Work mates ex

So I worked n partied with this guy recently and he has a cougar Mrs, there both in their 40s n one day they break up and I end up with his bi curious side sucking my dick and I got a bit of a suck on him to n it would be a continuous … Read more

My new work

A strip club recently opened about 200 metres from my house. It’s quite small and a bit hidden, but you can see the entrance if you walk past. My mom said I should get another job to save more money. I told her I work at a grocery store, but I’m actually a slut and … Read more

When I (39f) was in my mid twenties me and my friend (22f) cheated on our boyfriends with her older work mate (45m)

I was allowed to cheat but she wasn’t and although it sounds like he was a sugar daddy I actually paid for the hotel and all the room service for the three of us because I knew my husband (boyfriend at the time) would love to hear about it. Also a new FIFA had just … Read more

I said I would never hook up with a coworker. But I made an exception when I took our Sales VP back to my room after a work event for a night cap and told him I liked it rough. It didn’t take long until I was pinned down with his hand on my neck.

Since I’ve been sharing some of my secret, slutty Hotwife adventures on work trips, I’ve been asked if I’ve ever hooked up with a coworker. So in the spirit of telling some of my “firsts”, the answer is no, but I did make one exception, and here is the story. If you’ve read any of … Read more

Got a BJ while at work

It was a normal boring day at work until I walked in the office to talk to the manager. Her and I have always flirted but never went past that. We were in the office and the door was shut. She told me I looked nice today and I told her how nice she looked … Read more

(45F)Booty called my husband(49M) at work while watching him rail my sister(48F)

The week after I had the talk with my husband, where I let him pursue my sister, he started to reciprocate her advances. The next weekend he took her out for dinner, back home, he told that they made out in the car when he was dropping her home. He followed up by telling me … Read more

R*** at work

I (F18) had just started working at a bar down the street from where I live. A cute guy got seated in my section and I could tell he was checking me out but I just ignored it. Around the time when I was going to bring him the bill I had to go to … Read more