Wearing A Bullet Vibe

It’s been an exciting and thrilling couple of weeks ever since my FWB bought me a bullet vibe to make the sexual interactions more interesting. Take note though that this isn’t the regular vibrator you have to turn on manually but the one controlled via an app. Anyway, he told me that he wanted to … Read more

When I went to see my ex-boyfriend’s parents, I was wearing a vibrator that I could control with a remote.

When I met his parents, my then-boyfriend dared me to wear one since I thought those remote-controlled vibrators were so awesome. I made a good impression on his parents by wearing the remote-controlled vibrator down my panties, as we were still young and impressionable. I balled my thighs to calm myself down because he was … Read more

Wearing his cum to work.

I only had minutes to get ready this morning as I overslept through my alarm, but I didn’t disappoint my married FWB when he quickly wanted to schedule himself in for a quickie before I had to leave for work. So before I put my stockings on, he lifted up my skirt and pinned me … Read more

Wearing nothing but his cum

Last night I begged my married FWB to shower me in his cum. He usually creampies me or I usually drain his balls by taking every single drop down my throat. But last night, I wanted to wear nothing but his cum all over me. But in turn, I had to work hard for it … Read more

Sorority girl [21f] goes to a costume party and sees her rival [21f] wearing the same bunny outfit. They get into a fight and she surprisingly loses. Not only does she get spanked but she also gets sexually humiliated and edged. [lesbian][catfight][edging][lezdom]

The day of the party, there were fraternity and sorority students all throughout the Zeta house, drinking and mingling with each other. It was an event all of Greek Row looked forward to every year. One of the main girls socializing, however, was Chloe, the most entitled Zeta of them all. With her sisters already … Read more

First time wearing a dress for my bf turns into long-awaited sex in a shared hotel room

(Long – backshots, fingering, oral) My bf (21) and I (20), were on a trip with a friend (M20) for the whole weekend. We were all sharing a hotel room, with me and my bf in one bed and my friend in the other. We were all pretty much inseparable for the entirety of the … Read more