Is it normal if you had anal sex with a bbc you cant walk normal for a while?

The anticipation was palpable as he stood before me, his gaze smoldering with desire. I could feel the heat rising within me, a primal urge that begged to be sated. With a hungry intensity, he closed the distance between us, his hands trailing along my skin, igniting a fire that burned hot and fierce. As … Read more

“Mam, don’t you know it’s not safe to walk around at night with all that cake?” [MF18+][CNC]

Inside my glovebox was a handwritten note from my gf, signed and dated. It explained what we were doing and that everything was consensual. She had also recorded a backup video on my phone in case anyone called the cops. It was 1am and I was driving around the sketchy industrial part of town, hunting … Read more

Another Walk In The Park

As I walked back through the park, I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone had seen me the other day. It was possible; there were plenty of people around, after all. But even if they had, I didn’t really care. What mattered most was that I had finally given in to my desires and enjoyed … Read more