Tales of Horn Springs – The Birthday Party – Part 1 of 5

**Jason starts his day (10am – noon)**

My alarm goes off, waking me from a dreamless sleep. God, it feels good to sleep in. It’s 10 am Thursday morning and I would usually be two hours into my 10-hour workday by now, but I took the day off. Today is my little brother’s birthday, and I’m throwing him a party tonight. And boy don’t I have a party planned for him.
My name is Jason Miller. I’m 24, live in a city called Horn Springs, and just enjoy living life. I’ve got kind of a big day ahead of me today. I’m picking my little brother Parker up at 4 pm to spend some time with him before his surprise birthday party this evening. But before then, I need to hit the gym, pick up my paycheck, and run some errands.
I lay in bed not in any hurry to get up. I see a bulge under the thin blanket that covers me, so I pull it off to reveal my morning wood sticking out through the hole in my boxers. With one hand behind my head, I lower the other down to say good morning to my little buddy. After a minute of yanking on myself, I decide it’s time to get up. I sit on the edge of my bed, grab my phone, and check my messages. Finishing that morning task, I stand up and stretch and poke my pecker back inside my boxers before leaving my room.
I rent one of the rooms in a two-bed, two-bath apartment. One smaller bedroom, my room, and a separate bathroom are on one end of the apartment, and a large master bedroom and bathroom are on the other. Both rooms are separated by the kitchen and a main living space. It’s not that big of an apartment, but it doesn’t need to be.
I go into my bathroom and relieve the pressure on my bladder. I brush my teeth, put on deodorant, and do a few other things as part of my morning ritual before coming out.
I walk out of the hall that leads to my room and bathroom into the living area, wearing nothing but the boxers I slept in, where I find one of my two roommates, Chip Tucker — I’m still not sure if that’s his real name, sitting on the couch watching TV and eating breakfast cereal. He has a few boxes arrayed on the coffee table along with a gallon of whole milk. And, per usual, he is Donald Ducking as he likes to call it, which means he is wearing nothing from the waist down.
“Morning Chip,” I say to him as I enter the kitchen.
“Hey bro,” he replies between bites.
I would probably have just gone and sat down with him and had some cereal, but today is a gym day, so I need to eat some protein. I make myself a quick breakfast and head over to sit on the opposite end of the couch with Chip. I look at the TV to see that Chip is watching a UFC fight. I sit back in my seat, glad to watch the show.
After a few minutes, Chip leans forward to prepare another bowl of cereal. As he watches the fight, he isn’t paying close enough attention to what he’s doing and fumbles while putting the lid back on the milk jug and drops the lid on the floor. He bends over to pick it up but can’t find it. So, he puts his ass in the air as he tries to find where the lid has gone. He clearly knows that he is pretty much putting his ass in my face as I see him sort of wiggle it as he continues his search. I can see his balls hanging between his legs. Chip is a bit of a shower, so I can also see his tip dangling lower than his sack. I note the growth pattern of his hair flowing from his anus outward and down his legs and coming down his taint and swirling around the base of his balls.
“Dude, I’m eating over here,” I say with a slight chuckle.
Chip sits back down, grabs a magazine off the coffee table, loosely rolls it up, then wraps my junk with it saying, “Don’t be such a softy.”
I jerk a little from the unexpected contact and my member twitches from the attention. I laugh a little as I adjust myself while Chip settles in his seat and continues eating. None of this bothers me as I am rather used to Chip by now. Just in case anyone is wondering, no, Chip isn’t gay, but he doesn’t seem to be altogether straight either. He’s a go-with-the-flow kind of guy.
We continue watching the fight and eating our respective breakfasts. A few minutes later, I hear the door open to the other bedroom and look up to see Margo walk out. She is wearing a mostly white belly shirt and a dark purple thong. She must have just gotten out of the shower because she has her natural red hair wrapped up in a towel. She walks in front of Chip and sits down between us. I watch as her ample tits bounce a little as she sits down.
Margo Singer is my other roommate. She and Chip room together. They aren’t really an item, but they do sleep together. That’s actually how I was able to move in. At first, Chip rented this apartment all by himself. Something happened causing him to need more money, so he put an ad out for a roommate. Margo ended up moving into the room I’m in now. I guess after a while she ended up sleeping in his bed more than her own, so they decided to both stay in the big room and rent out the small one to save even more money. I’ve actually only been living here a few months. Chip and Margo are great roommates and are not shy about getting frisky in front of people in general, but especially not at home. I remember an encounter we had not long after I moved in when I came home to find Chip’s face squarely planted between Margo’s legs with her sitting on the kitchen counter. Chip pulled his head out, licked his lips, looked at me, and said “I like you dude, but if this is going to be a problem for you, you’re probably going to have to find a new place.” And with that, he went back under for more. Margo, who was completely naked with her amazing breasts proudly on display, winked at me and blew me a kiss. I just said, “Not a problem at all,” and made for my room. Chip gave me a thumbs up as he continued his muff diving.
Margo reached forward and grabbed an empty bowl from the coffee table that I assume Chip put there for her. She poured herself a bowl of Lucky Charms, sat back, and started eating. Chip was still working on his bowl, and I was just about finished with my breakfast. After a few bites, Margo sat her bowl down and turned around on the couch to bend over the back where she began fishing for something. Her butt is sticking out between Chip and I and is wriggling as she rummages around for something. Chip looks over at me and gives me a wink. He then leans toward her ass, giving it a kiss while making the OK sign with his hand at me.
Having found what she was looking for, Margo sat back down, revealing a large bong, and didn’t seem to notice or care that her towel fell off her head behind the couch. She then proceeds to light it up. After taking a few hits, she coughs a little, passes the bong to Chip, and then continues eating. Chip takes a big hit and then motions the bong towards me. I wave to decline his offer and take my last bite of food. I notice that Margo has her hand in Chip’s lap and is messaging his bare, half-plump sausage.
Margo takes the bong back from Chip and asks
“Jason, would you be a love and open a window?” before inhaling again.
I put my plate down on the coffee table and get up to do as was requested. This room has a wall that is mostly windows that look down over the street below. We live in a second-story apartment over a pizzeria. Our landlord is a Chinese guy who owns the building and the pizzeria business. The windows are large, so opening just one of them up lets in a lot of fresh air. There are no curtains or blinds on any of the windows in the apartment. I’ve come to understand that was all Margo’s doing. The lack of curtains was an uncomfortable feeling at first, but I’ve gotten used to the idea that someone can watch me dress if they really wanted to. I’m pretty sure Margo’s intent was to live in some kind of kinky fishbowl.
I sit back down next to Margo. I hadn’t noticed, but I am sporting a halfie, so when I sit down my pecker is peeking through the front of my boxers. Margo notices and after putting the bong down, reaches over and takes my partial wood in her hand, and begins to stroke me as well.
“I fucking love handling two guys at once,” Margo exclaims while stroking a hardening cock in each hand.
I sit back in my seat and enjoy Margo’s touch while still watching the fight. Chip, too, is enjoying himself with a foot on the coffee table and an arm resting on the back of the couch behind Margo’s head. Margo just keeps stroking our shafts in rhythm. My cock is rock hard now and pulsing in response every time her hand rolls over my head.
We continue watching UFC for a while with Margo smoothly pleasuring both Chip and me. I am relaxed and can feel some precum start to form on the top of my shaft. Margo notices it too, as I can feel her intently rubbing it around my mushroom top with her finger. The sensation makes my groin stiffen and my hips thrust upward a little. Margo glances at me with a mischievous smile.
“Well boys, I’d love to stay and play but I better get to class,” Margo says. She lets go of my cock and leans over Chip’s lap, taking him into her mouth. She releases him with a slurp and then leans over my lap. She then puts me in her mouth and lingers a little longer on me, giving me a good deep suck. She comes up and pumps my cock a few times while smiling at me and biting her lower lip. I smile back with appreciation. She stands up and makes to leave, taking her bowl of unfinished cereal with her.
“Are we still on for tonight?” I ask her.
“You bet your ass we are. I’m looking forward to it,” she replies, visibly excited.
“What’s this?” Chip asks.
“I’m stripping tonight for Jason’s little brother’s birthday,” Margo nonchalantly responds.
Chip looks at me and asks, “You got a baby brother?”
“He has a brother and two sisters. Jason is the oldest,” Margo replies for me.
“Huh,” Chip says as he goes back to watching the fight.
“Anyway,” Margo continues, “I’ll be there.”
“What do I owe you?” I ask, prepared to pay whatever she quotes.
“Not a thing. I have a feeling I might get more fun out of this than he will. Honestly, I’m excited to play.” And with that, Margo leaves for her room.
Margo is a student at the local college and is a bartender as her main source of income. She also strips for private parties when she can to make more on the side.
Chip looks interested in what we were talking about and turns to me after Margo leaves and says “Sounds like you’ve got quite a party planned this evening.”
“Yeah, you wanna come?” I offer.
“I’ll have to make sure I’m free, but if so, I’m there” Chip replies.
“Cool,” I say as I grab my plate and get up to leave. As I pass in front of Chip, he gives me an attaboy smack on the ass. I put my dishes in the sink, then go to my room to get dressed, and grab my gym bag and keys. I then exit my room to leave the apartment. Chip isn’t on the couch anymore and I see that their door is shut. I put my shoes on that I keep by the door and leave for the gym.

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