and Mary’s picking up the tab. This is going to be fun,” Trish answered. The two friends spent a few minutes talking about the upcoming trip when Beth said: “I’ve got to go get ready for the day. I’ll talk to you later.”

“OK see ya,” Trish answered.

Mary arrived at her room about 30 minutes before the start of classes. What surprised her was Josh Franklin was in her room. “Josh, what are you doing here? Your class isn’t till the end of the day,” Beth asked.

“Hi, Miss Martin, I was here for weight training and I thought I would check on my favorite teacher,” Josh replied.

Mary looked at him and said: “Well I just arrived and I need to get ready. So I’ll see you later.” Mary looked around the room. Josh gave her the creeps; she knew he had a crush on her but there was something about him that almost scared her. He was a very bright boy and something of a loner. His comment of weight training didn’t sound right; he was probably one of the biggest geeks in school. She waited till he left and checked her desk. Something didn’t seem right.

Josh walked out of the room and smiled. He has been trying to hack into Miss Martin’s computer the entire year. He finally got past her sign-on but hadn’t cracked her email password yet. This morning he managed to install a key stroke program that will log every key stroke and email him a report at the end of the day. All he needed to do was to decipher when she signed on to her email and he would be in.

Beth and Trish arrived at the airport ready to fly to Las Vegas. It was Tuesday and they weren’t due back until Sunday. Both only had one small carry-on as Mary promised that everything else would be taken care of.

“I sure hope Susan is over everything,” Beth said.

“Hey, if Mary says it’s cool, I’m sure everything will be fine. Besides, even if she’s still pissed we get 5 days in Vegas,” Trish replied.

Four hours later they arrived and headed to the resort. As soon as they arrived they checked in at the desk. Just as they started to head to the room, Mary and Susan showed up behind Beth and Trish.

“Hey girls, you finally made it. It took you long enough,” Mary squealed.

“The flight was delayed in Chicago but we made it,” Trish answered.

Beth looked over at Susan to see if everything was OK, but Susan smiled and gave both Beth and Trish a big hug. “God it’s good to see both of you,” Susan said, “But we’re on a tight schedule and need to go now. I have everything planned; our first stop is a special show I’ve a arranged just for us.”

“Can we put our bags in our rooms?” Beth asked.

“No time, just leave them at the front desk. Let’s go,” Susan instructed.

Twenty minutes later all four young women showed up outside a small theater. “Here we are; everyone inside,” Susan ordered.

“What’s this Susan? What kind of show is it?” Beth asked.

“Well, Mary needs to stop smoking and I need to lose some weight. Mr Amazing here is a hypnotist. He specializes in special needs and desires. Let’s go; it will be fun,” Susan explained.

Beth wasn’t sure why but something was not right. In spite of her fears, she followed the others inside.

As soon as they entered the lobby, a very well built stud met them. He introduced himself as Mr Amazing. All four women gasped as this might be the most handsome man they have ever seen. Beth’s concerns dissipated as she was taken in by his good looks.

Susan took control and introduced all the ladies to Mr. Amazing. “Hi, I’m Susan, this is the bride-to-be Mary, and that is Beth with the blonde hair and Trish is beside her.”

“It’s very nice to meet you. Susan told me what she wants so let’s begin. Would you all follow me?” he said as he led them down a hallway. “Please, Beth, you’re in here, and Trish is two doors down. Susan and Mary, you’re in the middle room.”

Beth didn’t think anything about it and walked into the room. Trish did the same down the hallway. As soon as the doors shut, Mr. Amazing turned to Susan and said. “Let me make sure I understand you want me to hypnotize both of them and give you the key phrase? You realize that you will have total control over them if I do that?”

“Yes that’s exactly what I want. I want complete control of them,” Susan answered.

“Well, that’s very unethical you know, and I will need more than one session to solidify the control. Plus I want $5,000 each to do it.”

“I understand completely and here is your money,” Susan said opening her purse and extracting a thick envelope.

“How long will it take? I want to start using my control as soon as possible.”

“This first session will take about ½ hour each. Here is the list of commands that you will need. I’ve kept it simple, just a couple of words to put them under and bring them out. I’ve also included instructions on how to phrase your instructions. When someone is under they tend to take all instructions literally. You will need to be careful. I’m also including a command as a reset to take them back to the beginning. Are you clear?”

“Absolutely, how do we get them back here for more sessions?” she asked.

“I’ll take care of that. I will give them instructions to come by here each day at 8 am till I’m finished.”

Mr. Amazing opened the envelope and scanned the contents. He then smiled and headed to Beth’s room.

Susan and Mary went into the middle room which was equipped with one way mirrors to each of the other rooms. They sat down and watched as the hypnotist went to work on Beth.

“Hey Beth, I’m here to see if there is anything you would like me to help you with.”

“I’m fine really; I’ll just wait till you finish with Susan and Mary,” she answered.

Mr Amazing smiled and touched her hand. It took him only seconds before Beth’s head slumped down on her chest. He proceeded to program her brain; Susan’s instructions for Beth were clear:

Beth will obey everything Mary or Susan says.

She will get sexually aroused every time she obeys.

She will still have her mind but be unable to refuse our commands

She is not allowed to cum without permission.

Humiliation will arouse her.

It arouses her to dress like a slut.

Every time someone calls her a slut she will get aroused

She will call Susan every Thursday for her instructions for the next week.

Trish’s instructions are as follows:

She will always side with Susan and Mary.

She will always obey Susan and Mary

She will dominate Beth whenever she has an opportunity.

Whenever she sees Beth kneel down and admit she is a slave, Trish will join her as a slave.

Mary looked over at her sister beaming as her plan was coming together. “I hope you are happy. This whole farce of a wedding is going to really cost us. Are you sure this will work?” she asked her big sister.

“Oh yeah it will work. I’ve seen his work before. By the time he’s done they won’t even remember why they are here,” Susan replied.

About an hour later, all four women were back in the lobby. Susan smiled, “How is everyone?”

“I feel great,” Beth answered. “Me too,” said Trish.

“Great, let’s go for our fittings and pick out the dresses,” Susan said trembling with excitement as she was anxious to try out her new powers.

‘Sure thing Susan, anything you want,” Beth answered, as she felt a twinge of arousal. Beth wondered where that last statement came from. She still wasn’t convinced that Susan was over her anger.

Susan walked out the door and hailed a cab. Mary, Beth and Trish followed her out the door. Thirty minutes later the cab pulled up to a ladies boutique specializing in dresses and lingerie. As the four women piled out of the cab, Beth looked up at the boutique and asked, “Is this the right place? It doesn’t look like a bridal shop to me?”

Mary smiled and answered, “I already have my dress, and this is where we get your dresses. I want an upscale wedding. I’ve decided on bringing out your best features. You’ll love the dresses. Relax and just do as you’re told.”

Beth started to say something but in spite of her reservations she said, “OK, Mary, whatever you say.” Again Beth cringed because she didn’t like where this was going, but she couldn’t resist obeying Mary’s order. As she walked through the door her arousal jumped up a notch. Her nipples were now starting to harden and her pussy was moist.

Once inside a woman approached Susan. Beth couldn’t hear what was said but the woman looked at her and smiled. Beth flushed as she thought the woman was stripping her with her eyes.

The woman introduced herself as Helen, the manager of the boutique. She then asked for Beth’s and Trish’s sizes. As she looked at the two teachers she smiled and nodded at Susan. She turned and walked behind a curtain. Two minutes later she returned with an armload of garments.

“OK, Beth and Trish please go over to the mirrors by the dressing rooms and strip. As soon as you are naked we’ll get started.”

Beth gasped. “Why do we have to get naked? I’d prefer to leave my undies on.”

Susan looked over at Beth and smiled. “Now Beth, I want you to do exactly as you’re told. Now go over there and get naked.”

Beth’s eyes almost bugged out of their sockets, but she responded, “Sure Susan, anything you want.” In spite of her mind cringing at the thought she couldn’t disobey Susan’s command. She followed Trish over to the mirrors and started to remove her clothes. As each piece was removed, Beth’s body was flushing with excitement. By the time she was standing naked, her nipples were hard as rocks and her pussy was starting to leak down her thighs.

Susan looked at Mary and nodded, it was time to start with the next phase of her revenge. The first phase was to get her to Vegas and hypnotized. Phase two was to see Beth follow directions and get her naked and vulnerable. Now that Beth was naked and aroused, the next phase was to start humiliating her and increase her arousal.

Mary noticed Susan’s nod and slipped over and gathered Beth’s and Trish’s clothes and walked out the front door. Once outside she turned to the first trash can and deposited them inside. The two teachers would wear only what Susan wanted from now on.

Susan looked at Beth, her hands covering her tits and crotch. She was looking around the shop hoping no one else would come in and see her. “Beth, don’t be bashful, put your hands down. It’s not like we haven’t seen it before,” Susan said as she watched the expression on Beth’s face.

Beth moaned when she heard Susan speak, her mind screaming at her body to try to stay covered, but her body wouldn’t obey and dropped her arms exposing her entire body. “Yes, Susan, anything you want,” Beth whispered as her body’s arousal level cranked up another notch. Beth’s body was now fully excited and thoughts of sex and fucking were entering her mind crowding out other thoughts of resistance.

Susan looked at the confused Beth and said, “Hey Beth, been awhile since you were laid. You seem a little excited. Your cunt is leaking down your legs. Do you want to get laid slut?”

Beth blushed down to her waist as she couldn’t look anyone in the eye, her body now trembling as the humiliation increased the need now coursing out from her pussy. “Please Susan what are you doing to me? I don’t understand. Please don’t do this,” Beth pleaded.

“Why Beth, I’m not doing anything, I’m just stating the obvious. Look at your legs; they’re wet almost to your knees. Only horny sluts leak that much. There aren’t any men here; are you turning lezzie on us? I know Trish is naked; do you want to fuck Trish?”

Beth cringed at Susan’s questions. They weren’t orders so she didn’t have to answer, but the humiliation was driving her body crazy. Beth needed to cum right now. “Excuse me but I need to go to the bathroom,” she said and rushed to the back and ran into the first stall. As soon as she entered she shoved her hand into her cunt, rapidly fucking it while stroking her clit with her other hand. The longer she fucked herself the more intense her arousal, but the orgasm always was just out of reach. Beth was now on her knees and three fingers buried deep inside her body. Her hand was soaked as well as the floor between her legs. Her body was covered in sweat and her hair matted around her face, but still she couldn’t cum. Her body was now out of control trying anything she could think of to climax, when Susan walked into the room. Beth heard the door and froze, hoping that she wouldn’t be noticed.

Susan looked at Mary and giggled; she knew why Beth ran into the restroom. She looked at Helen but she didn’t notice anything as she was working with Trish. She waited for a couple more minutes as she wanted to catch Beth in the most humiliating way possible, and then walked back to the restroom. When she got there she listened outside the door. What she heard was music to her ears. Coming out of through the door were grunts and moans and it was clear what was going on in the public toilet. When she opened the door the grunts and moans stopped. Susan almost laughed out loud as she looked at the stall. There was Beth on her knees, her bare feet almost sticking out from under the door. Her legs spread and her hand buried deep in her cunt. There was a puddle under her crotch and her legs were shaking.

“Beth, are you alright? Why are you on your knees? Are you sick?” Susan asked although she already knew the answers.

“I’m OK, I think it was something I ate on the plane. Please give me a few minutes and I’ll be out,” Beth replied.

Susan wasn’t about to let her off that easy and leaned down to look under the door. “Why Beth, you’re beating off in a public restroom. I had no idea you were so kinky. Oh my god, look at that puddle between your legs. I guess you seeing Trish naked did make you horny. I didn’t know you were a lesbian slut. Well finish up and get back out here. We need to pick out your dress. Oh, and by the way, make sure you clean up your mess and while you’re at it use your tongue,” she said as she stood to walk out the door. Just as she opened the door, she heard a faint “Sure Susan, anything you want.” Susan smiled and rejoined the others to wait for Beth to finish.

Beth was beyond humiliated. Susan had just caught her naked and masturbating in a public toilet. There was no mistaking what she was doing and what made it worse was she didn’t even cum. The only thing she accomplished was make her body even more aroused. Now her face was on the floor as she licked up her juices as she was told. ‘What is wrong with me?’ she thought, ‘I can’t refuse any of her orders. What has she done to me? Oh God we’re here for 5 more days. I don’t know if I can survive this.’

Chapter 2

Beth finished cleaning the floor with her tongue. She was crying uncontrollably as tears ran down her cheeks and her body was out of control. Everything excited her and nothing satisfied her. Her nemesis, Susan, had some kind of control over her and she couldn’t refuse anything she said. She stood and looked at her reflection in the mirror; she was a mess. Her hair was plastered to her face; her body was flushed and covered with sweat, she was naked and her cunt was so hot she was dripping down her legs. Now she had to go out into a boutique and be fitted for a dress in front of her friends and the store manager. Just the thought of facing them again caused her to blush and her body to shiver with excitement.

Beth washed her face and ran her fingers thru her hair, trying to make herself presentable. Without her purse there was nothing else she could do. Beth turned, opened the door and walked out to the dressing area. As soon as she saw her friends, she noticed Susan now had a camera and was filming her entrance. Unable to stop as her last command was to come out and be fitted for her dress, she bowed her head and walked out in front of the mirrors exposing every inch of her body.

Helen gasped when she saw Beth. “Oh my God young lady, what were you doing in my bathroom?”

Beth simply kept her head down and moaned. The last thing she wanted to do was tell everyone what she did. Susan wasn’t about to let the opportunity pass to humiliate the slut, so commanded: “Beth go ahead and tell everyone what you were doing. I’m sure everyone could use a laugh.”

Beth’s head snapped up and looked at Susan. In spite of her mind screaming to refuse Susan’s command, Beth weakly said: “I was masturbating in the bathroom.” As soon as the words left her mouth a new level of arousal washed over her entire body and a moan soon followed her words.

Susan wanting to keep up the pressure, chuckled and asked: “Did you at least orgasm? If not are we going to have to give you time to try again?”

Beth looked at Susan again and groaned. “Please Susan… No I didn’t and I really need to cum. I’m so horny I can’t think. Please I need to cum.”

Helen laughed and said to Mary: “Where did you get this slut? She has no control. Look at her she’s a mess. I’m not going to put my clothes on her unless she buys them first. She’s actually leaking on the floor. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Beth heard the word slut and her body ramped up again. No longer in control she knew that Susan was behind this; she just didn’t know how. Beth could no longer control her body as she dropped to her knees in front of Susan. She looked up at her and her camera and said: “Please Susan, I don’t know how you’re doing this but please let me cum. I’m begging you please give me relief.”

“Why Beth of course I’ll give you relief. All you have to do is tell the world what you really are. A man stealing, horny, cum slut, that thinks with her pussy and loves to be humiliated.”

Beth bowed her head and wept as the words hit her like a slap in the face. She looked up at Susan and said: “Please Susan, I’m a man stealing, horny, cum slut slave that obeys her cunt and needs to be humiliated. Please Mistress, give me relief and let me cum, I’m begging you.”

Susan almost orgasmed right there as she heard Beth’s confession and now she had it recorded for posterity. She kept the camera focused on Beth’s face as she patted her head. “Why of course I’ll give you relief. Look at me and cum slut; you have permission now!”

Beth looked directly into the camera as she felt a massive orgasm start in her cunt and pulse out to her entire body, her eyes glassed over and her mouth opened wide as a scream echoed through the store. Her body dropped to the floor as it convulsed and shook uncontrollably. Her fluids squirted out a combination of cum and piss as she had no control. All the women stood mesmerized at the spectacle as Beth wallowed in her own fluids. As the orgasm continued, Beth grunted, groaned and moaned, unable to utter a coherent word.

When the orgasm started to slacken, Susan reached down and rolled her over on her back. “My god you really are a nasty cum slut. Have you no self-esteem? Look at the mess you’ve made in this nice ladies store. You need to crawl over to her and apologize to her and beg her forgiveness. Then crawl back over and clean up your mess. You do know how I want you to clean up, don’t you?”

Beth, her mind clearing and her body sated, rolled over on her knees and crawled over to Helen. “Please forgive me, I don’t know what’s happening to me. I’ve never done this before and I beg your forgiveness. Please don’t hold my actions against my friends. I will clean up my mess. I’m begging you.”

Helen was at a loss for words could only nod; her own body was aroused by the spectacle as no one there had ever witnessed such a display of raw sexuality.

Beth then turned and crawled back to the puddle of her fluids, lowered her head and started to lick up the mess. All of the women gasped as they watched her degrading display. None of them, except Susan could believe she was cleaning the floor with her tongue.

Susan knew that her command left no doubt in Beth’s mind she needed to lick the floor. But to humiliate her more she said, “My god Beth, licking the floor! Go get some towels or something. God you’re disgusting, licking up your piss and cum. That’s just gross girl.”

Beth cringed at her words. She knew that she had just humiliated herself again. As she crawled over to the restroom, a shiver ran down her body and her cunt quivered. Her body was ramping up again. Beth thought, ‘What is wrong with me. Why am I excited again? I have no control over anything.’ She dropped her head and finished crawling to get towels to clean the floor. Ten minutes later the floor was clean of Beth’s fluids. Beth, no longer thinking clearly, was still kneeling in the middle of the area. Susan spoke first. “Slut, stand up and face the mirrors. We need to finish with your fitting. Helen do you have her bridesmaid dress?”

Helen jumped at the mention of her name. She was spellbound watching the scene play out in front of her. Her own pussy was soaked watching Beth humiliated. “Yes its right here, but she can’t put it on that body. She’s disgusting. I won’t ruin a dress putting it on her till she’s bathed.”

“OK, I understand, just hold it up to her so we can get an idea of what it looks like,” Susan said.

Helen pulled the dress down from the hanger and walked over to Beth. She held it up next to her and smiled. The dress was completely made of a bright red lace. It was strapless and almost transparent, with the exception of appliques over her tits and cunt. The bottom of the dress was tapered front to back. The front of the dress ended just below her crotch and swept back lengthening to almost to her ankles. The effect was almost a body stocking with flowered appliques sweeping down from her tits to her cunt. The rest was sheer leaving her ass in plain view. To go with the dress were matching red stockings and 6 inch ankle strap stilettos. Beth looked at the dress and gasped. She looked at Mary and asked: “Mary, you want me to wear this? I’ll look like a hooker. You want a hooker for a bridesmaid?”

Mary chuckled. “Let’s say I want your outfit to match who you are. You just said you were a slut slave and this dress screams slut.”

Beth cringed as she heard Mary’s comments calling her a slut. Her body was responding to her hypnotic commands as waves of arousal again began to fill her. She moaned as she knew that soon she would again need to beg for a climax. Already her mind was starting to submit to the sensations. Soon she wouldn’t be able to resist begging to be Susan’s submissive slave. She looked over at Trish wearing her maid’s dress. Although it was a little sexy it was nothing like what she was to wear. She hung her head in shame as all control was lost.

“Helen that looks perfect, we’ll take it. Now that our two teachers no longer have any clothes, what would you recommend for them to wear for the rest of the day? Keep in mind that Beth is a slut, and Trish is a submissive slut wannabe?

Helen laughed and said: “I have just the perfect dresses for them,” as she turned and walked to the back room. When she returned she handed Beth what appeared to be just a piece of shear nylon. Beth looked at the dress and tried to figure out how to wear it. Helen helped by pulling it over her head; the dress was one long piece of fabric with a diamond cutout for her head. The resulting ‘V’ extended down between her tits to her navel and down her back almost to the crack of her ass. There were laces to pull the ‘Vs’ in to cover her tits and back. Both sides of the dress were open with laces up both sides to pull the sides closer and cover the sides of her chest and hips. However when you tied the laces tighter the material stretched and became almost transparent. The trick was stretch the fabric enough to cover her parts, but not enough to make the entire dress see through. The dress was also very short ending up only a couple of inches below her ass.

Beth looked at her reflection and moaned. Extending down both sides were 6 inch gaps with crisscross laces tied at the top and bottom. Between her tits were additional laces crisscrossing her chest from her navel to nipple level. The same laces on the back completed the look. Although she was covered, the material was stretched so tight you could clearly make out her nipples and labia.

“Please Susan don’t make me wear this. I’ll do anything you want just don’t parade me out in public only wearing this dress. I’m begging you. You win; I admit I’m a slut. I’ll be your slave as long as I’m here. Please let me wear something else,” Beth, now defeated, begged.

Susan smiled at the defeated women begging her. “Oh you’ll do anything I want anyway. I own your ass and it’s not for just this week. By the time I’m finished, you’ll do anything I desire. Your cunt is now open for business and it will be you doing the selling not me. Now ask Helen to pick out some shoes and beg her to let you eat her pussy. I’m sure she’s horny like the rest of us after watching you get off.”

Beth bowed her head and turned to Helen. “Please, Miss, may I have a pair of shoes? And may I please use my tongue to satisfy you? Please, Miss, I’m begging you to let me please you,” Beth whispered as she dropped to her knees in front of Helen.

Helen gasped as she watched in fascination everything happening in front of her. Never in her life had she ever experienced what she witnessed today. In spite of her revulsion, her body was succumbing to the scene and needed relief.

“Yes, I’ll get your shoes but first crawl back to my office. I will use you there.” She turned to give Trish her dress.

Beth leaned forward and crawled on her hands and knees to Helen’s office. The closer she got the higher her arousal, her mind now accepting her slut self.

Trish grabbed the dress and slipped it over her head. It was a spandex black strapless dress that extended down to mid-thigh. Although it was tight her tits looked like they were about to explode out of the top. Trish flushed with excitement but offered no resistance in wearing the slutty dress. Helen pointed to the table that had the black 6 inch stilettos that went with the dress.

“There are the shoes for your outfit. I’ll be right back after I go to my office.” She turned to follow Beth, just now entering her office.

While Beth was servicing Helen, Susan took the opportunity to instruct Trish on how to treat Beth. “Trish, you and Beth will be sharing a room for the next couple of days. Whenever you speak with Beth you will call her slut. You are to not to allow her any relief. There is only one bed, make sure she sleeps on the floor. Do you understand?”

“Yes Susan, I understand. What did you do to her? I’ve never seen her so passive,” she asked.

“I just released her inner slut. I’m exposing her to the world. By the time I’m done she will willingly be begging to fuck anything with a cock,” Susan answered.

“Oh, is that why I have to call her ‘Slut’?”

“Well you heard her; she just admitted she’s a horny cum slut. You’re just reminding her of her status.”

15 minutes later, Beth crawled out of the office. No one told her to crawl, but her last command was to crawl so that is what she did. Susan laughed and said, “Hey slut, are your legs broken? Or do you feel crawling fits your new identity?”

Beth flushed once more as Susan embarrassed her again. “No mistress I thought you wanted me to crawl.”

“Oh no, you can walk. If you crawl everywhere we’ll never get everything done. Now get up and let’s get out of here.”

Beth slowly stood. Her legs were wobbly as she had been crawling so long it took a few seconds to get the feeling back in her feet. Soon all four women were standing on the street hailing a cab. The ride back to the hotel took about 30 minutes as traffic was a mess. Susan looked over at Beth and said: “I’ll bet you wonder how I’m doing this to you. Well our visit to Mr Amazing was the start. He hypnotized you and gave me control over you. You’re totally under my control. Now you must obey any command or suggestion Mary or I give you and when you do you get excited. Oh, he also added a couple of other keys. You can’t cum without my permission and anytime you hear the word ‘slut’ or are humiliated you also get aroused. That wouldn’t be too bad but your arousal never goes down till you cum. Won’t this be a fun visit? For the next few days all I have to do is make you so horny that you’ll do anything to get relief. I can’t wait to watch you beg me to give you a way to climax. You just got your only free orgasm. Any future orgasms will have to be earned,” Susan explained. “Oh one more thing, you’ll remember everything. So each humiliating experience will be embedded in your memory, never to be forgotten.”

Beth visibly collapsed in the seat. Her body already very excited in spite of the massive orgasm she just experienced. She now understood how her arousal built so quickly and why. She shivered as she realized that with a couple of words, Susan, or anyone for that matter, would have her begging to do whatever they wanted to in order to orgasm.

Susan saw the desperation in Beth’s eyes. She knew it was time for the next phase. “Beth, although I hate you, I’m also fair. Just so you won’t have to track me down to control your slutty cunt, I’m going to give you a way to orgasm without me telling you. All you have to do is eat cum.”

Beth gasped as she heard what Susan said. “Oh god, please no, not that.”

“Let me explain, because you yourself said you’re a slut that loves cum; every time you get someone to cum in your mouth you will orgasm. Not a satisfying orgasm, but one to give you a few moments relief. Now if you’re desperate and need complete relief you just have to make 6 people cum in your mouth inside of an hour. When the sixth person climaxes you will get the satisfying orgasm you desire. There are just a couple of rules to go with that. Each load can’t be more than 10 minutes after the previous load. If you take more than ten minutes to make them climax you start over. Also, the same person can’t dump a load twice in a row or you start over. The final rule is you can’t use any cum from out of or off your body. Only cum directly from the source will work. See I’m reasonable, you have a choice, you can beg me and do whatever humiliating thing I want, or you can whore yourself out and suck cocks and eat cunts to satisfy your needs.”

Beth started to hyperventilate at the thought of sucking so many cocks. In her entire live she probably only sucked 6 cocks. Now Susan wanted her to suck six cocks in an hour. Beth dropped her head into her hands and cried.

Trish looked over at her and felt sorry for her. “Don’t worry, slut, you can do this.”

Beth moaned as her cunt pulsed as her arousal jumped a level, when she heard her friend refer to her as a slut. “Please Trish don’t call me that.”

“What, you mean slut? You just called yourself a slut. If you can say it why can’t I use slut?”

“OH GOD TRISH!” Beth screamed as her body reacted to each slut. “Didn’t you hear what Susan said? Every time I hear that word I get aroused. If you keep saying it I’ll lose control and god knows what I’ll do.”

“I’m sorry slut but I can’t stop saying it. I know your name but every time I try to use it, it comes out slut,” Trish cried.

Beth groaned as her body was nearly at the level it was when she begged Susan for relief before. She looked at Susan and spat, “You BITCH, you did this. You fucked with her mind too. I hate you, you fucking bitch. I’ll get you back if it’s the last thing I do.”

Susan knew Beth was right at the breaking point. “Better watch your words, SLUT. I control you. If you piss me off I can make you fuck a horse if I want. I am your mistress and don’t you forget it, SLUT. DO YOU UNDERSTAND, SLUT?”

Beth’s body exploded with excitement. She realized how vulnerable she really was. She needed to orgasm now and she just threatened the one person able to give her relief. “I’m sorry, Susan, please forgive me. I’m going out of my mind and don’t know what I’m saying. Please Susan, please forgive me.”

“Oh so now I’m supposed to be nice. I think not. Sit there and suffer SLUT and shut up. I don’t want to hear from you till I tell you.”

Beth’s body again spasmed and her cunt squirted her fluids down her leg. Never before had she squirted without an orgasm. How would she handle the humiliation if every time she hears slut she squirts. Just the thought caused her to squirt again. She turned to Susan to say something but nothing came out. She could only sit there and take it.

Chapter 3

Beth sat in the cab, her mind confused. She had no idea on how she was going to survive. Susan had total control over her body and now her mind was following wanting to beg her enemy for release. When they arrived at the hotel, the women piled out and walked into the lobby. Beth was clutching her body trying to cover as much as she could. The dress left little to the imagination. Susan looked over at her and moaned as she said, “Slut, put your hands down. You need to show off that pretty dress, and stand up straight. Push out those tits. If you’re going to show them be proud about it.”

Beth’s eyes grew wide as her hands dropped immediately and she stood up straight and proudly displayed her tits. Once again two more pulses flashed out from her cunt and again she sprayed more fluids down her legs. Her shoes were now soaked with her pussy juice.

“Trish, you better go get the room key. I don’t think slut here can handle it,” Susan ordered. Beth stood behind Trish as more liquid slid down her legs. A couple of minutes later, Trish handed Beth her key. “Follow me slut, I’ll show you the way,” Trish said.

Beth turned and followed her friend like a lost puppy. Not looking around just staring at the back of her friend. She didn’t want to know if anyone was watching her. Susan on the other hand, looked down at Beth’s feet. As she walked her shoes were so wet they left wet footprints on the floor. She started to say something but she was afraid that Beth would collapse right there in the lobby and beg to cum. She wanted her to suffer the indignity of having to whore herself out to satisfy her craving. She wanted it to be her decision.

Beth and Trish arrived at their room, only to realize that there was only one queen size bed. Trish spoke first. “Slut, Susan told me to tell you that I get the bed, you’re to sleep in the floor.”

Beth cringed at what Trish said and simple nodded as her cunt pulsed again, her knees almost buckling. “I’m going to take a shower, Trish,” Beth announced. Trish just nodded.

Beth walked into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. Her body ravaged with arousal and her cunt screaming for relief. Her mind a jumble, thinking not of revenge, but how to get relief. The thoughts of giving multiple blowjobs to strange men was incomprehensible. Besides she wouldn’t even know how to get six men to participate. She turned on the shower and stepped inside. The warm water felt great, but the strong jets only made her desire increase. Trying to minimize the water’s effect, she turned the control to cold, hoping that a cold shower would diminish her desire.

Trish sat on the bed thinking about all that happened over the last few hours. She watched her friend be reduced to a horny cum slut that humiliated herself to satisfy her needs. Just thinking about it was having an effect on her. Her body was on fire with desire and she couldn’t remember when she had been so horny. As the shower was running, Trish removed her dress and underwear and lay back on the bed. Her hand slicing down her chest and tweaking her nipples. As her nubs responded to the tweaks, she moaned and slid her right hand down to her dripping pussy. With one hand twisting and pulling her nipples and the other stroking her clit, Trish was soon lost in satisfying her body. She didn’t hear the shower stopping or hear Beth leaving the bathroom. It was when she heard Beth groan that she opened her eyes and saw her naked friend standing beside her flushed with excitement.

Beth looked down at her friend masturbating on the bed and couldn’t hold back. She dove between her legs and shoved her tongue deep inside her pussy. Beth relished the flavor of her and mined for more as Trish’s cunt was leaking copious amounts of juice. The juice was like heroin to a drug addict, she couldn’t get enough of it. When Beth worked her way up to Trish’s clit, Trish screamed out and climaxed all over Beth’s face and mouth. Beth tasting her cum, climaxed. She immediately felt relief from the arousal consuming her body but it only eased it a bit, not satisfying it by any means. But even a little relief was welcome as her mind cleared a bit and allowed her to think of what to do next.

“God, slut, that was wonderful, please don’t stop, I need more.” Trish implored.

Beth, still enjoying the relief from drinking Trish’s cum, moaned as she heard the word slut again and her body reacted and it started all over again. Beth understood at that moment she had to find Susan and do whatever she wanted to achieve the orgasm necessary to get relief. Beth rolled off the bed and grabbed her only garment and slipped it on. “I’ll be back, I need to talk to Susan,” she told Trish and walked out the door.

Mary and Susan sat in their suite talking about how things went today. “God I had fun today. Humiliating that bitch and making her my slut was wonderful,” Susan exclaimed.

“I’ll give it to you, you are really merciless. She never stood a chance. God I hope I never piss you off. What’s next, is she going to fuck everyone in the hotel?” Mary asked.

“No, she’ll be here in a few minutes. I have everything set up. She has no money, no transportation, and no relief. Because when she gets here I want you to tell her I’ve left and won’t be back for a few hours,” Susan instructed. “When she begs you to call me, tell her I left my cell and you have no way to contact me. Then give her this.” Susan handed Mary an envelope.

“What’s in the envelope?” Mary asked.

“It’s the addresses of where she could find enough cocks to give herself relief. Its two adult emporiums and one adult theater. I’ve already talked to each place. They’re expecting her. When she gets there they’ll humiliate her till she breaks down and begs to suck every cock there. They’re also going to record it so I have a copy of her begging to suck cocks along with videos of her actually sucking them all. I’ll use that later if she ever manages to get out from under the hypnosis.”

“Oh god, how will she get there?”

“I want you to give her a ride, but don’t give her any money. She will have to suck or fuck someone to use the phone to call you to pick her up. Can you imagine whoring yourself out for a $.50 pay phone?”

Just as Susan finished explaining to Mary what she wanted, there was a knock at the door. Susan ran to the bedroom and shut the door. Mary stood and walked to the door. She looked out the peephole and saw Beth rocking back and forth looking like she really had to pee. Mary looked around to make sure that there was no evidence of Susan still being there and opened the door.

“Beth, what are you doing here? I would think that this is the last place you would want to be.”

“Please Mary, I need to talk to Susan. Please let me in.”

“Ok but she left and won’t be back for a few hours. Is there something I can help you with?”

“Oh please let me cum, I’m begging you please give me relief,” Beth begged.

“Sorry only Susan can do that I’m afraid. Is there something else?”

“Oh no, I can’t wait a few hours. I know she said I can get relief if I eat cum but I don’t know how to do that. I’m not a slut!” Beth said as her body reacted to her own voice saying slut.

“Well she did leave you this, maybe it will tell you where she is.” Mary answered and handed Beth the envelope.

Beth grabbed it and tore it open. As she read it her face turned white as a sheet. Inside was information on where she might find enough cocks to satisfy her and give her the relief her body demanded. The paper listed three addresses of adult emporiums and theaters where she could potentially find enough cocks to cum in her mouth. But it was the last statement that really floored Beth. Susan’s last statement was if she decided to suck cocks she wasn’t to clean up afterwards. Susan wanted to see her covered in cum when she returned.

“Oh shit…shit…shit I can’t do this. I can’t go out and be a whore. Please Mary help me? I’m so sorry I fucked up at school. You’re my friend how can I get out of this. Please tell me how to get Susan to quit.”

“Well there’s nothing I can do right now. Susan’s gone and won’t be back for a while. You’re either going to have to wait or go suck cocks. It’s your choice. No one is making you suck cocks. Susan will be back later and you may have to do something humiliating but probably not suck cocks. I’ll talk to her when she gets back, but until then it’s up to you what you want to do.” Mary stated.

“There’s no way I can wait a few hours. I’m squirting everywhere. I can’t do anything but crave an orgasm. I have no money, no ID, no transportation, I can’t even get to one of these places if I wanted to,” Beth said as she dropped to her knees and cried.

Mary knelt down beside her and whispered in her ear, “I’ll take you there. I have a car and can give you a ride. Just call me when you want to come back.”

“Thanks Mary, you’re a good friend.” Beth said not even realizing that her “friend” was helping her whore herself out for cum.

Mary stood and helped Beth to her feet. “Ok slut let’s get going, I need to do some other things,” Mary said as her whole demeanor changed from loving friend to ruthless, vindictive bitch.

Beth’s body shook again and her cunt squirted a little more juice down her legs as she stood and followed Mary out the door.

Mary didn’t even look at the paper, she knew exactly where she was taking Beth. Beth didn’t pick up on it as she submissively followed her to her car, her dress no longer a source of humiliation. She was becoming immune to exposing her body.

Thirty minutes later Mary pulled up in front of the adult theater. “OK slut out you go, call me when you want me to pick you up.”

“Mary, I don’t have any money or phone. May I borrow some cash or your cell?” Beth begged.

“Nope, you wouldn’t have any place to carry it anyways. I’m sure after you’re finished someone will lend you 50 cents to make a call,” she replied as she reached over and opened the passenger door and pushed Beth out. As soon as Beth closed the door Mary sped away leaving Beth standing on the street in her slut clothes. Beth looked around and, not knowing what else to do, walked into the theater. As soon as she entered she was overcome with the musty smell of the stained carpet. She looked over at the counter to see a large fat man smiling at her. She slowly walked over to the counter and asked, “Which way is it to the theater?”

“That’ll be $10 missy,” he said as he leered at the slut standing in front of him.

“Oh, I don’t have any money, but I need to go in there. Is there any way you could let me pass for free?” she asked as her body again ramped up her arousal and more fluid drained down her legs.

“NO SLUT, I’m running a business here. Do you think that just because you dress like a slut and bat your pretty eyes you can get something for nothing? What is it that you really want slut?”

Beth’s body was now in complete control as she blurted out: “I need cum, I crave cum and I need it now. Please let me pass and I’ll make it up to you later.” Beth’s knees were about to give way when she saw him smile and say: “I’ll tell you what slut, I’ll let you enter and get as much cum as you want, but when you finish you come out here and let me fuck your slut ass. And just to make sure you do, give me your dress and shoes. I’ll keep them here and give them back to you when you pay up.” He knew from when Susan met with him earlier that calling her a slut would make her do anything he wanted.

Beth simple nodded and pulled the dress over her head and slipped off her shoes. She handed them to him and asked, “Which way, Sir.”

“Go through the door on the right and down to the front. Kneel down on the “X” and wait. You won’t have to wait long. I’m sure someone will be happy to give you what you want.” He laughed as he pressed a button under the counter to notify the projectionist to start the cameras.

Beth turned and walked to the door, she looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was 7:30, she knew that by 8:30 she had to swallow 6 loads of cum. Now barefoot she noticed how sticky the carpet was and how helpless she felt. She was now naked and walking into an X-rated movie house and beg anyone to cum in her mouth. That was the straw that broke her back. Her mind capitulated and she realized that she truly was a slut. She was here because she chose to do this, not because Susan ordered her to do it. Every time before it was an order that she couldn’t refuse. This time she asked to be taken here and bartered with her body to be let in to satisfy her body. She couldn’t even cry as her body was shaking with excitement at the thought of sucking cocks.

As she entered the theater it took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust. On the screen was a small white women being skewered between to large black men. One was in her ass the other was in her mouth. Her large tits swinging below her body as they pushed her back and forth between them. Beth looked over at the seats and saw at least 15 men sitting around the room. Choking back the tears, she walked down to the open area in the front and knelt down on a large X marked in tape on the tile floor. When she looked up there were men coming from everywhere walking towards her. In seconds she was surrounded by several men, none of which she would ever have associated with. Most were fat, ugly, dirty, and some even smelled.

The first one walked up to her and said. “Now just why are you kneeling naked here slut? What do you want?”

Beth looked up; all thoughts of how humiliating this was were pushed out of her head and replaced with her need for relief. “I want you to cum in my mouth. Please let me blow you.”

“Well slut, I think we can satisfy everything you need, slut,” he said as he opened his pants and pulled out his semi-hard cock. Beth’s mouth watered at just the thought of swallowing his cock dominated her mind. She leaned forward and slid his unit into her mouth. All the others started to laugh and gather around her, several had their cocks out stroking them while waiting on their turn. Beth now getting into a rhythm was taking her first deeper and deeper into her mouth. When it reached the opening of her throat she grabbed the cock and started to fuck her face, keeping her hand in place to maintain some control. As she twirled her tongue around the cock in her mouth, someone grabbed her hands and put them on cocks on either side of her head. Soon she was sucking and stroking with abandon. Just as the cock exploded in her mouth, the cock on her right sprayed her face with his seed. Before she could say anything another cock replaced the one in her mouth and another was in her hand.

Her relief was instantaneous, as soon as his seed filled her mouth, she climaxed and her head cleared some. When the second cock filled her mouth her climax doubled and her mind now realized that she could finish earlier if the cocks spraying her face would come in her mouth. She started to pay attention and time her sucks to capture any cum. However the manager walked up behind her and grabbed her hands. No hand jobs slut. He pulled them behind her and cuffed them together.

Beth groaned as now she had no control over how deep the cock went into her mouth as well as when the men stroking beside her head would cum. She just concentrated on getting off as many disgusting men as possible as fast as possible to satisfy her body. When she finished the last cock, she smiled at him and asked, “Please sir, what time is it?”

“Why in a hurry slut? It’s 8:15,” he said.

It had been 45 minutes, she has swallowed four loads of cum. Several of the men had orgasmed on her and she was knew she needed to finish the next two quickly in order to meet Susan’s rules. As the next man stepped up to her she recognized him from earlier. He was one of the first to cum on her face. This would be his second load. Beth knew that she would have to work faster in order to get him off in time. She opened her mouth as he shoved it down her throat. It was a good thing that it wasn’t very long, only 5 or 6 inches, and it was skinny so didn’t cause her to gag. Soon she was fucking her face up and down the man’s cock trying to make him shoot his load down her throat. Finally she felt his cock expand as he exploded down her throat. Her climax on the fifth load was minimal but her head was now clear. She knew she needed to make the next man cum in record time in order to meet her needs.

As she turned to the next man she gasped, in front of her face was the largest cock she’d ever seen. It must be 10 inches long and as thick as a pop can. Beth backed off and said, “I can’t do that. Please someone else.”

“Oh no you don’t, I’ve waited for almost an hour, you are going to suck my cock.” He said as he grabbed her head and shoved his cock deep into her mouth. Beth started to panic as he pushed it to the opening of her throat before he pulled it back, allowing her to breath. However her relief was short lived as he again plunged deep into her mouth, this time forcing his enormous unit into her throat. Beth gagged and choked but he held it there for a few seconds before he pulled it back. As his cock pulled back it brought with it a lot of saliva that poured out of her mouth and down her chest, joining all the other fluids that had been deposited there over the last hour. Beth was no longer concerned about the time, she was just trying to survive the face fucking. On and on he fucked her face. Beth just getting enough air to keep conscious. Finally he shoved hard and her nose pushed up against his groin as he exploded and drained his seed directly down her gullet. He held it there for a few seconds as he finished draining his cock. Beth semi-conscious prayed that he came in time, but as she opened her eyes and saw his watch she slumped as it read 8:45. He’d been fucking her face for almost twenty minutes.

As Beth dropped back on her feet, all she could hear was the men talking about the horny slut sucking off all comers. Over and over she heard the word slut as her temporary relief dissipated and her body’s need for orgasm returned in full strength. The last thing her mind registered before it went into cum craving mode was all this for nothing.

The next man didn’t give her time to think much, he grabbed he hair and pulled her mouth over his cock. Beth’s arousal was again at full strength and she actively fucked her face to get the next load. As she worked her magic the man quickly shot his sperm into her mouth. Beth accepted his load and the small climax. But before the next man could take his place, she announced to them all. “To any of you that are jacking off please come in my mouth. I don’t want to waste any come on my body, I want to drink it all.”

Just then the man on her right, turned her head and ejaculated in her mouth. Beth groaned as she now had two loads but only had to suck one cock. Her head was now turned to the left and again she received another load. Before she could swallow the man in front of her shoved his cock down her throat. Beth happily accepted the cock as she would soon have a fourth load in just a few minutes.

Beth was now on what she hoped was her last cock. She had just swallowed 5 loads in twenty minutes. The man in front of her was breathing hard and she knew he wasn’t going to last long. Just as he erupted, Beth’s body exploded in a massive orgasm. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Her body convulsed, her eyes rolled back in her head as she slumped to the floor convulsing and spewing fluids all around her. The men standing around her could only watch the spectacle as Beth writhed on the floor in her own fluids and cum from the men. Several men were still jacking off and spewed their load on her prone body. The men knew that it was over and quickly vacated as they weren’t sure if she was going to be OK and they didn’t want to be there to find out.

Beth woke up in a darken theater not really sure where she was. Her body, especially her mouth and throat, were sore, as were her knees. But she was no longer aroused. Her mind was clear and she felt in control again. As she sat up from the floor, she looked around her in the dim light. She was covered in cum and sitting in a puddle of god knows what. She tried to remember where her clothes were as she tried to stand. When she looked at the seats she remembered where she was and what she just did. However she didn’t cry. She made the decision to do this and she now had relief. She slowly walked up the isle towards the door. There was one last task she had to do before she could leave.

When Beth arrived at the front desk, the owner smiled, looking at the slut covered in cum standing in front of him. “Well are you ready to pay up slut?”

Beth couldn’t even look at him but simply nodded. “May I please use your phone when we are done sir?” she asked.

“Hey the deal was your clothes for entry. If you want to use the phone, you need to blow me after I shoot a load in that prime ass of yours. You do that and I’ll give you money for the pay phone. Fifty cents for a blow job sounds good to me,” he bellowed.

Beth groaned as she had no choice. There was no way she could walk back to the hotel covered in cum and dressed like she was.

“Yes Sir,” she answered as she dropped to her knees.

“We can’t do it here follow me to the office.”

Beth started to get up but he just shoved her back down. “Crawl Slut.”

As soon as they entered to door and he shut it, he knelt down behind her and spread her cheeks. With no preparation he spit on his cock and her ass, spread it around and lined up his cock with her brown ring.

As his cock slipped into her, Beth gasped as the pain shot out of her ass and throughout her body. His cock felt like a baseball bat and she thought he would split her in two. He paused for a bit to allow her time to adjust, and then pushed his cock deeper and deeper into the tight ring. When Beth felt his balls brush her cunt she knew he had hit bottom. She never felt so low in her entire life. She had just prostituted herself to enter an adult theater in order to blow several men. Now she was being sodomized by another stranger and all by her own choice. Susan hadn’t ordered her to do this, she did it all on her own.

The massive cock was now stroking in and out of her ass faster and faster as he was rapidly moving closer to his own climax. Beth’s ass had now adjusted to the size of the unit and the pain had slightly subsided. What she didn’t understand was how her body was betraying her again as the pleasure was overcoming the pain and her cunt was again leaking down her thighs. Beth moaned as she unconsciously slid her hand back to her center and started to massage her clit. As soon as she touched it her body erupted in an orgasm. The pulsing of her ass milked his cock and he could no longer hold out and spewed his seed deep in her bowels.

The two collapsed on the floor as his cock continued to fill her ass. When she felt him slip out of her abused ass, she rolled over and looked at him. He smiled and slid up her body and dropped his nasty cock in front of her face. “Still need to make a call slut?” he chuckled.

Beth cringed at the smell but had no other choice and opened her mouth.

Ten minutes later, the man tossed her clothes to her and dropped two quarters on the floor. “The pay phone is on the corner. Get dressed and get out,” he commanded.

Chapter 4 & 5

Mary arrived about 30 minutes after Beth called. When she saw Beth she couldn’t believe how bad she looked. She was completely covered in cum. Her hair was plastered to her face. Her make-up was smeared and she could hardly walk, she looked like she had something shoved up her ass. What was surprising was she wasn’t crying. Her head hung low and her shoulders slumped. She opened the door and gingerly sat down.

“Are you Ok?” Mary looked at the defeated woman sitting beside her.

“Please take me out of here.” Was all Beth could say.

The ride was in silence as Beth couldn’t verbalize what was going on in her head. She was still coming to terms of whoring herself out to satisfy her body. The costs were enormous, anal sex for ten dollars, a blowjob for a phone call. No one made her, it was all her choice. That thought kept repeating in her head. Susan was right she was a cum loving slut. Lost in her thoughts were that it was Susan that hypnotized her and created the cravings that drove her to make those choices. She didn’t know that Susan had put her under and removed the memory of being told about it. Beth believed that is was her own body that she had lost control of and caused the whole thing.

By the time they got back to the room, Susan was sitting on the couch. When she saw Beth she burst out in a big grin. Beth looked like a whore after a night on the street. When Beth saw Susan she dropped to her knees and begged please Susan I’m so sorry I fucked you over in school. You’re right I’m nothing more than a slut. Please forgive me.

“Stand up slut, I want to see you.”

Beth quickly stood and kept her head down. She didn’t want to piss her off. She didn’t understand why but she knew she had to obey her.

Susan chuckled as she couldn’t believe that the high and mighty Beth actually went out and sucked multiple cocks. She knew that Beth was just hanging on so she decided to ramp up the humiliation.

“Slut, why did you leave so quickly? I left for a few minutes, but then decided to come back and give you some relief. By the time I got back, you and Mary had already left. I was going to let you orgasm without doing anything else tonight. I guess you really wanted to suck some cocks.”

Beth collapsed to the floor when she heard Susan’s words. If she would have waited just a few more minutes she wouldn’t have had to go thru this. Beth broke down a cried she never felt lower in her life.

“So Slut after this evening what are you?

“I’m a Slut,”


“I’M A SLUT, MISTRESS.” Beth screamed as her body was reacting to each slut and arousal coursing out from her cunt once again.

“Please Mistress, I can’t do this anymore. I give up. Please Mistress give me some relief?”

Susan smiled at the slut begging her. She looked at her and said the magic word to put her under.

Ten minutes later Beth looked up at Susan. She had no idea that anything had changed, but her craving for an orgasm seemed to have lessen.

“Beth, here is the deal. I have removed the command that your body’s arousal increases each time you are humiliated or called a slut.”

“Thank you Susan.” Beth answered hoping it was over.

“However, you have one more task to complete and for this task I want it to be your choice. I have changed your programming so that you have to follow the instructions for each task when you make that choice. But the choice is totally yours. I don’t want it influenced by your slutty cunt. I simply want you to decide if you want more cocks or something without any sex period. So your first choice is do you want me to activate the arousal again and have your cunt push you to whore your body out, or do you want your three choices and freely do so without any influence from me other than to follow the instructions completely?”

Beth looked at Susan with a blank expression. Her mind still reeling from the theater, but she knew that she couldn’t survive having to beg for orgasms. “I’ll take the choices. I can’t handle my body out of control. Please don’t do that again. I’ll complete one of the tasks.” Beth whispered.

“Good, here are your choices:

You go to a local 18 year old teen dance club, wearing a slutty school girl outfit. You seduce 8 teenage boys that are about the same age as your students and drink their cum. The same rules apply as the last time except you have 1 ½ hours to complete the task. When you accomplish this task you will have an amazing orgasm. Then each time you drink more cum after that you will orgasm again with each orgasm better that the last. Oh and one more thing, when finished you have to eat any cum that’s doesn’t end up in your mouth.

You return to the theater and have 4 men fuck your ass, 4 men fuck your cunt, and give 4 blow jobs. You have 2 hours to finish, but no double dipping. It has to be 12 different men. When you complete this task you will orgasm. Then each time you any of your three holes are filled with cum, you will experience another massive orgasm. Now if they jack-off on you it won’t eliminate them, it will just take you longer to get them off. Again you will need to clean out any cum from your cunt and ass as well as any cum around or on your body when you finish.

For the third choice you let me take you to a local tattoo/piercing parlor and have your nipple, clit and labia pierced and rings soldered in place. Then chains will be will be strung between the rings and permanently attached. You will then submit to me to be my permanent slave. Mine to command from now on with slave chains adorning your body. This option requires no sex but you will forever be my slave.

These are your choices.” Susan said as she watched Beth start crying.

“Oh God Susan, those aren’t choices. I can’t have sex with teenagers, and 12 men in two hours, I’ll never survive. I can’t teach school in slave chains. Please isn’t there another option? Please give me something else. I’m begging you. I’ll be your slave, I’ll do anything you want but please don’t make me choose one of those options.” Beth begged as she dropped her head down and kissed Susan’s feet.

“Well if you can’t choose then I’m activating your programming and going back to LA. Without me here to give you relief I wonder how long before you go crazy and end up in an institution?” Susan snarled.

Beth still kneeling at Susan’s feet, slowly sat up and looked at the dominate woman towering in front of her. Her mind reeling from the choices before her, ‘God I can’t have my body chained forever, and I can’t suck off teenagers. If I would get caught sucking teenagers I would go to prison and never get out. I don’t know if my body can take 12 men in only a couple of hours. What would happen if I don’t get it done in 2 hours? I would have to do it again to complete the task. Beth’s mind was going over her choices.

As she finished going over the choices she finally decided, and looked up a Susan. “I’ll go to the theater Mistress, but please don’t make me beg to use a phone to call for a ride. Would you please go with me and bring me back when I’m done?”

Susan almost orgasmed right then and there, she smiled down at the submissive teacher kneeling at her feet, “Sure slut, I’ll go with you. I’ll even document everything and bring you back afterwards. Now go put on your slut dress and I’ll call the theater to make arrangements.”

“Beth gasped, “You mean we go now? Please I need a break. I just got back from there and my body can’t take it right now. Please can we go tomorrow? Please, please, please Mistress I can’t do this right now.”

Susan looked at Beth and saw how bad she really looked and decided to give her a break. “OK slut, go upstairs, clean up and take a nap. I’ll call you in a few hours. Don’t forget to eat Trish when you get to your room. I know she is waiting for you to return and she is very horny.”

“Yes Mistress,” Beth whispered as she crawled over to her dress and headed towards the door. Susan looked at her sister and nodded, Mary smiled as she wondered if Beth would survive her choice.

Beth didn’t even bother to put her dress on as she returned to her and Trish’s room. When Trish opened up the door she gasped at her naked friend covered in cum standing in front of her. Beth said nothing as she walked past Trish. “Are you OK slut?”

“Yeah I think so, but I’m so tired Trish.” Beth wasn’t even reacting to being called a slut. She knew deep down she was a slut. Only sluts sucked cocks by choice. Beth walked to the middle of their suite and dropped to her knees. “Trish, please let me service you. Please let me make you cum?”

Trish looked at the slut covered in cum kneeling in front of her and dropped her robe to the floor. She walked to the bed and sat on the edge, her own body not able to resist doing as programmed even if her mind screamed to run over and comfort her friend. “Crawl over here and put your slutty tongue to good use. I need to cum, slut.”

Beth’s mind still numb from her evening at the theater crawled over to her friend. With each step her body’s arousal increased. By the time she reached her friend’s core, Beth’s cunt was fully aroused and leaking down her legs. Beth assumed that her body’s reaction to Trish’s commands was the result of her programming but Susan had released her and Beth’s arousal was completely on its own. Just as Beth settled down between Trish’s legs and started to lap at her cunt the phone rang. Trish leaned over and answered, “Hello?”

“Hey Trish, put Beth on,” Susan demanded. “It’s for you slut,” Trish said as she held out the phone.

Beth stopped and took the phone, “Hello?”

“Hey Beth, I just have a question, are you horny?”

“Yes Mistress, you know that already I’m very horny.”

“I knew it; your body is in charge now. I have nothing to do with your arousal. This is all you slut. You love it, being ordered to be a slut. Your body has accepted that you are nothing more than a slut. It won’t be long till you mind accepts it too.” Susan gushed.

Beth’s face turned white as Susan’s words cut into her mind. In spite of herself her body reacted with a wave of arousal coursing to her mind. Beth’s minds resistance dropped as she slipped deeper into submission. She no longer felt in control.

“What are you Beth?”

“I…I…I’m a slut slave.” Beth whispered.

“I told you slut. Now finish getting Trish off and clean up. It’s time to go to the theater.”

“Yes Mistress, Please give me 30 minutes and I’ll be ready.” Beth groaned.

“You have twenty or you go as you are.”

“Yes Mistress,” Beth handed the phone back to Trish and pushed her face deep into her friend’s crotch, feverishly lapping at her folds working to satisfy her needs as quickly as possible. She wanted to take a shower to wash off the deposits covering her body before she went back for more.

Twenty minutes later, Susan knocked at the door. Trish opened the door and stepped aside. She wanted to stay out of the way after witnessing what Beth was going thru. Susan breezed past her and called out, “OK slut it’s time to go. Get out here and go fuck some cocks.”

Beth, still in the bathroom, opened the door, her body still wet as she had just stepped out of the shower. “Please Mistress may I have 5 more minutes?”

Susan walked over to the submissive woman and grabber her nipple and pinched hard. “No you may not. Put on your dress and let’s get this party started.”

Beth squealed as pain shot out of her nipple. “Yes Mistress,” as she grabbed her dress and followed Susan towards the door. As Beth slipped the nasty cum soaked dress over her head, her body and now her mind shivered as wave after wave of excitement coursed from her head to her toes. Beth in spite of everything that happened earlier; her cunt was juicing as she knew that she had chosen to be fucked by multiple men and drink their essence.

By the time they arrived at the theater, Beth was trembling in fear and excitement. Her body aroused and her mind frightened at what was to happen. When they walked thru the doors, Beth gasped as the small lobby was filled with probably 20 or more men. Beth couldn’t look any of them in the eyes as they walked up to the desk. The manager laughed when he saw Beth coming back after only a few hours. “God you are a horny slut.” He laughed. “I’m glad you called because if you hadn’t there wouldn’t have been enough to accomplish what she needs to do. I made sure there are a few extra in case she decides she needs more cocks, or doesn’t finish in time.”

“Great, thank you so much. She is just now accepting she’s nothing but a cum slut. I think I’m going to stick around to make sure she gets everything she wants and gets back safely.”

“Sure, do you want a camera and get some close-ups?”

“Oh I have my own camera but thanks anyway.”

“OK everything is ready, just thru that door and down to the front. There is a bench and a suspension rack if you want to use it. Take as long as you need to and if you need more cocks just let me know, I can have as many as you need in just a few minutes.”

“OK slut you know where to go. I can’t wait to see you whore yourself out.” Susan beamed.

Beth’s body was in complete control as her mind had shut down. She turned and entered the theater and walked to the front. As soon as she reached the front she pulled her dress off and knelt down beside the bench. She looked up and moaned as both aisles were filled with men walking toward her. The closer they got the more her body trembled. When the first man arrived she opened her mouth and reached for his pants.

“Slow down slut, first lie down on the bench on your back.” He said as he slapped her hand from his pants. Beth stood and did as directed.

“OK now pull your knees up to your chest.” He directed. Beth pulled her knees up and exposed both her ass and cunt giving full access.

The man pulled out two bungee cords and wrapped them around her legs; he then attached them to hooks on the bench beside her head. Beth could no longer lower he legs and her arms were free to hold any cocks. Beth’s head was right at the end of the bench giving the men total access to her throat. As soon as she realized that she was totally helpless, she gasped. When her mouth opened a cock was inserted and shoved in deep. Beth closed her eyes and worked her tongue over the cock sliding in and out of her mouth. As she adjusted to being face fucked, she felt something cold dropping down the crack of her ass, followed by fingers pushing on her rectum and working to lube and widen her sphincter. Beth’s body pulsed as her arousal levels started to peak as she knew what was coming.

Susan watched in fascination as Beth’s body flushed and shook as the men prepared her for the fucking of her life. As soon as the fingers left her rear entrance, they were replaced with a large cock. Beth’s eyes shot open as the pain of being sodomized for the first time that evening coursed through her body.

But she quickly shut her eyes again as the cock now deeply buried in her throat pulled back bringing with it copious amounts of saliva that poured down her face covering her eyes. Beth’s ass was adjusting to the size of the cock as the unknown man slowly started to slide in and out of her distended rectum. Beth relaxed as the pain slightly subsided, but when her pushed his thumb into her cunt and fingered her clit Beth moaned as her body’s arousal exploded. Even though she had never been so hot before she could not climax. She could only do her best to push the men abusing her body to push her over the top.

Beth was no longer aware of anything around her but the cocks spit roasting her body; just as she thought she might climax the cock in her mouth exploded and shot its seed down her throat followed by the cock buried in her ass. When the men pulled their expended cocks out of the fuck holes, Beth moaned as her body craved an orgasm. An orgasm that the cocks fell just short of giving her, before she could say anything another cock filled her mouth.

Before another cock could filler lower holes, someone grabbed her arms and pulled them to cocks on either side of her body. Beth grasped the organs of her desires and started to pump them. She worked to get in a rhythm a when long cock penetrated her cunt going all the way to her cervix. Beth gasped in pain but it was quickly extinguished by the pleasure that followed.

Susan watched as her ex-friend was no longer in control over any part of her body and she was surrounded by cocks as every available part of her was being used to service a cock. Beth’s face was now covered in saliva and cum, her ass was leaking cum from the first fuck, and now the cock in her right hand exploded and covered her tits with his seed.

Susan looked at the clock; it was just over an hour since Beth started to service the many men. She started to count at how many men had fucked her. 2 in her ass, one in her cunt, 2 in her mouth, and four had ejaculated on her body. She looked at her friend’s face looking to see if she was even conscious. She wanted to make sure that Beth was awake for the entire time. There was no way that Susan wanted Beth to miss any of the entire experience. Seeing no movement and hearing nothing, Susan stepped in and stopped the men. “Stop guys, she’s passed out. We need to wait till she comes to; I want her to be aware of each fuck.” Susan demanded.

The two men pulled out of her holes and groaned as both were very close to coming. “We need some water to splash on her face to bring her around. Someone go get some water.”

“No need, I’ll take care of it as a large black man standing in the back walked up and pulled out his large cock. He pointed it at Beth’s face and released a massive stream of piss directly on her face. Beth’s eyes opened and her mouth gaped as the hot piss covered her face and hair. Before she could even realize what was happening, the man directed the steam directly into her mouth. Beth swallowed before she knew what it was, then started to cough as the piss seemed to go on endlessly. Beth screamed as she was unable to escape the flow. By the time he finished Beth had given up and just accepted that this was how a slut was treated if she didn’t perform.

Susan laughed as she watched Beth struggle and then accept the piss and finally open her mouth and swallow the last of the stream. “OK guys you can continue, she’s awake now.”

Before Beth could react and ask for a couple of minutes, the cocks resumed fucking her mouth and cunt. Susan looked at the time and smiled. Waking Beth up had taken several minutes and it had now been an hour and a half. Beth still needed to suck another cock, take another one in her ass and two in her cunt. If she didn’t hurry she would have to start over at zero. Susan wondered if there was anything she could do to delay it and force her to take another 12 men. Just at that moment the man in her mouth exploded and filled her with his seed. Beth had completed one third of her task. But in her helpless situation, another man stepped up and filled her mouth. Beth tried to stop him but he soon was fucking her throat. The man in her cunt soon followed suit and deposited his sperm deep inside her. Beth was now down to one ass fuck and one cunt fuck. Susan walked down to get a look at Beth’s gaping ass and cunt, both were gushing cum down on the seat and on to the floor. The next man stepped up between her legs, lined his cock up at her cunt and pushed it in.

“God she’s so sloppy I can’t feel anything. I want her mouth,” He said and pulled out and got in in line for Beth’s mouth. Beth moaned as she knew she needed two more fucks to complete the task.

Beth shook her head and spit out the cock, “Please someone fuck me. I need someone to fuck me now. Please someone fuck my cunt or ass.” Beth begged.

What Beth didn’t see, was the large black man that pissed on her face walked up between her legs, his massive cock jutting out from him like a sword, bouncing back and forth. Even Susan gasped at the size of his organ. She watched as he lined it up at her abused cunt and shoved it in. Beth’s entire body went rigid as the massive cock felt like someone had inserted a baseball bat deep in her body. As he slowly pulled it back and pushed it in each time a little further, till it pushed to her cervix bumping it each time. Beth screamed on the cock in her mouth as the pain from deep within her pushed out to her brain. As the massive man started to stroke his cock faster and faster the pain lessened and the pleasure increased as Beth was now fucking the massive cock deeper and deeper inside her body. She needed it to fuck her like no other cock had before. When he finally let loose and his cum exploded inside her Beth collapsed on the bench totally drained. Her strength drained but still needing one more fuck.

When the cock in her mouth released its load down her throat and pulled out, Beth weakly begged, “Please someone fuck my ass. I just need one more fuck to cum.”

Susan looked at the clock, Beth only had 5 minutes to finish or she would have to start over. Susan leaned down and whispered into her ear. “5 minutes slut or you have to do it again.”

Beth’s eyes widened and she screamed, “SOMEONE FUCK MY ASS NOW!!”

No one moved till a homeless man stepped up and said, ‘I’ll take care of you honey.” As he pulled out his disgusting cock, just his smell was nauseating. Beth didn’t care if it was an animal she just needed someone to cum in her ass in four minutes. She batted a cock that tried to enter her mouth as she reached down and grabbed the dirty cock and shoved it into her ass. She started to hump her ass towards the dirty man working every muscle to try to get him to climax. The man grunted and fucked her ass faster and faster as it had been years since he last had a piece of ass. Just as the time was ticking down to seconds left, he let out a massive groan and shot his nasty seed deep in Beth’s ass.

When Beth felt his spurts her body exploded in a massive orgasm as she lost all control over any bodily functions, pissing all over the last man standing between her legs. Susan gasped as she watched Beth convulse on the bench. Her entire body shaking with pleasure as the orgasm coursed throughout her body.

Beth had never experienced an orgasm as intense as what was happening now. Her mind and body wallowing in the experience and savoring each second, as her body started to calm, her hand scooped up a glob of cum and shoved it into her mouth.

Susan was almost giddy as in spite of Beth’s almost comatose state, she was still following directions and eating any cum on her body. Beth continued to gather the men’s essence and lick her fingers, when another cock entered her cunt. Beth gasped and shook her head no but the cock was persistent and continued to slide in and out of the sloppy passage. With each stroke, Beth’s cunt rippled with need as another orgasm was starting to build. As soon as the faceless man climaxed in her core, her body exploded in another massive orgasm. Beth no longer in control over her body as a cock was shoved into her mouth and another in her ass. The last orgasm still flowing when the cock in her mouth shot his cum down her throat and Beth’s body erupted once again. As the organ slipped out of her mouth the last cock in her ass followed suit and deposited his seed deep in her bowels.

Beth’s body when limp, her hands dropped to the floor and her legs spread wide as she passed out from the last orgasm. Susan now in fear for Beth, quickly stepped in and stopped the men from continuing to abuse Beth’s holes.

“OK that’s it guys, she’s done for the night. Now back off you had your chance the show’s over.” Susan yelled.

She turned to look at the comatose slut behind her and actually felt a little sorry for her. But as Beth regained consciousness her hand slid down to her cunt, dipped in and scooped out some cum and brought it to her mouth. She sucked the essence down and smiled a contented smile. Susan knew that Beth was forever changed.

Susan walked over to the slut still attached to the bench. She pulled at the bungee cords and released her legs. Beth moaned as her legs stretched out for the first time in a couple of hours. They were stiff and sore. As Beth worked to get the feeling back in her lower extremities with one hand, the other was still scooping up any cum on or around her body and sucking down her throat. Susan didn’t even think Beth knew she was doing it as her eyes were glassy and her movement robotic. As Beth scooted back on the bench she spotted a puddle of fluids right where her ass was. Without missing a beat, Beth bent over and started to lick up the sticky mess that had seeped from her gaping holes.

Susan watched as Beth continued to humiliate herself and consume any bodily fluids she could find. Susan decided that it was time to go so she grabbed Beth’s hair and pulled her head up and said. “It’s time to go Beth, I think you’ve had enough cum for one day, don’t you think?”

Beth looked into Susan eyes, a big tear ran down her face, and nodded, “Yes Mistress, please take me out of here.”

Susan grabbed Beth’s arm but quickly dropped it as it was covered in semen. “God you’re so nasty. I don’t know anyone who would allow this to happen to them. You must really crave cock.”

Beth heard what Susan said and even though a minute ago she knew it was because of Susan’s choices was why she was here, suddenly those thoughts drifted into space and the only thing left was that she chose to be here and do this.

Beth broke down and started to cry as in the last several hours she had given almost 25 blowjobs and let 15 men fuck her cunt and ass. What was worse she had never experienced orgasms that intense before. Her body was still tingling from the last one almost twenty minutes ago. Beth didn’t know why but something told her that Susan made this all possible and she knew that it wouldn’t be long till her body wanted to orgasm like that again. She slid off the bench and knelt in front of Susan.

“Please Mistress, how may I serve you?” Beth’s mind was accepting that she was a slut slave.


Susan drove Beth back to the resort in silence. When they arrived at Mary and Susan’s suite, Mary gasped when she saw Beth. Beth’s dress was barely on, her tits were exposed. Her hair looked like someone had used way too much mouse as it stuck up in all directions. Beth’s face was glazed in cum, as were her legs. Mary looked at Beth’s crotch as it too was uncovered and her lips were an angry red and distended.

Hey Beth, are you alright?” She asked.

Beth nodded but didn’t look up, keeping her eyes down not able to look anyone in the eyes.

Mary prodded, “Did you finish your task?”

“Yes Mistress Mary, I did. I guess I’m nothing more than a slut.” She whispered, her mind still coming to terms with the choice she made.

Mary looked at the defeated woman standing in front of her. She turned to Susan and said, “That’s it, this is over, she goes home now. You’ve had your fun now let her go. You’re going to free her mind and body. I never thought you would take it so far. You’re truly a vindictive bitch.”

“Hey Mary, you knew exactly what we were doing. I’ll send her home, but I will keep control. I won’t jeopardize her job or life, but I still want to have some fun with her. And don’t call me a vindictive bitch as you had as much to do with this as I.” Susan spat back. “You remember this whole fake wedding was your idea.”

Susan turned to Beth and put her under again. When Beth was fully entranced Susan gave her instructions to follow once she got home.

“Beth, you now recognize that you are a slut, however you will do anything to keep your secret.

When you get home you will remember that you came out to Vegas to party with the three of us. You remember that you took the Vegas slogan of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” to heart and let your slut side out. You will only remember that you lost control of your body and had to be rescued by Mary.

Slut listen to me:

You won’t remember the details of what happened this week, but you know that it was very humiliating. Your dreams will be filled with bits and pieces of your time out here, and you will wake each morning completely aroused.

You won’t understand why your dreams are so erotic but masturbating won’t quench your thirst for cocks and cum. Each day your arousal level will go up till I let you orgasm and finally quench your body’s cravings. You can still climax and each time you do will give you some relief but as the week goes on it won’t be enough. However if you decide to add potential humiliation to your climax you will get additional relief.

Next Thursday you will call me at noon. I will give you your instructions for the following week. You won’t know why you’re calling me but it gives you a sense of peace to make the call. Only I can give you the orgasm you crave to fill your need.

When I wake you, you will smile and ask if you can go to your room to clean up and go to bed. You will service Trish if she wants, and tomorrow you both will pack and go home. You won’t remember these instructions but they will be imbedded deep in your mind.

On three you will wake and do as instructed…




Beth walked into her suite to find Trish lying nude on the only bed. “Hi slut, are you OK?”

“Yeah but it’s been a long day. Is there anything I can do for you?” She didn’t know why she asked as her whole body ached, her ass and cunt were so sore she couldn’t even close her legs. Her throat was so sore she could hardly even talk. But her mind could only think of crawling between Trish’s legs and licking her core till she screamed in ecstasy.

Trish looked over at her BFF as tears ran down her cheeks. She looked terrible, her dress covered nothing and her body was glazed in what looked like cum. In Spite of this Trish’s mind was screaming to make the slut standing in front of her to satisfy the craving deep in her core.

“Oh God Yes, get over here and eat me till I tell you to quit slut.” Trish commanded wondering why she was treating Beth so badly.

Beth’s mind grabbed the command and pushed her body across the room. She crawled between Trish’s legs and lovingly licked her center.

Trish had Beth service her for about 30 minutes before she released her to shower and clean her nasty body. Soon both women were sleeping each dreaming of cocks and cum.

Three days later it was now Sunday and Beth woke up again covered in sweat and the sheets between her legs soaked. Her body was fully aroused and her fingers were buried deep inside her. It was the same as yesterday as she furiously worked to satisfy her need. It took almost 15 minutes before she had a small climax that muted her craving but didn’t satisfy her. Today was going to be worse than yesterday as her level of arousal was higher. Each day her arousal was worse than the day before, and the climaxes were harder to achieve. It seemed that she was fighting a losing battle. How am I going to get thru the day tomorrow at school? Beth rolled over and slid out of bed. She didn’t understand why she was sooo horny each morning. She could only remember only small bits and pieces of her dreams but her body was now constantly aroused. “God I can’t wait till Thursday.”

Monday started just like the last few days, but Beth’s body was hornier than ever. The good thing was her ass and cunt were no longer hurting and she could now use a vibrator to help her climax. Unfortunately the climaxes were less and less satisfying and all she could think of was sex and cocks.

When Beth arrived at school, she stopped by Trish’s room. Trish was sitting at her desk her face flushed and her body was covered in a thin sheen of perspiration. “Morning Trish,” She called as she walked in the door. Trish jumped when Beth walked in as she pulled her hand out from under the desk. Trish stammered as she tried to regain her composure. “Hi B…B…Beth,” She answered while smoothing her dress down her legs.

Beth looked at her friend and wondered why she was acting so strange. Beth’s own body flushing as she wanted to drop down and fuck her friend right there on her desk.

Beth knew something was wrong as her friend looked scared. “What’s wrong Trish, are you OK?”

“Beth, ever since we got back from Vegas I’ve been so horny and I can’t satisfy myself. I’m going crazy. I don’t remember exactly what happened but my body is out of control. I don’t know how I’m going to function till Thursday.”

“You too! I’m having the same problem. I wake up so horny and the sheets are soaked. I’m frigging my clit but it doesn’t satisfy my needs. Each day it’s worse. I can hardly stand my panties right now. I know I have to call Susan Thursday and she will help, but I don’t know if I can last.”

Maybe we can help each other? Right now I want to fuck your brains out.” Trish suggested.

“OH GOD YES, I want you too.” Oh god class starts in a few minutes, how about we meet for lunch. My room is at the end of the hall on the third floor and there aren’t any classes then.” Beth Pleaded.

‘I’ll be there and god I hope this helps. If it doesn’t I might fuck the first stud that walks into my room this afternoon.”

Beth watched the clock as the minutes ticked down to the end of the fourth period. Lunch was next and Trish would be here soon. Beth was having problems concentrating on her job and had assigned a reading assignment for the last half of the period. As she sat in her chair her body flushed and her cunt soaking her panties. She hoped that her slacks didn’t show her excitement.

Josh Hamilton sat at his desk peeking over the top of the book he was supposed to be reading. He was closely watching the object of his infatuation Ms. Martin his 12th grade History teacher. She was noticeably nervous and seemed very distracted. Her entire body looked flushed. She was looking at the clock every minute and she was rocking in her chair. He knew she went to Vegas over break from the emails he read after finally breaking her password. Something happened as this wasn’t the same confident teacher she was before break. He wondered what she was waiting for as something was about to happen.

As soon as the bell rang, Beth dismissed class and nervously waited for everyone to clear the room. As the last student left Beth rushed over and closed the door. Her hands quickly started to caress her tits and pinch her nipples through her clothes hoping Trish would show up soon.

Josh was slowly walking down the hall when he spotted Ms. Collins, his English teacher scurry down the hall. “That’s strange her room is on the other side of school.” He turned to a locker pretending to open it as she rushed past him. Josh knew she also went to Vegas with Ms. Martin. He watched her as she went directly to Ms. Martin’s room and walked in. He looked up and down the now deserted hallway and walked back to the room. When he got there he couldn’t see or hear anything but his curiosity was getting the best of him and he tried the door. What surprised him was it wasn’t locked. He slowly turned to knob and opened it a crack. He didn’t see the teachers but heard them moaning and groaning. Just as he started to get his camera phone ready, he heard Ms. Martin say, “Did you lock the door?”

“I don’t know but its shut,”

“No its not, I’d better lock it.”

“Oh god I know I shut it. God what if someone saw us?”

Josh heard this and took off down the hall. Just as he slipped into the boy’s room at the end of the hall he saw the door open and Ms. Martin’s head peek out.

Josh was shaking he was so excited. Two of the prettiest teachers at the school were about to do the nasty at school. He would be checking Ms Martin’s email later today.

Beth rushed to the door and looked up and down the hall. She didn’t see anyone but thought she saw something move down by the boy’s room. She closed the door and locked it. When she turned and looked at Trish she gasped. Trish was naked and trembling with excitement. Beth pulled her top out of her pants and pulled it over her head. Soon her pants followed ending up in a pile on the floor. Any thought of how they would look later was lost in lust. Soon she was naked and rushed over to her fellow teacher and attacked her. The two horny teachers were soon kissing, licking, and caressing each other with reckless abandon. As they dropped to the floor their mouths were soon latched to the others core lustfully chasing that elusive orgasm.

The two naked teachers no longer were aware of their surroundings as they attacked each other. Their arousal consumed them. It was Trish that orgasmed first shooting copious amounts of fluids down Beth’s throat. Beth soon followed and the two women writhed in pleasure on the floor. When they started to regain control, they untangled their sweaty body and lie next to each other panting. This was the closest either came to satisfying their lust since they had returned from Vegas. It didn’t completely quench their craving but at least now they could function.

Beth looked over at Trish lying beside her and giggled, “God what did we do? If someone would have caught us we’d be fired on the spot.”

“Or blackmailed to fuck one of our students,”

Both women sat quietly and thought of the repercussions of their actions. Both looked around them and groaned. Their bodies were covered in sweat, their faces covered in cum, and their clothes in piles on the floor. Beth looked at the clock and panicked, they only had a few minutes till the next class.

“Quick Trish we need to clean up. Sixth period starts in ten minutes.”

Both women jumped up and grabbed their clothes. As they dressed Trish giggled and said, “Next time I’m going to wear something easier to get in and out of.”

“Next time, you think there’ll be a next time?” Beth asked as she tried to smooth the wrinkles on her blouse.

“If tomorrow is like yesterday and today, I haven’t been able to sate my body enough by myself. I can function now and can get through the day. But I don’t know about tomorrow, and its three days till Thursday.” Trish stated.

“I guess you’re right but I’m going to email Susan as ask if she can give us a break.”

“Do you think she can help? I mean she’s on the other side of the country.”

“I don’t know why but I know she can help.”

Soon both teachers were dressed and walked down the hall to fix their makeup and comb their hair. They just finished when the bell rang for the next period.

Josh could hardly wait till English class; he wanted to see if there was any change in Ms Collins. When Josh arrived at her room he noticed that her clothes were a little disheveled and her face was flushed. Her hair was a little damp, but she seemed calmer. He smiled as she turned on his laptop and called up Ms Martin’s email. Sure enough, Ms. Martin had just sent an email to a Susan Stuart. He opened it up and read:


Trish and I need your help. I know I’m not to call before this Thursday but we’re going crazy. We’re both so horny we can hardly function. I don’t know why but I feel you can help. It started when we got back from Vegas and it’s getting worse. We are so desperate we even had sex in the classroom to get thru the day today. Please Susan, I don’t know what you can do but please help us.

Your Friend


Josh almost choked when he read the mail. He quickly closed it out and smiled wondering what this mysterious Susan was going to do to help them.

He looked up at his teacher in a different light, thinking about what she would look like naked.

Trish walked down the hallway towards her classroom. Her body much calmer but still very aroused. The session with Beth helped a lot but didn’t totally make the craving go away. When she walked in most of the students didn’t even look twice at her, except Josh Franklin. He was watching her closely. “She remembered seeing him as she headed to Beth’s room, did he suspect anything?”

As soon as she started class, she watched Josh open his laptop and it looked like he was taking notes, but when he choked she looked at him and he smiled a wicked smile at her. Trish cringed at the thought of Josh discovering what she and Beth did over lunch.

Susan was sitting in the suite in Vegas surfing the internet when her Outlook indicated a new mail. She pulled up Outlook and right at the top was a new email from Beth. She called over to Mary, “Hey Sis I told you she couldn’t wait till Thursday. She just emailed me.”

Mary walked over and watched as Susan clicked and opened the message. Both screamed as they read the mail. “I can’t believe the sluts fucked in the classroom. What does she expect you to do? Does she know she’s been hypnotized?” Mary asked.

“She has no idea if I can do anything, and she has no memory of being hypnotized. The only thing in the back of her head is that I can control anything. She doesn’t know why she thinks that but it’s in her head.”

What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to send a video to her. I think I going to send the one of her at the theater giving blowjobs. It has her and Trish on it at the end. I’ve programmed both of them that they have to watch any video with them in it. They won’t be able to keep their eyes off it. It will drive them both nuts. By Thursday their bodies will be out of control. I’m betting that they both call in sick and spend the day in bed fucking each other’s brains out till they call.” Susan smiled as her hand drifted down to her aroused pussy.

“What are you going to do to them on Thursday? You said you wouldn’t make them lose their jobs.” Mary watched her sister was sliding her hand in her panties. “You really get off on this don’t you?”

“Don’t worry Mary, I’ll back off when we talk on Thursday, I just wanted to play with them for the first week, and yeah I do. Having so much control is intoxicating.”

Just as sixth period was about to end, Josh’s computer vibrated, indicating a new message. He opened his laptop and saw the response from Susan. He looked around to see if anyone was watching as he opened the message.


What do you mean you want me to do something? I’m still in Vegas. I can’t help it if you’re such a slut you and Trish can’t control yourselves in school. However if you are having trouble getting off maybe this will help. It’s one of the videos of your stay in Vegas. Make sure Trish gets to watch it with you.

LUV Susan

Josh quickly downloaded the video and shut the computer down. He didn’t think about Beth noticing that the mail had been read. He just saw Ms Collins was looking at him and he didn’t want her to know what he had.

As the bell rang to end the sixth period, Beth sat down at her desk. She had a free period now and had heard the message bell ring a few minutes ago. However when she opened her mail there was no new mail, “That’s funny, I know I heard the bell. Where is the mail?” A she scanned the inbox, it wasn’t until she checked the old mail folder that she saw Susan’s mail. “How did that get here? Someone’s hacked my mail!” She quickly opened the message and saw the video file. Her face turned white as she wondered what was on it. Looking around the room and making sure the door was closed, she clicked on the file.

“OH MY GOD, WHAT DID I DO?” She screamed as she watched herself give head to man after man. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it. When she finally got to where she begged the man to fuck her in the ass for her clothes and blow him after for change to call for a ride, she broke down and cried. Her body after watching the video was again totally aroused and in dire need of an orgasm.

Then it hit her, someone has this video! What do I do? What will they do with it? Am I going to be fired? Were all questions bouncing around her head. Susan quickly opened her phone and called Susan.


“Susan, god I’m glad you answered.”

“Beth, did you like the video?”

“God no, I didn’t like it; my email account’s been hacked. Someone at school has the video. Susan please don’t send me any more videos on this email account. You have to fix this; can you tell who took it?” She was now panicking.

“OK I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll send you another email with a message to whoever takes it. If I’m right he’ll contact me and I’ll fix it. OK?”

“Please Susan do what you can, Please,” Beth begged.

“Whatever you do, don’t open the next mail from me. Just wait till it shows up in your old mail folder, and then delete it. Got it?”

“Yes Susan I understand.”

Seventh period ended and Beth started the last period of the day. Her mind was a jumble of thoughts and her body was screaming to get off. She looked at the students sitting in front of her wondering if it was one of them that had the video. She stood for a minute then assigned a reading assignment and sat down trying to get thru the day.

Chapter 6 & 7

Josh left school and rushed home as fast as he could. He ran past his mom with barely a hello. When he got to his room he booted up the laptop and cued up the video. It took a minute for the video to start but when it did he almost came in his pants. There in hi-def and living color was his history teacher on her knees sucking a guy’s cock. Not only that but she was totally naked. As soon as she finished the first man a second replaced him. Soon she was jacking off two other guys while still sucking a third. This went on and on till the object of his desire was covered in cum and writhing on the floor in an orgasm. He was about to turn it off when the video changed. There was Ms Martin begging a man to fuck her ass for her clothes. Josh watched with rapt attention as she finished and sucked the same guy for some change to make a telephone call. By now Josh had his cock out and was finishing up on his third climax. He sat there thinking of all the things he was going to make her do when the video changed again.

This time it was Ms Collins and Ms Martin, both were naked lying on a large bed, with Ms Martin’s face buried in Ms Collins crotch. Both women were moaning as Ms Collins hands were on the back of Ms Martins head, forcing her face deep into her cunt. Josh watched with rapt attention as his cock was again hard as a rock. After about 15 minutes and what appeared to be at least 3 orgasms, Ms Collins released Ms Martin’s head and shoved her away. Ms Martin rolled over and crawled off the bed. As she walked past the camera, Josh got a good view of her face, with cum and saliva dripping from her chin and her face was glistening with Ms Collins fluids.

Josh sat back and smiled, this was better than anything he could have expected. At best he hoped for a few bikini shots or maybe some pics of his teachers drunk. But a full video of them sucking cocks and eating each other out was gold. With this he could make them do anything he wanted. He was thinking of all the possibilities when he decided to check Ms Martin’s email again.

As soon as he logged on he saw an additional email from Susan with a file attached. He immediately opened the mail and downloaded the attachment. He then read the email:


Beth Martin noticed that you hacked her account and now have the video I sent her. I’m sure you’ve watched it by now and understand why she would like get it back. I’m not contacting you to ask for it back; actually I’m glad you have it. I would like to propose a deal. Now that you have the video and can do anything you want with it, I propose that you and I work together and play with your two teachers. You see I can make them do anything I want. Don’t ask how just understand that I can. However, I’m on the other side of the country and I need someone local that I can trust to continue what I’ve started. If you are interested, please reply to my email. I will fill you in on what we can do.


Josh wasted no time to respond:


What did you have in mind? With the video I have I can do anything I want to them. Why would I need you?


Josh sent the message and waited to see if there would be a reply. In minutes his bell rang and a message from Susan appeared in his inbox.


You are quiet right you don’t need me, however in order to take control over them you would have to blackmail them and there is the possibility that you could get caught and go to jail. What I’m proposing is if you do what I say, your two teachers will come to you, drop to their knees and beg to be your sex slave, without you even letting them know you have the video. They would submit to you thinking someone else has the video. But they would voluntarily beg to be your slave. If you’re still interested call me tonight at nine o’clock at the number attached and we can work out the details.


Josh read and reread the mail. He wasn’t sure if he could trust this Susan; she was after all his teacher’s friend. But the thought of both Ms Martin and Ms Collins crawling up and begging to be his sex slaves was too much to resist. He looked at the time, 8:00 pm and decided to call.

Beth left school, her mind in a turmoil; someone had hacked her email and now had a video of her servicing many cocks, as well as her and Trish having sex. If this video got into the wrong hands both of them would be ruined. On top of that, after she watched the video her body was now screaming for an orgasm and she had no way to satisfy it. She knew she would call Trish as soon as she got home to try to relieve her body’s cravings.

Trish got home and felt OK. It was the first time since she returned from Vegas that she almost had some control over her body. But that control was slipping as with each hour her body’s arousal levels were increasing, and she knew when she went to sleep it would peak by tomorrow morning.

Trish walked into the kitchen and slipped her blouse over her head. It was shortly followed by her trousers and shoes. Now in just her bra and her soaked panties. As she opened to refrigerator and pulled out a wine cooler her phone rang.

“Hello,” she answered

“Trish, I need you. We need to talk. My body is going crazy. Someone has a video,” Beth rattled off almost blubbering.

“Beth, slow down what are you talking about? What video, who has it and what’s on it?” Trish fired right back at her friend.

“Please just come over here as fast as you can. I’ll explain everything when you get here.” Beth implored.

“OK, give me 30 minutes. I need to dress and I’ll be right over.” Trish answered with a little concern in her voice.

45 minutes later Trish was knocking on Beth’s door. Beth answered and pulled her friend into the apartment and slammed the door. Beth was standing naked and trembling, her body was on fire and her cravings out of control. Trish looked at her friend and knew what the problem was as her own body’s cravings shot up. Beth attacked Trish and started to rip her clothes off needing to get some relief.

Soon both were naked and on the floor just inside the door working to satisfy each other. However unlike this afternoon there was no humiliation potential and their bodies refused to allow even the slightest climax only allowing each to push their bodies higher.

After almost 30 minutes of constant licking, sucking and probing each other, both rolled away from each other covered in sweat and panting with desire.

“Why can’t we orgasm, it worked earlier? What’s different this time?” Beth asked no one, just needing to find a solution before she went crazy.

“You know the last time we were in school, and the possibility of us getting caught might have pushed us over the cliff.” Trish offered.

“Oh god, now we have to fuck in public to get an orgasm,” she cried.

“No maybe not, it’s just the potential for humiliation that might do it. Maybe if we take a drive to a park and do it there it will work,” Trish answered.

“OK but first I need to tell you something. I emailed Susan and she responded by sending us a video from last week. Unfortunately someone hacked my email server and now has the video. I don’t know who but I think it’s a student.”

“Oh no what are we going to do?” Trish asked with a panicked expression.

“I called Susan and she is trying to reach the hacker. She seemed confident that she could and said she would handle it,” Beth said.

“Oh god, I hope so,” Trish said as she slipped on her dress. Two minutes later the women walked out to the car heading to the riverfront park hoping to quench their bodies’ thirst.

Josh looked at the time and opened his new cell. While waiting he had run to the local Walmart and purchased a burner phone. He didn’t want anyone to know who he was. As he punched in the number his cock started to harden again. Just thinking of his two teachers voluntarily begging to be his slave was dominating his mind.

“Hello,” he said tentatively into the phone when Susan answered.

“Is this the hacker?” she asked.

“Yes it is. Your email caught my interest,” Josh answered. “What do you mean they would beg to be my slave?”

“Great, let me explain things to you. I am not Beth’s and Trish’s friend. I hate Beth with a passion and I set her up last week to humiliate her. I tricked her and Trish into coming out so I could get my claws into Beth. Trish is just a side benefit. I had them hypnotized when they got here and now I control their thoughts and actions. But I’m not interested in turning them into mindless zombies. I want to have them choose to humiliate themselves in order to satisfy their bodies’ cravings,” Susan explained.

“Now would you like to help?” Susan asked. “You would have to do everything I tell you, but in the end both Beth and Trish will surrender to you completely. Are you in?”

Josh moaned as he heard Susan talk. His mind was going 90 miles an hour. But in the end all he could say was, “Hell yes, I’m in. Just tell me what to do.”

“Good, do you have an email that can’t be traced back to you available?”

“Yeah I can do that, why?”

“Well I want you to grab a couple of screen captures from the video and send them to Beth. Put in the body of the message something like: ‘You’ve been a bad girl’. Also include that unless she wants the video released to the school board, family and friends she should show up at school tomorrow wearing nothing but a short dress and high heels. Say nothing more and wait till you see her. If she’s dressed as ordered we go to step two. If she doesn’t we amp up the pressure on her till she complies. Either way let me know what she does tomorrow morning,” Susan instructed. “Do you understand? It’s important that you do not let them know it’s you that has the video. It’s also important that you keep your distance till I tell you. Got it?”

“Yeah I got it but what about Ms Collins?” he asked.

“Don’t worry about her; she’ll fall into place as the plan goes through. Just do as I told you and watch as the two teachers slowly fall into your hands to do with as you please,” Susan reassured.

“Ok I’ll call you tomorrow as soon as I see her,” Josh said as he ended the call. He quickly gathered his things and walked out the door to a nearby cyber café. He soon had a new email address and quickly did as ordered. Smiling he walked back home his cock aching for attention.

Beth and Trish parked the car in the lot at the Riverside Park. There were too many cars and people to get naked and satisfy their needs there so they decided to walk down the trail in hope of finding a private spot that suited their needs. As they followed the trail further and further up the river they passed fewer and fewer people. Soon Beth noticed a small trail branching off from the main trail. She grabbed Trish’s arm and pulled her down the path. As they walked deeper and deeper into the woods, the path ended up being a dried up creek bed. When they got to a small clearing, Beth stopped and kissed Trish. That was all it took as they could not wait any longer to feed their excited bodies.

In seconds both women were naked and rolling around in the grass, molesting each other. Beth’s head was buried between Trish’s legs, her tongue buried deep in her ass as her fingers were sawing in and out of her cunt, fucking it mercilessly. Trish’s mouth was clamped on Beth’s clit while one hand was pinching and twisting a nipple, the other was buried deep in Beth’s cunt. As their orgasm’s approached and their moans and groans grew louder, they suddenly heard something come crashing through the brush. Both women froze as fear gripped their bodies. Beth looked up from between Trish’s legs and saw a man and two women approaching the clearing. Both Beth and Trish panicked and jumped up looking for their clothes. Unfortunately, when they stripped it was on the other side of the clearing right where the three were approaching. Not wanting to get caught, Trish grabbed Beth’s arm and pulled her into the brush and down a steep slope. Now naked and lost in the woods, neither knew what to do. They sat quietly waiting to see what the people above them were going to do, when they heard one of the women yell: “Do you have their clothes? I saw them run in here. Let’s follow them and see who was getting naked in the park.”

Beth looked at Trish and whispered: “Let’s get out of here, if they find us we’ll get fired for sure.”

Trish nodded and followed Beth down the small stream at the bottom of the ravine. The travel was rough as they both were naked and barefoot. The further they went the harder the travel. Soon they no longer heard the people following them and they started to relax. Unfortunately they were now covered in mud and scratches and the bugs were relentless. Finally they made it to the river trail, but they weren’t sure how far it was back to their car. As they knelt beside the path they decided to wait till dark to try to get back to their car.

The two naked women hid in the woods just off the path till it was almost dark. Each time someone walked down the path both women were scared that they would be discovered. The closer to darkness the fewer the people, however it was getting very cold and now the women were shaking uncontrollably, and even though it wasn’t quite dark yet they had to chance it because they were freezing.

As they started down the trail both Beth and Trish watched and listened to see if anyone was around. Beth was the first to hear something and noticed that there were several guys behind them on the path. The women hurried up to get to their car when they came to the end of the trail. Suddenly there was nothing but open space in front of them and several people sitting around a campfire. With panic setting in as the men were getting closer, the women decided to make a run for it and dashed for the car. Luckily Beth had the car keys on her wrist and not in her dress pocket. She quickly pushed the fob and unlocked the door. Both jumped in the car and Beth started the engine and sped out of the spot. As they drove past the campfire several people clapped and cheered as they drove off.

Now driving down the road, the women broke out in hysterical laughter at the close call. As the adrenalin levels in their bodies dropped their arousal levels increased higher than before they even arrived.

Beth no longer cared if they got caught and pulled into an apartment parking lot and pulled Trish into the backseat. With no clothes to hamper them the two very horny teachers were soon ravaging each other till both screamed with massive orgasms

Beth was the first to regain her awareness of her surroundings and peeked out the windows to see if anyone noticed them. Seeing no one she relaxed and kissed Trish on the mouth again. “We’ve got to find a way to cope till Thursday. We can’t take a chance like this again,” she said to her friend.

“Right now I don’t care. I can’t remember when I’ve had an orgasm like that before. I can’t move,” Trish answered.

In spite of their orgasms, as they came down from the sexual high, their bodies again started to tingle as the craving, though much lesser now, was back.

Beth pulled out of the parking lot and headed home. She made sure she took side streets, keeping away from most of the traffic. When they pulled into the driveway both women ran in and collapsed on the couch. Neither knowing what to do, when Beth suggested: “Trish, go take a shower and clean up. I’ll lay you out something to wear home. I’m going to see if the hacker took the bait from Susan.”

Trish nodded and headed for the bathroom and Beth for the computer. When the computer finished booting up, Beth signed on to her mail. The first thing she saw was the email from Susan in her old mail folder. She quickly deleted it and smiled. Just as she finished there was a ding, new mail had arrived. When she opened the new mail folder she gasped. From a sender she didn’t recognize was a message with the subject: ‘Bad Girl in Vegas’.

With her hand shaking she clicked on the message and read.

‘Beth Martin,

You’ve been a very bad girl. Who knew that our high school history and English teachers are such sluts? You have a decision to make. You can either ignore this message, or you can show up tomorrow for school wearing only a short dress and high heels. Your choice, if the dress isn’t short enough or the heels not high enough or if you decide to wear something else, the video that the attached pictures are from gets released to the world. And I mean the world, especially the principal, the school board, your friends and parents as well as the internet. It’s your choice. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Beth almost fainted when she read the mail. It made no mention of Trish but she knew that she was in the same boat. As she stared at the message, Trish walked into the office wearing a nice summer dress and hugged Beth. When Beth didn’t react she turned and read the message. Soon both women were crying and wondering what to do.

Trish decided to stay with Beth as they talked long into the night. When they got up and started to get ready, both grabbed a short summer dress and 4 inch stiletto heels and walked out the door. Both of their bodies wracked with arousal as the erotic dreams again had ravaged their minds overnight.

Just as they arrived in the faculty parking lot, Beth turned to Trish. “At least we don’t have much to take off over lunch,” she said, as both women broke out in laughter.

Josh got to school very early as he wanted to see how Ms Martin and possibly Ms Collins were dressed. He hoped that they wouldn’t follow directions because he wanted to see what this Susan would do. Josh stationed himself on the steps leading to the faculty parking lot and greeted each teacher as they passed. But when he saw Ms Martin’s car pull in and Ms Collins with her, he stepped away behind a few bushes. He didn’t want them to see him till class. As he watched them get out of the car, his jaw dropped as both women’s dresses were barely down to mid-thigh, and both had on very high heels. He stepped back and watched them pass noting that their tits bounced around as they tottered on their heels. He could tell that they followed instructions. He couldn’t tell if they had panties on but the way they acted he just knew they hadn’t.

Josh quickly opened his cell and called Susan. “Susan, they dressed as ordered,” he said when she answered.

“Good, now just sit back and watch. Don’t do anything to draw attention to you just watch them and see how they act.”

“OK, will do, I’ll call you after school,” Josh answered as he ended the call.

Beth and Trish stayed in their respective rooms all morning. They didn’t want to be seen by anyone but their students. Both teachers’ dresses were very short, and with no underwear and aroused bodies it was difficult not spotting the dresses with their juices. Finally lunch arrived and Josh watched as Ms Collins rushed down the hall to Ms Martin’s room, her tits bouncing around under the thin, short dress. Josh watched from the entrance of the boys’ room, keeping just out of sight. This time he’d left a wireless cam on the bookshelf next to his seat. He hoped he aimed it correctly as he wanted to video the teachers in the classroom getting each other off.

As soon a Trish entered the room, she shut and locked the door. She turned and looked at Beth, already naked and leaning against her desk. Trish reached down and pulled her dress over her head and walked over to her fellow naked teacher. Soon both bodies were wrapped around each other as they worked to satisfy each other’s desires. When they dropped to their knees and finally to the floor they didn’t even care where they were. Their body’s had taken control and the only thing that mattered was the orgasm that sated their cravings. As they continued to pleasure each other Josh sat in a stall in the boys’ room stroking his cock watching the women work to satisfy their lust. Just when Josh’s cock erupted, his bluetooth erupted with screams as the two naked teachers achieved their goal. Josh smiled as he quickly cleaned up and rushed out of the area. He didn’t want to be seen by the teachers when they went to cleanup.

Josh sat in English class as Ms Collins broke down today’s assignment. Josh noticed that her dress was wrinkled and there was a small wet spot on the back. If you looked closely you could just see her nipples poking through the thin material. He watched as she scanned the room looking to see if anyone could be their blackmailer. He was careful not to stare and only stole glances and never looked in her eyes.

Josh called Susan as soon as school ended for the day and reported his observations. He even included the video of the teachers fucking in their classroom. Susan was impressed with his computer savvy and thanked him for sharing.

“Josh, I want you to send another email to Beth. This time tell her that she needs to buy a butt plug and a wireless egg from an adult store. Tell her to plug her ass and insert the egg, then take the remote, put it into an envelope and leave it in an empty locker down the hall from her room. Again don’t talk to her or Ms Collins, don’t be around them, and don’t stare at them, just keep a low profile. After the first period, go get the remote and walk by her room. When she is not looking turn it on for a few minutes. Don’t watch her and do it outside her room. She’ll go nuts wondering who in her room has the remote. After a few minutes turn it off and leave it off. If you see her in the hall turn it on but only for a short time. I have both of them so aroused I don’t want them to orgasm just yet. Can you do it?” Susan asked.

“Yeah no problem, but why can’t I play with them when I can watch?” Josh asked.

“Because you never want to be around when the egg goes off, that way she has no idea that you’re behind it. That way when they decide to submit to you it will be because they want to and not because of the blackmail.”

“Ok, you’re in charge. I hope this works because I really want them sucking my cock soon,” Josh exclaimed.

“Patience, have patience and you will be rewarded,” Susan answered.

Josh hung up the phone and went to the cyber café. Soon the email was sent and he went home to watch his videos and stroke his cock.

Beth arrived home and slipped out of her dress. The constant rubbing of her tits on the dress was driving her crazy. It was good that fucking Trish at lunch was curbing her desires but now they were coming back with a vengeance. She grabbed a wine cooler and sat down at her desk. She opened her email and spotted the Bad Girl message. Her trembling fingers clicked on the message and opened it up. When she finished reading it she dropped her head and cried. Not only was her body almost out of control, she now had to go to an adult store and buy some toys before tomorrow. Downing the cooler, she slipped on the dress and walked out the door. Her body was only going to get worse so it was now or never. She started the car and pulled up Google to find an adult store somewhere she didn’t think anyone who knew her would be. And soon she pulled out of the parking lot and drove across town.

Chapter 7

Beth arrived at the adult store and parked in the lot. She looked around to see if there was anyone around but it was dark and she didn’t see anyone. So she opened the door and headed to the entrance. As soon as she entered she gasped. She’d never been in such a store before and the sheer quantity of items decorating the walls overwhelmed her for a minute. She looked around and exhaled as there was no one inside but a young woman at the counter. Beth walked in and tried to get her bearings. She had no idea of where to find the anal plug and wireless egg.

Cindy was reading a book when she saw the woman walk through the door. She loved to see their expressions when they entered. She could always tell if this was their first time. She wondered if she was being forced to come here or if she was just horny and needed some toys to get off. “May I help you?” she asked as she watched the woman’s reaction. If she looked down, blushed, and her nipples hardened, Cindy was pretty sure that she was being forced to buy something.

Beth blushed when the woman at the counter spoke. She dropped her head and looked at the floor. “Yes I need to buy some things,” she said in just barely above a whisper.

“Come over here by the desk. Do you have a list?” Cindy demanded.

Beth walked to the counter and shook her head. “No I just need a…a… a… anal p..p…plug and a wireless egg please,” she stuttered.

Cindy knew she was right as she looked at the submissive woman in front of her. “Look at me, slut,” Cindy demanded.

Beth looked up at the clerk and blushed even more if that was possible. Her body’s arousal was pulsing out from her cunt to all her extremities. When she looked at her face, she thought for a minute that she recognized the young woman.

Cindy’s face lit up when she saw Beth’s face. She recognized who was standing in front of her; it was her history teacher from high school Ms Martin.

“Well, well if it isn’t Ms Martin visiting an adult store buying sex toys. Did your Master order you to buy them?” Cindy demanded again, hoping to make her admit she was a slave.

“Oh god, were you a student of mine?”

“Yeah I graduated a couple of years ago. You gave me a lot of shit when I took your class. I had no idea you’re such a kinky slut,” Cindy smirked.

“Please help me find what I came for and I’ll get out of your hair,” Beth said hoping that this would end quickly.

“Oh you’re not in my hair yet, but you will be soon,”

Beth cringed as the clerk spoke. She looked up again and read her name tag. “Please Cindy would you help me?” Beth pleaded.

“Sure slut, you need a butt plug and wireless egg, I’ve got several to choose from. Follow me,” Cindy answered. “Oh, and unless you want me to tell my sister who’s in your class about your shopping trip, I suggest you keep me happy.”

“Yes, Cindy, I’ll do my best,” Beth whispered, her voice wavering as her arousal was skyrocketing. Beth’s pussy was soaked and the first drips started to run down her leg.

Cindy looked at the nervous horny teacher and smirked. She reached out and tweaked one of Beth’s nipples. Beth gasped but did nothing to stop the assault.

Cindy knew right then she could do anything she wanted to her ex-teacher and she wouldn’t stop her. “Take off your clothes and toss them over the counter.”

Beth’s eyes grew wide as saucers as she looked at the dominating young women standing in front of her, but any resistance quickly evaporated and she pulled her dress over her head. Beth was still dressed as she was at school and wasn’t wearing any underwear. She tossed her dress over the counter and stood naked in front of her ex-student.

“God, no underwear, is that how you dressed for school today?” Cindy asked.

Beth, afraid to lie, simply nodded and looked at the floor. “You really are a slut. Teaching school only wearing a dress, I’ll bet you drove all the boys nuts. That’s not very nice of you. You’re known as a hard ass. I think someone is going to put you in your place and this is just the start slut,” Cindy commented.

Beth could only blush and again beg. “Please Cindy, where can I find what I need?”

Cindy smiled and reached out to a shelf and grabbed a package of nipple clips attached together with a chain. She opened the package and grabbed Beth’s right nipple. Beth moaned and tried to back up but Cindy’s death grip on the nipple stopped her short.

“Don’t try to get away slut. You need to make me happy or everyone at school will know your dark secret. Remember the entire store is monitored with cameras and you are being filmed. Now stand up straight and do as you’re told,” Cindy said.

Beth stopped struggling and stood passively as Cindy manipulated her nipple and soon attached the first clip. Beth screamed as the pain coursed out from her tit and straight to her cunt. Cindy slapped her and screamed: “Shut your mouth and quit screaming. If you don’t I’ll gag you and send you home naked.”

Beth recoiled from the slap and rubbed her cheek. “Yes, Cindy,” she meekly answered.

Cindy went to the other nipple and attached the second clip. Beth breathed heavy through her nose but didn’t make a sound. Now both of her nipples were screaming in pain. Cindy didn’t wait for her to recover but grabbed the chain and led the naked teacher across the store to the anal toys.

“Did your Master tell you what size?”

“No, Miss Cindy, I was just told to buy one and wear it to school tomorrow,” Beth answered and cringed because she had said too much.

“Oh, and what about the egg, do you have to wear it too?”

“Yes, Miss Cindy, I do,” Beth whispered.

“Interesting, I think you’re going to need a couple of sizes, just in case he wants to train your ass for cocks later,” Cindy commented as she pulled three plugs off the rack, each larger than the first. She grabbed Beth’s chain and pulled her over to the wireless toy section.

“Well let’s see what we have here. Should we go with size, number of functions, range, oh I know, how about a Wi-Vibe. That can connect to a smart phone and he can activate it from anywhere,” Cindy gleefully said. But just in case here are two eggs of different sizes. That way when your cunt loosens up you can use the larger one and not have it fall out.” Cindy laughed.

Beth couldn’t say a word but just let the evil woman dominate her. Beth’s juices were now running down her leg all the way to her knees.

Cindy looked at Ms Martin and down to her cunt. It was obvious that she was very aroused. “Am I arousing you slut? Do you want to cum slut?” Cindy demanded again.

“Yes, Miss, I need to cum,” Beth groaned.

“Well, we can’t have that now. No one is allowed to cum without me coming first. If you really want to cum and if you don’t want me to expose your secret, you need to beg to get me off. If you do a good job, maybe I’ll let you orgasm.”

Beth looked up at the dominating ex-student and slowly dropped to her knees. “Please, Miss Cindy, may I pleasure you? Please let me give you an orgasm. Please,” Beth begged.

Cindy almost came right then, as she grabbed Beth’s chain and pulled her behind the counter. Crawl under the desk and get busy slut,” she ordered as she pulled up her skirt, dropped her panties, sat down and spread her legs. Beth now under the counter slid up between Cindy’s legs and started to lick her lips. As soon as she tasted the young woman’s essence her body exploded and she shoved her tongue deep inside her. Soon Beth was unaware of anything around her but the sweet tasting cunt in front of her face, nothing mattered but pleasing her as she attacked her clit. Cindy was soon trembling as her orgasm was welling up from her core. Just before her body exploded, she grabbed Beth’s head and held it tightly against her cunt as her body was enveloped with a massive orgasm.

Beth licked and sucked up everything she could, but the sheer volume made it impossible as her chest was soon covered with cum.

“Very good slut, you’ve been trained well. Come back anytime you need any additional toys,” Cindy groaned.

Beth sat back on her knees and whispered, “May I cum now, Miss?”

“Absolutely not, this is a respectable place. We can’t have skanks like you masturbate in public. We could be busted. If you really want to cum, you need to go back to the private video booths. That way no one sees you. But for you I’ll open booth four. It has a glory hole so you can have cocks too.” Cindy watched as Beth cringed.

“No thank you, Miss, may I go now?” Beth asked.

“Sure let me ring you up.” Cindy stood and started to ring up Beth’s new toys. Beth crawled out from behind the counter and started to grab her dress.

“Not yet slut, go around and pay for everything first,” Cindy ordered.

As Beth walked around the counter, in walked several men. All stopped short and stared at the naked woman standing at the counter.

“Please, Miss, please hurry, I need my dress back,” Beth implored.

Cindy giggled but quickly finished the sale. She knew that she needed to finish before things got out of hand.

When Cindy handed Beth her purchases and dress, Beth grabbed them, slipped the dress on and ran out of the store. The men yelled after her as she passed but didn’t touch her. She jumped into the car and sped out of the parking lot. She didn’t slow down till she was far away. It was when she felt safe when she slid her hand up to her tits. As soon as she touched her nipples she realized that the clips were still attached. She was afraid to take them off while driving so she waited till she got home. Beth cried quietly as it seemed that her life was totally out of control.

Beth arrived at her apartment and rushed inside, she needed to get the clips off her nipples. As soon as she released the first clip, she was glad she didn’t do it while driving as the pain was excruciating. She rubbed her abused nipple hoping to relieve some of the pain. When the pain subsided somewhat, she grabbed the other clip and released it. She screamed as the pain was even worse that the first one. God she would do anything to keep from having to wear those evil things again.

Beth was exhausted and her body was demanding relief, so Beth went to bed and tried to achieve a climax. Even a small one would be welcome.

After an hour of fruitless efforts, Beth slipped into an uneasy sleep filled with erotic dreams.

The next morning Beth woke totally worn out. It seemed that sleeping made her more tired than staying up. Her body felt like she had been fucked so many times. Even the sheets were soaked as if she had been fucked. But her body was still craving release and she knew that the dreams just made things worse. She crawled to the shower and hoped it would revive her.

As soon as Beth finished cleaning her body and doing her hair and makeup, she opened the bag of toys. She pulled out the eggs, checked the batteries and lubed up the smaller one. When she touched her cunt she smiled, I guess I really don’t need lube, she thought as her lips were dripping. She pushed gently and her body eagerly swallowed the egg into her core. She thought for a moment, then grabbed the remote and turned it on. The egg sprang to life instantly as the vibrations coursed out sending Beth to her knees. Oh my god if this gets turned on in school I don’t know what will happen. As she pushed the button to turn it off, she pushed the wrong button and the egg started to pulse. Beth panicked and pushed the button over and over and each time the egg did something different. By the time she figured out the power button she was covered in sweat and felt like she was about to orgasm at any second.

Beth dropped the remote in her purse and sat back. She wondered how she would get through the day as she reached into the bag and grabbed the plugs. She eliminated the larger ones and grabbed the smallest plug. She opened the package, lubed the plug and pushed it against her sphincter. As the plug entered her rear passage and stretched her rosebud she groaned. As it reached the largest point Beth held it there for a second before she pushed it all the way in. She was now filled in both holes and wondered if she would be able to walk. Beth looked at the clock and realized that she needed to leave for work. She slowly stood and waited for her body to adjust to her toys. When her body calmed down she took her first steps. Both toys moved as she walked and each movement tweaking her body, keeping her on the edge. It was going to be a long day.

Beth arrived at school right on time. She dressed as normal as her instructions didn’t say anything about what to wear but only arrive wearing the toys. As she walked down the hall to her room, she looked at the lockers lining the walls. As soon as she spotted an open locker, she looked up and down the hall, opened the locker and placed the remote on the shelf. God she hoped that whoever was doing this couldn’t find it and use it on her today. Her body was already on edge and if the egg started she might not be able to hold off an orgasm.

When Beth sat down at her desk she drifted off into a daydream thinking about how easily the girl at the store had dominated her. If her body hadn’t been so wound up she probably would have been able to resist her. But since Vegas, her body has been constantly aroused. As Beth went over what happened yesterday, Trish walked in and spoke. “Good morning slut, how are you?” she asked.

I’m fine but I wish you’d quit calling me slut,” she answered.

“I know and I’m trying, but every time I try to say your name slut comes out. You look stressed, is something else bothering you besides your sexy body?” Trish inquired.

“Oh I didn’t tell you. I got another message from our blackmailer. He had me go to an adult store and buy an anal plug and a wireless egg. I have them in now. God that’s the last thing I need right now. My body is already on edge. Now with my holes filled I don’t know how long before I explode.” Beth sighed.

“Oh Beth, is there anything I can do?”

“Yeah don’t be late for lunch. I really need you today,” she answered.

Josh was standing at the entrance to the boys’ room again and watched Ms Martin put the remote in the locker. He managed to stay out of sight till she went into her room. Just as he was about to retrieve the remote, Ms Collins came bouncing down the hall. Josh slipped back out of sight till she went into Ms Martin’s room. He waited for a minute before he walked outside Ms Martin’s door. It wasn’t closed all the way and he heard everything they said. He smiled and rushed down the hall to get the remote and disappear before he was seen.

7:30 arrived and the first bell rang to start the day. Beth watched as each student walked into her class. She didn’t notice any difference in how they acted or if any of them were watching her. She relaxed and started to take roll. Just as she spoke the first name, the egg sprang to life. Beth’s eyes closed and a groan from deep within slid out of her mouth. Her body was completely consumed with arousal and she couldn’t move. Just as fast as it started it stopped. Beth opened her eyes and the entire class was staring at her in complete silence. Beth cleared her throat and called the next name, hoping to blow past it and not acknowledge anything had happened. She looked around the room after finishing seeing if she could identify who might have the remote. But other than a couple of blank stares nothing had changed.

Beth assigned a reading assignment and started to sit down at her desk, when the egg started off again. This time it was a low vibration, just enough to get her attention. She sat wiggling her ass and moving the plug around her bowels. Why, she didn’t know, but her body was in charge now, and she was just hanging on. As she sat there for a moment she noticed that the vibrations were growing in intensity. Soon she was starting to pant as her entire body was right on the edge and she was about to fall off a massive cliff. Just as she was surrendering and about to orgasm, the egg stopped leaving her tottering and unfulfilled. Beth groaned in frustration and rested her head in her hands.

The bell rang to end class and the students filed out. A couple of them stopped to ask how she was but Beth waved them off saying she didn’t feel well. Right now she knew if this kept up her career was over. There was no way she would not orgasm the next time the egg started.

The next two periods went quickly and the egg didn’t do anything but keep her on edge. It was now fourth period and Josh could hardly wait to get to class. As soon as he walked in he noticed that Ms Martin looked a little frazzled. Her appearance was noticeably disheveled and her hair was frayed. She watched everyone as they walked in and quickly sat down as soon as she closed the door. Josh watched as her ass hit the chair and heard a slight moan escape from her mouth. Normally she would stand and walk around the class while she went over the lesson for the day. But today she assigned a reading assignment and sat at her desk rocking back and forth. Josh wondered if it was the anal plug that was causing her to rock. Josh realized that he was staring and quickly looked down at his book. He remembered that he needed to be invisible till Susan told him differently. He slid his hand down and felt the remote. He wanted to turn it on just to see how she would react. But he knew that he would be the prime suspect if it went off now.

As soon as the bell rang to end class, Beth shooed the kids out and waited for Trish to show up. Checking to make sure the door was closed; she went to her desk and unbuttoned her blouse. Just as she dropped it on her desk and opened her bra, the door opened and who Beth thought was Trish was instead Miss Jenkins from next door.

“Oh God, I’m sorry!” Miss Jenkins called when she saw Beth almost topless. Beth gasped as she dropped her bra and stood bare chested in front of another member of the faculty. As Miss Jenkins turned to leave, Beth called out, “Wait, I’m sorry but my bra was hurting and I needed to take it off. Please, I’m sorry, what do you want, Miss Jenkins?” Beth asked as she slipped her blouse back on.

Miss Jenkins looked at the pretty teacher redressing in front of her, she lost her train of thought and stuttered: “I…I…I wanted to ask if you would like to go to lunch today is all.”

“I can’t; maybe some other time,” she said as she finished buttoning her blouse. Just then Trish entered and spoke. “There’s my sexy babe, not naked yet?” But then she saw Miss Jenkins standing just off to the side. “Oh my god, I didn’t mean it that way. I was just kidding, I…I…I mean we’re not…not… you know it’s just a little slip.” Trish fumbled, trying to make any excuse she could.

Miss Jenkins looked at the two teachers and her face hardened. Her eyes had the look of evil and a slight smile appeared.

“OK, ladies, let’s hear it. Ms Martin, continue what you were doing when I arrived. And you, Ms Collins, I assume you were about to join her?”

“What do you mean, Miss Jenkins?” asked Trish.

“Well your girlfriend here was naked from the waist up when I arrived, and then you showed up and asked why she wasn’t naked already. So there is only one conclusion I can draw. Now if you don’t continue right now I’m taking you to the office and we’ll let the principal settle this,” Miss Jenkins stated. She knew that she really didn’t have a leg to stand on, but the way these two looked, her bluff just might work.

Beth stood still for a second before her hand slowly went up and unbuttoned her blouse. Soon it was lying on her desk with her bra. She was now naked from the waist up and looking very nervous.

Miss Jenkins looked at her and scowled. “Well, don’t stop now.” She turned to Trish and said: “You too, slut.”

Trish’s mind went blank as her hands went to the bottom of her dress and pulled it over her head. As she still thought she was supposed to only wear a dress and high heels she was now naked and scared.

Miss Jenkins gasped when she saw Ms Collins only wearing a dress to school; she turned back to Beth and watched her finish removing the last of her clothes. When she saw the plug she laughed as she couldn’t believe her eyes. “Now I understand the noises I’ve heard the last couple of days this period. You two are fucking in school,” she said,

Both Beth and Trish were scared and naked cowering in front of their co-worker. “Please Miss Jenkins, don’t turn us in. We’ll stop; please don’t,” Beth pleaded.

“I think you can call me Linda now, seeing as I now know you intimately. Why in the world are you doing it here? You could go to jail,” she said as she pulled Trish over beside Beth. “Do you need the adrenalin rush or something? This is crazy.”

“Please Linda, don’t say anything but come over to my apartment after school and we’ll explain everything. The last week has been really crazy. But right now we need to do something or we’re not going to be able to finish the day,” Beth implored as she pulled Trish to her and kissed her deeply. Soon both women were writhing around on the floor working to bring each other off as quickly as possible. Linda stood looking at them, wishing she could join in, but quietly slipped out of the room and back to her own. She looked up at the clock and noticed that she still had over half the period left. She got up and locked her door, unbuttoned her skirt and slid her panties down her legs. Her hand flew to her core as she worked to orgasm, her mind on the teachers in the next room.

Chapter 8 & 9

Josh couldn’t wait to call Susan. He had just watched as Miss Jenkins caught the other teachers about to fuck. He watched with interest as Miss Jenkins left the room and the other two attacked each other. Soon both teachers were naked and rolling on the floor with their heads buried in each other’s core.

Neither Beth nor Trish had any control and their bodies exploded with massive orgasms, each squirting their liquids over the other. Soon their bladders followed suit and released leaving both teachers lying in a puddle of piss and cum.

Beth was the first to realize where she was. “Trish…Trish, get up, we need to clean up. Class is about to start,” she implored.

Trish opened her eyes and looked around her body. She was sitting in a large puddle, her body soaked with sweat, piss, and cum. “Oh my god we’re fucked. There’s no way we can clean all this up,” she cried.

Beth was up and at her desk, grabbing a box of tissues. “Here use these to mop up the mess.”

Trish took the box but soon realized that it was hopeless. “This isn’t going to work. What are we going to do Beth?”

Beth looked down at her friend, still sitting in the puddle. “I know, get dressed, I’ll make myself throw up and you call the janitor. I’ll go to the office and tell them I got sick in my room and have to go home. I’ll tell them that my room needs cleaning and to have the class in the auditorium. After you contact the janitor head to your room and meet me at my apartment after school. We’ll meet with Linda and try to work something out with her,” Beth said as she started to stick her fingers down her throat.

Trish jumped up and grabbed her dress. The problem was she was still soaking wet and smelled like piss. The thin dress she wore today would stick to her like glue if she put it on now. Looking around she grabbed the box of tissues and started to dry herself as best as possible.

Beth finally succeeded in throwing up, but it wasn’t much. She hadn’t eaten yet today and it was mostly coffee and water. She turned and started to dress. When she looked at the time she panicked. “We’ve only got 5 minutes. You go clean up and I’ll go to the office.”

Trish, knowing that time was up, slipped on her dress and walked out the door to the closest girls’ restroom. She couldn’t risk going to the faculty restroom looking like she did. As soon as she entered he girls’ room, she checked each stall. Luckily it was vacant so she sat her purse down and took off her dress. She wet some paper towels and started to wash up, when she heard voices. Looking around, she grabbed her dress and ran to the last stall and closed the door. Not wanting to be caught, she stood on the toilet while holding her dress. She didn’t have a chance to put it on so she just hoped that they didn’t see her between the cracks of the door. Being as quiet as she could she listened to the two girls as they walked in the door.

“Oh my god what a mess, who didn’t even throw out their dirty towels?” Sally said.

Trish cringed when she heard that, she’d left the towels all over the place. ‘God where’s my purse! Oh God it’s out by the sink!’ Trish’s mind screamed.

“Hey, look here, someone left their purse. Check it out,” Brenda said to Sally.

“Give it here, maybe there’s something good in it. I could use some cash,” Sally said as she dumped the purse into the sink.

Both girls hovered over the sink inspecting everything. “Here’s the wallet, I wonder whose it is?” Brenda asked as she opened the wallet and pulled out the driver’s license.

“OH, GOD,” Brenda screamed, “IT’S MS COLLINS’ WALLET!”

“No shit, give me the wallet,” Sally said as she grabbed it.

Sally made quick work checking out the wallet, she then turned her attention to everything else. Seeing not much else but a phone, makeup and general stuff, she checked the purse again. As she felt around the sides, she noticed a long hard object in a side pocket. She opened the pocket and found a dildo, and a butterfly vibrator inside.

“Well lookie here, our teacher is a kinky little slut. She gets off in her room. Give me her phone and let’s get out of here,” Sally said as she scooped up everything and dumped it back in the purse.

The two girls rushed out the door. Trish sat there stunned, covered in cum, smelling like piss, on the other side of the school from her room, and now she’d lost her purse. Her mind shut down and went into survival mode. She slipped on her dress and walked out to the mirrors to clean up a bit.

Trish finished quickly and walked out the door. She’d only looked at her face to make sure she was presentable. What she didn’t notice was the back of her dress was caught on something and her entire ass was on display. Trish walked down the hallway and past Miss Smith from the office. Trish noticed that she was heading to Beth’s room. Trish hoped the voice mail she left for the janitor worked and he was already there cleaning up the room. Trish walked past her and kept her head down. She hoped that she didn’t even see her.

Beth dressed and followed her friend out the door. She knew she looked like shit and smelled worse, but she has no other alternatives. When she got down to the first floor, she slipped into a restroom and cleaned up a bit. ‘God I look like shit, I hope I can pull this off,’ she thought.

Beth took a deep breath and walked into the main office. Luckily most everyone was out to lunch. Only Miss Smith was manning the desk.

“Hello Miss Smith, I’m sorry but I must go home. I just got sick in my classroom and I need to go home. The room needs cleaning so I suggest you have next period’s class in the auditorium,” Beth said as she turned to go.

“Wait, Ms Martin, are you sure you can drive? I can have someone here to drive you in just a few minutes,” Miss Smith said as she looked at the bedraggled teacher. She sensed that something wasn’t right. It was then that she noticed the smell. “Oh God, Ms Martin, you really had an accident. Maybe you should go clean up.”

Beth blushed down her chest. “No I’ll drive home, I just don’t feel well thank you,” she replied as she turned and walked out the door. Miss Smith stood there for a moment before deciding on checking out her room. As soon as one of the students showed up she hurried to Ms Martin’s room. As she was heading down the hall just before she got to the room, Trish Collins walked past her. Normally Miss Smith wouldn’t have even noticed, but the way her dress was on her wasn’t quite right. However as she got to the room she decided not to pursue the issue, till the smell hit her. It was the same smell as Ms Martin’s. She turned to look at Ms Collins just as she turned the corner. She gasped as she was sure she saw her bare ass. She tried to focus all the way down the hall but Ms Collins had disappeared around the corner. She shook her head and thought her eyes deceived her and walked into the room.

“Hello Mr Murphy, I see you’re already cleaning up,” Miss Smith said to the janitor.

“Yeah and it’s sure a mess, I’ve never seen anything like this before. Look at the size of the mess, and right here is where she got sick. She didn’t throw up much, not enough for all this. And look here, how does this stream get all the way over by the desk? It almost looks like someone peed all over the floor, smells like it to.”

Miss Smith looked at the mess and smelled, sure she smelled vomit, but also piss and there was a distinct smell of sex. She made a note to watch Ms Martin from now on.

Josh rushed to his sixth period English class. He could hardly wait to see what Ms Collins looked like. From the way they were fucking it was going to be interesting to see if he could tell. Josh entered the classroom and took his normal seat. Soon the bell rang and everyone was there but Ms Collins. As the students sat around talking, in walked in Ms Collins, the entire class gasped.

Walking to her desk, Trish grabbed her book and stood before them. “OK class, today I want you to read chapters 32 thru 35 and do the questions in page 235.”

The entire class moaned but watched as she turned to sit down. It was then that they saw her ass as her dress was still caught on something above the waist. Trish heard the laughs and gasps and turned around and demanded, “What’s going on here? What’s so funny? You better tell me or I’ll keep the lot of you after school in detention.”

Everyone was silent as she looked around the room. “Well!” It was then she noticed a shy girl in the front row raise her hand. “Yes what is it?” Trish again demanded.

“It’s your dress Ms Collins, your ass is uncovered,” she said quietly.

Trish gasped as she reached around behind her and felt her naked ass. “Oh my god,” she said as she headed for the door, but just as she got there she saw there was some sort of a parade and the hallway was filled. Now with no escape, she backed up to the wall and tried to pull her dress down and cover her ass. But the dress was stuck to her skin like glue ad she couldn’t free it. Blushing she opened a couple of buttons and slid her arm around her back and tried to free it that way. Soon her arm was stuck and she had to open another two buttons in order to free her arm and release her dress. Now her dress only had the top button still closed till just below her waist. As she slid he other arm around the other side and started to pull the back of the dress down, the top button released and her dress fell down her shoulders and onto her arms. Trish was standing in front of her class naked from the waist up and her arms were trapped. Panicking she struggled to free her arms as the dress fell further and further down her body. Soon Trish gave up and started to cry. She was now standing with her arms caught in the sleeves and her dress around her knees. She was basically naked in front of her class and couldn’t do anything about it.

As the class watched intently, three girls rushed up to her, two blocked the class’s view and the other helped her dress. Soon Trish was sitting at her desk crying wondering how much longer she would have a job.

After a few minutes, she gathered her thoughts and stood up. She knew if there was any chance to get in front of this she had to act now and quickly.

“Please everyone eyes up front. I want all of your cell phones on your desks right now.” Trish ordered. “Now I realize that I’m not speaking from a position of power here, and you have the power to get me fired. But I’m going to make you a deal. If we can keep this right here between us, none of you will have to take a final, and I will raise your current grade level one grade. What I want in return is to see all your phones so I can delete any pictures of me, and you just don’t tell anyone. If I hear any rumors at all the deal’s off.”

She watched as they all pulled out their cells and laid them on the desk. “Are we in agreement?” she asked as she looked from student to student when out of the back came a voice.

“I don’t know, maybe I want a different teacher. It wasn’t my fault you decided to strip in class. And I have the pictures to prove it.”

Trish cringed when she heard his comments. “I’m offering a very good deal, what else do you want?” Trish asked wishing her voice was stronger. She knew that they held all the cards and she already gave up their grades.

“I think if I’m going to give up my pictures, and keep your secret and your job, I think you should have to teach class naked,” he said loud and clear.

All the other students gasped and started to talk among themselves. “Quiet class, I can’t teach class naked, someone would find out. That is off the table,” Trish answered firmly.

“Well then I guess you’re just going to have to give me a blowjob before I give up my pics,” he said louder.

Trish gasped and staggered back against her desk. Now the other students were joining him and the room was turning quickly against her. “Ok wait, let me think. I can’t just go around giving blowjobs to each and every one of you. So how about one day next month I teach the class naked? OK?” she pleaded.

The boy in the back watched her capitulate and pressed his advantage. “No that’s not enough, if you want to get out of the blowjobs then it has to be once a month, let’s say the last Friday of each month you teach naked, and during that period you walk the aisles and we can touch you for the entire period. But if you orgasm in class you have to satisfy everyone else also. Take it or leave it, teach, your job or a little naked teaching?” he stated firmly, watching his nervous teacher surrendering to his demands.

“Ok, but if word leaks out the deal’s off.” Trish demanded, “And I delete all the pictures off your cell phones right now.”

“All but mine, if we don’t have something you could renege on our deal. And that’s final.”

Trish nodded and started to walk down each aisle and check each phone. As she worked her way around the class, the students started to touch her legs. When she didn’t stop them, they continued to her tits. Now every time she picked up a phone, three and sometimes four students where molesting her body. By the time she got to the last row, her body was once again thoroughly aroused and several fingers were buried deep inside her and her nipples were being pinched and pulled. As she was almost at the end of the aisle someone inserted a finger in her ass. Trish staggered for a minute as her body almost exploded in an orgasm. She held onto the cell phone but not being able to move allowed wave after wave of pleasure flow through her body.

Trish looked around the room in panic, she was about to have an orgasm which would kick in the ‘satisfy everyone’ clause in their agreement. Trish quickly glanced at the phone and rushed to the last two phones. She was trying to get to the photo albums and delete and pics while hanging on to her sanity. Just as she finished she rushed back up to her desk and sat down. Her body was still on the verge of an orgasm as she tried to calm down.

The voice in the back spoke again: “That was close Ms Collins, I can’t wait till Friday.”

Trish glared at him, “What do you mean Friday?” she spat back.

“Friday is the last day of the month and we get to do it all over again.”

Trish looked at the calendar and groaned but said nothing. The bell rang and everyone jumped, “Remember our deal,” Ms Collins called out as they headed for the door, “Not a word outside this class.”

Josh sat there in amazement at how his pretty English teacher was dominated. He smiled as he knew that she would be his slave soon. He walked down the hall without a care in the world. As soon as he got home he called Susan and filled her in on the day. Susan was ecstatic as to how well things were going. Now she was going to release her slaves from the erotic dreams so they could make their own choices. No longer would their bodies be so aroused that they had to fuck in school to get through the day. Now it would be up to their blackmailer to humiliate them. She of course would help with just a bit of hypnosis.

Susan then explained what was going to happen. “Josh here is what I want you to do. As the blackmailer, make them wear anal plugs and vibrators or balls in their cunts. We’re going to start off slow.”

“Why so long? I want them now. I want Beth Martin on the end of my cock now,” Josh demanded.

“Look, you want to expose yourself as a blackmailer or do you want her to come to you and beg to be your slave?” Susan calmly answered.

“I want her as my slave,” he said dejectedly.

“Good, now here is the rest of the plan. Tomorrow I’m going to adjust their programming. No longer will they be constantly aroused, except by what the blackmailer is doing to them. Now do you have a friend you trust that might be interested in having some fun with Trish Collins?” she asked.

“Yeah, Karen Morris, she’s a good friend of mine and she hates Ms Collins. Karen had to take summer school last year because of her,” he answered.

“Good, I believe that you have a couple of projects due in the next few weeks don’t you?”

“Yeah, both of us do, I have a science project and Karen has a Social Science project due in four weeks.’

“Great, tomorrow I want you to talk to Karen and get her on board. Then come Friday, you go to Beth Martin, and Karen goes to Trish Collins and asks the following question. Make sure you ask it exactly this way. ‘I’m sorry to bother you, but I need help on a school project. Would you please help me?’ When they hear you say the question they won’t be able to refuse. Both teachers will not only help, they will be happy to see you, talk to you, and touch you. Because their programming will make both of you irresistible and make them very horny, got it?” Susan instructed.

“Yeah I got it, and then can I have her suck my cock?” was Josh’s typical teen response.

“No, not yet, you see, every time you speak to her she will get aroused. Every time you’re near her she will get aroused. Every time you touch her, her body will really get aroused. The only problem is she won’t be able to cum without you giving her permission. Now I’m programming different levels of relief, climax, cum, orgasm, and explosion. A climax will take the edge off her arousal but do nothing to give her relief. To cum is a level up from there and takes the edge off and tone downs her arousal somewhat. An orgasm gives her instant relief and the arousal level drops to about 50%. Now if you allow her to have an explosion, her body will convulse and writhe and she will continue to orgasm till you tell her to stop. So make sure when you use this you’re around to stop it. Hopefully when you finally use this one it’s for when she begs to be your slave. Proper usage of your power will bind her to you for as long as you want.”

“Wow, you can do that?” Josh asked astonished.

“That and so much more, now I don’t want you to do too much blackmailing, I want just enough to keep them on edge and used mostly when you aren’t around. Making them wear toys to school, having them drive home naked, have them stay naked at home and order takeout delivered, anything to add to their humiliation. Remember it won’t be the blackmail that sends them to you begging, it’s the programming. The blackmail just adds to the mix. They will soon crave your company and your voice. Eventually they will realize that only you can satisfy their desires and cravings. The blackmail just amps up the pressure, when they finally give in to the cravings, the blackmail can stop. They will do anything to get you to give them relief. If you use the levels correctly they will eventually beg to be your slave. That is when you give them the explosion,” Susan explained.

Josh thought about all that was said and with his mind going a mile and minute, thanked Susan and hung up the phone. His next call was to his friend Karen Morris.

Beth arrived home just after 1:00. She walked into the kitchen and poured herself a drink. The day couldn’t have gone worse. They were caught by Linda Jenkins, Miss Smith suspected something, and Thursday wasn’t until tomorrow. After downing her whiskey, she poured another and stripped out of her clothes, leaving in the plug and egg. Why, she didn’t know, but she couldn’t take them out right now. With drink in hand she walked into the bathroom to take a shower and clean up. Twenty minutes later she was clean and walking out in a thin silk robe. After another trip to the kitchen, this time to grab the bottle, she walked to the living room to rest for a bit and figure out what she was going to tell Linda.

As Beth finished her third drink, she slipped off into an uneasy sleep again filled with erotic dreams. Before she knew it, she heard the doorbell ring and jumped off the couch. Her head a little woozy from the alcohol and still in her thin robe. “Oh no Linda is here and I’m not ready,” she said out loud. The knock was louder now and Beth knew she couldn’t delay answering the door. She walked over and opened it to a surprised Linda Jenkins.

“Oh I see you dressed for our meeting. Do you always greet guests almost naked?” Linda asked.

“I’m so sorry I fell asleep, please give me a minute while I slip something more appropriate on,” Beth apologized.

“No you’re not; if you can’t keep it together long enough to dress you will stay dressed as you are,” Linda commanded. Beth could only nod as she knew that Linda held her and Trish’s fate in her hands.

“Please come in, Linda,” she invited.

“Is Trish here yet?” Linda inquired.

“No she must have been delayed.”

“Good, let’s set some ground rules for our question and answer conversation. First, take off the robe, I’m in charge and you have to do what you’re told. Now go get me a belt from your room and make sure it’s at least 2 inches wide.”

Beth dropped her robe and nodded as she went to her bedroom and returned with a wide black leather belt. She stood there waiting in further instructions.

“Please sit down and make yourself comfortable,” Linda instructed, acting like it was her house. Beth sat down on the couch as she nervously waited for Trish to arrive.

Trish managed to get through the next couple of classes. It was difficult as each class remarked about the smell. Just as the last class was leaving the room, two senior girls walked into her room.

Brenda was in front and Sally followed close behind. “Hey, Ms Collins,” Brenda said, “Did you lose something?”

Trish sighed, “Yes I lost my purse. Did you find it? Do you have it with you?”

“Maybe, but you’ll have to tell us what you had in it so we know it’s yours,” Brenda stated.

“I’m sure my wallet and driver’s license should be in there, but I also have a white iPhone 4s, and some makeup and stuff,” said Ms Collins nervously.

“Well maybe but is there something unique that will identify if we have your purse?” Brenda prodded.

Trish knew what she wanted; she was there when they searched her purse. “I have an 8 inch and butterfly vibrators in a side pocket,” Trish said quietly.

“Oh my, are you a closet slut? Why on earth would you bring something like that to school? I think maybe we’ll just turn it in at the office. You can pick it up there,” Brenda said as she turned to go out the door.

“Wait, please you don’t need to do that. You know it’s mine, I’ll give you a reward if you give it to me now,” Trish called.

“Reward, what kind of reward are you talking about?” Brenda asked

“I have cash, how much do you want?” she continued to barter.

“Well we don’t need cash, but we do like a little fun. I’ll give you your keys so you can drive home. I’ll keep the purse and tomorrow you come to work and we have our fun after classes,” Brenda said.

“OK, till tomorrow,” Trish answered.

“Oh, and one other thing, like today, only wear a dress tomorrow. I like watching you bounce around the halls,” Brenda said as she and Sally walked out the door. Trish waited a couple of seconds, grabbed her keys and rushed out the door.

Trish arrived at Beth’s apartment in ten minutes; she parked and rushed up to the door. As soon as she knocked Beth opened the door naked.

“Beth you’re naked, why are you naked?” Trish asked.

“Because I told her,” Linda interrupted.

“Now why don’t you join her and strip?” Linda demanded. Soon Trish and Beth stood in front of Linda naked and shivering. They weren’t cold but very nervous. Linda opened her purse and pulled out two pair of handcuffs, she had her boyfriend drop them off earlier. “Beth, put the cuff on your right wrist, reach around Trish and cuff the other end to her right wrist then do you other wrists the same way.

Beth broke the ice and started to speak. “Linda…”

“Shut up Beth, I’ll do the questioning and if I think you’re lying I’m going to beat your ass till you tell me the truth. Now Trish, why are you having sex in school?”

Chapter 9

Trish stood there naked, not knowing what to say. What could she say? “I don’t know why,” she said.

“Linda reacted quickly and walked to the kitchen. She opened the drawers till she found what she was looking for and pulled out a large wooden spoon and a large metal spatula. She continued looking till she found the utility drawer and found a roll of twine. She returned to the living room and smiled. “I guess we do this the hard way, both of you on your knees,” Linda commanded.

Both Beth and Trish slowly dropped to their knees, both more than a little scared. Before either could react, Linda swung the spoon down on Trish’s left tit. Trish howled in pain and tried to grab her abused tit. Linda, not finished swung again only this time she hit Beth’s left tit. Now both teachers were howling in pain as Linda calmly said, “Now tell me the truth, and remember, I will punish both of you if I think you are lying. Now why are you FUCKING IN SCHOOL?”

Trish was sobbing but the last thing she wanted was to be punished again. “It started in Vegas a week ago or so. We visited some friends and since then our bodies have been constantly aroused. It only gets worse and masturbating doesn’t help. In fact, masturbating just made it worse. Finally Monday we tried having sex in Beth’s room and we were able to orgasm and relieve our bodies. But by the next morning our bodies needed it again. It seems that we can only orgasm when there is a chance of humiliation or getting caught. I don’t know how much more we can take,” Trish answered.

“Well that wasn’t so hard was it? Now I want details, what did you do in Vegas?” Linda probed.

Trish started at the beginning and detailed everything that she could remember happening in Vegas. By the time she finished Linda had a pretty good idea that they had been hypnotized and someone hated Beth.

“When are you to contact Susan again?” Linda asked.

“We have to call her tomorrow and hopefully she can help us and we can try to get back to normal,” Trish answered.

Linda watched Beth as Trish answered her questions, but from Beth’s expressions she knew something else was up. “Okay Beth, what are you two leaving out?” Linda asked as she looked directly into Beth’s eyes.

Beth moaned. “Nothing Linda,” as she looked down at the floor.

SMACK, SMACK,SMACK, Linda rained three blows to Beth’s tits, then did the same to Trish’s. Now both women were begging for mercy and trying to hide their tits from further punishment.

Just as Linda raised the spoon again, Beth screamed: “SOMEONE HAS A VIDEO OF OUR VEGAS TRIP AND IS BLACKMAILING US.”

“Now we’re getting somewhere, what have they made you do?”

“The first day we could only wear a dress and heels to school. The second day I had to go buy a plug and wireless egg and wear them to school,” said Beth as she cowered in front Linda.

“Is that why you’re both dressed as you are today? You only in a dress and you plugged?” Linda demanded.

“Yes,” they both said in unison.

“Well here is what is going to happen. I’m not here to make you fuck me. I knew that you wouldn’t tell me what was going on unless I forced you. I’m willing to help, but you must give me something in return. When this is all over you both become my submissive play things. I promise never to reveal your true selves and I will never abuse my power. Do you want my help?” Linda asked.

Both Beth and Trish were confused. They were being blackmailed; Susan had some sort of hold over them, they weren’t able to control themselves at school, and now Linda Jenkins wants them to be her slaves. None of the options were very good.

Beth spoke first. “Since I went to Vegas, I’ve had no control over my body and I’ve been forced to choose between one bad option after another. Just to regain some control over my body is worth being your submissive. Yes I’ll accept your help.” “Me too,” agreed Trish.

“Good, then I want to be here when you call Susan. When are you calling?”

“Tomorrow at noon is when we’re supposed to call. We were coming here over lunch to call,” Beth stated.

Okay then tomorrow it is. Now after watching you two in class and now kneeling naked in front to me I’m fucking horny and I need some relief. Do I need to persuade you two to pleasure me?” Linda smirked.

“Oh no just let us go and we’ll take care of your needs,” Beth answered for them both as they were both very aroused and needed some relief as well.

Josh called Karen and arranged to meet her at the internet café a few blocks away. Josh got there first and grabbed a booth in the back corner. He spotted Karen as soon as she arrived. She was hard to miss, her long green and platinum hair combed out into a large afro, her short jean skirt at least 10 inches above the knee with her dark seamed thigh-highs ending just at the bottom of her skirt. Her four inch wedges made her 5’10” height even more imposing. She was a natural blond, however it hadn’t been that color for several months. Karen was something of a rebel. She wasn’t in any clique per se but moved within all groups easily. Pretty, different, fun, but she was her own person. There were a few problems a year ago just after she moved into the district, but she quickly put an end to them. No one knew exactly why but shortly after someone would start any problems soon they were her best friend and did almost anything she asked.

Josh caught her attention and waited till she walked over. “Josh, ‘sup, why all the way back here? Is this some kind of spy shit?” Karen said with a big smile.

“Man have I got news, but you must swear secrecy. If you work with me I’ll give you something you’ve always wanted,” Josh told her excitedly.

“What? Secrecy really, okay I swear, what’s the news?” Karen asked.

“Alright, how would you like your own sex slave?”

“Sex slave, what kind of sex slave? Male or female, and do I know who it is?” Karen peppered Josh with questions.

“Slow down Karen, I’ll explain everything to you but remember, talk to no one, okay?” Josh emphasized.

“Okay no problem but tell me what’s up,” she answered.

“Who at school would you like to have complete control over?” He asked, knowing exactly what her answer would be.

Karen thought for a moment then a big smile broke out on her face. “I would love to have Ms Collins at my mercy. She failed me last year and wouldn’t let me do any extra credit to avoid summer school. That bitch ruined my entire summer.” Josh could hear the venom in her voice.

“Well I’m going to make your day. If you do exactly what I say, Ms Collins will soon be crawling up to you and begging to be your slave.”

“Really, how? And what do I have to do?” Karen asked as her face lit up.

Well I don’t know if you knew that Ms Collins and Ms Martin went to Vegas over spring break. Apparently some life changing things happened. I guess Ms Martin really pissed off someone in college and they set both of them up for some payback. I would never have found out about it, but I hacked Ms Martin’s email account and intercepted an email with a video of the two of them in a very compromising position. I was just going to use the video to take advantage of Ms Martin when she figured out someone had stolen the video. Well to make a long story short, I was contacted by the person that sent the video and we worked out a plan. All you need to know is on Friday you need to go to Ms Collins and ask the following question. ‘I’m sorry to bother you, but I need help on a school project. Would you please help me?’ You have to say it exactly, no changes. If you do that you soon will have her under your control,” Josh explained.

“I don’t understand, I say to her ‘I’m sorry to bother you, but I need help on a school project. Would you please help me?’ and she is under my control? How is that possible?”

“Well without getting into too many details, my contact says that she has the two teachers under her control, and by asking that question on Friday, they won’t be able to refuse. Even better they’ll be excited to help. So excited that each time we’re around them they will get aroused and if we speak to them they get more aroused. If we touch them their arousal goes through the roof,” he explained.

“Well that does me no good, why would I want a horny teacher, who I can’t stand, helping me with my project?” Karen wondered.

“The kicker is the arousal builds and builds never going down, and they can’t get themselves off unless we give them permission,” Josh said with a smile.

“You mean to tell me that after I ask her to help me, she can’t refuse me, and every time I’m around her, speak to her, or touch her she gets hornier? And she can’t cum till I give her permission?”

“That’s right, think about it, at first it’s just a twinge, but each time we interact with them it grows. It keeps growing till they can only think of us. When it becomes overwhelming they will have to beg us to give them some relief. If we do this right, we keep them so aroused for so long that they eventually give in and beg to be our slaves.”

Karen sat back and thought about it for a few minutes. “How do they know it’s us that can give them relief?”

“That’s where my contact comes into play. She says that after tomorrow when she speaks to them, they will be, how did she put it, programmed to respond to our question. They will know subconsciously that only the persons that asked the correct question can give them satisfaction. Oh and one more thing, we don’t have to give them total relief. Let’s say Ms Collins is climbing the walls and is begging for relief. You don’t want her to be totally satisfied so you just give her a taste. Just enough to calm her nerves so she can function. Then after class you simply walk up to her and touch her arm. She’s right back where she was before class.”

“Oh my god we can do that?” she said excitedly.

“Yeah, to give her a little relief you just tell her to climax, a little more you tell her to cum, if she’s been very good you tell her to orgasm. When you tell her to orgasm, she will be satisfied and you start over and do it again. There is one more level but you only use that when she begs to be your slave, then you say explosion. Her body will explode with an orgasm that will bind her to you for as long as you want.”

Karen was staring at Josh as a smile slowly crept up her face. Soon it became bigger and bigger until she broke out in laughter. Karen stood and grabbed Josh’s hand and pulled him out of the booth. “Come with me, I’m so fucking horny and I want you bad.” She said as she pulled him out the door and to her car.

Linda walked over to the handcuffed kneeling teachers and released them. Both grabbed their aching tits and rubbed them, then looked at each other and smiled. Linda had turned and started to walk across the room wondering what was going to happen next, when two very naked and horny co-workers attacked her. Beth grabbed Linda’s shoulders and spun her around and planted a big kiss on her mouth, snaking her tongue deep inside her cavity. Trish walked behind her and started to remove her clothes while nibbling at her neck. In seconds, Linda was naked and on the floor as Beth caressed and sucked her nipples while Trish massaged and licked her stomach. Soon all three women were entangled in a mass of naked femininity each working to satisfy each other.

The next morning, Linda woke in her bed, her body just a little sore after almost three hours with the horny teachers. She smiled as she thought about what they told her. She was pretty sure that this Susan person had hypnotized her friends and was controlling them and making them act this way. Her plan was to eavesdrop on their conversation and get the key phrases she uses to put the teachers under and undo whatever she had planned for them. She would the change the phrases and only she would have control. Just thinking about the possibilities started her body to flush and her hand slid down her body to her rapidly moistening slit.

Ten minutes later she climbed out of bed and headed to the shower. “This is going to be an outstanding day,” she said aloud.

Beth and Trish woke up to the alarm in each other’s arms. Both were covered in sweat and extremely horny. As Beth turned to shut off the alarm, Trish was already between her legs licking and sucking Beth’s clit. Beth gasped and pulled Trish on top of her to return the favor. Twenty minutes later, both women rolled away both extremely frustrated as, even though they were able to climax, it wasn’t nearly enough to extinguish the flames burning in their cunts. Trish wondered how she was going to make it till lunch. Beth watched her friend head to the bathroom and listened as she started the shower. She stood and followed Trish into the bathroom. “You’re not going to work are you? Why not stay here till we call?”

“It’s because after I left your room yesterday, I was almost caught in the girl’s restroom by two students. I was naked and trying to clean up when they walked in. I was just able to grab my dress and dash in a stall. They found my purse and everything in it including my vibrators that I’ve been using to keep my body under control. They didn’t catch me in the restroom but stopped by my class after school. That’s why I was late coming over here yesterday. They would only give me my keys and told me that we would play some after school today if I wanted my purse back. I have to go to school, I don’t know what they will do if I don’t.”

“Oh god will it never end? First Susan has some sort of hold on us, then the blackmailer, then Linda, and now two students; I don’t think we’re getting out of this anytime soon. There are too many players and only two of us. Well I’m staying right here, I’m calling in sick and I’ll see you at lunch,” Beth said, a little worried about what was going to happen. Her only hope was if Susan could fix things and hopefully get their lives back.

Trish made it to school and didn’t see either of the girls that had her purse. She didn’t know if that was a good sign of bad but at least it didn’t make things worse. Even though her body was on fire and her cunt dripping like a faucet she managed to actually teach her class for the first time this week. As soon as lunch arrived she rushed out the door and headed to Beth’s apartment. As she pulled up to park, she saw Linda just getting out of her car. She smiled and waved at her as she followed her up the stairs and through the door. As soon as they walked in the door, they spotted Beth still naked and caressing her clit.

“Sorry but I can’t stop, I’m so horny I’d fuck a horse if he were here right now. Let’s call Susan,” she said as she walked to the computer.

“Wait,” said Linda, “First I want to hear what she says and I don’t want her to know I’m here. If I’m to help you I can’t be seen, okay?”

Both Beth and Trish nodded and sat down in front of the computer to Facechat Susan. As soon as the call connected and they saw Susan both women relaxed as just her presence calmed them somewhat.

“Well hello, you two,” Susan greeted them, “Nice outfit, Beth. I see you are embracing your slut self.”

Beth flushed and nodded, but it was Trish that spoke up first. “Susan we need help, our bodies are out of control, we almost got caught yesterday at school and I’m not sure we didn’t. We can’t function like this. Please I don’t know what you did but please help us,” she pleaded.

Susan stared at the screen smiling but just as she was about to put the two teachers under and reprogram them, she noticed a shadow on the wall behind them. “Beth, be a dear and plug in the headset and mic, I need to talk to you privately.” Beth opened a drawer and pulled out the ear buds and put them on. “Yes Susan, what do you want?”

Susan, working quickly put Beth under and instructed her to answer all questions truthfully and with only yes or no answers.

“Is there someone else in the room with you and Trish?”


“Is it Linda Jenkins?”


“Is she there to help you out of your problems?”


Okay, grab a pen and write my cell number down. I want you to hand it to her and have her call it on another phone. When she starts talking, unplug the earbuds and follow my directions.”

“Yes Susan.”

Beth did as she was told, unplugged the earbuds and turned to Linda. “I was told to have you call this number. Susan knew you were here and wants to talk to you. You can use the phone in the hall.”

Linda was taken aback, she hadn’t anticipated Susan even knowing who she was let alone that she was here. She took the paper and walked to the hall and picked up the phone. Unfortunately it was a corded phone and she couldn’t hear what was going on in the living room. She quickly dialed the number hoping she would be talking to Susan and keep her from using the trigger phrase before she could hear it. As soon as the finished dialing the phone rang on the other end.

“Hello,” came a deep voice that took her by surprise. She expected Susan not a man.

“H…hello,” she said nervously.

“You must be Linda Jenkins. I’m Mr Amazing and Susan asked me to fill you in on what is happening. Do you want to know?”

“Y…yes I do,” Linda answered a little unsure of where this was going. “How did she know I am here?”

“Let’s just say very little gets past Susan. Now this might take a bit so if you would, find a chair and sit down,” he ordered.

Linda, still shaken by Susan knowing she was there, sat down on the chair by the table in the hall. “Okay I’m sitting, please fill me in.”

Mr Amazing started talking, filling in minor details all the while relaxing Linda and soon her chin dropped to her chest, her mind only hearing his voice and her body completely relaxed. Mr Amazing looked over at Susan and gave her the thumbs up, letting her know he was in control of Linda.

Susan smiled and returned to the two teachers staring blankly at the monitor absorbing every command she gave. “I am going to give both of you the relief you crave. However I have new instructions that you must follow,” Susan began. She continued to detail what they were to do and how their bodies were to react when the key question was asked to them. She took off the erotic dreams, the constant arousal, and the inability to orgasm, and reinforced the new instructions. Soon she made sure they knew to call her the following Thursday and released some of their memories from the Vegas trip. For Beth, she would now remember how she chose to go to the theater the second time and all the fucks and the orgasms that followed. She knew that those memories would devastate her and drive her self-esteem to new lows. She also made sure that they could never lie to her and always tell the truth. Susan put the mic on mute and turned to Mr Amazing, is she ready? Do you have the commands I need to control her?” she asked.

Mr Amazing just nodded and handed her a piece of paper with the commands. Susan looked at the list and smiled. “I’ll take care of you as soon as I finish.” She turned the mic back on and woke her slaves.

“So tell me ladies, did anything else happen I need to know about?” she asked.

“Yes,” Trish said, “I was almost caught in the restroom yesterday naked; in the process two girls now have my purse. I have to meet them after school. They told me that in order to get it back we would ‘play’ at the end of the day.”

“Interesting,” Susan mused as she thought about what to do. Susan quickly put the two teachers under again and instructed Trish. “When you get back to school, I want you to meet with the girls. But instead of letting them play with you, I want you to offer up Linda as a substitute. Tell them that if they give you your purse and don’t mention anything about what they found, you will give them Linda to play with in any way they want. Do you understand?”

“Yes Susan,” Trish slowly answered.

“Good, go tell Linda to come back in the room,” she ordered.

Trish walked out to the hall and looked at Linda sitting quietly doing nothing. “Susan wants to talk to you, Linda.”

Linda simply stood and walked into the living room. She stood in front of the monitor and said, “Yes, Susan, what can I do for you?”

Susan looked at the list and gave the command to put Linda under. “Linda, when the next person walks up to you and says, ‘I really like your dress today, would you give it to me?’ You will strip and kneel before her and obey her every command.” Susan grinned and wondered if she would hear something on the news tomorrow about a naked teacher running around a high school. She then told Trish what to tell the girls and brought all the women out of their trances. Susan knew she would have to call Josh and have him talk to the girls so everything wouldn’t blow up in their faces. She ended the call and paid Mr Amazing.

The three women didn’t move till the screen went blank. Beth was the first to gather her thoughts and asked Linda: “Did you get what you need to help us?”

“I think so but I won’t know for sure till tomorrow,” Linda commented as she turned to leave.

Trish looked at the clock. “I need to get back too. I’ll see you later.”

Soon Beth was sitting by herself when she noticed that for the first time in what seemed to be forever she wasn’t aroused. She walked over to the couch and went to a deep restful sleep.

Trish and Linda hurried back to school, as they walked inside, Trish asked Linda: “Do you suppose you could help me get my purse back later? There are a couple of girls holding it hostage and Susan said you would help.”

“Sure, when do you need me?” Linda asked.

“Right after school, I’ll meet you in your room. It’s more private up there after school,” Trish explained.

Linda nodded and walked to her room, her mind a little confused. She remembered being there during the call but she couldn’t remember how she was going to help. She looked down at the piece of paper in her hand but the only thing written on was ‘born to obey’. Linda sat at her desk and she felt a tingle between her thighs. The bell rang and students started to arrive. Linda stood and started her lesson, when the tingle became more, a lot more. Linda was having trouble concentrating on the lesson as her body was rapidly becoming aroused. The more aroused, the more she was thinking about her meeting with Trish after school. By the time the last bell rang, Linda was flushed and squirming in her seat.

Trish went back to school and noticed for the first time in days that her body was not aroused. Her head was clear and things seemed normal. She thought about the meeting with the girls afterschool and smiled. Linda would help her get her purse back. Trish smiled and enjoyed the rest of the day. As the last bell rang, Trish sat down at her desk and waited for Sally and Brenda to arrive. The wait was short as the two confident girls strolled into Trish’s room.

“Hey Trish, how was your day?” Sally called out as she shut the door.

“It was very good, what can I do for you?” Trish asked knowing the answer.

“Well, we have something you want and it depends on how bad you want it to get it back,” Sally smirked.

“What do you want for my purse Sally?” Trish asked.

“Well for starters you can drop down to your knees and beg to do whatever we say. That would be a good beginning,” Sally demanded.

“I’ll tell you what; what if I can give you another teacher and you can do whatever you want with her? She will obey your every command. All I ask is that when you play with her after today, you do it away from school.”

“Who are you talking about? She’d have to be pretty special to replace you,” Sally replied.

“Do either of you have Linda Watkins class?” Trish asked.

“Ms Watkins, yeah both of us have her. Are you talking about her? She’d never do it. She is a hard ass. There’s no way she would obey us, so drop down now.”

“Wait let’s go up to her room now she’s waiting for us to show up. When we go in there all you have to say is, ‘I really like your dress today, would you give it to me?’ and she will take it off and give it to you.”

Sally looked at Trish and thought about what she’d said. “You’re telling me all I have to do is say what you said and she is my slave? She’ll obey any command I give her? And I can have her as long as I only play with her away from school?” Sally confirmed.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying,” Trish said but something in the back of her head bothered her. How could she give away another teacher? But the thought quickly went away.

“Okay, but if she doesn’t do it, you’re taking her place,” Sally said calmly.

Trish stood and walked past the girls and headed upstairs to Linda’s room. Two minutes later they arrived at her door. Trish stopped and confirmed that Sally knew exactly what to say as she turned the knob and walked inside.

“Hi Linda, I believe you already know Sally and Brenda. These are the two girls that have my purse. You told me you would help me get it back,” Trish said.

Linda stood and smiled, “Yes I do, hi Sally, Brenda, I just..”

“I really like your dress today, would you give it to me?” Sally interrupted.

Linda just stood for a few seconds, and then she blushed down her chest. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. Then without a sound, her hand reached behind her and started to unzip her dress.

Linda watched Trish and the girls walk into her room. ‘It’s Sally and Brenda, I should have known. They are both trouble,’ she thought. Linda heard Trish speaking and started to reply, but when Sally commented about her dress, her mind shut down. Linda couldn’t believe what she said, but in spite of all her efforts she couldn’t keep her hand away from the zipper. With her mind screaming to stop, she dropped her dress down her body and stepped out of it, handed it to Sally and dropped to her knees. ‘God I’m kneeling in my underwear in my classroom. I just gave my dress away to Sally,’ Linda thought, her mind in a panic.

“Oh my god, you were right. She did it. Okay teach, on your hands and knees and bark like a dog,” Sally giggled.

Linda gasped, but she leaned forward on her hands and barked: “Bark, Bark. Bark.”

Brenda screamed. “Make her take everything off. Get her naked.”

“You heard her Ms Watkins, you need to obey her just as if I was speaking,” Sally ordered.

Linda’s mind was screaming trying to keep her body from obeying the two cruel teens, but her hands had already unfastened her bra and it lay on the floor. She leaned back and pushed her panties and pantyhose down her legs. She was now naked on her knees in front of Trish, Sally and Brenda.

“Alright I’m satisfied, Brenda give Ms Collins her purse back,” Sally spoke to her friend.

Brenda opened backpack and pulled out Trish’s purse and handed it to her.

“Thank you Sally, and thank you Linda for your help. I’m sorry this is happening to you but I can’t stop it,” Trish said, as she turned and walked out the door.

Linda heard her colleague speak and walk out the door. She never felt so helpless and alone. As soon as the door shut, Sally walked over to the kneeling teacher. She slipped her belt from her pants and used it to smack Linda’s ass. Linda grunted at the blow but didn’t cry. The pain was enormous but this was the only time her brain had some control.

Sally smiled as she formed a loop with the belt and slipped it around Linda’s neck. “You know there’s a leash law in this town. All pets must be leashed.” Both Sally and Brenda broke out in laughter.

Linda could only kneel and take it as her mind couldn’t override Sally’s order.

“We need a name for out pet. I’m thinking Lindaslut, do you like your new name, Lindaslut?” Sally asked the humiliated naked teacher.

“Bark, bark, bark.” ‘No Sally I don’t like it. I’m not a slut and I resent you calling me that,’ Linda screamed in her mind, but her words died within her.

“Lindaslut, you love your new name and get excited every time I use it, got it, Lindaslut?” Sally ordered.

Linda cringed when she heard the command but her body and mind reacted this time. She suddenly felt very proud of her new name and said it over and over in the mind. Each time it sounded better and better. Her body, already very excited, felt a new wave of arousal sweep through her body. All she could do is moan.

Brenda walked around the naked teacher, when she notice a few drops on the floor between her legs. “Sally, look here, she’s getting off on it, she leaking like a faucet.”

Linda’s humiliation went through the roof as both girls laughed and called her Lindaslut over and over again. Each time she heard her new name, wave after wave of arousal flowed through her veins. Just before her legs were about to collapse Sally ordered: “Lindaslut turn around and lick up your mess.”

Linda didn’t think she could get any lower as her body turned and she lowered her head and licked up the drops. As she licked her drops off the floor she wondered how in the world she got in this position, but those thoughts were quickly interrupted as Sally started to spank her ass with the makeshift leash.

“Pay attention Lindaslut, I said lick my shoes,” Sally demanded. Linda jumped and crawled to her shoes and proceeded to clean them with her tongue.

“What do we do with her now, Sally?” Brenda asked.

“Well, today is the only day we can play with her at school, so let’s play. Lindaslut, follow me,” Sally answered as she pulled the leash and headed for the door. Linda balked but a timely kick to her ass by Brenda motivated her to follow her Mistress.

“BARK, BARK, BARK,” Linda communicated the only way she could, hoping they would allow her to speak.

“I think she wants to say something,” Brenda giggled.

“Okay, Lindaslut, you can speak again, but remember I can take it away if you’re not nice.” Sally sneared.

“Please Sally, not out in the halls, I’m naked. If I get caught I’m fired and you are expelled. Think about what you’re doing. Please be smart and not get all of us thrown in jail,” Linda pleaded.

Sally thought about it for but a second then opened the door and walked out into the hall dragging Linda behind her. Once they were out she knelt down beside Lindaslut. “Listen here bitch, I own you and today is the only day I can play with you at school, so we’re going to play. Now if you’re quiet and crawl fast you won’t be exposed too long. But if you drag your feet and slow us down then you probably will be caught. Do you understand, Lindaslut?”

“Yes I understand,” Linda answered as her resistance dropped to a new low. The three continued down the hall to the stairs and down to the first floor. Linda’s body was so aroused she left a trail of drops that happened with greater frequency the closer they got to the main office. Just as they arrived within sight of the office, Linda looked down the hall. She could still see people going in and out of the office. Her whole body was shaking uncontrollably thinking that Sally was going to walk her right past it. But Sally had different ideas, instead of down the main hall; she pulled her across the hall and down the corridor across and towards the gym and the lockers below it. Linda breathed a sigh of relief but then she realized that her clothes were still in her room and a long way away.

The two young girls finally led Linda into the boys’ gym locker room. Linda blanched as she knew that her exposure was far greater here than anywhere else in the school. Several boys’ teams practiced after school and at any time they could enter the room.

“Please Mistress Sally don’t let me get caught here. I’m begging you to have mercy. I’ll be good; I’ll do everything you tell me. Please take me out of here” Linda begged.

Okay, Lindaslut,” Sally said, “Our agreement was we could only play with you at school today. After today we can only play with you away from school. I’ll take you out of here if you amend the rules and let us play at school also. I won’t have you naked in the halls anymore, unless you ask me too, and I won’t make you strip in class. However I want total control over what you wear to school. I also want you to service me during your lunch and free period. If you agree we’re out of here and I’ll find you something to wear. It’s your choice but you must make it now.” Sally smiled as she knew that the naked teacher would do anything to cover her body.

“Yes, Yes, I agree, you can play with me at school and dress me how you see fit. Please give me something to wear and get out of here,” Linda pleaded.

Sally clapped and jumped up and down with excitement. She had more control over her new slave. She knew it wouldn’t be long till there would be no limits.

“Brenda, take Lindaslut over to the lost and found and help her pick out something to wear home.”

Brenda smiled and grabbed the leash. The lost and found was on the other side of the locker room and to Linda it felt like it was at least a mile. When they finally got there, Linda moaned. The smell made her gag and the clothes were stiff and very dirty.

“Okay, dig in and find something to wear. Make sure you show it to me so I can approve,” Brenda ordered.

Linda not wanting to wait any longer quickly reached in and sorted through the various pieces of boys’ clothes. Soon she had picked out a tee shirt and a pair of shorts. She turned and held them up to Brenda.

“Oh no, those won’t do, here let me,” she said as she dug into the barrel. Soon she pulled out a torn wife beater that had dark stains on the front and holes in the back and on the sides. With that she pulled out a very small pair of shorts. They looked like they belonged to a preteen they were so small. Linda groaned and started to beg for something else, when Brenda spoke. “The decision’s made, get dressed and don’t complain.” As she turned and headed for the door, she turned and said, “The baseball practice is ending in a couple of minutes. If you don’t want to get caught I’d get dressed if I were you.”

Linda knew she had no other choice so grabbed the nasty undershirt and pulled it over her head. The tears on the back showed the top of her ass crack and the holes on the side gave a nice view of the sides of her tits. Not wanting to waste any more time, she grabbed the shorts and struggled to pull them up her legs. By the time she got to her ass, the shorts were so tight she had to open the zipper all the way just to get them high enough to cover her cunt. With a mighty pull and a couple of jumps, the shorts were firmly snuggled up to her cunt leaving a very obvious camel toe. She tried to zip them up but that was impossible. With the undershirt only coming down to just past her navel and the shorts completely open she actually felt more naked dressed than with nothing on. Linda walked towards the door realizing that the shorts restricted her movements and shortened her steps. You could almost call them hobble shorts. Just as she arrived at the front door of the locker room, the door on the other side opened an in walked the baseball team. Linda gasped and looked at Sally, her eyes pleading to get her out of here. Sally smiled and grabbed her leash and pulled.

Soon Linda was following the two girls down the hall and out the back door closest to the faculty parking lot.

“Take us to your car, now the real fun begins,” Sally crowed.

Chapter 10 & 11

Trish made it home in record time, her body now calm and not aroused. She got her purse back, and it seemed like Susan was keeping the blackmailer at least a little under control. She tossed her keys on the counter and headed for the bathroom. She needed a bubble bath and a good night’s sleep.

Josh arrived at his house just after 11. Karen had drug him to her house and fucked him over and over. He was dead tired but all his thoughts were about tomorrow. His parents yelled a little but he managed to calm them down. Soon he was in his room memorizing his line. He wanted to make sure he got it right. Suddenly his cell beeped, it was a message from Susan, ‘Call me.’

Josh wasted no time in calling. “Hey Susan, what’s up?”

“I just want to make sure you get this right. The whole key is saying exactly right.” Susan said.

“I know I’m working on it now.” He answered.

“Just one other thing you should know; she won’t be your slave and obey any command you give her. She’s not hypnotized to obey you it’s just to get her aroused. I’m not giving you a slave to order around. Remember, you want her to beg to be your slave and to beg of her own free will. Got it?” Susan explained.

“Yeah, I got it. I’m to ask for her help, then make sure I see her often, speak to her, and once in a while touch her; she’s supposed to get so horny she begs to be my slave. I know the plan, but I need something soon.” He complained.

Susan knew she had to give him something so she said, “Okay she won’t obey an order, but she can’t refuse to help you. Just go with the plan for the first day and watch how she changes during the day. By the end of the day, you’ll see a change happening. By Friday, she’ll be seeking you out.”

“Thanks for the advice, I’ll follow the plan.” He answered as he ended the call.

Linda, Brenda and Sally drove off in Linda’s car. Linda was driving but the shorts were cutting into her crotch and felt like it was cutting her in two. Sally noticed her squirming and laughed, “Shorts a little tight?”

“Oh God they’re cutting me in two.”

“Take them off and throw them out the window.”

Linda’s mind was screaming no but her ass was already off the seat as her hand pushed the shorts down her legs. As soon as they cleared her feet, she opened the window and threw them out. ‘God I’m half naked in my car with two students. Oh please don’t get pulled over.’ She prayed.

“Where do you want me to drop you off?” Linda asked hoping the day would end.

“Take us to my house; it’s on Elm Street, 13336 Elm.”

Linda groaned and asked, “What about your parents? Won’t they be home? I can’t go there dressed like this.” Linda begged.

“Okay Lindaslut, here is a new rule. Don’t speak unless addressed directly. Also, you will always say yes, you will not refuse anyone who asks for sex. And Mom and Dad are out for the evening, but who knows they may come home early. I guess you’d better be really good so I’ll send you home soon.” Sally laughed, and while you’re at it, throw out the top too.”

Friday morning’s sun was just starting to rise above the horizon when Josh, Karen, Beth, and Trish feeling rested and refreshed each got up from bed. Each was excited to start the day for different reasons. Josh and Karen rushing to get ready and take control, Beth and Trish excited because they felt like they were back in control.

Beth walked into the school and headed to Trish’s room. She wanted to see if her body was back to normal. As soon as she entered the room, she knew everything was good.

“Good Morning Beth,” Trish beamed with a big smile.

“Good Morning Trish, god I feel good today.” After a few pleasantries Beth left and headed for her room. When she arrived, she noticed her door was open again. She entered the room to see Josh Franklin sitting at a desk. “Josh, I’ve told you before, please stay out of my room till I get here, and how did you get in anyway?” Beth said with a bit of annoyance in her voice.

“Sorry Ms. Martin, but I need to ask you something. I’m sorry to bother you, but I need help on a school project. Would you please help me?” Josh said watching as her reaction was immediate, her face softened and her annoyance dissipated. He could almost see a little bit of desire in her expression.

“Josh…Josh, I…I…I’d be happy to help you. What do you need?” Beth asked wondering why. She didn’t like Josh and was leery about being around him. Now just looking at him caused a tingle in her core. ‘Why am I getting aroused around Josh? I can’t really stand him. I’ve got to get out of this.’

“Thanks Ms. M, I really appreciated it.” He again was watching for changes.

Beth’s reaction as soon as she heard his voice was pleasure pulsing throughout her body. It was no longer a just a tingle full blown infatuation, her mind grabbing onto every word and relishing in the sound. Her eyes glazed over and her pussy juiced. In spite of her efforts to control herself, she slowly started to grind her pussy into the chair.

Josh almost came in his pants right then. The object of his desires for the last two years was flushed and practically panting. He knew right then that Susan’s plan was going to work. He smiled as he wanted to push her just a little further and touched her hand lying on the desk.

“You made my day Ms M,” as he felt her hand tremble when he touched her. It was soon followed with a quiet moan. Beth felt his hand on hers and she almost climaxed. ‘What is happening to me? Why is my body so aroused? This can’t be happening again. I need to get him out of here quick.’

Josh watched closely as Ms M’s eyes closed and heard her moan. He waited before he moved his hand and said, “I’ll see you in class later, Ms. M.” As he stood and walked out the door, as soon as he hit the hall he ran to the restroom to take care of his cock. He knew he had a few minutes before he was to meet Karen.

Beth didn’t move or speak when Josh left the room. Her body was on fire and her mind was confused. But what was worse was her arousal wasn’t going down. Her cunt had already soaked her panties and her nipples were so hard they hurt. She continued to sit quietly trying to gain control over her emotions.

Karen was sitting outside the school when she spotted Trish pull into the parking lot. Her hands were shaking and she was very nervous. ‘What if Josh was full of shit and nothing happened? What if she didn’t react at all? If this doesn’t work, I’m kicking Josh’s ass.’

Karen followed Trish at a distance. She knew where she was going so she took her time getting there. Just as she turned to do down the hall to Trish’s room, she spotted Ms. Martin walk in from the other direction. Karen stopped and waited till she left, then walked slowly down the hall to enslave her teacher.

As soon as Karen walked into Trish’s room, Karen almost turned around and left. But just as she turned, Trish spoke, “Karen, what can I do for you?” Trish was confused as to why she was here. Karen made it perfectly clear how she felt about her when she failed her last year.

Karen stopped and thought about running out the door, but turned and said, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I need help on a school project. Would you please help me?” She stood still and waited to see what was about to happen. She looked closely at Ms. Collins as she flushed and answered. “I’d love to help you. Just tell me what you need,” Trish answered but her mind was struggling to understand why she answered yes.

“Great,” Karen exclaimed, “Do you have some time later today?”

Trish gasped as her entire body tingled when Karen spoke. “For you I’ll make time, how about right after school.”

Karen almost creamed her panties; Ms. Collins’ arousal was very noticeable. Karen wanted to see what she could get away with said, “Please take my boot off.”

“What? Take your boots off? I don’t think so Karen.”

Karen knew her mistake immediately, “I’m sorry I misspoke, would you please help me with my boots? I don’t want to mess up my nails.” Trish waited excitedly for Trish’s reaction, hoping she was right.

Trish froze for a moment; she appeared confused but said, “Sure Karen, I’d be happy to help.” Trish dropped to her knees and started to unlace the knee high boots.

Trish moaned and sat down at the closest chair. She crossed her legs and pushed her booted foot very close to Trish’s face. Beth struggled with the foot so close to her face and was having trouble holding the foot up and unlace the boot.

“Ms. Collins, it would help if you used your head.”

Trish stopped for a moment and it looked like she would refuse, but slowly pushed her forehead forward and rested it against the boots sole. Trish watched in fascination as Ms. Collins’ face was holding Karen’s boot, her hands working on untying it.

Trish smiled an evil smile as a nasty thought ran through her brain. “Ms. Collins, would you help me clean my shoes, if you could lick off the bottoms, I’ll take care of the tops?”

Trish’s mind was screaming at the audacity of this girl to ask her to lick her boots. Despite trying her best not to, she leaned forward and extended her tongue and started to clean Karen’s boots.

Karen squealed as she saw her ex-teacher start licking. “Wow you sure are helpful, I can use some help. I just joined a new group of liberated women. We are going to boycott underwear. Would you help us and join our boycott?”

Trish nodded as she sat back and started to remove her bra. As soon as she pulled it out the sleeve, her hands dropped to her pants and pushed them down her legs. Soon, Trish was naked from the waist down. Her entire body flushed and her arousal skyrocketed. She grabbed the bra and panties and tossed them in the trash.

Before Trish could move, Karen grabbed her pants. “Let me help you Ms. Collins, I’ll hang these up for you,” as she walked to the closet at the far end of the room. Trish started to stop her when Karen said, “Ms. Collins be a dear and help me clean up the room. Would you crawl around and pick up the trash?”

Trish sat staring at Karen. She suddenly knew that Karen was in control. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew that Karen was the only person that could give her an orgasm and satisfy her body,

No longer thinking about her pants, she leaned forward, crawled on her hands and knees down the first aisle, and started to pick up the trash off the floor. Trish watched as she closed the closet. “I hope you don’t ruin your blouse. It would be helpful if you take it off and let me hang it up.”

Trish having no resistance, unbuttoned the blouse and draped it on a chair then continued cleaning the floor. Again her as arousal pulsed and her body trembled. Karen walked over and grabbed the blouse. She leaned over and looked at Ms. Collins ass and dripping cunt. “God Ms. Collins, are you getting off on this? You’re fucking leaking all over the place.”

Trish collapsed to the floor her self-esteem disappeared in an instant. She lay there for a few seconds then crawled forward to the next piece of paper on her belly. When Karen saw this she burst out laughing and threw the blouse across the room.

“I’ll see you later Ms. Collins. Oh and by the way the floor is clean. Thanks for your help. Oh look at the time, class starts in like two minutes and I need to get to the other side of the school, BYE.” Karen grabbed her boot and walked out the door and leaving it wide open. Trish stayed on the floor as her mind digested what Karen said. Seconds later, she jumped up and ran to the door. As she approached it she hugged the wall. When she got to it she grabbed the knob and slammed it shut. Trish looked around the room, spotted her blouse and rushed to retrieve it. Looking at the time she almost screamed as the bell was seconds away. No longer going up and down the aisles she pushed her way through the chairs to the closet, leaving chaos behind her. As she grabbed her pants she quickly pulled them up her legs while trying to put her blouse on at the same time. As panic was setting in, she managed to fasten her pants and start to button her blouse. Just as she finished the next to the last button the bell rang. Abandoning the buttons, she tucked her blouse in her pants and tried to straighten her clothes just as the first student arrived and walked in the door. Trish turned quickly and shut the closet, and started to straighten the rows of chairs.

Josh walked out of the restroom; it only took him 2 minutes for him to dump his load. He strutted down the hall to meet with Karen. Just before he got to the end, Ms. Jenkins rushed around the corner and almost ran him over. Josh snickered as she continued down the hall teetering on 5″ stiletto heels. But it was when he looked at her outfit he gasped. Ms. Jenkins was wearing a short leather skirt that was at least 6 inches above her knees and a size too small. It was so tight she had trouble walking without the skirt creeping up her legs. She was constantly tugging it down while rushing to her room.

Karen stopped just outside the door to calm down. He had just dominated a teacher in school. She had her naked and crawling around to room picking up trash. Karen’s body was about to explode when she heard the door slam. Karen jumped and knew she needed to get away from there before the bell rang. She slipped on the boot and rushed down the hall to meet Josh.

Josh was looking down the hall when he spotted Karen walking towards him. He saw her big smile and knew it worked for her also. Josh waited till she was close and said, “Well how did it go?”

“Go, it went great, she was totally under my control. I had her naked and crawling on the floor. I can’t wait till this afternoon.”

“Remember you need to make sure she sees you a couple of time today, and say hi when you see her.”

“How did it go with Ms. Martin, did she agree to be your bitch yet?” she laughed.

“No but I know she will. How did you get her naked?”

Karen giggled, “It’s easy silly, you can’t order them to do something. They’ll refuse that, but if you ask them to help you they can’t say no. All I did was not to give an order but make a request for help.”

“Karen, have you seen Ms. Jenkins? She’s dressed like a slut. She had on the shortest skirt and the highest heels I’ve ever seen. I guess Sally and Brenda must really have their claws in her.”

“Wow do you realize that the three prettiest teachers in this entire school are slaves? Wow, I think I’m dreaming.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right, but I got to go I need to check in at homeroom. See ya later,” as he headed down the hall. Karen grunted and walked the other way.

Beth sat in her room trying to calm her body. School hadn’t even started and her body was wound up tight. What she couldn’t understand was why she was so infatuated with Josh. Just looking at him made her shiver with excitement, and when he speaks she can’t even think. ‘Why did I agree to help him with his project? Now he’s coming by after school and I’ll have to work with him alone. I don’t know how I’m going to handle him in class let alone one on one.’

The bell rang for the first class and Beth managed to work through her body’s arousal. By the end of class, she was beginning to think she’ll make it through the day. Second and third periods went about the same, Beth teaching class for a while before sitting in her seat and rubbing her cunt on the cushion. When the bell for fourth period rang, Beth’s body spiked as she knew Josh was on his way. By the time he walked into the room, Beth couldn’t stand as her dripping pussy had soaked through her panties and made a wet spot on her pants. She would have to teach from her desk.

Josh walked into his class and smiled at Ms Martin. He watched as her face flushed and she sat down quickly at her desk. “Hi Ms M.” he said.

Beth’s voice caught in her throat as she squeaked out, “Hi Josh.”

She watched as he walked to his seat and sat down looking at her like a piece of meat. Normally that would have pissed her off but today it only excited her. Beth tried to go over the lesson plan, but soon realized that as long as Josh was in sight she couldn’t concentrate. After ten minutes she assigned a reading assignment and sat back to collect her thoughts. Unfortunately her only thoughts were of Josh and how long his cock was and if he would fuck her. By the end of class, Beth was starting to sweat and was about to ask Josh to join her out in the hall when the bell rang to end the class.

Beth breathed a sigh of relief and hoped that Josh would just leave the room; she was hanging on by a thread and didn’t need any more stimulation. As it was she wasn’t sure she could teach this afternoon.

Trish was baffled as to why she did what she did when Karen asked for her help. She was sitting in front of her class, her panties and bra in the trash and her body was totally aroused. All she could think of was Karen and if she would let her eat her pussy. By the time her lunch period arrived, Trish managed to calm her body and teach her last class. When she left the room and walked down the hall, Karen walked up behind her and touched her shoulder. “Hi Ms. Collins, how is your day?” Karen asked and watched as Trish almost collapsed when she felt and heard Karen. “I…I…I’m Okay Karen,” Trish mumbled trying to keep from dropping to her knees.

Karen smiled and called out as she walked past the flushed teacher, “Great, I’ll see you after school.”

Trish groaned as her body was very excited, she needed to calm down as her next class she had to teach naked, it was the last day of the month. Just the thought of teaching naked ramped up her body even more. She went to the teacher’s lounge to eat, but her mind was racing thinking about Karen and her next class. When the bell rang for the next class, she slowly stood and walked down the hall to her humiliation.

Josh rushed to his English class, his cock already at half-staff since this morning’s meeting with Ms M. Now Ms Collins was going to teach her class naked. Josh wondered if she was horny from when Karen spoke to her earlier. When he walked into her room, most of the students were already there knowing what was going to happen, but Ms Colling was nowhere in sight. When he strolled past her desk, he glanced at her trash can and saw a pair of panties and bra in plain view. His cock rocketed to full-staff and he rushed to his seat.

Trish was shaking as she slowly walked down the hall to her room. She felt like she was walking to the gallows and the end of her career. A few of her students walked past her smiling as they rushed to get to the room. Trish stopped outside her door, she didn’t want to go in but her choices were have her pictures distributed around school, or teach naked for a period. Standing there her mind a jumble of thought, the bell rang to start classes. Now on autopilot she stepped into the room.

Josh and everyone else waited and watched the door. When the bell rang for the start of class all conversation stopped. The room was silent when Ms Collins stepped through the door and shut it behind her. Josh studied her face and body closely. Her face was flushed and her nipples stood out against her top. It was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra. Josh thought, ‘I wonder if she’ll be able to keep from coming. God what if she has to give blowjobs to all the guys?’

Trish walked to her desk and stood in front of the class. “I…I…I don’t know what to do.” She spoke quietly.

“I know what you need to do.” The voice from the back spoke up. “You need to strip and teach our class naked, and if we have any questions you need to come to our desk and answer them. If you don’t do that then all my pictures are mind to do with as I please. Now strip!”

Trish turned even redder than before as she stood in front of her students. She couldn’t move till she heard, “NOW” from the back of the room. Her body flinched and her hands went behind her to unzip her dress. When she finished, she slid it down her arms and dropped it to her feet. The entire class gasped as their teacher was now standing naked in front of them panting.

“Very nice Ms Collins, now bring me your dress, I have a question.” The voice called again.

Trish knelt down and picked up her dress and walked down the aisle towards the boy in the back. As she walked past each student, they took advantage of the opportunity to touch her body. Each touch stoked her arousal till by the time she made it back to him she was on the edge of an orgasm.

When she arrived at his desk, she reached out and handed him her dress, the boy in front of him was sliding his hand up to her leaking cunt.

“Very good Ms Collins, you are very obedient and I think you’re going to have everyone’s attention today,” as he took the dress and put it into his book bag. Trish stood in front of him not moving, the fingers slipping into her depths were pushing her to the limit, when finally realized she could go back up front.

Trish turned and rushed back to her desk and tried to get some measure of control of her body. “Okay everyone, today I want you to read the next three chapters and answer the questions at the end them. She turned to sit at her desk, when she looked around the room. Several hands were in the air wanting to ask her questions. Trish’s knees almost collapsed as she didn’t think she would be able to hold off an orgasm when she walked to each student to answer their questions.

She looked at their faces; the girls were either giggling and flushed like her, or smiling an evil smile hoping to push her over the edge. The boys were all the same, a stupid grin with their tongues hanging out.

She walked to the first student and bent over to answer her question. Her ass and cunt exposed to the kids behind her.

“Tell me Ms Collins, are you a slut?” Becky asked as she reached up and tweaked one of her nipples.

“N…n…no Becky I’m not a slut.” But she gasped when someone behind her touched her labia. She closed her eyes and tried to maintain her composure. She stood and walked to the next student. On and on she walked around the room. Each time it was harder to control her body. It seemed that each time she finished with the questions; someone in the back raised their hands and called her back down a row. After making several trips around the room, all the students were taking full advantage and molesting her more and more. Finally she couldn’t take any more and dropped to her knees.

“Please have mercy on me, I can’t have sex with everyone here, God please just stop.” She begged crying.

It was then that several of the girls stood up and surrounded their kneeling teacher. “Okay that’s it. We’ve had out fun and that’s all the touching for today. Remember she has to do this again next month.” They pulled Trish to her feet and escorted her to her desk. “Sit down Ms Collins, I’m going to get your dress. You can put it on just before the bell rings.

Trish looked at the girls and said, “Thank you so much, I’m so grateful for you rescuing me.”

“No problem teach, maybe you can help us out sometime.” She said with a grin.

Both Trish and Beth struggled through the rest of the day. Each having problems controlling their minds and bodies, Josh and Karen’s plan was working perfectly.

When the final bell rang, Beth dropped her head on her arms. This was one of the hardest days she had ever experienced, and now Josh was about to show up and she knew she wasn’t strong enough to resist him.

Josh walked into Ms Martin’s room a few minutes after the last bell. When he opened the door he saw her with her head down on her desk. He knew she was barely hanging on and it wouldn’t take much before she would breakdown and ask him to give her some relief. But he had a plan to humiliate her before he allowed her to beg to be his slave.

“Hello Ms. M,” he said as he shut the door behind him.

Beth trembled when she heard his voice and raised her head, but she couldn’t speak at the moment.

“I was thinking about the project this afternoon. I don’t know what to do it on so I thought you might help me pick it out.” He watched her start to pant as he continued, “I want to end the project with a big CLIMAX!”

Beth heard the word climax and her body reacted immediately as her cunt clenched and she gushed with a small orgasm. Her eyes were closed and her body shook. Josh watched as he knew he just made her cum.

“Ms. M, are you okay? You look like something happened. You’re very flushed; did you just cum?” Josh asked as he already knew the answer.

Beth’s eyes popped open as her body reacted to his statement and she came again only stronger and it lasted longer. She was now openly grinding her crotch on the chair and the wet spot on her pants was much bigger.

About a minute later, Beth was gaining control of her body as a tear ran down her cheek. “Please Josh; I’m so sorry I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I couldn’t control myself. Please forgive me?” she whispered.

Josh grinned as he slid his hand over and grabbed Beth’s hand. It’s okay Beth, I won’t tell.”

Beth’s breath caught in her throat as his touch ramped her body back to where it was before she came. She was about to panic when Josh spoke again. “I guess when I said climax it got you off. Did the same thing happen when I said cum?”

“Oh god,” Beth groaned as her body again climaxed followed by a larger cum. She fell back in her chair her body drained and her mind confused. “Yes Josh I did.”

Josh wanted to keep the advantage and didn’t want to give her any break, scooted his seat next to her and grabbed her hands. “Don’t worry Beth, it will be our secret.”

Beth tried to pull away from his touch but he held her hands tightly. All the while her body was ramping up again. Beth could only look at the floor and wait to see what Josh wanted.

When Josh dropped her hands, Beth was again right on the edge of a massive orgasm, but her body wouldn’t go over the edge. “What do you want me to help you with Josh?” Beth said weakly.

“Well, I’ve got plans tonight, so could you go to the main library downtown and pick out the subject of my project? I think you would do a better job than I would.”

Beth nodded but couldn’t answer as her body was pulsing with arousal and her voice wouldn’t work. After a minute Beth quietly whispered and minute later, “Josh, I need relief again. I don’t know why but I need to cum again. Would you please give me some relief?”

“Beth, you’re asking me to let your body have some sexual relief?” Josh spoke as he wanted to humiliate her a little bit.

“Please Josh, I don’t know why but I can’t cum without your permission.” She cringed as her embarrassment coursed through her body.

“Well, I don’t know, I just gave you relief several times. How about if I let you earn the next one.”

Beth figured that here is where he would fuck her, but right now that was exactly what she wanted. “Sure Josh, what do you want me to do?”

How about while you are at the library deciding on my project, you strip and send me pictures of you naked on every floor. Make sure you start on the top floor and leave your clothes there and work your way down to the first floor.”

Beth’s face couldn’t hide her surprise. “I can’t do that Josh. I might get caught and I’d for sure get fired. Please let me do something else.”

Josh laughed and said, “I could have you just give me a blowjob, but I really want you to know who is in control. So I’m leaving and I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Maybe by then I’ll give you some relief.” He again grabbed her hand and squeezed. “However if you should change your mind and send me the pictures I’m sure you will get your relief.” Josh turned and walked out the door leaving a very horny teacher gasping for relief from her tormented body.

As soon as the door closed, Beth broke down and cried, her body was wound up and her only chance for relief just walked out the door leaving her with the impossible task of stripping in the public library.

Chapter 11

Trish waited for Karen to arrive after the last bell rang. She thought about rushing out the door but her body was so aroused she knew that unless she got some relief she would go crazy. After about 20 minutes, Karen strolled in the door.

‘Hi Ms Collins,” Trish said as she closed and locked the door.

“Hello Karen,” Trish whispered.

“Well let’s get started on the project shall we?”

Trish nodded as her body unbelievably was even more aroused than before. Trish watched as Karen pulled a chair up next to hers and opened her notebook.

“I’m going to be very busy for the next couple of weeks, so I was thinking if you would help me pick out the subject and do the outline, that would free me up to do other things. Will you help me do that?”

“Yes I’d love to help you,” Trish said as her shoulders slumped and her mind screamed no. Again another wave pulsed out from her core clouding her mind. “Karen, I’m having trouble concentrating so could we continue this some other time?”

“Well I guess. I do have to get home soon. My favorite show is ending up tonight and there is supposed to be a big climax.”

Trish’s eyes glazed over and a groan escaped from deep within as her body had a small orgasm. Karen watched as the horny teacher flushed and came just as she heard the word climax.

“Are you okay Ms Collins, you look like something happened? Is there something I can do?” she asked as she grabbed Trish’s hands and held them tight.

The momentary relief Trish received from the climax dissipated quickly at Karen’s touch.

“I’m so sorry Karen; I don’t know what happened but please excuse me I need to leave,” she said as she stood to walk out the door.

“Well, if I didn’t know better, it looked like you just had a cum.”

Trish heard the magic word and her knees buckled and she dropped to the floor. Her hands went to her crotch and tits grabbing and twisting to make it last longer. Her body was so starved for satisfaction she didn’t care that Karen saw her.

Karen watched as Trish stayed on the floor, her body trembling and moans escaping from her mouth.

“Wow Ms Collins when I said climax and cum, you did exactly that, why is that? Are you a horny slut, or are you infatuated with me?” Karen asked. She wanted Ms Collins to understand that she controlled her body.

Trish’s body again pulsed with pleasure as she climaxed and had two small orgasms. When she finally gained control she looked up at Karen.

“I don’t know why, Karen, but ever since this morning I can’t get you out of my mind. I’m so ashamed.”

“There, there Trish, may I call you Trish? Seeing as you’re so infatuated with me, maybe we should be on a first name basis? Since we’re going to be working together maybe we should work out some arrangement if every time we meet you get too horny and need to cum.”

Trish’s body again gushed as another small orgasm pulsed out from her cunt. Trish was now on her hands and knees trying to keep from falling to the floor. A minute later as her body calmed down and her head cleared a bit, she turned to Karen. “Yes, Miss Karen.”

It was Karen’s turn to cum this time as her pussy gushed when she heard Trish’s answer. “Great, so let’s set some ground rules. If you are good and do as I ask, I’ll make sure you get some relief. But if you give me a hard time or refuse my requests then I won’t. That should be simple enough, don’t you think?”

Trish was still on the floor, her legs still not quite working as she listened to Karen’s voice. With each word a pulse went through her body and straight to her cunt. By the time Karen finished with her statement Trish would have agreed to anything she said. She simply nodded her head and tried to get up.

“Stop. I kind of like you on the floor. It suits you. Maybe you should always be on your knees when we’re alone.”

“Yes, Miss Karen,” Trish mumbled.

Karen proceeded to give Trish a list of topics that were approved for her project and ordered her to pick one and do the outline for her to turn in. She didn’t care what she picked as she was going to make Trish do the entire project.

“Now seeing as I don’t have you in class this year, and I can’t keep an eye on you, I want you to buy a burner phone and give me the number. That way I can always contact you and you can send me pics. Please have it by tomorrow morning as well as my outline. If you do that I’m sure that I’ll give you at least some relief,” she said as she stood, walked up to the kneeling teacher and patted her on the head.

Trish’s mind had just cleared and she was regaining her faculties when Karen touched her again. Her head slumped as her body reacted and her arousal returned to unbearable levels.

“I’ll see you tomorrow morning, Trish. Will 7:00 am work for you? Oh and by the way, you might not want to wear slacks anymore, you have a huge wet spot on your crotch.”

Trish moaned. “Please Miss Karen, I still need relief. Please help me.”

“Look, I’ve already relieved you a few times. You need to get a grip. It seems that this is a one way street. What are you willing to do for some relief?”

“I don’t know, what would you like for me to do?” Trish asked, afraid of what she might want.

Karen thought for a second as an evil thought went through her mind. “How about whenever we are alone you’re naked. If you do that I’ll give you some relief and not touch you anymore today.”

Trish gasped but quickly removed her blouse and slacks and was soon naked on the floor at Karen’s feet. Trish laughed. “That was easy; cum for me slut.”

Trish’s body reacted and her cunt gushed as she came, hard. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she savored the pleasure going through her body. But it didn’t last and soon faded. The only good thing was that her level of arousal dropped and her head cleared. She watched as Karen laughed and walked out the door, leaving it open.

Trish quickly crawled over to the door and pulled it closed. As soon as it shut she sat down and cried.

Beth slowly gained control over her crying and went to the bathroom to clean up. 15 minutes later she walked out the door heading for the main library. Her body was still so aroused she changed out of her blouse and slacks opting for a pretty dress that ended up a few inches above her knees. With her pussy gushing so much, she didn’t want to take a chance she would leak through her panties and spot her pants.

All the way to the main library, Beth kept telling herself she was only going to do research on Josh’s project. There was no way she was going to strip and take pictures. By the time she pulled into the parking lot, Beth’s hand had slipped down inside her dress and she was stroking her clit. ‘God I need to cum so bad. I don’t know if I can wait till tomorrow. No…No…No I can’t think like that I can’t strip here,’ Beth debated with herself.

When she walked in the main door, she looked around and noticed that there were only a few people on the first floor. She walked up to the desk and asked where she would find the information she needed.

“Well most of the books you want are located on the third floor towards the back in aisle ten I think. The reference books are all located on the fourth floor. If you need any more help, I’ll be right here,” the pretty librarian said.

Beth smiled and thanked her, as she turned towards the elevator. When it arrived she stepped in and reached to push button three, but her hand moved to button four and pushed. ‘God I can’t really be thinking of doing this can I? I’ll just check it out and see if it’s even possible. Then I’ll go down to three and get the books I need and get out of here.’

When the door opened to the fourth floor, Beth stepped out and looked around. There was no one anywhere around and there was dead silence. She slowly walked down the main aisle looking down each row. When she finally got to the end of the room, she was convinced that she was alone. She sat down at a table and nervously fumbled with the buttons on her dress. Beth’s mind was confused on what to do. If she did this and sent Josh pictures of her naked in the library, it would give Josh total control over her. As Beth was thinking about what she was going to do, her fingers had already unbuttoned four buttons. Her dress was now open to her stomach. Her panties were in plain sight. Before she even realized it, the dress fell open and her bra joined her panties in being clearly visible. “Oh shit I have to do this, I can’t wait till tomorrow,” she whispered as she slid the dress down her arms and on the chair behind her. Now sitting in the back of the library in just her panties and bra, Beth listened intently for any noise hoping that no one would find her. Satisfied that she was still alone, her hand reached around her and opened the bra. Soon it joined her dress on the chair. Without hesitation she stood and slid her panties down her legs and put them with her clothes. Beth listened again and hearing nothing, slipped her shoes off and grabbed everything and walked down the aisle to some file cabinets. She tried a couple before she found one unlocked with a partially filled drawer. She put her clothes inside and shut the drawer. She went back to the table, pulled her cell phone out of her purse and put her purse with her clothes. Now totally naked and carrying her phone, she slowly worked her way back to the front of the room. The further she went from her clothes the more aroused she was. By the time she made it to the elevator and stairs her body was out of control. She quickly stood in front of the sign by the elevator showing what floor she was on and snapped a selfie. She looked at it and knew it wouldn’t do. It only showed her from the chest up and only showed about half her tits. Not wanting to take any more time she set the timer and leaned the phone on a table next to a bookcase. She ran back and stood in front of the camera and waited for the timer to expire.

FLASH, the camera took the picture but the flash lit up the entire floor. Beth panicked and grabbed the cell and rushed through the door to the stairs. As soon as she entered the staircase she started to run down the stairs, but the door above her slammed with an awful bang. Beth was certain that the entire library heard it. She was now halfway between the third and fourth floors and rushing down the stairs. Just as she reached the door, she heard another door open below her and someone enter the stairway. Standing absolutely still, she listened trying to determine which floor it was. When she heard footsteps coming up the stairs, she opened the door and rushed out on the third floor. When she stepped out of the staircase, she prayed that no one was on the other side. She Looked around and exhaled as there was no one in sight. Breathing a sigh of relief she ran down the aisle to get away from the door. She managed to get to the third aisle before the door opened. Beth peeked through the books trying to see who it was, praying it wasn’t the librarian. She slid down the side aisle away from the main aisle, hoping to hide on the end before whoever was here would see her. Leaning up against the shelves, she tried to control her breathing and listened intently for any hints of where the other person was.

Beth’s body was exploding but it wasn’t because of an orgasm. Being naked, with her clothes nowhere close and another person only a few feet away, the fear, arousal and confusion all ganged up on her mind and basically shut it down. She was only functioning on instinct trying to figure out how to get the picture she needed without getting caught.

When she heard the person continue down the main aisle, she slipped back towards the stairs. Once there, she removed the auto flash and set the timer and phone to take the pic. Standing by the elevator, nervously waiting, the bell for the elevator dinged just as the camera went off. Beth rushed to the phone and ran for the door; just as she opened it the elevator door opened and out walked four coeds from the local college. Beth ducked into the stairs and headed down. She was past the point of no return and she needed to finish the task.

This time she didn’t hear anything below or above her, when she slowly opened the door. Peeking around the door, she saw a girl sitting at a table by herself. But she was facing the other way and her head buried in a book. No seeing anyone else, she slipped through the door and rushed over to the bookshelves and out of sight of the girl. When she was out of sight she calmed down a little, but with the girl sitting where she was, she needed to find somewhere she could take a picture showing her on the floor. Looking at the back of the room, she saw some darkened offices. Hoping that one of them indicated the third floor, she made the long trip to the back of the room. Unfortunately the further she went back, the more people she saw. It was getting harder and harder to stay unseen. When she finally made it to the back wall there was an emergency exit plan posted between the offices. Beth breathed a sigh and quickly set up the camera and snapped her picture. Not wanting to wait any longer, she ran back to the front and rushed out the door to the stairs.

When she dashed down the first flight and made the turn for the first floor, she ran into two young women and a man. She stopped in her tracks and stuttered, “E…E…Excuse me, I’m sorry,” and she tried to rush past.

But they blocked her way and wouldn’t let her pass. “Now why in the world would you be in the library naked?” the tallest young woman asked.

Beth’s voice failed her as she couldn’t think of a reasonable excuse.

The other girl giggled and pushed forward backing Beth back against the wall. As the three of them pushed closer, Beth was now cowering in the corner of the stairwell and trying to say something.

“Well, if you can’t say anything I think we should take you to the front desk and let the librarian call the cops,” The first women said.

“P…P…Please don’t, I…I…I’m just doing a dare. Please, I can’t be arrested. Please let me pass,” Beth begged.

The guy then spoke up, “Well what’s it worth to you for us not to turn you in?”

“Anything, I’ll do anything; I’ll lose my job if I’m caught,” Beth pleaded, but as soon as she said it she realized her mistake.

“Anything! You’ll lose your job. Wow, that intense. I guess you wouldn’t mind giving me a blow job then would you?” The guy asked as he pinched Beth’s nipple.

“God Joe, is that all you think of?” the second woman asked.

“Hey, I wouldn’t mind watching that,” the other woman said, “It’s the price you pay for going naked in a library. You heard him slut, drop down and start sucking if you don’t want us to turn you in.”

Beth saw no way out. She slid down the wall and to her knees. By the time she looked up, he had his cock out and pointing at her face. She opened her mouth and sucked in the head of his cock. Luckily his cock wasn’t very big, only about six inches and very skinny. Beth was able to take it all and soon developed a rhythm sucking it deep into her mouth.

“God, look at her go; she’s an expert at sucking cocks,” Beth heard one of the women say. The guy was grunting as his cock was swelling in Beth’s mouth, his seed boiling in his balls and shooting up the shaft. Before anyone could say anything else, he shot the first spurt into Beth’s mouth. Beth backed up but the second and third shots covered her right eye and across her nose. She tried to point it away from her but only succeeded in covering her tits.

The two women broke out in laughter as they saw Beth’s expression as she tried to escape the guys shooting cock. One of the women saw Beth holding her phone, grabbed it from her and snapped some pictures of her face with the cock still pointing at her. She then pulled out her own phone and took some more. Beth jumped up, grabbed her phone and rushed back up the stairs to the second floor. She opened the door and rushed out into the room, hearing roars of laughter behind her.

Beth didn’t even stop when she entered the second floor but rushed to the wall and hid among the stacks. By the time she stopped running, she was almost to the back of the room. She knew she passed several people again but prayed they didn’t notice her, she continued to the back to see if there was another stairwell. By the time she got there she was alone again. Stopping to catch her breath, she peeked around the bookcase and noticed at least ten people between her and the stairwell. Looking at them it didn’t appear that they even saw her, but going back that way would be impossible. Looking along the back wall, she saw a utility door at the far side. She slid along the wall hoping that it would give her a way out. When she tried the knob it was locked. Leaning back against the wall a feeling of despair started to consume her body. When she heard a couple of people walking back towards her, the door opened. Fortunately she was behind the door and the pretty librarian walked in and continued walking away from Beth without noticing her. Beth grabbed the door and rushed through it and to another staircase. She was almost down the stairs when she wasn’t sure if she took a picture on the last floor. To make sure she turned and went back up and slowly opened the door and looked around praying no one was there. Holding the door open with one hand and her back to the room, she held the phone as far away as she could and snapped the picture. Not wanting to be exposed any longer she stepped back in the stairwell and looked at the result. It turned out better than she expected. It showed her from the waist up, her face still covered in cum and with several people in the background. Praying it would work, she headed for the first floor.

As soon as she opened the door to the first floor, she knew she was in trouble. There must be thirty people within sight of the door. Not wanting to wait any longer, she did exactly what she did on the second floor and rushed back up the stairs to the fourth floor. When she opened the door to the fourth floor, she found it just as she left it empty with no one around. She ran to the file cabinet and grabbed her clothes. Now dressed and feeling a lot better, she called up Josh’s number and started to text him the pics. She continued to send the pics as she walked to the elevator. When the door opened she walked in and pushed the button for the first floor. As the door closed, her phone rang.

“Well Beth, I see you changed your mind and decided to earn your relief. Well just so you know, I’m a man of my word. Orgasm slut!”

Beth cried out, “Oh God not now, please wait.” But her body was already exploding in a massive orgasm, buckling her knees and squirting her fluids down her legs. She could only grab her cunt and tits as it coursed through her body. Now on her knees, with her fingers in her cunt, her mouth wide open with a silent scream and her other hand squeezing her tits, the door opened exposing her to anyone looking. This only intensified the orgasm and kept her from moving out of the elevator. The doors shut as she tried to gain control of her body. She was thankful that she was no longer exposed but the elevator started to go up. Beth started to panic jumped up and tried to straighten her clothes and compose her face. When the door opened on the second floor, the three who assaulted her in the stairwell entered.

“Well, well if it isn’t our naked friend again. I see you found your clothes.” They jeered. “You haven’t even cleaned your face slut.”

Beth could only look at the floor she was so humiliated she couldn’t even answer. The guy started to maul her tits when the door opened to the first floor and Beth ran out and down the hall to the front door. Without even looking back she ran to her car and rushed out of the parking lot. The further she was from the library the safer she felt. Because Josh said orgasm, her body was now calm and she was no longer horny. Although she was humiliated at being seen naked in the library and forced to give a blow job, she didn’t think anyone recognized her. Now she needed to get home and figure out how she was going cope at school next week.

Beth pulled into her driveway feeling much better when her phone rang. “Hello,” she said.

“Hello Beth, have you decided on the subject of my project?”

“Oh no, I’m sorry, I was concentrating on getting your pictures I forgot to do the research,” she explained all the while her body was reacting to hearing his voice again.

“Well that’s unacceptable; you didn’t help me at all. I guess you’ll have to do something to make it up to me.”

“Please Josh, I’m sorry, what can I do?”

“I’ll leave that up to you. Meet me tomorrow morning at seven at your apartment. I’ll know by how you’re dressed if you really want to make it up to me,” Josh said and ended the call.

Beth sat in her car crying as her body’s reaction to his voice shot straight to her cunt. She was trapped and had no idea of how to get out. Beth opened the door and walked into her house, her mind thinking on what she could wear to make it up to Josh.

Chapter 12 & 13

Beth woke the next morning horny as hell. Her bed was wet between her legs, and her nipples were so hard they hurt. It was all she could do not to touch her clit and try to get off. By now she knew it wouldn’t help but only make things worse. She walked to the bathroom and started to clean up for the day. After a cold shower, Beth stood in front of the mirror shivering, but still very aroused. No sooner did she clean up her crotch, her cunt started to leak again, and sending drips down her legs. She finally gave up and went to get dressed.

She stood in front of her closet trying to figure out what to wear. She knew she needed to dress sexy but she didn’t want to attract too much attention. After pulling out several outfits, she decided on a short black skirt the came to the middle of her thighs. It was a little shorter than she wanted but it hugged her hips and looked great on her. For a top she chose a black silk blouse that buttoned up the front. It too was a little tight but she needed to attract Josh’s attention. Beth debated about a bra and decided not to wear one. For her panties, she chose a black lace French cut bikini brief and black thigh high’s. Finally she slipped on a pair of black 4″ stiletto sling back pumps. Looking in the mirror she looked like she was going out on a date.

Beth went downstairs to wait for Josh, it was almost seven and she expected him at any minute. No sooner did she reach the bottom of the stairs, she heard a knock. Her heart jumped and she rushed to the door. The only thing on her mind was doing anything she needed to do to achieve relief.

Josh stood on the front porch waiting for Beth to answer. He was anxious to see what Beth decided to wear. When she opened the door and he saw how she was dressed and frowned. “Are you teaching school today?” He asked angrily. “I guess your idea of pleasing is different from mine. No problem, no relief for you.”

“Oh Josh I’m sorry, I thought you would like this outfit. Please let me try again. I don’t need this blouse or skirt.” Beth practically tore the blouse off and dropped the skirt in just seconds. She was now standing in front of Josh with just her panties, stockings, and heels.

“Is this better? Please tell me this is better?”

Josh smiled as he watched his teacher panic and strip in front of him. Just a day or so ago she wouldn’t even look twice at him. Now she was begging to please him. “Yeah but I would have preferred you dressed this way when I arrived.”

“But I’m good now right? You said if I dressed to please you would give me relief.”

“But you didn’t get it right, so no relief for now. Maybe if you’re good it’ll be later today.”

Beth moaned as her head and shoulders slumped. “Yes Sir.”

“Now I want some breakfast. I want you go to McDonalds and pick up something to eat.”

“Yes Sir,” as she bent to pick up her clothes.

“I didn’t say get dressed, you look fine right now. I’ll have an egg McMuffin and a hash brown.”

“What, I can’t go dressed like this. I’m naked and there are several kids from our school that work there. Please let me at least put on a top.”

“No problem, wear whatever you want, but know this that if you put anything else on you’ll get no relief today or tomorrow.”

Beth’s body was completely out of control. Every word Josh spoke only aroused her more. Her mind was centered on her cunt and doing anything to jeopardize coming was out of the question. She turned and grabbed her purse and walked into the garage. As soon as her butt hit the seat, it hit her; she was actually going to McDonald’s naked. She leaned her head against the steering wheel and cried. “My life is over.”

Beth opened the garage door and backed down the drive. Her head was on a swivel looking out for any of her neighbors. Seeing the street deserted she breathed a sigh of relief and headed towards Main Street. The closer she got to the main drag the more cars that drove past her. When she got to the light she saw a cop sitting opposite her waiting on the same light. She slumped down a bit hoping he didn’t notice her nudity. When the light changed, she had to wait till he drove past her before she could turn. She didn’t even look at him hoping he had other things on his mind. All the while her cunt was pulsing at the fear, humiliation, and Josh, it was driving her crazy. After she turned, she watched behind her to see if the cop had turned around. She was so busy watching behind her she almost missed the driveway. She slammed on her brakes and squealed to a stop to make the drive. She blushed as any hope of being invisible disappeared right then.

Beth pulled into the drive thru lane but realized that there were three cars in front of her. Now she was sitting right by the door to the restaurant, naked. She thought about pulling out and waiting till the line went down and try again, but a car pulled behind her and blocked her in. Beth was scared as she saw another police car parked just to her right. If the line didn’t move soon, they could catch her right there. Beth looked in the restaurant trying to see if the cops were on their way out. Luckily the line moved and she pulled up away from the door. Two minutes later, just as the line moved again, the cops walked out the door and over to their car. Beth slumped some more as they pulled out of the spot and drove past her. She leaned against the wheel and cried, her whole life almost went up in smoke.

Beth jumped when she heard a car horn, she wasn’t paying attention and the line had moved again. She pulled up and placed her order. She was just calming down from the cops and now she had to pay at the window. ‘God please don’t let anyone recognized me. Please…please…please don’t be anyone I know!’

When Beth pulled up to the window, she had her money ready, exact change even. She didn’t want to be there any longer than necessary.

“That will be 8.75 M…M…Miss.” The pimply faced teen said as his mouth fell open.

Beth groaned as she noticed that she wasn’t close enough to just hand him the money. She had to lean out the window to reach his hand. In doing so her tits slipped above the window and gave him a show. He took her money but didn’t move. His eyes locked on her perfect tits. Beth slid back in the car and blushed, trying not to look at him, not wanting to know if she knew him. Finally she turned and said, “MY FOOD!”

That woke him up and he quickly handed her the food. Beth grabbed the food and punched the gas. The trip back to her house went quickly and she pulled into her driveway. She reached up and pushed the opener but the door didn’t move. She pushed it again when Josh appeared at the front door smiling. Beth cussed as she knew he disconnected the garage door and now she had to walk in the front door. Gathering all her strength, she opened her door and stepped out on the drive. Looking each way and not seeing anyone, she dashed to the door.

Josh watched her run to the door wearing only her heels, stockings, and panties; she looked beautiful as her tits bounced up and down as she tried to run in the heels. He made her stand on the porch for a minute before he let her in as he watched her look up and down the street.

Beth was out of breath when she finally got safely inside. “Josh, why did you make me wait out there? I can’t be seen by my neighbors naked.”

“Oh, I’m sorry; I guess I thought you were doing this to keep me happy. I’ll remember that later.”

“Wait, please I’m sorry, I was just scared I spoke out of turn. Please forgive me Josh.”

“Too late for that, you’re going to have to work harder now if you want relief. Let’s eat.”

For the next couple of hours, Josh had Beth wait on him hand and foot. All the while Beth was getting more and more desperate to orgasm. By ten o’clock she was on her knees at his feet stroking his leg.

Josh’s cock was rock hard but he wasn’t ready to have her sexually yet. He was sticking to the plan to have her beg to be his slave, not just begging to have sex. He wanted her total submission.

“Hey Josh, it seems that your pants are a little tight. How about I take care of that for you?” She slid her hand closer to his cock hoping to seduce him.

Josh grabbed her hand and pushed it away. “Not now Beth, we need to go shopping first. We need to upgrade your wardrobe.”

She sat back and gasped, “You want to go out again, shopping for clothes, may I wear something?”

“Yes I’ll let you wear your shoes and skirt and blouse. Will that work? Go get your clothes in the hall.”

Beth sighed and walked out to get her things. When she got back, Josh instructed her to remove her panties and stockings before he let her dress. Soon they were on their way, heading for a small strip center on the other side of town.

When they arrived Beth looked around, “Where’s the store? I don’t see any clothing stores.”

“You’re not looking close enough; we’re going to the thrift store. I’m sure we can find a few outfits that will do.”

Beth looked down the row of stores and finally saw the thrift store at the end of the strip. She pulled into a spot near the door and turned off the car.

Josh got out and waited for Beth to catch up. When they entered to door, Beth was shocked at the massive amount of clothes hanging on the racks. A young woman walked up to them and said, “Hi, I’m Cindy how may I help you?”

“Hi Cindy, I’m Josh and this is Beth, she is looking at updating her wardrobe. She’s no longer wearing pants and her dresses and her skirts are too long. Do you think you can find something to sex her up?” Josh smiled as he looked at the pretty young woman.

Cindy grinned as she looked the couple over. She’d seen this before, but usually it was a pimp with a new hooker. This time it was a young man and an obviously older women and he was in charge. Cindy thought for a moment then said, “I’m sure we can find something. How do you want to do this?”

“Well I’m not sure, what do you suggest?”

Okay, how about we find a length you’re comfortable with and have her go to the dressing room and strip. You and I will pull out things that might work, and she will model them for us.”

“Sounds great, let’s get started.”

Beth stood in silence as they talked like she wasn’t even there. Her face and chest was beet red and her nipples at attention.

Cindy looked at Beth and pulled out a size 6 skirt and held it up to her. It was only about 12 inches long and ended up just a few inches below her crotch. “What do you think? Too long? Or too short?”

Josh looked at it and said, “That will work but nothing longer than that.”

Cindy pulled out a tape measure, confirmed the length and handed it to Beth. Within a few minutes, she had 5 skirts out and handed them to Beth. “Okay, go over to the changing booth and strip down, put on each one and walk out and show us.”

Beth looked at Josh for help but he just nodded. She grabbed the garments and headed for the booth. Beth entered the booth and removed her skirt. Now naked from the waist down, she slipped on the first skirt and walked out the curtain. Even going out clubbing she had never worn a skirt so short. She walked barefoot over to Josh and Cindy and waited for them to respond.

“That won’t do, you blouse covers too much, and we can’t see the skirt. Take off the blouse.” Cindy instructed.

Beth gasped, “I don’t have a bra on, I can’t take it off, I’ll tuck it in instead.”

“There’s no one else here and I want to see it without the blouse. Don’t you agree Josh?”

“Yes I do, but Beth it’s your choice. You can tuck in the blouse or go without. I don’t care but I won’t be happy if you tuck it.”

Beth cringed at the thought of removing her blouse, but Josh’s veiled threat eliminated any resistance, as she unbuttoned the blouse and dropped it on the floor. She was now standing naked from the waist up and wearing a short skirt in the middle of the store. In spite of herself her body’s reaction was to release another gush of fluids from her horny cunt and down her legs.

Cindy watched as the submissive woman stripped in front of them. Cindy’s own body flushed with arousal at the thought of seeing how far this was going to go.

“Take off the skirt and put this one on,” Cindy handed her a pink wrap around that was almost transparent skirt, barely ten inches wide and only about two feet long.

Beth’s breathing was in short pants as she dropped the skirt and stood naked wearing only her heels. When she tried to put the skirt on it wouldn’t quite make it around her hips. The only way to close it was to take it to her waist and fasten the catch. When she looked down it was open down the side and ended up just above her dripping cunt.

“My aren’t you excited, you’re dripping on the floor. I guess you like this one.”

Beth could only pant as her voice had long gone. It was everything she could do to not drop to her knees and beg for relief. For the next hour Cindy and Josh tortured Beth making her strip and try on every short skirt and dress they could find. By the time they left, Beth purchased ten skirts, five dresses, and 10 blouses. Almost all were inappropriate for school.

When they got back in the car, Beth whimpered as her cunt was out of control and her entire legs were soaked with her juices. “Please Josh, may I clean up. I need to wipe myself.”

“Sure, go ahead, but only use your fingers, and lick them off.”

Beth didn’t say anything, she needed to keep Josh happy as her hand slid down between her legs and gathered her essence and brought it to her mouth.

“Make sure that every fourth time instead of licking it off you wipe it on your face or tits. I like you wearing your cum.”

Beth proceeded to clean her legs and followed directions. By the time she finished she had covered her face and tits with her fluids, but at least her crotch was dry for now.

When she finished Beth started the car and pulled out of the spot, “Where to now Josh?”

Josh gave her an address and she plugged it into her GPS, thirty minutes later, she pulled into an adult emporium.

“Please Josh not here, can’t we order everything online?”

“Beth…Beth…Beth when are you going to learn, each time you question my decisions delays your relief. I’m not going in there, you are. I want you to go in and buy some toys. It’s your choice on what toys you buy, but keep in mind what you think I might like. The only thing I require is you spend at least $300.00. After that it’s your choice.”

Beth looked at Josh in shock, “Please can you give me some direction? I’ve never been inside one of those stores before and I don’t have any idea of what to buy.”

“Nope, I guess you’ll have to ask someone inside for some help.”

Beth sat there for a moment, then opened the door and slowly walked to the store. Once she got to the door she took a deep breath and pushed it open. She was surprised at the volume of items in front of her. Every wall, shelf, and display had things she had no idea of what they were. See looked around and noticed that there were three men browsing the bargain DVD rack and a greasy man standing behind the counter. As she walked down each aisle her task became more and more intimidating. Finally she walked up to the counter and asked for assistance.

“Please sir could you help me?”

“Sure honey what’cha lookin fur? My name’s Tony by the way.”

“My boyfriend asked me to pick up some toys for us to play with and I don’t know what to get.”

“Well what are you into? Dildos, BDSM, bondage, roleplay, anal, we got it all.”

“I’m not sure but maybe we can choose a little of everything?”

“Well we can do that,” As he walked around the counter looking at Beth closely. “You might want to grab a cart though.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her down the fetish aisle as she drug the cart behind her.

His first stop was the collars, “What’s his favorite color?”

“I think it’s blue.” She meekly answered.

Tony grabbed a blue collar with studs and several rings attached to it. He put it around her neck and buckled it. “That fits fine, let me attached the lock so we don’t forget it.” He pulled a lock from the display and locked the collar in place. Next he grabbed a couple of nipple clips, one with a chain attaching the two clips, the other had three clips with one on a longer chain.

“What are those for?” Beth was afraid to ask.

“Here let me show you.” He said as he opened her blouse and attached one of the clips to her nipple. Beth gasped out in pain and started to push his hand away, but her smacked it and told her, “Put those hands down till I tell you different.” He then clipped the other nipple.

“Oh god those hurt, may I please take them off now? And what is the third clip for?”

‘Slow down honey, just leave them on for a while and the pain eases up in a few. Oh the third clip, let me show you,” as he lifted her skirt and pulled back her hood exposing her clit.

“No…No…No…not there,” Beth screamed and pushed his hands away from her cunt.

“Okay but you get the idea.” As he tossed a ball gag and a ring gag into her cart. Next he grabbed handcuffs, shackles, spreader bar and a selection of anal plugs. Once he got to the end of the aisle he smiled and pulled a sirik off the shelf. “No self-respecting slave can go without her chains. When he turned down the next aisle he shoved several dildo and vibrators of various sized, including a few wireless ones.

Beth looked at the accumulating items in the cart and wondered how much this was going to cost. She also was starting to get afraid of what Josh would do with them.

Tony backtracked a bit and went to the leather aisle and grabbed a couple of masks, one full face and one half face. While he was there he tossed into the cart and flogger, crop and whip.

“That will about do it honey, oh wait, you’ll need these,” as he grabbed a leash and a couple of canes.

He stopped and looked at the scared woman standing in front of him. Her top was above her tits and she had nipple clips still attached. The collar was locked on and her face was flushed. He grabbed the chain between the clips and pulled. “Let’s get you checked out honey.”

Beth gasped as her nipples were pulled out but she followed without hesitation. In spite of her humiliation and intimidation her body was on overload with arousal and her cunt was pulsing with desire.

Ten minutes and $450.00 later she walked out the door, the clips still attached as well as the collar. Beth walked to the car carrying two large bags filled with numerous toys all to be used on her.

When Beth entered the car and handed Josh the bags, he laughed, “I didn’t know you were interested in BDSM. I guess we’ll have to explore that. I was just thinking of some vibrators and plugs. You really went all in.”

“I’m trying to please you Sir.”

Josh beamed when he heard the word Sir. He knew that she was close to succumbing and begging to be his slave.

Beth started the car, but first she reached down and scooped up her drippings from her legs and cunt. Soon she was scooping and licking and wiping her essence on her face and tits. She was now doing this more often as her cunt was constantly dripping.

It was now about 4 pm and Josh directed her to the mall. Beth cringed when he told her where to go but had little choice.

When they arrived Josh told Beth what he expected. “I want you to go into the mall and visit Victoria Secret and buy several thongs, and crotch less panties. Make sure they are very sexy. Josh then opened a bag from the adult store and pulled out a wireless egg. He checked to see if it worked and told her to insert it in her cunt.

Beth started to complain, but her desire for relief over rode her voice. She grabbed the egg and slid it easily into her core.

Josh continued, “Then I want you to go to Spencer’s Gifts and browse around the store for at least ten minutes. Then I want you to buy the biggest sex toy you can find and carry it out without a bag. If you do this I will guarantee you some relief.”

Beth couldn’t believe her ears. All she had to do was buy some underwear and another sex toy. This could be the easiest task yet.

“Yes Sir,” Beth was excited as she opened the door and jumped out, not even thinking about the nipple clips and collar around her neck. The only thing on her mind was completing her task and getting some relief.

Josh almost laughed as she got out of the car and walked towards the mall. He waited a minute and followed her inside. By the time he got to Victoria Secret, Beth already had several items in her hands and was digging for more when Josh pushed the button of the remote.

Beth’s reaction was immediate as she squeaked and her knees almost buckled. He watched as she grabbed the counter to hold herself up while her body tried to keep control. When a salesgirl approached, Josh turned it off as Beth gasped for air. He moved to the other side of the aisle and behind a kiosk and out of sight to wait for her to come out. Soon Beth walked out of the store on shaky legs heading to her next stop. Josh followed on the other side of the wide walkway keeping out of sight as much as possible. When Spencer’s Gifts was in sight, Josh hit the remote again, this time at three quarter power.

Beth managed to finish at VS, it was close because the egg had suddenly started to vibrate. Luckily it stopped before the salesgirls got to her. She managed to check out and head down to her next stop. It was tough walking because when the egg vibrated, her cunt exploded and her fluids poured down her legs and soaked her shoes. Now every time she took a step her feet slid inside her heels. She was in sight of Spencer’s when the egg exploded again. This time it was stronger than the last and she rushed over to a bench to try to keep her body under control. She felt her black skirt soaking up her juice and was now soaked. She was glad she was wearing black so no one would notice.

Josh watched as Beth tried not to be noticed but she was rocking her ass on the bench rubbing her cunt trying to get some relief. He turned off the remote and waited till she got up and headed towards the store. He moved ahead of her confident that she wasn’t aware of anyone around her. He made it to the store just before she arrived and he pulled out his camera.

Beth was on autopilot as she approached Spencer’s, she just needed to browse for a few minutes and get out of there. As she walked through the door she passed two people walking out who gasped and giggled. Beth ignoring them continued to go deeper inside the novelty store. Beth soon noticed that everyone was looking at her and snickering. One old lady actually called her a slut. Beth didn’t understand till she saw a mirror. To her horror, her entire face was lit up like a spot light. When she looked at her hands they glowed brightly, and her tits had glowing hand prints on her blouse as well as her hips. When she looked at her legs, her entire crotch area was lit up like her skirt was battery powered. Before she could move, a drip slid down her leg like lava, ending up in her shoe which also glowed in the dark. She slowly turned her ass to the mirror and when she saw her ass, her mind went blank. But there wasn’t a hand print on her ass, but a large bright spot over six inches wide, with a trail going up her crack. Beth looked around her trying to comprehend what had happened to her. She hadn’t been sexually assaulted, and she had made the choices, no one made her to do these things. She had scooped cum off her body and licked it off her fingers. She wiped every fourth scoop on her face and tits. Beth didn’t do anything but slowly walk out the door. She needed to get out of there to hide her shame. The farther she was from the store the faster she walked. Soon she was running as fast as her heels allowed. Josh followed as best as he could videoing as he went.

By the time he got back to the car, Beth was standing beside her car. Josh walked up to her and asked, “How’d it go Beth?”

Beth looked at him; she looked defeated, overwhelmed, and exhausted. “I…I…I…I’m lost, I have no control over anything. I think I’m losing it.” She was surprisingly calm.

“Did you buy the toy at Spencer’s?”

“No Master, I freaked when I saw me covered in cum at the store. I couldn’t function. Please, please, please Master have mercy I can’t function now. Please give me relief.” Beth dropped to her knees and begged.

Josh knew this would do it. This would be the straw that breaks her back. “Sorry Beth, you didn’t finish your task, so maybe tomorrow.”

Beth collapsed, now completely prone by the car, she looked up at Josh just a few feet from her. All she had to do was please him. He had given her several chances to please him and each time she failed. Now she had failed again and he is leaving.

Just as Josh turned to leave, Beth lunged forward on her belly and grabbed his leg. “Please Master,” each time she says that it’s more comfortable, “Let me make you happy.”

“I’ve given you plenty of chances to please me, what could you do now?”

“Please Master, take me as your slave. Use me, abuse me, humiliate me, but take control and give me relief. I will willingly serve you as long as you wish. Please Master take me.” She hugged his leg and begged for all she was worth. Beth’s mind had been under constant assault since Josh spoke those few words to her yesterday. Her mind and body now craved his very presence. His voice caressed her mind, and his touch consumed her. Now after fruitlessly chasing the orgasm her body craved for days, she realized that it wasn’t the orgasm she craved, but Josh. With just a word, a touch, or a simple command he could affect her being like no other person. He could bring her total satisfaction with just his voice, and now she craved his body.

Josh stood above the groveling woman at his feet. ‘It worked just like Susan said it would. Beth Martin is begging to be my slave, and I didn’t force her other than stoke her arousal and deny her any sexual satisfaction.’ “So you want to be my slave, teacher? You want me to control your mind and body? You give yourself freely and without reservations? You will obey my every command?”

“Oh God Yes Master, please I’m here for your pleasure and will obey you to the best of my ability.” Beth was pleading for her soul.

Josh smiled, knelt down, and pulled her head up and looked deep in her eyes. He touched her face and said, “EXPLOSION!”

Beth’s eyes rolled back in her head as her entire body started to shake, as the orgasm that had been building for the last few days erupted from deep within. It flowed out from her cunt till it consumed her entire being. On and on it pulsed thru her as each pulse was building on the last till everything around her disappeared leaving her encapsulated in pleasure. Her arms and hands were caressing her body as each touch increased the pleasure still building inside her. As her orgasm built to it final peak, Beth lost all control of her bodily functions as spewed her fluids around her. When the orgasm finally crested, her bladder released its contents and piss shot out covering her legs and feet. But instead of being repulsed by wallowing in her waste; her body again erupted in another orgasm. Though not as intense as the last, but it was still very satisfying.

Josh watched as Beth convulsed on the pavement beside her car. There was nothing he could do to stop her or move her to the car. He looked around him and noticed that some people were watching Beth as she orgasmed at his feet. He needed to get her in the car and get out of there fast. “Get up slave and get in the car.” Josh ordered as he grabbed her hands and pulled her to her feet.

“Oh thank you Master, I promise to keep you happy, thank you.” She babbled as Josh pushed her into the passenger seat. He buckled her in and calmly walked around the car, started it and drove away, praying that he wouldn’t get pulled over till Beth regained her senses. He was ecstatic that she finally begged to be his slave but spending the night in jail would probably end their new relationship. Beth didn’t move the entire way back to her home. When he pulled into her garage she was just coming around.

Beth opened her eyes and looked around her. At first she didn’t recognize where she was. When she saw her back door she knew she was home. Looking over to the driver’s seat, she saw Josh. Her heart melted and she said, “Thank you Master.”

Chapter 13

Trish could only groan as her body’s reaction to Miss Karen’s voice was taking a toll. “Please Miss Karen, I can’t go on. I don’t know why but your voice is driving me crazy. I don’t think I can effectively help you with your project. Please can we stop?”

“Oh Trish, I’m so disappointed you feel that way. I really need your help. Please decide what my topic will be and do an outline for me. I’ll see you tomorrow morning at your apartment at 7.”

“Yes Miss Karen, I will do my best.”

As soon as the call ended, Trish rushed up to her room and pulled out her largest vibrator and plunged it deep inside her cunt. Her only thoughts ware to scratch an itch that she prayed she could scratch. Trish’s cunt welcomed the vibrator as her juices gushed around the intruder. She slowly pulled it back and plunged it deeper inside her body. Soon she was rapidly stroking her cunt with the vibrator in its highest setting, only to end up frustrated and a lot hornier. Trish broke down crying as her body would not climax no matter how hard she fucked herself or pulled and twisted her nipples. Now she lie in bed, soaked in sweat, her nipples hurting and her cunt unsatisfied.

She dozed off and slept for about an hour before she got up and took a shower. After drying off she wrapped a towel around her body and walked to her computer to do the research on Trish’s project. It turned out to be more difficult than she thought. She knew nothing about the topics Karen gave her and her cunt was constantly pulsing and distracting her. Several times she had to stop and rub her clit to try to cum.

It was well after midnight before she settled on a topic and had somewhat of an outline ready for Karen. She hoped that it would be good enough for her. Trish shut down her computer and dragged her tired and aroused body to bed.

Six o’clock came very quickly to Trish; it felt like she just went to bed. She wiped the sleep from her eyes and walked to the bathroom. She jumped in the shower and left the hot water off trying to reduce her arousal just a bit. Unfortunately it only worked while she was showering. After toweling off she walked to her closet to pick out something to wear when she remembered that Karen told her that she needed to be naked and on her knees whenever they are alone.

I can’t do that; I can’t stay naked on my knees every time we’re alone. I’m not going to do it. She will just have to accept that I’m an adult and treat me as such.

Trish did slip on a lightweight summer dress but nothing else. Karen’s request for help on the underwear boycott gave her no choice but to go commando. She walked back into the kitchen and poured herself a coffee to wait for Karen’s arrival.

Karen got up at 6:30 and took care of her personal needs before she dressed. Today she slipped on a button up jean skirt that ended up a couple of inches above her knees and a white halter top. To finish the outfit she slipped on a pair of sandals and walked out the door. Her body trembling with excitement at what was about to happen. She hoped that Trish would fight her and try to resist her programming. She couldn’t think of anything more fun than ripping out any resistance from her slut teacher and making her to submit to her every desire. Trish stopped at a convenience store just to waste some time. She didn’t want to get there till after 7. She wanted Trish on edge waiting for her to arrive.

At ten past seven, Karen walked into Trish’s apartment. She didn’t knock but confidently walked in and surprised Trish. “Good morning Teach.”

Trish jumped when Karen walked into the kitchen; she hadn’t heard her enter the apartment and jumped when she spoke. “Good morning Miss Karen.”

“I see you decided to not follow my wishes and are not on the floor naked!”

“Miss Karen, I’m an adult and a teacher. I shouldn’t have to be naked and on my knees around you. I’m here to help you not kneel before you.” Trish was trying to be as forceful as possible.

“Oh well then I guess you told me didn’t you slut.” Karen walked up to Trish and gave her a hug.

Trish gasped then groaned and finally moaned as her body erupted sending her arousal through the roof. Soon Trish was panting and rubbing her cunt on the chair. But Karen wouldn’t let go, she was now caressing Trish’s tits and pinching her nipples, till Trish screamed out, “PLEASE MISS KAREN, PLEASE STOP, PLEASE I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.” As she broke away from Karen’s grip, untied the halter, pulled her dress off and dropped it to the floor.

Karen laughed and said, “What happened to your little speech about you being an adult and equal to me. I guess that flew right out the window. Now because you didn’t do what I politely asked you to do and tried to take control, you need to be punished.”

Trish dropped her head, her body was on fire and she needed to cum. When Karen said punishment all she could do was respond, “Yes Miss Karen.”

“Now I happened to bring some things to help with your punishment so would you be so kind and bring them in from the backseat of my car?”

“Yes Miss Karen,” she started to stand up to walk out the door.

“Oh no you aren’t to stand, unless I tell say otherwise you’ll crawl everywhere, and no clothes, do it naked”

Trish dropped back to her knees and crawled to her front door. She opened the door and looked down the hallway. She didn’t see any of her neighbors so she rapidly crawled around the corner to the stairs and down to the door leading to the parking lot. Once outside she saw Karen’s car parked at least 50 yards from the door. Trish was crying as she started the long crawl to the vehicle and prayed that no one would see her. When she finally got to the car door and opened it she cried even harder. Sitting on the seat were lots of sex toys, shackles, hand cuffs, plugs, floggers, paddles, and crops among other things. But there was nothing to carry them in. She would have to grab as many as possible and carry them in the open while crawling back to her apartment. Remembering that Karen said punishment, Trish grabbed the flogger, crop, whip, cuffs and an anal plug and a few other things and started the trip back to the door. It went well for the first 25 or so yards, but then the items started to shift and she dropped a few. Soon it was every few feet before she had to stop again and pick something up. By the time she got to the main door, she’d been crawling, naked in the parking lot almost twenty minutes. Breathing a sigh of relief she crawled in the door and headed up the flight of stairs to her apartment. Just as she made it up half way, she dropped the anal plug, vibrator, and the flogger. She cringed as each item dropped down the stairs making a lot of noise. Trish rapidly slid back down the stairs just as her neighbor walked in the door.

Amber stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Trish, naked on her knees crawling down the stairs. When she looked down at her feet she saw the plug, vibrator, and flogger lying in front of her. “Trish, what in the world are you doing?” She started to bend down and pick up the items but when she thought about where they might have been she stopped and stood back up.

By now Trish was at the bottom of the stairs and had gathered her toys. Her entire body was flushed which only increased her arousal and caused her cunt to pulse and squirt some fluid onto Amber’s foot.

“Oh God I’m so sorry Amber, please forgive me. I just had to go to my car to bring in some things and I dropped some.”

Amber cringed when she felt Trish’s bodily fluids hit her foot. She had on a pair of sandals and now her toes were covered in cum. Before Amber could say anything, someone appeared above her at the top of the stairs.

“God Karen can’t you do anything right. You just had to crawl out and grab something for me to punish you with. You didn’t need to bring in everything. Now look what you’ve done, you gushed your nasty slime on her foot. Apologize and clean it off.”

“Please forgive me Amber, I sometimes can’t control myself. Please let me clean up my mess?”

Amber stood in shock, Trish was a friend of hers and had never acted this way before, and who is this young girl standing above her giving her orders. Before she could say anything, Trish dropped her head and started to lick her fluids off her feet. At first she started to pull away, but Trish grabbed her heel and held it in place. In spite of the bizarre situation, Amber started to get a little wet. She stood there watching Trish lavish her tongue all over her foot her mind took in what else Trish was carrying. Now she saw the whip, cuffs, and other sex toys and then she looked up at Karen standing above them.

Trish couldn’t look at Amber, she was too humiliated, and she only concentrated on doing her job of cleaning her neighbor’s foot making sure she cleaned between each toe and up to the ankle. Trish never felt more worthless as her self-esteem was destroyed.

Amber suddenly realized what was going on and smiled, “Are you her Mistress?”

“Not yet but maybe soon. She doesn’t know that she wants to be a slave yet.”

Trish almost choked when she heard them talking above her. “I’m not a slave”

“You could’ve fooled me, crawling around the building naked with lots of kinky toys, and now you’re licking my feet. Sure looks like you’re a slave to me” Amber chuckled as she raised her foot to allow Trish to lick the bottom.

“That’s good enough Trish, gather your stuff and crawl into the apartment. I’m sorry but I missed your name.”

“I’m Amber; I live across the hall, and you?”

“I’m Karen; she was my teacher last year. She flunked me and I had to go to summer school and it fucked up my entire summer. Trish has decided to make it up to me however she can. So I’m exacting my pound of flesh so to speak.”

“Interesting, I’d never have thought Trish was into things like this but this is kind ‘a hot. If you need any help just let me know.” Amber walked up the stairs with a big smile and entered her apartment.

Trish heard everything but was so embarrassed she couldn’t speak; she simply followed Trish’s orders, and carried everything up to her apartment. I’ll never be able to face her again. How am I going to get out of this?

Karen followed the submissive teacher into the door and kicked her in the ass, “Up on you knees and hands behind your head.”

Trish quickly complied as Karen grabbed the crop and smacked Trish’s right tit. Before she could react she did it several more times, the last couple directly on her nipple.

Trish at first yelped at the blows, but after more and more rained down on her abused tit she started to scream, with each hit she got louder. When the blows landed on her nipple she shrieked and dropped to the floor begging Karen to have mercy.

When Karen heard a knock at the door, she peaked out and saw Amber standing there. She opened up the door and invited her in.

“She’s getting a little loud; maybe you should gag her if you keep this up?”

“Thanks, that’s a good idea. But I don’t think she brought one in.”

“I have an idea, how about these.” She raised her dress and shimmied out of her panties.

This time it was Karen who was surprised, “Absolutely that will work.”

Amber bent down and pulled Trish’s face up and shoved her dirty panties in her mouth. “I guess I should have showered this morning. I wore those all day yesterday at work and during my work out afterwards. They’re probably a little ripe.”

Karen giggled as this couldn’t be going any better. Not only was she humiliating her teacher, she now had her neighbor helping her. “Would you like to do the other tit?” Karen reached out and offered the crop to her new friend.

“Love to, can I crop anywhere else too.”

“Sure crop to your hearts content. Trish, get up off the floor and get in position, hands behind your head.”

Trish slowly rose to her knees and placed her hands behind her head. She glanced down at her screaming right tit and it was dark red with blotches covering it. She leaned back pushing her tits out as directed and closed her eyes.

Amber smiled as she stood above the submissive neighbor below her. “Make sure you keep my panties in your mouth, we don’t want any more neighbors adding to our fun do we?”

Trish could only nod as she waited for the first blow.

Amber gently rubbed the crop on Trish’s left tit, lightly tapping it making Trish wait for the blow. When she finally brought her hand back and swung it forward, she smacked Trish right between her legs directly on her clit.

Trish’s eyes bugged open as the blow took her totally by surprise. The pain was intense and she closed her legs to protect her cunt from any further pain. Not waiting Amber smacked the kneeling woman’s tit this time again surprising her. Trish had never felt pain like this before. These spanks made Karen’s feel like love taps. She leaned forward, trying to cope with the pain emitting from her cunt and tits.

Karen smiled and stood in shock as Amber’s third spank landed directly on Trish’s little brown ring. Trish again squealed as every time she exposed her body Amber struck. Before Trish could move again, Amber followed up the last spank with four more on the same spot.

Trish wasn’t able to keep from moving as she tried to hide her ass from any more punishment. As soon as her tits came into view, Amber give three hard spanks directly on her nipple. Trish lost it and collapsed and lay in a fetal position as Amber rained blow after blow on any exposed part of Trish’s body she desired.

After a few minutes, and Amber’s arm getting tired, she stopped beating her submissive neighbor. Trish now lay on the floor with red welts covering her body.

Karen nudged Amber and took the crop from her hand, she reached down and pulled Trish on her back, she offered no resistance and allowed Karen to move her body at will. When Karen was satisfied with Trish’s body, she raised the crop and repeatedly spanked her cunt while calling out, “CUM SLUT, ORGASM!”

Trish’s body exploded as the pain and Karen’s words joined together in a massive orgasm. Karen and Amber watched as Trish convulsed on the floor while Karen kept spanking her abused cunt.

Trish had never had an orgasm from pain before but the intensity shut down her brain as every welt and mark pulsed with pain and pleasure. Just as she lost control everything went black.

Trish woke from her orgasm induced coma and looked around her getting her bearings. She was still on the floor in her living room. When she turned her head she saw Karen and Amber sitting on the couch chatting.

“Well look who is back among the living, welcome back Trish. You made quite a mess. Would you please help me clean it up? How about you start licking and I’ll tell you where?” Karen called.

Trish slowly sat up and looked around her and noticed that she was sitting in a puddle of piss and cum. As her mind cleared and her voice returned she looked up at Karen. “Yes Miss Karen, I’d love to help,” as she dropped her head to the floor and started to lick.

I can’t stop doing what she asks, I’m helpless, and confused. God I love the sound of her voice. I wish she would take me and make me hers. I need to please her.

As Trish was licking the floor, Karen stood and walked over to the prone teacher. She touched her head and pointed to another puddle, “You missed a spot.”

Trish melted as soon a she felt the touch, and slid to where Karen pointed and started to lick.

Amber stood and laughed as she walked by Trish, “Thank you for inviting me. I had a wonderful time and I hope we can do it again soon,” as she walked out the door to go home.

“Okay slut, stop licking and mop up your mess. We need to take care of some things before I’m done with you today.” Trish crawled over to the closet and grabbed the mop and finished cleaning the floor. When she finished Karen called her into her bedroom. Here slut put these on, we’re going out for some fun.

Trish crawled over to the bed and looked at what Karen laid out for her. She dropped her head as sitting there was a crop top that she had not worn in at least six years. It was small on her then, Trish wondered if she could even fit in it now. To go with it was a pleated tartan skirt that looked like at school uniform skirt for an elementary school girl. It couldn’t be more than twelve inches long. Sitting on the floor was a pair of four inch pumps. Normally they would look nice with an evening gown but with this skirt and top it was obscene.

“Miss Karen, may I take a shower, I’m covered in piss and smell.”

“Absolutely not, you’ve not earned any rewards, now get dressed.”

After her punishment Trish had no resistance left and quickly dressed hoping to please her Mistress. As soon as she finished Karen pulled her to her feet and stood her in front of a mirror. Trish groaned when she saw her reflection. Looking back at her was a slut. She didn’t even recognize herself. Her tits were hanging out from the bottom of the too tight crop top. The tartan skirt that ended only an inch or so below her cunt completed the look. Her makeup was smeared and her hair was plastered to her face. She looked at Karen with pleading eyes praying she wouldn’t take her out in public.

“God you’re a mess, go in and fix your face and make sure it’s slutty, I think I like this look on you.”

Trish nodded and walked to the bathroom to complete her task. Twenty minutes later they walked out the door and headed to Trish’s car. She was trembling by the time she reached the driver’s door. Her body wasn’t aroused because of the massive orgasm, and Karen hadn’t said much since, but she was frightened, as her Mistress was very cruel. The only good thing was that her core wasn’t leaking and her head was clear.

“Where are we going Miss Karen?”

“I’m taking you to a friend house. I want to show you off. If you’re good maybe I won’t punish you. Go to Maple Street and I tell you which house.”

Trish simply nodded and started the car. As soon as they were on the way, Karen reached over and touched Trish’s leg. The effect was immediate as Trish started to pant and her body flushed. Getting horny slut, I hope you can contain your body as there are only going to be students where we are going.

“Please Miss Karen, don’t do this. If I’m discovered I’ll be fired and sent to jail. Please I know I ruined your summer but don’t ruin my life. Please have mercy. I’ll be your slave, I’ll submit to your every command just don’t make me lose my life. Please Mistress please take me.”

Karen smiled but knew she wanted to completely destroy her before she would accept her submission, “Drive Bitch.”

When Trish pulled into the driveway at the house Karen indicated. It was a single family house with two floors and a large porch in front. Karen pulled out a collar and buckled it around Trish’s neck and attached a leash. Get out of the car and crawl around and open my door slut. Trish’s mind was in turmoil as she wanted to refuse but the pull of submission was too great. She opened the door and crawled around the car and did as ordered. Karen stepped out and grabbed the leash from the kneeling teacher. “Follow me and don’t speak unless I give you permission slut.”

Trish nodded her head and crawled after her Mistress. Her mind praying that she would survive today. As soon as they reached the porch, Karen pulled a blindfold out of her purse and tied it around her eyes. Now blind she shivered with fear and excitement as she was pulled into the house. Once inside she felt the hardwood floors and heard voices nearby. When Karen pulled her towards the voices Trish’s body began to pulse, the blindness only heightened her other senses. As soon as she crawled past a threshold the voices quit and she heard gasps. Trish flushed as she was sure that the people knew her and by their silence it only confirmed her suspicions.

Karen pulled her a few feet further, “Hands on your head slut and spread your legs.”

Trish quickly complied and waited on the next command. “Well everyone didn’t I tell you I would get my revenge. Let me introduce you to the new Ms Collins. She is now my slut and can’t wait to help me with anything you desire.”

All Trish heard were several voices talking over each other as it seemed that each of them wanted to use her body in one way or another. Instead of despair she felt exhilaration as her pussy clinched and her breaths coming in short pants. When Karen bent down and pulled up her top and caressed her nipples she lost it.

“Please Mistress please give me some relief. Please let me satisfy your friends and prove my submission to you.”

Karen giggled at her outburst; she figured that Trish assumed that everyone here was a student of hers. She took great pleasure pulling off the blindfold allowing Trish to see who she would be servicing.

Trish blinked as her eyes adjusted to the light, when she finally focused sitting in front of her were six of her former students, all had graduated a few years before but had problems in her class. She groaned as her hopes for a massive orgy when away when she noticed that each had a crop or flogger or paddle in their hands and evil looks in their faces. She looked up at her Mistress and begged, “Please don’t let them hurt me Mistress.”

“Sorry slut you have to pay for your past sins.” As she pulled her to her feet and everyone surrounded her. Soon her hands were tied above her head, stretching her body till she was barely touching the floor with her toes.

When they placed the blindfold back over her eyes her cunt gushed as she couldn’t stop her body’s cravings.

When the first smack happened on her ass, she moaned instead of scream. The pain shot to her cunt and turned to pleasure. As each guest took their turn spanking, prodding, twisting and whipping her body, Trish slipped into subspace, as each blow sent both pain and pleasure to her brain. When they finally stopped she felt hands sticking things on her legs and around her tits. When they attached clips to her labia and nipples Trish moaned wondering what they were doing when it hit. The electricity shot thru her pussy and nipples causing her muscles to spasm and her clit to explode. The higher the voltage the more intense the pain and pleasure, in seconds she was begging to be allowed to cum. The more power the louder she begged.

Karen watched her slave, her body’s muscles in spasms and her pleading to be allowed to orgasm. She looked at Susan, who Trish failed three years prior, and nodded. Susan stood and walked behind the hanging slave. She swished the cane in her hands while getting in position to pound the slaves ass.

When the first blow from the cane landed on Trish’s ass, she screamed as the intense pain cut through her momentarily stopping the pleasure from the electricity pulsing into her cunt. But then it started, cane, electricity, pain, electricity, pain, over and over again till it all ran together and left her convulsing with sensory overload.

It was then she heard Karen’s voice, “ORGASM SLUT!”

Trish’s body went rigid as first her mind followed by her core exploded sending out waves after waves of sheer pleasure exciting her every cell. When it started to diminish and she tried to control her body, it started again as Karen shouted, “ORGASM, ORGASM, ORGASM” as Susan continued to pound her ass and electricity pulsed through her core. By the time her body came down, she was standing in a puddle of piss and her legs couldn’t support her. Trish’s eyes rolled back in her head as she lost consciousness.

When Trish came to she was on the floor, she looked at her Mistress, smiled and said, “Thank you Mistress thank you.” As she fell into a deep sleep her body exhausted.

Chapter 14 & 15

Josh helped Beth out of the car and into the house. She hung on him like she never wanted to let him go. As soon as he closed the door and turned back to Beth, she was stripping her clothes off and dropping to her knees.

“Please Master, what can this lowly slave do to please her Master?” She pleaded, her body arousal already very high from him almost carrying her into her house.

Josh looked down at her face, no longer was there any sign of resistance, only desire to please him. He smiled and walked past her to the couch. “Crawl over her and suck my cock, Ms. Martin.” He loved using her name and reminding her she was his teacher. Josh was living his fantasy, a fantasy that was over a year in the making. He has his teacher, naked on her knees, begging to please him, and now she was fishing his cock out of his pants and going to suck him off.

Beth was kneeling between his legs, working hard at opening his pants. There was nothing she wanted more than to suck his cock. Just the thought of it was making her cunt pulse with excitement. As soon as she freed it from its prison, she shoved it as far into her mouth as possible without any hesitation. When she pulled it back a bit, she pushed forward again pushing even harder. When his cock head hit the back of her throat, she pushed again and it popped past the opening and down her throat. Beth gagged around his cock, but worked to relax and slowly stroke it in and out never letting it leave her throat. In spite of her efforts to keep it there, she had to pull it out to catch her breath. Long strands of drool followed the cock and dropped down over her chin and between her tits. She wasn’t embarrassed by the mess but instead spread out the saliva all over her chest, wearing her spit like a badge of valor.

Josh watched as his desperate teacher struggled to get his cock out of his pants. He groaned when she finally freed it and jumped when she almost swallowed it in one gulp. He looked down at her face and seeing nothing but determination as she backed off then shoved her head down harder.

He grimaced when his head hit the back of her throat, but didn’t have a chance to do anything before she swallowed his entire cock. Josh closed his eyes as he was about to explode, his cum already boiling up from his balls. When she started to fuck her own face, leaving him buried in her throat he screamed in pleasure. Just as he was about to lose it, she pulled him out of her mouth, gasping for air as she drooled down her chin. His cock was still throbbing as he watched her spread her spit on her tits while smiling up at him with a mischievous look. Josh grabbed her hair and pulled her back to his cock, he’d waited long enough and now he wanted to mark his possession.

Beth looked up at her Master and smiled, she knew she’d left him on the verge, but she wanted to make him suffer a little like he had done to her for the last couple of days. When he grabbed her hair and pulled her back to his cock, she gladly opened her mouth and accepted his cock down her into her depths. She lavished her tongue over his cock as he used her hair to fuck her face. She could feel his cock expanding as his cum shot up the shaft and down her throat. When she felt the first few spurts, she pulled back and allowed his cream to coat her tongue. His cream tasting like ambrosia as she let it slowly slide down her throat.

Josh’s eyes were tightly closed as his body was overwhelmed with his orgasm. He couldn’t move as his teacher sucked him dry. When he finally was able to look at her, she was smiling up at him as she bathed his cock and balls with kisses and licks.

“Thank you Master for sharing your cum.” She spoke in a little girl voice, hoping to arouse him again. There was nothing she wanted more than for him to take her anyway he wanted.

“You’re welcome slave, now take me to your bedroom, I’ve dreamed of fucking you for so long I want you now.”

Beth squealed when she heard those words. She jumped off the floor and grabbed his hand and pulled him off the couch. She practically dragged him down the hall as his pants were down around his ankles. She giggled at his struggles to keep up with her, trying to kick off his pants and shoes while rushing to her bed.

As soon as they entered, she pushed him on the bed and jerked off his pants. His shirt soon followed and was now on the floor as Beth was attacking him. Josh was a little taken aback as she ripped his clothes off. He was self-conscious about his body, he was not an athlete, and he was skinny and almost hairless. His cock was barely six inches long and wasn’t particularly thick. He was momentarily worried she would laugh when she finally saw him naked. But when he saw her expression and he saw nothing but desire, he relaxed as she jumped on top of him as kissed him deeply.

Beth’s mind and body was now working together. Up until now, they had battled each other. Always her mind resisting what her body craved, always humiliated at being controlled by her student. But now her mind wanted Josh as much as her body. When he was finally naked on her bed, she jumped on him savoring his body against hers as she kissed him deeply. Never before had she given herself so completely before, and she never felt better about it.

Josh lay there relishing the experience of his teacher trying to consume him, when he grabbed her and rolled over on top of her, his tongue never leaving her mouth. He pulled himself up on his hands and looked deep into her eyes.

“Take my cock and put it in slave!”

“OH GOD YES MASTER!” She screamed as she grabbed his cock and pushed it into her core. When he pushed his length deep in her she gasped as her cunt convulsed and she started to squirt around it. She wasn’t in control any longer, her Master was.

Josh felt her grip his cock as he buried it deep inside her body. He pulled back and shoved it back inside as hard as he could. When he felt her fluids soak his balls he lost control again and spewed his seed deep inside her, he could hardly whisper, “explosion.”

Beth’s body reacted immediately when she heard him speak. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her lungs expelled all its air. Her muscles quivered and her cunt clinched. As the massive orgasm took over her entire being and her mind short circuited. She saw flashes of light even though her eyes were sealed shut. When she heard ‘EXPLOSION’ again her body went rigid and she passed out.

Josh lay on top of her as he felt her orgasms course thru her body. Her cunt pulsed around his cock pumping his fluids out of his balls. When he felt her body relax, he looked down at her limp body. Her face had the look of contentment. He rolled off her and collected his thoughts. ‘This has been a perfect day. I wonder if Karen is having as much fun as I am.’

Karen looked at her slave out cold on the floor of her friend’s living room. She thought about how the day went. She had taken control over her nemesis teacher, exacted her revenge by humiliating and torturing her till she orgasmed with pain. Now this same teacher had thanked her for abusing her, humiliating her, and beating her. Her last words were ‘Thank you Mistress. When Josh first told her about possibly taking control over Ms Collins, Karen never considered anything sexual. Her only thoughts were to humiliate her and abuse her. But after what she just witnessed, her own body was about to orgasm. She needed to get her slave to the car and get her back to her apartment. Karen’s mind now was filled with a sexual need that she knew only her slave could quench.

“Can someone please help me get her to the car? I need to get her out of here.”

Five minutes later, Trish was poured into the passenger seat and buckled in. She was still naked and her body was still leaking fluids. Trish jumped into the driver’s seat and headed to her apartment. She was halfway there when her cell rang.


“Hey Karen, how did it go today?”

Karen didn’t know how to respond, “You wouldn’t believe it if I told you.”

“Oh yeah I would. I’m lying next to my new naked slave. She begged me to take her as my slave in the middle of the mall parking lot while groveling at my feet. When we got back to her house, she attacked my cock, sucking it dry. Then taking me to her bedroom and fucking me till she passed out. So don’t tell me I wouldn’t believe you.”

“I’m driving Ms Collins back to her apartment now. She’s passed out from the orgasm she had from seven of us spanking, whipping, paddling, and generally abusing her. I’ve humiliated her and punished her this entire day and just before she passed out she said, ‘Thank you Mistress, thank you.'” Karen gushed. “I don’t know what to say. I knew that she would submit after yesterday, but I didn’t expect her to capitulate and totally surrender to me.”

“I know, Susan said Beth would beg to be my slave but deep down inside I really didn’t think it would happen, but it did. What do you want to do to them tomorrow?”

“Wow, right now all I want is to get her back home and fuck her eyes out. I’m so horny I can’t stand it” Karen admitted for the first time.

“Well I was thinking, how about you call Sally and Brenda and have them bring Ms Jenkins over here and we have some fun with the three slave teachers. We can even have them compete with each other to see what they will be allowed to wear to school on Monday.”

“God you’re evil and I love it. I’ll call them now, what time should we show up?”

“Let’s do noon, I want to enjoy my slave in the morning.”

“It’s a deal, see you tomorrow.” Karen answered and ended the call. She pulled up her contacts and dialed Sally’s number.

By the time Karen pulled into Trish’s parking lot, she was coming around. She recognized where she was and looked at her Mistress. Karen smiled at the confused teacher and pinched her nipple hard. Trish groaned as the touch set off her body again. Only this time her mind loved the touch. Instead of trying to pull away, she pushed her tit into Karen’s hand, hoping to get her mistress to touch more of her body. The pain turned quickly to pleasure; and left her body wanting more from her Mistress. “Please let me pleasure you Mistress. Please use me to satisfy you anyway you wish. I only wish to please you.”

Karen body was about to orgasm listening to her slave beg to please her. Even though Karen wanted to bury her slave’s face into her pussy, she still wanted to humiliate her. “Get out slave and get on your knees.”

Trish practically jumped out of the car and dropped to her knees. Her hands behind her head, her tits shoved out and her legs spread wide. She was beaming as she watched her Mistress walk around the car and clip on her leash. When Karen tugged, Trish crawled beside her Mistress’s heel, proudly crawling beside her. When they arrived at Trish’s door, Karen pulled her inside and stripped off her clothes. All Karen could think of was sitting on her slave’s face.

Karen woke in Trish’s bed the next morning, her slave sleeping on the floor beside the bed. Karen thought about after they got home last night. She had Trish eating her out till her clit ached from over stimulation. She made sure her slave was very aroused then made her sleep on the floor. Now that Karen body was satisfied her mind was back to how she could humiliate her and cause her to orgasm from pain again. She roused her slave and ordered her to make breakfast.

Josh woke to Beth sucking his cock; she was working her tongue all over his morning wood. He smiled as she took him deep in her mouth; swallowing when he was in her throat to increase his pleasure. It only took a minute before he shot his load down her throat. Beth sat up and licked her lips, taking her finger to catch a drip before it reached her chin. She smiled at her Master and giggled.

Beth woke in Josh’s arms, she was naked and his touch was working its magic, her body already pulsing with arousal. She slid down his chest till she reached his wonderful cock, the same cock that brought her so much ecstasy last night. Their dried fluids crusted all over it. She opened her mouth and licked it clean before she sucked it deep in her mouth. It didn’t take much before it was at full mast and she doubled her efforts to get her morning snack of his cream. When she saw him rouse from his sleep, she started swallowing when his cock was in her throat. He didn’t take long after that as he unloaded into her mouth. Beth savored every drop. She pulled off his unit and smiled at her Master, catching any cum that slipped from her mouth.

“Good morning Master.” She cooed giving him a big smile. “Did your slave please you?”

Josh could only nod as he watched his slave teacher beam. “Go start breakfast slave, I need to shower. We have a big day today. I’m expecting guests at noon.

Beth looked at the clock, it was 10:30, and they didn’t have much time. She didn’t care who the guests were, her only concern was pleasing her Master.

Karen and her slave left Trish’s apartment at 11:30 to head to Beth’s house. Trish was only wearing a wife beater undershirt that ended just below her cunt. The arm holes were so large it hardly contained her tits. The drive took about twenty minutes and during that time, Karen caressed Trish’s legs and tits. It wasn’t long before Trish’s body was trembling with arousal and her cunt leaking all over the seat. When Trish started to weave all over the road, Karen stopped touching her and demanded, “Pay attention slut, we don’t want to die in an accident.”

Soon they pulled into Beth’s driveway. Karen clipped the leash on Trish’s collar. “Get out slut and open my door.”

“Yes Mistress,” Trish opened the door and crawled out, her shirt now above her ass and her tits hanging out of the armholes. She didn’t bother to fix them, the only thing on her mind was pleasing Karen. When Trish opened the door, Karen barked at her, “Slut, why are your tits and ass exposed, do you have you no shame? Is this how a teacher goes out in public?”

Trish grimaced when she heard the biting words; she scrambled to cover her tits and pull down the shirt covering her ass. She looked around her and she noticed that there were several people out in their yards and all were looking at her. She blushed down to her navel and said, “thank you Mistress I’m such a slut.”

Karen grabbed her leash and pulled her to the porch. Before they could knock, Beth opened the door and stood before them naked. “Please come in, my Master is expecting you in the living room. Is there anything I can get you?” She asked politely.

Karen laughed out loud and pinched her nipple, “No just lead the way.”

When Josh saw Ms Collins being led by the leash, he giggled, “She looks like she’s ready to fuck just about anything right now.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve been working her up on the way over here. She’s just about to blow up at any minute. I’m sure she will put on a show for us.”

Before anyone could say anything else, there was another knock at the door. Beth scurried to answer it as Trish stood in the middle of the room. When Beth returned, she was followed by Sally and Brenda. Crawling behind them was Ms Jenkins, she was wearing a cute little dress that barely covered her ass when she stood, but on her knees, her ass and cunt were on full display. Around her neck was a thick black collar with a leash attached.

“Hey guys, thanks for inviting us. We want to introduce you to Lindaslut. She is our pet but we’re still training her. Crawl in here and show everyone your toys Lindaslut.”

Linda groaned as every time she heard her new name, her cunt pulsed with arousal. She was now so aroused her thighs were wet almost to her knees. But that wasn’t important right now; her Mistress had ordered her to show everyone her toys, so she crawled in front of them and turned her ass to face them. Buried in her ass was a large butt plug, with a rhinestone ball sticking out. Her cunt was filled with a large vibrator that was held in with a belt between her legs. Her legs were drenched and shiny from her drippings. On her feet were six inch stiletto heels that locked around her ankles. Linda dropped her head to the floor and pushed her hands out in front of her. Her ass now high in the air and her legs spread wide. This only released more of her juices down her legs.

“She looks well trained to me.” Josh spoke.

“She’s a work in progress, we’ve had to discipline her a few times, but she hasn’t repeated a mistake yet. I see you both have been busy,” Sally mentioned as she looked at Beth and Trish standing in the middle of the room. Beth was dancing from foot to foot as she was trying to contain her arousal. Trish was also showing her arousal, but her body is what everyone noticed. She had several red splotches and welts on her legs and the sides of her tits.

“What happened to Ms Collins?” Brenda asked.

“It turns out she’s a pain slut. Not only does she love pain, she gets off on it. She can orgasm just from a spanking.” Karen said proudly.

“Wow I want to see that,” Sarah said breathlessly.

“So what are the plans for today?” Brenda asked.

“Well we’re thinking that since we have three teacher slaves at our disposal, we want to have a competition between them. We’re thinking it will be three phase competition. They will compete for what they will wear to school tomorrow.”

“The first event will be what jewelry the will wear. The loser wears a leather collar, cuffs, and anklets. The second place finisher wears only a collar. The winner doesn’t wear anything.

The next event; will be what toys they’re to wear. Again the loser wears an anal plug, nipple clips and a dildo. The second place finisher only wears nipple clips, and Ben-Wa balls. The winner is just plugged for the day.

The final event is for clothes. Here the loser only wears a very short skirt, and a tight almost transparent button down top with a few buttons removed. The second place finisher wears a mini halter dress that comes down to mid-thigh. The winner wears a short skirt but longer than the others, and a scoop neck tee shirt. None of them are allowed to wear bras or panties. All will wear locking stiletto heels.” Josh explained.

All three girls squealed when the heard what was at stake. Depending on who won or lost, one of them could potentially lose their job if she lost all three competitions.

Linda, Trish, and Beth all looked stunned. In spite of each’s desire to serve their Mistress the thought of being humiliated at school was baring down on them. Each wanted to please her Mistress and not lose. Each wanted to win to keep her job. Each was so horny that she would do anything to get some relief.

“Great, what’s the first competition,” asked Karen?

“I’m thinking we tie one arm above their heads in a triangle about six feet apart from each other. We give each one a whip and they take turns whipping each other. When one quits or orgasms they lose. The last one standing wins.” Josh explained.

“How do we tie their hand above their heads” Sarah asked?

“This morning I mounted three rings in the beamed ceiling. I think I got the measurements right. I cut some rope and its over on the table. All we need to do is tie their wrists and give them their weapons.”

“All right let’s do this.” Karen jumped up and grabbed the ropes.

Soon all three slaves were standing in the middle of the room. Each had their left hand held above their head. They could move around a little but couldn’t move away from the other two.

Linda and Beth were very nervous, their Master and Mistresses hadn’t really beat them much, only a little spanking. Trish on the other hand was excited. Her training had been nothing but pain, so much so, she knew that she would win this. Already her cunt was pulsing and her nipples were hard as rocks. She wanted to get started.

Josh, Sarah, and Karen pulled numbers to see who would go first, it would be Linda, then Beth and finally Trish.

Josh walked to each slave and tested the ropes, when he was satisfied her looked at them and said, “Okay Lindaslut, start us off.”

Linda moved the whip back and forth a few times to get used to it. She brought her arm back and swung it at Trish. Trish didn’t even flinch. It was obvious that she had never used a whip before.

Beth watched and learned, she pulled the whip back and swung much harder, landing on Linda’s ass. Linda squealed in pain and danced around trying to relieve the pain.

Trish smiled as she watched Linda squirm, before Linda could recover fully, Trish released a mighty blow directly on her tits. A long red welt appeared immediately as Linda almost collapsed to the floor.

It was again Linda’s turn and she turned her attention to Trish. This time she didn’t hold back but swung with all her might and landed a blow just above her cunt.

Trish screamed as the whip cut into her lower stomach. The pain was intense but the effect to her cunt was more dramatic. Her cunt gushed out her fluids and her body almost erupting in an orgasm.

Before she could calm down, Beth followed suit and lashed another blow across her tits. Trish was gasping for control of her body, the pain turned to pleasure and she was losing it. After Karen’s constant touching she already was close to an orgasm, now the whipping was pushing her over the edge. She was trying to compose herself, when Karen said, “If you don’t take your turn if 5 seconds, you forfeit and lose the competition.

Trish using everything she had, she swung the whip again at Beth this time, but most of her strength was gone. Beth cringed but didn’t move.

It was again Linda’s turn and she knew she needed to finish Trish. She brought back the whip and whipped it thru the air. It landed on Trish’s ass, but the tip wrapped around her hips and landed directly on her cunt.

Trish let out a mighty growl and almost dropped to the floor. Her body convulsing as she struggled to maintain control over her overly excited body. Before she could recover, Beth followed suit and lashed her tits. Again a red stripe appeared across her nipples and Trish dropped as far as the rope would let her. Her cunt exploded in a mighty orgasm, as she squirted her juices down her legs.

Karen was amazed, she didn’t think Trish could orgasm without permission, but she had dropped her whip and had her hand buried in her cunt, oblivious to the world around her.

Josh walked up to her and released her wrist. She fell to the floor and continued to writhe as her orgasm continued to flow thru her.

“Well, it’s down to the last two. Linda it’s your turn.”

Linda eyed Beth thinking of where she wanted to strike. Beth stood sideways trying to keep as much distance from Linda as she could. When Linda reached behind her to get as much strength as possible and swung the whip, it hit Beth directly across her tits and around her back. Beth screamed as the pain momentarily shut down her brain. When her mind cleared, her knees were bent and the rope attached to her wrist was drawn tight. She managed to stand and rubbed her tits. The red strip was burning like hell.

“5 seconds, slut,” Karen said.

Beth collected her remaining strength and whipped the whip at Linda. She didn’t aim as the blow hit her on her back and wrapped around her stomach. Linda cringed but knew that Beth’s didn’t have much strength left. Linda knew that she could end it right here if she hit her friend just right. Beth was still holding her tits and trying rub the pain away. Josh walked up to her and pulled her arm down and stepped away. Just as he was out of range, Linda swung with all her might and brought the lash down on the exposed cunt. Beth collapsed and screamed as she dropped the whip.

All four of them cheered as Linda was declared the winner.

Josh and Sally walked up to their slaves and removed the ropes from their wrists. Beth had to be helped over to the couch. She was crying as the pain was still very real. Linda, although still hurting; was smiling as she had won the first event.

Each Mistress took their slave to a different corner to get them ready for the next competition. Trish was begging for Karen to forgive her as she failed to win the one competition that involved pain.

Beth on the other hand was still grimacing from the beating and looking at Josh’s face to try to read his emotions. “I’m sorry Master, I tried to win, and I’ll do better the next time. I’ll make you proud of me.”

Linda stood proudly in front of Sally and Brenda. “You did very well Lindaslut, but you have two more competitions to go.”

“Thank you Mistress Sally, I will do my best and make you proud of me.”

After about 15 minutes and after the slaves welts were soothed with ointment, Josh walked to the middle of the room to announce the next task.

“Okay listen up everyone. Here is how the next game works. Each slave will be assigned a Master or Mistress, or with Sally and Brenda’s case Mistresses to make orgasm. There are no rules except they can only use their bodies. Remember this competition is for what toys are going to be worn tomorrow at school. You have a couple of minutes to get ready. Now I’ve got two sets of numbers, one for the slaves and one for the owners. You cannot have your own slave to pleasure you so if you draw her number you must draw again.”

Josh walked to the slaves and had them draw their numbers. Trish drew #1, Beth #2, and Linda #3. He then had Sally draw for her and Brenda. She drew #1. Karen pulled next and drew #2, that left Josh with #3 and Linda.

Trish looked at her Mistress, “that’s not fair Mistress, I have to make both of them orgasm, and the others only have one.”

Karen laughed, “Then I guess you’d better hurry or you’ll be using a lot of toys in addition to your jewelry tomorrow.”

Soon Josh called the slaves to the middle of the room. He then positioned Sally and Brenda on the couch, and Karen in the recliner. He was going to sit in a side chair across the room from the others.

“On the count of three, crawl to your target and get busy, one, two, three.”

Each of the slaves scrambled to their assigned person. Trish got to the couch first and planted a big kiss on Sally’s lips, shoving her tongue deep in her mouth. It took only seconds till Sally was moaning as Trish continued to passionately kiss her. All the while, her hand had slid over to Brenda’s tits and started to tweak her nipples.

Beth crawled to Karen like a lioness stalking her prey. She dropped her head and nibbled at her toes while caressing her calves. Karen enjoyed the approach but it wasn’t because she was aroused, Karen got off on humiliation and inflicting pain. Karen, other than last night after beating her slave into submission, didn’t get off on women.

Linda rushed to Josh pulling down his shorts. Her thoughts were he’s a male, all males are alike. If you suck their cock they cum, it’s that simple. Linda was already thinking she was going to win.

Josh watched as Linda slid her mouth over his semi hard cock. What Linda didn’t know was Beth had drained him four times this morning before anyone had arrived. Josh wasn’t sure if he could even get it up again. He smiled as she lavished her tongue over his cock and balls, but his cock was not reacting at all.

Trish had switched to Brenda and was kissing her deeply shoving her tongue into her mouth. After teasing her nipples before and now the kisses, Brenda was very aroused and was moaning loudly. Trish’s hand was pinching Sally’s nipples and twisting them while she was kissing Brenda. Sally; too was getting very aroused. When she slid her hand down her stomach and started to caress around her pussy, Sally raised her hips to maneuver her core closer to the teasing fingers.

Trish knew that Brenda was already on the edge, so she dropped her other hand down, sliding it between her legs and tickling her folds. As soon as her fingers slipped into her slit, Brenda’s cunt gushed as her started to buck her hips against Trish’s fingers.

Trish stopped kissing Brenda and looked around the room. Beth was working her way up Karen’s legs, licking as she went, and Linda was slaving away on Josh’s cock. Trish knew that Karen really didn’t get off on having her pussy licked unless she was very aroused. She knew that Beth would have to do more than that to succeed. Josh on the other hand was looking down at Linda and appeared to be almost bored. His cock wasn’t even hard. She looked at to two young women in front of her panting and grinding her hands into their cunts and smiled. Not only did she think she was going to win, but as a bonus, she was going to make them cum at the same time.

She dropped her head in Sally’s lap and started to trail her tongue closer and closer to Sally’s center. Sally opened her legs wide and used her hands to coax her closer. At the same time, she shoved another finger into Brenda’s cunt and burying it deep inside her. She now had her ring and middle fingers slowly fucking Brenda’s pussy as she moved ever closer to Sally’s clit. As soon as her tongue located Sally’s clit, she pulled it into her mouth and sucked. Sally gasped and her eyes flew open as an orgasm was building deep inside and pushing to get out. Trish knew she was close, and curled her fingers in Brenda’s sloppy cunt, and pushed on her ‘G’ spot. When Brenda’s body started to tremble, Trish grabbed her clit between her index finger and thumb and squeezed.

Just before Brenda erupted with her orgasm, Trish bit down on Sally’s clit. Sally screamed as her body erupted and sprayed Trish’s face with her cum. At almost the same time, Brenda also succumbed to Trish’s fingers and also had a massive orgasm. In less than ten minutes, Trish had brought both Mistress’ off simultaneously.

Beth turned to look at Trish and the two Mistresses thrashing about on the couch in the middle of orgasms. She knew she was now playing for second place. She glanced over her shoulder at Linda struggling with Josh’s cock. She smiled as she knew that she’d drained him several times this morning. It was going to take a lot more than a simple blowjob to get him off. She went back to licking up Karen’s legs, getting closer to her pussy. As soon as her tongue slid between her folds, she knew she was in trouble. Karen was barely damp. Beth had assumed that with her slowly working up her legs that Karen would be excited.

Beth looked up a Karen, “Mistress, what am I doing wrong. Don’t you like me eating you?”

Karen giggled, “Think about it slut. What is Ms Collins? What gets her off? She’s a pain and humiliation slut. If I was bi then probably she wouldn’t like that. But I don’t get off on women.”

Beth sat for a second, thinking about what Karen said. She backed away from Karen and crawled over to the table and grabbed a crop. As she headed back to Karen, she heard Josh.

“You’re not allowed to use toys on your Mistress.”

“Yes Master, I’m not going to use it on her, I want her to use it on me.”

Beth continued to crawl to Karen. She knelt submissively in front of her, “Please crop me as I pleasure you Mistress.”

Karen’s face lit up as she grabbed the crop. When Beth placed her head between her legs and started to lick again, Karen brought the crop down on Beth’s back. Beth gasped as the pain shot through her body but kept licking. Karen continued to land blow after blow down on Beth’s back and ass as Beth moved her tongue down to Karen’s ass. As soon as her tongue rimmed Karen brown ring, Beth heard a moan escape from her Mistress above her. When she slid back up to her cunt, it was now leaking her fluids. She knew it wouldn’t be long now.

Linda was panicking, Sally and Brenda had already orgasmed, and Karen was moaning. She knew she had to do something quick. She stopped and looked at Josh, “Please Master, what am I doing wrong?”

“You’re doing nothing wrong, but my slave already drained my cock several times this morning. If you want me to cum, you’re going to have to be a lot more creative than just sucking.”

Linda sat back and thought for a second when an idea hit her. She grabbed his legs and pulled his ass to the edge of the chair, she pushed his legs back against his chest, exposing his brown pucker. She dropped her head and licked and nibbled between his balls and ass. Josh moaned immediately and his cock pulsed. She knew she was on the right path and dropped down lower and rimmed his ass. Josh’s cock responded and started to grow. Linda grabbed the shaft and started to stroke it as she inserted her tongue past his sphincter and deep into his ass. Josh was now groaning constantly as an orgasm was starting to build inside his balls. Linda feeling his lust, doubled her efforts, hoping to bring him over the top.

Beth was now desperate, she knew from the sound of josh’s groans he was close and Karen although excited, didn’t seem ready to climax. Beth stopped and looked into Karen’s lust filled eyes, “Please piss in my mouth Mistress.” She stated quietly

Karen’s face said it all, her eyes closed and her body trembled as she unleashed a stream of piss directly into Beth’s mouth and down her throat.

When the contest started, Karen figured that whichever slave got her was going to lose. She wasn’t into women, only hurting and humiliating the slaves got her off. When Beth handed her the crop, her body reacted, and each smack of the crop brought her closer to an orgasm. When Beth asked her to piss in her mouth, Karen’s body exploded as she released her bladder and orgasmed at the same time.

Sally, Brenda and Trish watched as the two remaining slaves struggled to bring their owners to climax. At first it didn’t seem like either was going to be able to finish the job, both struggled to arouse their Master or Mistress. But now both Karen and Josh were moaning and gasping, both on the verge on an orgasm.

Sally was watching Linda suck Josh and watched as she shoved her tongue into his ass while jacking him off, when Josh bucked off the chair as his cock spewed in seed into the air.

Brenda was watching as Beth handed Karen the crop and started to lick her ass while Karen pounded hers. When Brenda heard Beth asking for Karen to piss in her mouth she gasped. It was seconds later, when Karen exploded coating Beth’s face with her cum and piss. Sally looked at Karen and Brenda looked at Josh as both were coming at the same time.

Trish, Sally and Brenda waited for Josh and Karen to come down and regain their senses before they spoke. “You guys tied, both of you orgasmed at the same time. What do we do with a tie Josh?”

Josh sat back in the chair smiling as his mind cleared. “Well as I see it they both lost and as losers, they both wear the nip clips, dildo, and plug. Trish just wears the plug.”

The slaves didn’t know what to do, so they each sat on the floor waiting for instructions. Josh, now in control stood and stepped to the middle of the room.

“The last contest is for clothing. Here is what you have to do. You will each work to get each other off. The first to get off, is the loser, the one who doesn’t get off wins. But if you win, you’re not allowed any relief until at least tomorrow night. So I guess it’s how bad do you want to cum. The earlier you get satisfaction the sluttier you’ll dress tomorrow. Now for this contest we have agreed that you can get off whenever you want. It’s up to you how long you hold out.”

“So far, Trish is wearing the collar, ankle and wrist bracelets and a butt plug. Beth wears a collar along with the nip clips, dildo, and butt plug. Linda wears the nip clips, dildo and butt plug. I think it would be difficult for any of you to be the first to lose. Second place might not be too bad, but first place means a long time before you will get any satisfaction.” Josh explained.

The slaves looked at each other, as their minds were trying to figure out what they were going to do. Beth wanted more than anything to please her Master was plotting how to defeat her opponents. She would deal with the arousal.

Trish needed her job but foremost on her brain was what punishment Karen would bring down on her if she loses.

Linda was desperate; yesterday her Mistress’ had her wear a very slutty outfit. The principle had pulled her aside and told her that her manner of dress was inappropriate and he would take action if she ever dressed like this again. She couldn’t lose or she might lose her job.

“Okay, let’s get started. Crawl out here and get ready.”

The slaves crawled to the middle of the room, each eyeing the other and ready to pounce.

“GO” Josh shouted and jumped out of the way.

Trish lunged forward towards Linda, as Beth jumped on top of Trish. Linda; was slow to react and Trish’s lunge caught right between her tits, knocking her on her back. Now Linda was pinned under both of the other slaves, she tried to roll over, but Trish grabbed her leg and pulled it up next to her tits with one hand. Her other hand was grabbing at her crotch. Linda gasped when she felt two fingers slide into her cunt.

Beth allowed Trish to get control over Linda, before she maneuvered her ass between Trish’s shoulder blades, her feet on either side of her body. With Trish concentrating on Linda and both hands occupied Beth had full access to Trish’s ass. She noticed a flogger on the floor just off to the right and grabbed it. Knowing that Trish wasn’t paying attention to her, she pulled her hand back a brought it down on the defenseless ass.

Trish screamed in pain and surprise. The pain quickly changed to pleasure as Beth started to smack her ass over and over again. Trish’s body was struggling to cope with the paddling. Her cunt gushing with arousal, and no way to get away, she let go of Linda to try to escape.

Linda was trapped beneath the other two slaves and Trish was fucking her with her fingers. Linda’s body was already on edge and she knew that she would soon lose. But when Beth started to pound on Trish’s ass; she felt Trish release her grip and start to try to get away. Linda looked into Trish’s eyes and knew the pounding was working and driving her over the edge. She grabbed Trish’s hand and held her in place. Trish was squirming and groaning trying to get away, when Linda slid her legs between Trish’s and pushed them apart quickly wrapping them overtop of them, trapping them. Trish’s cunt was now completely exposed and open for punishment. Beth took advantage and brought down the next few blows directly on her exposed lips.

Trish wailed as she was trapped between Beth and Linda. She couldn’t move but a little and Beth was pounding her pussy. The smacks soon turned to splats as her gushing cunt was dripping. When Linda let go of her hand and grabbed her nipple and pinched, the added pain pushed Trish over the edge.

Trish’s mouth opened and a groan that turned into a scream as she orgasmed and collapsed on top of Linda. Trish was finished; she was the top slut tomorrow.

Beth knew she still had the advantage with Trish still trapping Linda below her, slid forward and shoved her head down past Trish’s dripping cunt to Linda’s. She inserted one finger and licked her clit. Linda was surprised that Beth could reach her cunt but couldn’t move both women. She tried to close her legs but Beth’s head blocked her. Beth pulled out her now soaked finger and inserted it into her ass, two other fingers probed her cunt. When she bit down on Linda’s clit, the competition was over.

Linda screamed when her body convulsed as waves after waves of pleasure coursed to her extremities. Her arms and legs lying limply beside her, her strength sapped from the effort and orgasm.

Beth rolled off her friends, she looked over at Josh and beamed, “Did I please you Master?”

Josh laughed his heart melting, “Yes slave you did well.”

Beth crawled over to Josh and cuddled at his feet. Being in this position had never entered her mind just a few days ago, but it just felt right now. She smiled as his touch stoked her fires, and after being the only person in the room that didn’t get any satisfaction, her body was on fire.

Trish finally coming down from the spanking and orgasm, slid off Linda’s body. She rolled over on her back and looked at Karen. “Mistress, I’m sorry I tried my best.”

Karen looked at her slave lying on the floor and apologizing for not winning the competition. Her pussy, still damp from her orgasm, was getting aroused again. She knew that she needed to discipline her slave, but right now her mind was focusing on how fast she can fuck her silly. She stood and pulled Trish up off the floor.

“Go get what you’re to wear tomorrow, dress and meet me at the front door, slave.”

Trish rushed over to the table to grab her jewelry, toys and clothes for tomorrow. It didn’t matter right now, Trish was only thinking of Karen.

Linda knelt in front of Sally and Brenda. She looked closely at their reactions, praying that she performed well enough to not punish her. Not certain what she was going to be allowed to wear to school tomorrow, she didn’t want to make it worse.

“I tried my best.” Linda whispered.

Sally leaned over and kissed Linda on the cheek, “You did good slave, get your things and let’s get out of here.”

Linda jumped up off the floor and grabbed her things. Even though she was just had a massive orgasm, she blushed at the praise and beamed with pride. Her Mistress was satisfied with her performance.

Just before everyone walked out the door, Josh called Karen, Sally and Brenda over to the kitchen.

“Okay, let’s meet in Ms Jenkins room tomorrow morning at 6:30. We should be prepared to make adjustments before school starts just in case. I don’t want to lose my slave and I’m not interested in getting her fired or sending her to jail. So when your slave dresses tomorrow morning let her arrive at school dressed as a slut but have a backup outfit with you. We don’t want to blow this our first day, agreed?”

“Agreed,” they said in unison.

Chapter 15

Josh and Beth went back to her apartment. Beth was again working hard to get him back in bed. Her mind was focused solely on satisfying her Master. Josh looked at his slave kneeling at his feet begging him to stay the night, but he’d already stayed two nights and tomorrow was a school day. His parents would ground him for weeks if he stayed away again. He finally had to order her to stop and let him leave. “Slave, I need to go home. I’ll meet you at 6:30 in Lindaslut’s room. Don’t be late. You know how to dress.” He soon was on his way home. When Josh arrived at his house, his mother was in his face as soon as he walked in the door. He quickly did a couple of chores and rushed up to his room.

He dropped on his bed and smiled, his teacher is his slave. God could life get any better? He started to get ready for bed when his cell buzzed. He looked at the caller ID and saw Susan’s number.


“Hello Josh, how did things go this weekend? Has she submitted to be your slave yet?” Susan asked.

“Oh My God did she ever. I did just as you told me and she finally broke down in a mall parking lot, begging to be my slave while groveling at my feet. Trish did the same to Karen. We just spent the day playing all three slaves against each other to see what they could wear to school tomorrow.”

“Remember Josh, the only way this happened is because of me. I want to make her a slut, but I won’t allow you to get her fired. What are you planning for the slaves to do at school?” Susan asked as she was now concerned that Beth and Trish were about to lose their lives.

“Well right now Trish is going to wear a slave collar, bracelets, and anklets. Her ass will be filled with a plug, and her outfit is a short skirt, sheer blouse, and stilettos. Beth will be wearing a longer skirt, scoop neck tee shirt, slave collar, stilettos and nipple clips. She will have her cunt and ass filled with a dildo and plug. Linda has everything that Beth has but no collar. Her outfit is a halter dress and stilettos.”

Susan gasped when she heard what the students had planned for the teachers. “Josh, if you want Beth to be your slave, you can’t let her be exposed at school. She’ll end up fired at least and probably in jail. Use your head Josh; you should only play with her away from school. You know if I take away her embedded commands, she will probably revert back to her old self and you will lose her.”

Josh listened to Susan’s rant, he knew she was right. That’s why he told Karen, Brenda and Sally to have alternate outfits when they got to school tomorrow morning. “I know, I know, I’m taking care of it. I already told the others to bring more appropriate clothing for their slaves. I just want them to arrive at school as sluts. We’re meeting at 6:30 tomorrow morning and will have them change then. The last thing I want to do is lose her.”

“Okay then, I won’t call the slaves and change anything till tomorrow. But I want you to call me during their lunch period. I want to adjust their programming to their new roles.”

“What are you adjusting, Susan?” Josh was concerned now. He thought Beth’s programming was perfect. He was afraid Susan would release her and he would have to blackmail her to keep her as his slave.

Susan heard his concern in his voice. “I’m just going to adjust her arousal levels at school. She needs to be able to function while teaching. After school she’ll go back to the horny slut you love. But at school she needs to be as normal as possible.”

“Are you going to adjust Trish and Linda’s programming also?”

“Absolutely, can you imagine the headlines if suddenly two or even three teachers are discovered as slaves to their students? It will go viral in minutes. Now promise me you will not expose any of them while at school. That doesn’t mean you can’t play a little at school, but make sure you don’t get caught.”

“Yes Susan, I’ll make sure they’re safe. Their lunch is fourth period; we’ll call you around 11 o’clock. Do you want us to facechat you?”

“Yes, I want to see the slaves, and I need the four of you to leave the room while I adjust them.” Susan needed to talk to the slaves privately. I need to know how they are. All I wanted was to get back at Beth, to humiliate her; I never expected that she would surrender to being a slave to her student. I figured that she would make it to at least Thursday. I’d planned to release her then after Josh had a chance to play with her for a while. But dammit she capitulated over the weekend and screwed everything up.

Trish was just for fun, but now things are out of control, and what about Linda. I don’t even know her and now she’s also entangled in this mess. I’m going to fix this now. I need to get Josh to give me the video back. I have to eliminate the threat of blackmail, it has to stop. In spite of what I’m telling Josh, I’m ending the hypnosis.

“Josh, are you happy with the results? Didn’t everything I said come true?”

“Yes it did and thanks so much. I never expected it to work but it’s a dream come true,” Josh gushed.

“What did you do with the video? Do you still have it? Have you given it to anyone?”

“Oh yeah I got it. I watched it several times. But since Beth became my slave I haven’t touched it. No, I didn’t give out any copies but I did show it to Karen. Why?”

“Well if you’re satisfied I would like it back. I can’t take the chance on it getting leaked out and ruin everything. If Beth is your slave you won’t need it and I promised them that I would get it back. It will make them trust me even more. It makes it easier to program their minds.”

“Oh I really don’t want to get rid of it. How about you just tell them you got it back?” Josh was bargaining now.

“No Josh, you have what you want and I gave it to you. Now please if anyone should find out and they check your computer and they find the video, you’ll be targeted as a blackmailer. This way if something goes wrong, you’re in the clear.”

“I never thought about it like that. Okay I’m deleting it now.”

“Josh, it’s not that I don’t trust you but I need a friend to check. I want you to tell me where on your system it’s located and what the file name is. I have a friend here that can check your system to make sure it’s gone,” Susan instructed.

“Okay tell me what I need to do. ”

Ten minutes later, Susan’s friend eliminated any trace of the video and defragged the drive.

Josh ended the call and he called Karen and told her what Susan told him. She groused about it but knew he was right. Josh then called Sally and Brenda. Both already knew that they weren’t allowed to play with LindaSlut at school and were concerned about how their slave was supposed to dress. When they dropped her off at her apartment they grabbed an outfit for her to change into.

Josh rolled over on his bed and smiled, he knew that even if things didn’t work out, this was the best weekend of his life. He soon slipped into a deep sleep dreaming of what he wanted to do to his slave.

Beth arrived at school the next morning; she was wearing the required slave collar, nipple clips, with the dildo and butt plug deeply embedded in her orifices. Her tight faux leather skirt went to her mid-thigh. The powder blue scoop neck tee was a size too small and hugged her tits easily revealing the clips attached to her nipples. Her 4 ½”stiletto heels locked on her feet completed the look. Beth was trying to walk normally but the dildo and plug made her waddle somewhat. As she walked the halls heading to Linda’s room, she was glad that it was so early and no one was around. Her clothes made her look like a slut, and the collar screamed slave. By the time she arrived at the classroom, she was shaking and had trouble walking. Her body was so aroused her cunt was soaked and her nipples prominently displayed beneath her top. She needed to see Josh; he would take care of her.

When Beth walked in the classroom door, Josh, Brenda, Sally and Karen were already there. She rushed over to her Master and dropped to her knees.

“Please Master, what can I do to please you?” She begged.

“Go over and sit down, as soon as Trish and Linda get here we will let you know what to do,” he ordered.

Within two minutes, Trish and Linda walked into the room. Everyone gasped when they saw them. Trish was wearing all the slave bracelets and collar. Her short skirt was only a couple of inches below her cunt, and her nipples easily seen beneath her sheer blouse.

Linda didn’t look much better her halter dress didn’t hide the clips attached to her nipples and the chain connecting them was visible between her tits. She was walking funny with both of her holes filled.

Josh had the slaves line up in front of the room, all three of them were very nervous and more than a little aroused. He knew that there was no way they could teach class dressed as they are. He turned to the others, “They need to change, and we can’t let them go through the day dressed like they are. Did you bring a spare outfit for your slave?”

Karen and Sally both nodded and handed him a bag of clothes. Josh took the bags and took charge. “Slaves, you will not be wearing what you have on. Your Mistresses have provided a different outfit for you to change into. We will adjust anything else as needed. We are not interested in getting anyone in trouble, but that doesn’t mean you can disobey any order. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” they answered in unison.

“Good change your clothes and let’s see how you look.”

Lindaslut was the first to drop her dress and grab the bag Josh gave her. She pulled out the dress and breathed a sigh of relief. It was one of her normal school dresses. It was a red short sleeve button down dress the ended up just above her knees. She looked for a bra and panties but none were provided. Still she would be decent the only thing that indicated her new status were the stiletto heels still locked on her feet.

Trish quickly followed suit and stripped off her clothes. Her body was still marked from yesterday’s beatings. She opened her bag and was rewarded with a longer skirt that went to her knees and a sweater top that loosely covered her tits. She stood quietly knowing that even with the new clothes, the slave collar, and bracelets would not go unnoticed.

Beth’s outer clothes were okay except for her top. It was too tight and clearly showed her clipped nipples. She opened her bag and smiled when she saw a different blouse. It was a blue oxford button down blouse that didn’t show anything.

Josh first told Trish to remove her slave collar and bracelets. He told her that during her free period and lunch she had to put them back on, but she wasn’t to wear them during class. He did the same for Beth. Now when you looked at the slaves standing in front of them you would never know their new status. You might wonder about the shoes locked on their feet, but other than that they appeared normal.

“Okay, I want everyone to meet here fourth period. We’re calling Susan and she wants to talk to the slaves. In the meantime, Lindaslut I want you to put your tongue to work on Beth’s cunt. She hasn’t had any relief since early yesterday. I don’t want her to leak all over the floor today.”

Linda looked at her Mistresses and saw Sally nod. She dropped to her knees and crawled over to Beth. Beth grabbed her skirt and pulled it up to her waist. Beth spread her legs and groaned when Linda’s tongue slid up her slit.

Linda thought, ‘God I never would have thought I would ever be eating my co-worker in class. But god I love it.’

It didn’t take long before Beth was panting and begging Josh to let her cum. Her cunt was leaking all over Linda’s face as she probed her tongue deep inside her love canal.

Josh waited for a couple of minutes before he said, “ORGASM!”

What he didn’t realize was when he said that Trish also gasped as her cunt gushed and her body also orgasmed. They all watched as the two slaves both were enjoying a massive climax. Linda sat back on her haunches after finishing bringing Beth to orgasm. Her face covered in her cum. Instead of being repulsed she was excited. She was about to teach class with her face covered in cum and her whole body trembled. What have I become. I’m bowing to some students and loving it. I’m depraved and it excites me.

Josh looked down at Linda and smiled, “You should clean your face Ms Jenkins, it’s covered with cum.”

Lindaslut looked up at him with pleading eyes, “May I leave it? I’ll spread it around and it won’t be as noticeable.”

Everyone gasped when they heard her. Never did any of them expect that from Ms Jenkins.

“Sure Lindaslut, leave it on; it looks good on you.”

Everyone was quiet for a minute when Karen spoke up. “It’s time for class to begin, let’s get out of here before someone notices.” Everyone nodded and headed for the door.

Beth walked next door and into her room. She stood there and thought about the last few days and everything that had happened. I just can’t seem to understand how I got here. In spite of the humiliation, the confusion, and submitting to Josh, it just feels right. I’ve never experienced such orgasms. If Josh is the source of them, then I’m not letting go. If I am a slut slave, I’ve never felt more at peace. I know Susan did something to me, but whatever it was I love the results.

When the bell for first class rang Beth jumped and walked to her desk. “Time to get to work,” she whispered.

Each of the slaves made it through the first three periods with varying degrees of difficulties. With all of them the various toys in and on their bodies either excited them or pained them. But after the weekend, each made it to lunch.

When fourth period started, Beth rushed next door and put on her collar. Josh, Karen, Sally and Brenda showed up next. Last to arrive was Trish; her room was on the other side of the school. As soon as she shut the door she started to put on her slave bracelets and collar.

“Okay slaves, we’re skyping Susan. She wants to talk to the slaves alone,” Josh announced as he opened his laptop and called Susan.

Susan answered quickly. “Hello Josh, is everybody there?”

“Yes, everyone, but we’re just leaving. The slaves are right here,” he said as he panned the room.

“Good, Beth, make sure the door is closed after they leave. Josh, you and the others go to lunch and I’ll ring you when I’m done.”

Seconds later it was just the three slaves and Susan on the computer. Susan wasted no time to put each of them under. Susan was nervous, she didn’t know what to expect when she cleared their minds. She decided that she would do each individually.

“Linda, on the count of three you’ll wake up and be free of any control. You will remember everything that has happened and will answer my questions truthfully. You will not be alarmed but will talk with me calmly without any anger. However if I say bozo you will return to this relaxed state. One…two…three wake up.”

Linda’s eyes fluttered as she woke from her trance. She looked confused as the memories flooded into her brain. She gasped a few times and moaned a few more, but she still knelt quietly on the floor. When it looked like she finally had a handle on her situation, she looked at the computer.

“Please tell me why in the world did you do this to me? I’ve never even met you before.”

“You stuck your nose where it didn’t belong. I had to in order to stay in control of the other two. Now I want to know after the last couple of days, what is going on in your mind?”

“I’m so confused. I’ve never been so humiliated in my life, but at the same time, I’ve never experienced such ecstasy. The orgasms were beyond comprehension. I’ve never been with a woman before but serving my Mistresses and drinking their essence was wonderful. I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same again.”

“Do you want to go back to before this happened? Because I won’t eliminate the memories, you will remember everything.”

Linda sat back and contemplated what Susan just told her. ‘I don’t want to be a mindless slave for the rest of my life, but the feeling of no control, of letting someone else control my every thought and function was life changing. Do I really want to go back to the way I was before?’

She looked back at Susan. “I don’t want to be a hypnotized slave, but I don’t want to go back either. I’m not sure what I want.”

“How do you feel about your Mistresses?”

“At first I was frightened, but the longer I was under their control, the closer I grew to them. They didn’t know what they were doing at first, but as the weekend progressed we bonded. I think I’d like to continue with them but without the hypnosis. If that works okay, that’ll be great but if not, I want to be able to walk away.”

“I can do that, is there anything else you want?”

“Yeah, I still want the orgasms. Is there a way you could leave that in?”

“Okay, I’ll release you from having to follow every command. You can choose to do as ordered or not. You will have to work out the details of your submission to them on your own. I will also leave in a key command that will satisfy your need for satisfaction. However I won’t reveal it until you work things out with Sally and Brenda. Will that work?”

“That would be perfect,” Linda answered with a big smile.

Susan put Linda back under and brought Trish around the same way as Linda.

Trish just knelt on the floor with a blank look in her eyes. It took longer for her head to clear as all the memories from Vegas also flooded her brain. When she looked at Susan on the computer, tears were running down her face. “Why?” was all she could utter.

“I’m sorry Trish, but things got carried away. I lost control and shit happens. I know that’s a bad answer but it is what it is.”

Trish just looked at the floor and cried. “I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive you. What you did to us was evil and I should hate you.”

“You don’t hate me?” Susan asked.

“No I don’t; I don’t know why but I don’t. Before this happened I thought I knew myself and my body. But now I’m confused. I don’t understand why I get off on pain, and why I loved serving Karen. She was so cruel and I loved every minute. The orgasms were amazing. Did you do that too?”

“I did some of it, but from what I understand, at least a few of your orgasms were your own. How do you want to proceed from here? I can remove all commands and leave you just as you were before the trip, but I won’t remove the memories. You need to remember everything. How you handle things with Karen is up to you. Do you want to still serve her?”

“I don’t know. A small part of me wants to run away as fast as I can, but most of my body and brain still craves some of it. I don’t want to be beaten to a pulp all the time, but I can’t deny I crave the pain. Does that make any sense at all?”

“It does on some level so what do you want?”

“I want to be free to choose my Mistress. It might be Karen, but I want a Master or Mistress to meet my needs. Can you do that?”

“Yes I can, and I’m going to leave the orgasm command embedded, but I won’t activate it until you tell me you want it.”

“Thank you Susan.”

Susan put Trish under and woke Beth. She was afraid of how Beth would react. She knew that Beth had suffered the worst.

Beth collapsed to the floor when Susan released her mind and all the memories flooded back. The dress shop, the blow jobs, the fuck fest, whoring her body for her clothes and change for a phone call, everything came rushing back. Her body was shaking and her eyes were tightly closed. Her mouth was spewing gibberish as she relived every minute of the last couple of weeks. When her eyes opened again and she started to sit up, she smiled. “Susan, you were right, I am a slut and I’m sorry for stealing your boyfriend in college.”

Susan was shocked; she never expected that Beth would react like this. “Please tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I’m not sure, I’m torn between wanting to hate you or kiss you. I’ve never been so comfortable with my mind and body before. I am content to be a slave. I now know what happened but I wouldn’t change a thing even if I could. I know it’s wrong, but I think I love Josh, or at least I love being his slave. If I stay his slave I run the chance of being found out and going to jail, but even though I know his control was because of you, I don’t want to let it go. Does that make sense?”

“Yes it does in some strange way. What do you want me to do? I can release you to where you were before the trip to Vegas, or I can leave everything in place, or modify it to give you back at least some control. What do you want, Beth?”

Beth sat there for a minute before she answered. “I want you to release me so I can talk to Josh without anything clouding my mind. Then I want you to put everything back the way it is now. However in one month, I want you to bring me back again and let me decide if I want to continue. Will you do that for me?”

“Yes I’ll do it, with a couple of conditions. One, I will clear everything out but I won’t put you back till tomorrow and both of you tell me this is what you want. Two, if I put you back, I’m putting in the contact me command for exactly one month. If at the end of that month, I’m not comfortable with anything, I remove everything and never do it again. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” Beth answered with a big smile.

Susan put Beth back under and sat back, ‘I don’t believe what I just heard. I abused, humiliated, and enslaved each of them and they all said the same thing. They still want it. I just don’t understand.’

Susan took the next several minutes to release each of them as they wanted. She watched each of them as they woke. Hoping that now she had no control they didn’t get angry.

Linda was the first to awaken, she knelt quietly as she waited to Susan to finish with the others. Her mind was still trying to comprehend everything. When Trish woke, she looked at Linda. Tears ran down her cheeks and she leaned over and gave her a big hug. “I’m so sorry I got you into this. You must hate me.”

“Oh no Trish, I don’t hate you, I know you had no choice. I have never been so humiliated before but… I… loved it! My mind is free but I’m going to talk to my Mistresses and who knows?”

Beth woke and watched Trish and Linda hugging. She sat quietly thinking about Josh. Her mind was clear and she knew the only reason she did what she did was because of Susan. But when she surrendered and submitted to Josh, it was real. She didn’t understand it but the feeling was overwhelming and it felt wonderful.

They all knelt there for a few minutes till Susan finally broke the silence. “Isn’t class about to start? You’d better get your shit together before the bell rings.”

All three of the teachers jumped up and rushed around. Picking up discarded clothes and rushing to get to their rooms. They promised to meet after school and talk about what to do.

Beth spoke to Susan before she ended the call. “Are you going to contact our owners?” ‘Owners, where did that come from?”

“Yes, I promised to call Josh when we finished.”

“Tell him to meet us here at 3:30. Classes end at 2:30 but we need to talk before they get here. Please don’t tell them that we are free. We’ll tell them when they get here.”

“Okay Beth, I’ll tell them and again I’m sorry this got out of control,” Susan said sadly.

Beth ended the call and handed Trish Josh’s computer. “Here take this, he’s in your class next. Don’t let him know we’re free. Wait till we see them after school, okay?”

Trish grabbed the computer and nodded.

Just before she walked out the door, she turned to the others. “Let’s meet here right after the last class and talk about what we want to do when we see them at 3:30.”

Both teachers just nodded and Beth and Trish walked out the door.

Josh showed up at Trish’s room a few minutes before class. He’d just ended the call from Susan and wanted to see how or if she had changed. When he looked inside the room it was empty, so he took his seat and waited for the bell.

Trish was walking down the hallway when the bell rang. Her mind was still going over everything that had happened to her. She was still very confused and didn’t understand how she could ever crave pain and humiliation. She also couldn’t grasp how she felt about Karen. When she walked into her room, it was about half filled with students, but her eyes immediately went to Josh. He was staring at her and she felt her body flush. Even without any influence from Susan, her body reacted to his presence. Her cunt started to moisten and her breath came in short pants.

‘Why am I so excited to see Josh? He isn’t even my master. How will I react when I see Karen? I need to calm down and get through this class and get through the day.’

Josh watched the door closely waiting for Trish to arrive. He was anxious to see how she would act, if she would give any sign or signal him in any way. When she finally walked in the door, he watched as she scanned the room, stopping when she saw him. When their eyes locked on each other he watched as she blushed down her body and looked like she was starting to hyperventilate. When she looked away and walked to her desk, she glanced back at him and smiled. Josh almost came in his pants. Her look wasn’t of vengeance or anger, but of lust. He was certain that Susan had kept her promise. Each of the three teachers ground out the remaining classes. Although they were free and under no control, none of them removed any of the toys on or in their bodies. When the last bell rang, each felt a wave of excitement course through their minds and bodies.

Linda sat at her desk waiting for the others to arrive. Ever since her conversation with Susan she’d been debating with herself on what she was going to do when she saw Sally and Brenda. She knew that this decision would affect the rest of her life. When Beth walked in the room, Linda stood and ran over to her and gave her a big hug.

“God I’m so confused, I don’t know what to do. I afraid that no matter what I decide it will be wrong,” she whispered in Beth’s ear.

“It’ll be okay Linda, I’m confused too, but I know what I’m going to do. When I submitted to Josh it wasn’t because of Susan. Yeah she started everything and it drove me to him, but when I finally surrendered it was all me. And I’m going to stay his slave at least for a while,” she answered quietly.

They were still hugging when Trish walked in the room and shut the door. “Mind if I join in?” she asked as she wrapped her arms around her fellow slaves.

“Not at all; I’ve never felt closer to anyone before than I do to both of you now,” Linda said.

They stood embracing for a minute before Beth stepped back. “We need to talk about when everyone else gets here. Do you know what you’re going to do?”

Trish was the first to answer. “I need to talk to Karen; I can’t explain what I’m feeling right now, but I know what I need and she can give it to me. But I need her to be aware that there must be rules and trust that those rules will be followed.”

Linda smiled and a look of relief spread across her face. “You took the words right out of my mouth. My Mistresses opened up a new world to me, but I’m afraid that they’re too young to handle it. I now know I crave the control, the helplessness, and even the humiliation, but I’m not sure if they can handle the responsibility.”

Beth listened closely to what the others said. She looked down at the floor for a moment before she quietly said, “I’m staying Josh’s slave. I’m free right now, but after we talk, tomorrow Susan is putting me under again and giving me to him.”

Both women gasped when they heard Beth speak. “Are you sure Beth?” Trish asked.

“You know that you are endangering your career and possibly might even go to jail if anyone finds out?” Linda added.

“I know this sounds crazy but I know that this is what I want, and I trust that Josh will keep me safe. I’ve never felt better about a decision in my life.”

“Well what do we want to do when they get here?” Linda asked. “I mean do we stand up to them and let them know they have no control any longer, or what?”

Beth looked at each of them and smiled. “I know what I want to do, and that is put on my slut clothes and be waiting on my knees for them to arrive. I want them to know that I’m still Josh’s slave; I’m just as aroused now as when Susan had me programmed. I can hardly wait till I can swallow his cock and let him take me any way he wants.”

Linda blushed as Beth spoke. “For some reason I’m anxious to see Sally and Brenda too. I’m so horny right now if they told me to run naked to the boys’ locker room and fuck the baseball team I just might do it. I’ll be right beside you when they get here.”

Trish giggled as her friend spoke. “Then I guess it’s unanimous we dress as sluts and wait till they get here and try to fuck their eyes out.”

They all had a good laugh as they stripped their school clothes off and slipped into their slut outfits.

Josh, Karen, Brenda and Sally sat outside the school on the bleachers waiting for 3:30. Josh told the others Trish’s reaction when she saw him. Each listened quietly, each having a different reaction. Karen moaned quietly to herself. Having Trish as her pain slut had changed her, sure she wanted to humiliate her for failing her in class. But now her mind and body craved having a slave. It was no longer revenge; it had morphed into affection, maybe even love. Deep down she knew that this was wrong, but she wasn’t quite ready to let go just yet.

Brenda and Sally whispered to each other when they heard what Josh said. “What do you want to do Sally?” Brenda asked.

“I’m not sure I want to go any further. I mean it was fun playing, but with an old woman, a teacher even, is weird. I loved having all that power but I’m afraid we’ll get caught. I don’t want to have my life ruined or her’s for that matter.”

“I know what you mean, but when she kneels down and begs to be our slave, humiliating herself really gets me off. I don’t think I want to let go.”

The two young women just sat and waited until it was time to go back inside. When they walked in the room the three teachers were kneeling on the floor. Each was wearing her slut outfit from this morning including the collar and cuffs. All of them were very excited and it showed on their faces.

As Josh, Karen, Brenda and Sally walked in, each face lit up when they saw their slave kneeling on the floor. Josh looked at Beth with her big smile and he knew that she was still his slave. He walked up to her and cupped her chin, raising her face to look at him. “Hello slave,” he greeted her.

“Hello Master, how my I serve you?”

Karen stood in front of Trish, her body trembling with excitement. ‘God I want to rip her clothes off and fuck her right now.’ She thought. “Slave, lick my shoes!” She commanded.

Trish moaned at the command, her mind free from mindlessly following it, but her body flushing with arousal as she dropped her head down to do as ordered.

Karen felt Trish’s tongue brushing lightly between her toes and across the straps of her sandals and almost orgasmed right there on the spot. Having a teacher licking her feet in class was a major turn-on. She looked at Josh and smiled.

Sally and Brenda pulled Lindaslut up from the floor and led her to the other side of the room. The two mistresses sat in the chairs as Linda dropped to her knees. Brenda spoke first, “What did Susan say to you slut?”

Linda sat back on her heels and smiled. “She asked me what I wanted, and if I wanted to be free from all control.”

“What did you say?” Brenda asked.

“I told her that I didn’t want to be a mindless slave for the rest of my life.”


“But I also told her that I’ve changed since this all started, and I have a deep connection with both of you. I’m willing to continue but I need to be able to trust both of you to not jeopardize my career or my safety.”

“Did she set you free?” Sally asked.

“Yes she did. I’m no longer hypnotized.”

“So you dressed in slut clothes, knelt down on the floor because . . .?” Brenda asked.

“Because I have enjoyed being your slave for the last couple of days, and I’m willing to continue if you two can agree on a few rules.”

Brenda’s face lit up and she knelt down and hugged Linda. “Oh god, I’m glad you said that. I don’t want this to end just yet. Of course I’ll agree to some rules, I don’t want to lose you,” she gushed.

Linda looked up at Sally, she was watching her friend express her love for the slave. She looked closely at her expression. “What about you Sally?” she asked.

“I understand what you said, but I don’t think I want to continue. It was fun but I think I want out. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone, in fact I still might play occasionally but full time I don’t think so.”

“Thank you Mistress Sally for your honesty. I do love being your slave but I understand and hope you do come back and play sometimes.” Linda answered as she pulled Sally from the chair and into a big hug with Brenda.

Karen watched as Trish continued to lick her feet. She slowly reached down and grabbed her ponytail and pulled her to her feet. When Trish’s face was in front of her, Karen smiled. “Let’s go home slave, I need you to serve me.”

“Yes Mistress, but there is something you should know. I’m no longer hypnotized. Susan released me. It is now my choice to serve you. I know when you took control of me you only wanted revenge for failing you. But I think that has changed now. I will willingly serve you but I can’t take many more beatings like over the weekend. You’ve awakened something inside me that I don’t really understand but I’m willing to pursue it further if you will agree to some rules. How about we go have dinner and talk about it?”

Karen stood and looked at her former teacher. Her body was flushed but her eyes were clear and her voice strong. “Okay slut, I can handle that.” She pulled a leash out of her pocket and clipped it to her collar.

Trish flushed with excitement when Trish pulled her towards the door. “Please be careful Mistress, I really don’t want to end this before we get out of the building.”

Karen smiled and tugged the leash again. “Don’t worry slave, I just want you to know I’m still in charge.”

Karen led Trish out the door and into the hall before she removed the leash and smacked her ass with it. Trish squeaked when she felt the leash on her ass, but turned to her Mistress. “Thank you Mistress.”

Josh watched the other slaves closely and listened to as much as he could. He heard Trish tell Karen that Susan had released her and thought he heard the same from Linda. He looked down a Beth still groveling at his feet and ordered: “Stand up slave. Did Susan release you?”

“Yes Master she did, but I told her that I still want to be your slave. We have to talk about it and talk to her tomorrow. If we agree, she will reinstate my programming back to what it was, but we have to agree. She is also going to have me contact her in a month to see if we want to continue. If she is not satisfied she will eliminate it and end any hypnosis.”

“So your begging to please me is all on your own? You still want to be my slave?”

“Oh yes master, I have never felt so comfortable with a decision before in my life. I know it’s wrong but I need your control. I have never been so satisfied before and I don’t want it to stop. Will you please accept me as you permanent slave?”

Josh’s knees almost buckled, his head was spinning and he thought he was going to pass out. His fantasy was real. He was the Master of his dream woman and she was begging to submit of her own free will. He pulled her to her feet and enveloped her in his arms and whispered in her ear. “Oh yes, Beth, I will accept your servitude and I promise to protect you and care for you as long as I am able.”

Beth wrapped her arms around his body and snuggled her face into his neck and cried. “Thank you Master, please take me out of here and fuck me silly.”

Five minutes later the room was empty and the owners led their slaves out of the school. Josh waved to Brenda and Linda as they drove off, and climbed into Beth’s car. Beth sat down in the driver’s seat and pulled up her skirt, exposing her bare slit. She giggled as she watched Josh’s cock tenting in his pants. “Master, do you want me to take care of that?”

“No I want to wait till we get back to your apartment,” he answered.


Susan was satisfied that Beth and Josh both wanted to continue her programming and reinstalled the commands, plus a few changes. Beth wanted Susan to ease off the arousal commands. Her body no longer got aroused with every word and touch. She didn’t need it as her own body craved his presence and didn’t need any additional help. The first month or so was tough to keep everything secret and by the end of the school year, Beth was openly wearing a collar every day to school.

After a month or so, Linda and Brenda decided to stop their relationship. Brenda was going off to college and she met a new guy and having Linda around was difficult to explain. Linda hated to lose Brenda, but understood that it was time.

Karen and Trish worked out the rules and Trish was happily serving her Mistress as her pain slut, but now Karen was deeply in love with her. No longer was it just pain, but there was a healthy dose of love.

Shortly after Brenda and Linda parted ways, Karen introduced Linda to Trish’s neighbor Amber. Amber had been a regular visitor across the hall after that first meeting on the stairs. Karen and Amber enjoyed many evenings playing with Trish. But while Karen loved having Amber over, she knew Trish wasn’t enough to satisfy both of them. When Karen learned that Linda was alone, she invited her over to Trish’s apartment and introduced them. It took only a couple of weeks till Linda was a full time slave serving Amber. Now the two Mistresses enjoyed playing with their two slaves.

Josh walked into Beth’s apartment; he was coming back from class at the local college. Beth was waiting by the door, naked on her knees. Her new permanent jewelry prominently displayed. She now had her nipples pierced and ¾” rings inserted, the hood above her clit was also pierced with a thick ring attached. She now wore a stainless steel collar around her neck with a stainless steel tag with “Owned” engraved. She resigned her position as teacher and now did contracting work for a local business. It no longer mattered if anyone knew she was a slave. Although Josh’s parents were initially shocked when Josh introduced her, they soon came to accept her as their love was evident. They even helped Josh dominate her at times, after Josh’s dad explained that his own mother was a submissive to him. Now when they went to his parents’ house, Beth and his mother were naked and serving their Masters.

Today Josh had a surprise for his slave. He was having her registered as a slave and taking her to a local tattoo parlor to have her body decorated with a slave barcode. She would forever be identified as his slave. Afterwards he was meeting Linda, Trish and Karen. He hadn’t talked to them for a couple of months and was looking forward to having everyone over to play and see Beth’s tattoo. He knew that Linda and Brenda were no longer in a relationship and he thought Linda would enjoy a little submission.

When Beth opened the door, she squealed with excitement as there stood Trish in a slave girl costume of veils and chains and Karen standing next to her holding her leash. She looked over their shoulders and there stood Linda, decked out in a leather corset, short leather skirt, collar, and hobble chains. Beside her was a woman also decked out in leather smiling.

Beth dropped to her knees in the presence of the two Mistresses and lowered her head. “Please come in my Master is expecting you,” she said as her body flushed with arousal thinking about all the fun they were about to have.

The End.


I know that many of you wanted me to continue with the teachers at school. But this was a story about the teachers’ journey to submission. After accepting that being a slave fulfilled their desires and satisfied their cravings continuing was moot. It is also difficult to humiliate the teachers in school as I try to keep it at least somewhat real. Having them near naked in school or fucking daily would certainly end up bad, and I wanted a happy ending. I would be interested in your opinion of if I should have continued or are you happy with this ending?

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