Hot tub party [F19]

We recently installed a hot tub by our outdoor pool. We are in a four season climate and were excited about the prospect of spending time in it during colder nights as well as just the overall relaxation part of a hot tub. From day one, this hot tub seemed to be an aphrodisiac for … Read more

Hot Tub + Military men

Throwaway acct. This was probably around 5 years ago with my then boyfriend and his military friends. I have always been the life of the party when I drink. Lol We went to a house party and I was drinking fireball and Tito’s not the best combo. After a couple hours. My boyfriend pulls me … Read more

Hot tub and sauna = MFM with my GF

I’ll start by saying that I(22) have an old friend Nazar (22) with whom my girlfriend Anna(23) a and I spent a lot of time. Usually the three of us get together several times a month and spend time traveling to new interesting places, this time we got from Prague to Lake Hallstatt, before that … Read more