Tales of Horn Springs – A Quiet Weekend – Part 1 of 5

**Mike gets home from work (6pm – 7pm)** Saturday night has finally arrived. I’ve been eagerly waiting for this night to come, not because I have anything planned, but because I don’t have anything planned. The last few months have been so busy with work and family and all sorts of shit that I haven’t … Read more

A lusty weekend

After valentines (M)y libido skyrocketed, I havent desired her body like this since the start of our relationship. But unfortunately herself was away for the weekend with her mom, leaving me frustrated at home. I come home at 12 at night on Saturday after work, feeling frustrated and horny. Around 1am I think: fuck it, … Read more

Weekend home

39 m Had to go back home for the weekend normally I’d crash with friends but it was short notice ( family death) so I reached out to some former fwb to check in and maybe find a place to crash. Had 2 that wanted to get together but wasn’t sure of there sexual interest … Read more