Thrill in aircraft

You relax. You sink in your seat. You breathe. Deep. Slowly. You smile. You take your bra off, revealing your gorgeous double Ds. I restrain the need to talk. For I always talk. But not now. I drive in silence. A beautiful silence that is only slightly interrupted when you notice that I take the … Read more

The thrill I get from reddit

You’d never know I’m as horny and deranged as I am. I’m a professional in the day and a dog in heat at night. I literally cannot stop edging, humping, rubbing my pussy, playing around with ruined orgasms or squirting (well attempting to). I’ll speak to strangers in a way I would Never irl. None … Read more

The Thrill

The Thrill of it, on edge, getting ready to pull up my boxers as soon as I seen someone. Me and my girl, it was hot. It was summer time and it was too warm. My wife and I up to no good as always, planned something so horny and fun because having normal sex … Read more

Netflix and Thrill

You’ve fallen asleep on the sofa watching the start of the film. Your hips have started to roll and you’ve muttered the words “yes right there”. I pause for a moment then continue to watch the film. Then you steadily slump deeper into the sofa. I move over next to you. At first our knee’s … Read more

The Thrill of Glory

This happened back in 2009 when there were a shit ton of foreclosed homes around town.  I took a second job as an empty home inspector.  Banks at that time had a big problem with squatters.  My job was to make sure the bank owned homes remained vacant, and to chase off any illegal squatters.  … Read more