“Follow Me Into the Forest” an autobiographical piece about sex in the woods on a misty winter day.

Here’s a quick note from the author: I enjoy showing off my body as well as the creations of my mind, so I include images of myself for all of my stories. You can read the story, and see some of the images that go along with it at: https://lilaember.com/2023/04/22/follow-me-into-the-forest/ . Enjoy. \——————— There’s a … Read more

Winter Wonderlust – Chapter 1 [34F, 40M, 37M] [Cabin in the woods, Police Fetish, MFM]

It wasn’t exactly legal, what Officer Bryan Long was about to do. He wasn’t sure he even was up for it in the first place. His cruiser idled on the side of the interstate, just outside of Ashville. Bryan’s phone range once. Then twice. As the call was about to go to voicemail he let … Read more

[F] Fucking Old Man Winter

The snow literally doesn’t seem to want to end and has been devastating to my seasonal depression. For weeks, I’ve been searching for a light at the end of the tunnel moment, but nothing has come. I look out the window, and the ground is entirely white, fog loaded with diamond dust hangs in the … Read more

Winter Love with Sunny

All of the characters in the story are at least 19 years old. This latest narrative is entirely made up and phony. I viewed a few incest-themed pornographic videos on the advice of my readers. This tale mainly extracted from adult movies. I’m 21 years old, and my name is Esha. I have lovely physique … Read more

Steamy winter car hookup

Decided to answer a random message on here and spent the day chatting with a stranger. Discussed our likes & dislikes in the bedroom. We traded photos and teased about what it would be like to meet up. We eventually talked about meeting & discovered we were only a couple miles apart. A little more … Read more