My (M20) charismatic mathematics professor (M40’s) seduced me in his office after inviting me to join him on a summer trip to Europe

“I know we’ve discussed everything under the sun, at least everything appropriate between a teacher and student. Can I ask, how is your love life going? Are you seeing anyone?” A strange question. “Um no, not right now I’m not. I’ve had a couple of flings the past year, but I don’t know, we could … Read more

I(29M) had an unexpected Business trip affair with a hot air hostess (22F)

Just before Christmas I needed to fly to New York from London for work. I really wasn’t looking forward to going as I had loads of things to sort out for the Christmas break but thought I could at least spend the first day there getting a present for my girlfriend. Typical… My flight is … Read more

Update: I (F28) fingered a family friend (F19) at my father’s funeral – Part 3 – Sexy Day Trip

Ok, so this is the third update on the “I’m sleeping with my much younger family friend, Beth” saga and at the moment Beth is sleeping in bed next to me and resting. Both my previous update and my original can be found here. As with my previous posts, this is a true story, with … Read more

Trip to Vegas

My girlfriend Holly and I have been together for 7 years now living together for 3 and I finally decided to pop the question and propose to her. (Only reason waited so long was to save up money for a decent ring) so we decided to plan a trip to Vegas to celebrate. On the … Read more

My trip to the sea😊😽

In August, I went to the seaside just to relax for a couple of days. It was a short weekend that didn’t last long… Early in the morning I made an appointment at a beauty salon to get myself in order before the trip. Hair removal, massage, solarium, hairstyle, well, everything to please the eyes … Read more