Michitaurus and the Witchy Women Part 5

[Part 4 Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/sexstories/comments/1arh99l/michitaurus_and_the_witchy_women_part_4/) ​ ***Short, but sweet entry. Light on smut, and happy endings all around.*** For the next two months, the dynamic switched. I was running over to the Coven’s Victorian to get deepthroated by Holly four, five times a week. I had never been aroused by a piece of furniture before, but that … Read more

Michitaurus and the Witchy Women Part 4

[Part 3 Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/sexstories/comments/1apycyk/michitaurus_and_the_witchy_women_part_3/) ​ When I recall this story, I have to think in terms of the Wiccan holidays to pinpoint what happened when. Up until Samhain, which is basically Wiccan Halloween, Holly came over as often as I would let her, which was pretty often. I hadn’t had a steady since Jacquie, and she … Read more

Michitaurus and the Witchy Women Part 3

[Part 2 Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/sexstories/comments/1aoztgp/michitaurus_and_the_witchy_women_part_2/) ​ ***As promised, sex and weirdness.*** I accepted their friend requests and went to heat up some food. By the time I came back, I had a message from Holly. Again, Holly had an unusual affect. I’ll do my best to be faithful with how she talked. *Holly: It was a blessing … Read more

Michitaurus and the Witchy Women Part 2

[Part 1 Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/sexstories/comments/1anozih/michitaurus_and_the_witchy_women_part_1/) ​ ***Why do my Part 2’s always run long? Anyway, bear with me, quality smut is on the way. This story descends into sex, sex, sex. And weirdness.*** Here’s what google told me about Mabon: it was a minor holiday which took place on the Autumnal Equinox, to celebrate the harvest bounty. … Read more