The walls are too thick

He asked her to be loud. He lay there for a while, listening out for hot noises, throbbing. After a while of hearing nothing, he gave up. Thinking that she had disobeyed him and fallen asleep. He quietly opened the door to get water. On return he noticed light coming from under the door. Opening … Read more

[MF, Bro/Sis, Incest, anal, oral, ATM] Thin walls, close lodging Chapter 3

This is a work of fiction. I’ll repeat that: None of this stuff is real. I write erotic fiction. If you click on my profile and then navigate to my pinned post you can see I’ve written a bunch of sex stuff. You can find previous chapters of this work there as well. All of … Read more

34F Confessions of my taboo squirting sessions to the sex sounds of my neighbours through the thin walls of my apartment

Having sex with my friends uncle on 4th of July vacation

I (F34) live in a new build in Northern Ireland with particularly thin walls. A few months back, I confessed that I had been masturbating to the sounds of my neighbours having sex through the wall throughout lockdown. As a self-confessed sex addict, the pandemic has wrought havoc with my sex life. So I’ve been … Read more