40 (M) Really Bad Teacher

I love to relive my experiences. As a teacher who stayed in contact with his students after they left (all over 18) and fucked a few, there is nothing I love more than to reminisce and relive these moments in my life. This can be through chat. I’m an absolute open book and will reveal … Read more

F18 – Hooked up with my English teacher right before graduation and I had my first orgasm

My English teacher was always really kind to me and he would spend extra time with me after class a lot. He would always tell me sweet things like how I am beautiful and smart I am, and how I can definitely get into the college I was working really hard for. He was actually … Read more

F18 I had sex with my gym teacher right before graduation and he gave me my first orgasm

My gym teacher was always kind of creepy. He would always say creepy things to me and my other class mates. One time he randomly asked me what my favorite position was. I didn’t even know how to answer. Another time, I was the last one out of the weight room and he would randomly … Read more

My hot milf teacher

My hot milf teacher So when I was in school there used to be a teacher in the administration she was so hot and busty white with red lips busty ass that looked huge in anything curves that no one could resist Damn just thinking bout her got me hard She was so hot that … Read more

Highschool Teacher

Highschool Teacher I was a student who was super horny all day, every day. I was feeling a certain type of way over one of my teachers and he knew it and secretly loved it. Our high school was fairly large and we were allowed to leave the premises during lunch & break times. One … Read more