Unexpected threesome

I was at this party with my previous boyfriend and we were just chilling, waiting for more people to come. We were having an amazing time, chatting, laughing, and just enjoying the vibe. The more people that came, the better the vibe was. We were listening to music and dancing, and the alcohol started to … Read more

Emma sends me off with Louise her neighbour….pt7….Caroline can’t make it so sends Sara and Emma provides an unexpected twist.

Caroline picked up and was in a distressed state, everything had gone so well but when her and Sara got to Caroline’s place there was mail from her doctors saying that some test results weren’t quite right and that she needed an appointment with a specialist so she’d sent Sara way and since had gone … Read more

I flashed my stepbrother. It was a totally unexpected moment!

I went to the toilet after spending Christmas Eve with my family entered, and began undressing when the door unexpectedly opened. I didn’t panic since I assumed it was my sister, but when I turned to face me, my stepbrother was staring at me with unfathomable lust. I gave it my best shot at playing … Read more