Teacher owns his student’s throat in the restroom and tries his undiscovered fantasies on him. (Gay)

It was another exhausting day at school which the only invective was my hot 39 years-old jock English teacher (let’s call Mr. Jan). His lesson went by boringly, but having the chance to look at his meaty, muscular body made it clearly better.

Since I hold my piss to the last lesson and the vivid images of Mr. Jan leaning towards me was lingering in my mind, blood started pumping in my dick. I jammed my semi-boner between my legs and waited for literature class to end. After the bell rang, I packed my bag and ran into the toilet quickly. I pissed, low-key rubbing it. Then I decided to stroke it a bit since my boner became unbearable and my service was the last one going out of the school. While squeezing the tip of my penis, I heard the manly voice that I have been falling for, since the beginning of the year. It was as smooth as a butter and unintentionally seducing, it belonged to Mr. Jan. Him pissing and conversating casually made me hornier. The guy he was talking to, left the restroom while Jan kept pissing and making little murmurs as a sense of relaxation.

I was fucking rock hard at the moment. But I hastily pulled my pants on and went to wash my hands as I remembered my school bus was supposed to leave in two minutes. Mr. Jan was also washing his hands and said “Hi”. “Hi” I greeted back, drying my hands. When I was about to open the door, he stopped me. “I know.” he said. I astonished and instantly asked “what?”. I couldn’t stop throwing brief glances at his bulge and shiny shoes. “You’re doing it again” he hesitated for a second, “Look at my face (my name), I know in what way you are looking at me”. I was flabbergasted and the words fell from my mouth “I am sorry if I bothered you” accepting my admiration. He muttered “little slut” thinking I wouldn’t hear while he was conceitedly looking at himself on the mirror. I said that I can hear him in a very disrespectful tone, which was well-deserved but still couldn’t help myself biting my lips. He looked at me indifferently with a cocky smirk and said “You want me to fuck you, Don’t you?”. I whispered “Fuck!” then said “Well, you caught me, huh?” both of us seemed to be bricked up. “I would suck the fuck out of you” I said with a big audacity. Then show me, he said. I came closer to him and whispered to his ear “Would you like me to lock us in one of the cabinets?”.

I did what I said and we were alone in the cabinet, then texted the bus driver that I was going to go home with the club bus which would have departed in a hour. He leaned towards his head to mine. I kissed his lips, vacuuming them, touching his boobs.

He pressed my head till I was on my knees. He made me lick his bulge on his pants while I was caressing his meaty legs. Then I unzipped his pants. I could smell his pubic scent. It was mesmerizing. Without taking off his boxer, I put his cock in my mouth. His boxer went all wet with his precum and my saliva.

I pulled his boxer. He compressed my head into his balls for me to exhale nothing but his sweaty balls. I was drooling. After smelling his cock for like a minute, I started licking them, sucking them big-ass balls as if they were lollipops. He held my head even tighter when I get to lick his veiny throbbing cock which looked like at least 7 inches. I soaked the tip. He was quietly moaning. I could see he was melting. He put my head away for a moment, spit in my face for 5-6 times, unable to stop himself and hit my face as I had never been hit. He made my mouth opened and spit in it for one more time, then tapped his cock all over my face and my lips.

As I kept deep throating his cock and rubbing my dick, he was looking dead in my eyes. His tip’s throbbing in my throat was perceivable. I went slower as he started trembling as a sign of being about to cum.

He clutched my hair and took his cock back and started fapping and slapping my face. I was also fapping and stroking his feet on his shoes. He suddenly took off his left shoe and pushed my face with his foot. Feeling his perfectly shaped masculine feet being smeared on my face felt like heaven.

He sat on the closet continuing fapping. Then, smashed my bricked dick with his right shoe. I was on the ground, smelling his sweaty burgundy socked foot. My face was covered with his smell of testosterone. He smashed all my chest and dick with his feet. He seemed to love me worshipping him.

As I sucked his toes socks on, his red cock seemed about to explode. He hastily sat on my chest and just after I get to put his cock in my mouth, he came till the cum dripped out of my nostrils. I came with the adrenalin that being choked with cum brought.

The cum of us would have fill a water bottle easily. He kept sitting on my chest while leaning his back with the relief. After we collected ourselves, he sat on my face with his semi-trimmed hairy ass for a while, along with my begging him.

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