My [30f]last time with my favourite waitress [26f]and her husband [29m]was the best (Part 1)

As my trip overseas was coming to an end I knew I wanted one last play time with my favorite waitress and I knew my husband would love to watch us once again. We chatted back and forth about schedules and what we wanted for a couple of days before we were able to work … Read more

My [30f]last time with my favourite waitress [26f]and her husband [29m]was the best part 2

We rolled over but kept going down on each other. Alice sat up and took my phone, getting the camera down very close so my husband could watch me lick her clit while she sat on my face. I reached up and rubbed her chest and so did she. She was teasing my husband for … Read more

The Waitress part 2

continued… I carefully stood up trying to adjust my dick down so I wasn’t pitching a tent in the middle of the room. As she walked down the aisle I stayed just far enough back so I could watch those beautiful ass cheeks smack back and forth one more time. I would need some more … Read more

The Waitress part 1

The restaurant Twin Peaks quickly became a favorite lunch stop during the work week. I had never been to Hooters or anyplace like that but the second I walked into that lodge style dining establishment, I was hooked. There is something to be said for amazingly beautiful 18-24 year old women wearing the tiniest khaki … Read more

The Waitress part 3

…continued… My now fully hard cock was trying to bust out of my khakis… pre had soaked all the way through and I felt pressure as Krystal pressed her body against mine. Because she was tall, her pussy was at the perfect height to press against my confined cock. Krystal abruptly pulled my head off … Read more