I (20f) was late to my uni class today because my bf (36m) drove me there but wanted a blowjob in the car

We fucked when we woke up so I was kinda late already, so he decided to drive me to university. During the drive we talked about the sex we had earlier (we often talk afterwards about what we liked, what it felt like for each of us, etc). When we arrived he said that had … Read more

Sit down. Right there. Ass on the ground. I heard you were *very* bad today. And you know what that means, don’t you? It’s time for a lesson in R.E.S.P.E.C.T. [M/F, D/s, Punishment, Spanking, Slapping, Second-Person POV]

So, I heard you were playing with yourself today. Yeah, yeah, yeah, don’t look at me with that incredulous expression. Seriously, you think I wouldn’t find out? I know how horny you get. I saw your toy sitting by the bathroom sink. Still wet. You cleaned it after using it, huh? At least you still … Read more