Story of my BF underwear

I’m dating my boyfriend for about a year now and we have a pretty exciting life. Recently an incident happened which later felt a little creepy to me. We were changing after swimming in my pool and he was soon going for a vacation with his family. Just so that I do not miss him, … Read more

Girlfriends best friend tried on her new underwear then fucked me while wearing it

So I’ve told a lot of stories about my relationship with my girlfriends best friend. They’re on my profile if you want to read from the beginning My girlfriends best friend (holly) has been basically living with us since she split up from her boyfriend My girlfriend (katie) is currently away with work but holly … Read more

(26f) I left a friend’s birthday get together to suck cock and then returned to the party wearing no underwear

For those of you who haven’t been following along as I write these posts, my friends have no idea what I’m like. They think I am shy and innocent because of how I am with them. In reality I have a Dom and I am a very obedient slut for him. This is important for … Read more

No underwear

Last night, my girlfriend and I went out to dinner with another couple, who are friends. We are on vacation in Aruba. The weather is warm and I decided to wear a pair of white linen pants without any underwear’s because I forgot to bring a white pair, and any other color you can see … Read more