Tales of Horn Springs – The Birthday Party – Part 2 of 5

**Jason goes to the gym (noon – 2pm)**

I arrive at the gym sometime before noon and am ready to get started. Margo’s helping hand this morning had my blood pressure elevated, so I was certainly not ready for her to be done. Now at the gym, I’m hoping that a good workout will help calm me down. I get straight to work on my normal routine and quickly work up a sweat.

I’m not usually here this time of day, I’m most often here after work, so I don’t really recognize anyone. I recognize some of the staff, but that’s about it. I get off the machine I’m using and head to the drinking fountain to refill my water bottle. As I approach, I see that a young woman is at the fountain taking a drink. I try not to stare, but boy, she has a remarkable ass. I get closer and see that she is wearing a shirt with the gym’s logo on it, signifying she’s a staffer. She finishes taking a drink as I arrive. She stands up straight and wipes her mouth with her hand. As she turns to leave, she sees me standing behind her. I recognize her immediately with her firm-looking tits and dark brunet hair.

“Kim!” I exclaim, staring Kim Jackson right in the eyes.

“Hi Jason,” she replies with a smile.

“I didn’t realize you still worked here,” I remark, showing maybe a little too much excitement in my voice.

“I didn’t for a while but just started again about a month ago.”

“You must be working mornings then. I’m usually here at night.” I comment noticing one, she doesn’t seem in a hurry to go anywhere, and two, she is wearing a button-up shirt that is unbuttoned enough that I can see from her neck down to her fairly exposed cleavage.

“Yeah, I’m not in school right now, so I decided to take the earlier shift. What have you been up to? It’s good to see you again,” She says while sidestepping to let someone else use the drinking fountain. She puts her hand on my arm just below my shoulder to guide me over as I cannot see the person behind me trying to use the fountain. I notice her squeeze my biceps a bit as she moves me over and pulls me a little closer.

I look down at her hand on my arm out of reflex but quickly look back up at her, trying not to make it too obvious that I noticed her touch. “Yeah, I’m just working. Debating on going back to college. Might actually try a trade school,” I say, definitely letting her pull me closer as she continues to pull on me.


I notice that Kim is actually pulling me into a room through a door behind her that says Employees Only. She closes the door behind me and leaves me at the door as she moves further into the room, which appears to be a locker room for the staff.

As she heads to one of the lockers, she says “It’s quieter in here.” She turns to open her locker, which puts her back towards me. “So, what kind of trade are you thinking of getting into?”

“I’m not sure yet. I, uh…,” I trail off as I see her turn back around to face me after opening her lock and start unbuttoning her shirt.

“Yes.” She says, encouraging me to continue.

I smile at her as I continue my thought, “I was thinking of maybe becoming an electrician,” I look around to make sure we are alone.

“That would be cool.” She says. She takes off her shirt while still facing me, then turns toward her locker again to put it in there. She has an incredibly toned body. My pants immediately begin to tighten.

“Yeah, I think so.” I continue as if the conversation matters anymore if it ever did. “My little brother is studying electronics engineering in college right now, so it’s kind of in the same vein.”

While still facing her locker, Kim undoes her bra, pulls it off, and puts it in her locker with her shirt. “That’s neat.” She replies.

“Yeah, he’s turning 20 today, so I’m throwing him a birthday party tonight.” Words are just leaving my mouth on their own at this point.

“Oh, that’s cool.” She says as she stands there topless, still facing away from me. She gathers her hair in her hands and moves to put her hair into a ponytail, which makes her raise her arms. She turns just enough for me to get a perfect view of her side boob without revealing any nip.

The devil is toying with me, I think to myself. Wonderful!

Kim pulls a t-shirt out of her locker and puts it on. She then closes her locker and walks up to me. I can see her hard nipples have created two perfect little lumps under her shirt. “Well, it was good seeing you again Jason.” She says, definitely standing inside my bubble, her tits inches from me.

“Yeah, you too,” I reply, trying to look her in the eyes, which isn’t too hard because they are equally as gorgeous as the rest of her.

“I know.” She says while reaching out and grabbing the pole that is turning my gym shorts into a tent.

I look down to see her holding my hard cock through my shorts. I look up to see her smiling at me with a bit of a coy smile. “Yeah,” is all I can say.

Kim lets go of my member, grabs my hand, and proceeds to write something on it saying “You should call me sometime.”

“Oh, I will,” I say, most likely with a stupid grin on my face.

“Good!” She replies, then reaches for the door. “You might want to put that away before you hurt someone,” she says as she opens the door and laughs to herself.

I hurriedly adjust myself and follow her out the door.

“Goodbye, Jason,” she says, not looking back at me, and heads for the exit.

“Bye, Kim.”

Damn, she’s hot. What I would do to get those tits in my face. Fuck I’m horny. And with that, I decide it’s time to hit the showers.


I gather my things and head for the locker room. I open my locker and then strip down. I’m completely naked now and have a raging boner. I look around and see that no one is close by but there are definitely others around. I grab my towel, wrap it around my waist, and then leave to take a shower.

I round the corner to where the showers are. I enter through an open doorway into a long, narrow, tiled room that has another open doorway on the opposite end. There is a line of shower heads all along the far wall, each separated by a couple of feet. Towel hooks are located along the opposite wall. As I enter I see that someone is toweling off to leave. I remove my towel, hang it up, and try to conceal my flagpole as I head to the nearest shower head.

I turn on the shower in front of me and am immediately hit with warm water that feels soothing on my sore muscles. The relaxation and warm water don’t help the downstairs situation any. Noticing the other guy has left, I relax a little more and let my pecker proudly reach out from my body. I even arch back a little and clench my abs and groin, which stiffens my mast even more. God that feels good. I turn around to face away from the shower, letting the water drench my hair, shoulders, back, and ass. I spread my cheeks a bit to rinse out my crack. My hard-on is definitely on display now for anyone who may enter the room to see. I turn back around and let the water beat down on my head and allow myself to be engulfed by the spray. I lower my head down to breathe and open my eyes. There he is, still hard as a rock and seemingly beaming up at me begging for attention. I grab hold and give myself a good squeeze and twist. My knees buckle a bit from the sensation. I move my other hand down below my balls where I use two fingers to apply pressure to my taint. This makes me stiffen up again, urging my other hand to start stroking my wet cock. With Margo’s greeting this morning and Kim’s rocking body still fresh in my mind, I am more than eager to plaster the shower wall.

Right as I feel that I’m establishing a good rhythm, I notice someone has stepped up to the shower right next to me. I quickly stop pumping and turn to the side to conceal myself. I’m worried that if I get caught rubbing one out in the shower I would get kicked out of the gym or get fined for indecent exposure or some shit.

“You don’t have to stop on my account.” I hear the voice next to me say.

I look over and see a middle-aged man standing there washing himself with a bar of soap. He is a bit taller than me and ripped. Not just ripped for an older guy, but ripped in general. He is working the soap over his massive pecks and downward over his impressive six-pack.

“Who, me?” I sheepishly ask. The fright of the situation is causing my erection to diminish.

The guy turns around to face away from the shower and looks around while he is still applying soap to his torso. “I don’t see anyone else in here, do you?” The man asks sarcastically. He then turns back around and starts lathering up his junk.

I turn back to face my shower and get a good look at his equipment. He may be taller than me, but it appears I may be more well-endowed than him. I reach for my soap to continue my shower, my wood almost completely gone except for the effect of the warm shower keeping my junk hanging lower and fuller.

“What’s your name?” The man asks while working the soap bar from his junk to his ass.


“I’m Mark Spinelli.” The man says, extending his hand for a shake.
I shake his hand, and we go back to our respective washing. I notice that Mark has finished soaping off and has begun tugging at his member. Encouraged, I start tugging at my own.

“So, what were you thinking about when you were stroking it before?” Mark asks.

At that moment, an even older gentleman enters the showers further down from us. I stop immediately, again afraid of being caught.

“Ah, you don’t have to worry about Bernie, he don’t care,” Mark says, then looks on toward Bernie and yells “You don’t mind us stroking ourselves down here, do you, Bernie?”

“Not at all. Stroke away, boys.” Bernie replies with a chuckle, then starts groping at his own package.

“Yeah, no one cares around here,” Mark says to me. “Are you new to the gym?” He is fully erect now and is pumping to a relaxed rhythm.

“I’ve been coming to this gym for almost a year now, but I’m usually here in the evening after work, and then I go home to shower. I’ve only showered here like twice before.” I answer.

“Ah,” he replies, “well, so you know, generally speaking, no one cares if you beat off in the showers here. I don’t know about other gyms around, but there seems to be a bit of an understanding here.”

“Good to know,” I say while picking up the speed of my stroking, feeling more comfortable now. I’m almost completely hard again and Margo and Kim reenter my mind.

“So, you gonna tell me what you were thinking about that made beating your meat look so enjoyable?” Mark asks again. He is pumping a little more vigorously now on his fully erected cock. It is bigger than I initially thought it was but still not quite as big as mine.

I tell him about Margo this morning and then about Kim just now. As I tell him the stories, he is definitely aroused and visibly enjoying hearing about my encounters. I enjoy telling him about it and find the mutual masturbation session fun and arousing.

“Fuck dude, that’s one hell of a morning. And that Kim, yeah, fucking hot.” Mark says. He looks like he’s close to cumming giving his cock a good squeeze. “I’m sure they’d love to get some of that cock of yours.” He is intently looking at my wood now. “I bet it feels real hard.”

“I’m so fucking hard right now I feel like my cock is going to explode.” I replay while still pumping hard.

“Can I feel it?” Mark asks as he slows his pumping.

After living with Chip, I have become much more comfortable sharing my sexuality with other guys, so this request doesn’t phase me that much. “Sure, why not,” I say, shrugging my shoulders and turning to face him.

Mark, while still stroking his own cock, turns towards me, reaches out, and takes hold of mine. I get an immediate surge of pleasure that ripples through my body and I feel my wood tighten. He begins to stroke me and says, “That’s one good-looking cock you’ve got there buddy. I’m sure the ladies love it.” He keeps stroking me for a minute and looks as though he’s about to shoot his cum all over me. At this point, I wouldn’t care, it feels so good. He then lets go of me, turns to his show, and turns it off. He then looks at me and says, “Well, it was nice to meet you, Jason, hope to see you around and hopefully, if you make it with Kim, you can tell me all about it sometime.” He then moves to leave.

“Wait, what?” I ask incredulously, “You’re not going to, you know, finish?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry, I didn’t mention that part. No one seems to care if you stroke it in the shower, just don’t unload.” Mark winks at me and leaves the room after grabbing his towel all the while whistling a tune.

Fuck. I am left there in the shower with a raging boner and the third encounter of the day increasing my need to “unload”, as Mark put it. I do a final rinse then go to my towel to dry myself off. I walk back to my locker and see Mark exiting the locker room. I get dressed, leave the gym, and drive over to where I work.

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