Teachers Pet (Part 2)

As I walk down the hall to meet my Professor, I notice I’m the only one on this floor. It’s dinner time on campus so a lot of students are in the cafeteria. I decided to skip eating. The only thing I could really consume was pineapple juice. I wanted to smell and taste sweeter. … Read more

Teacher’s Pet (Part 1)

As I sat at a lecture in my Drawing 101 class, I found it extremely difficult to focus. As my professor spoke, his eyes would linger on me. It’s as if he were undressing me with his eyes. His smooth velvety voice sent chills up my spine, and those deep blue eyes stared deep into … Read more

S.O.L. Games Level 3: “Hide & Seek” part 2/2 (teachers and 18yo senior women sex games on remote island replica of their school. kinda ‘choose your own adventure’) [m18/f18][NC][Humil][Bondage][Blindfold][Mdom][Sadism]

**Don’t start here! Start at the Prologue! See the “Welcome” post pinned to the top of my profile for the reading order and links.** *Teachers and high school seniors abducted and forced into extreme sex games on a remote island replica of their school. Inspired by the anime “Euphoria”, the book “Battle Royal”, the show … Read more