A Surprise

Written for fun, shared for my enjoyment…I hope you enjoy _____________________________________ For a few years you have made jokes about thinking he was cute and how he filled out his jeans, for the past few months I have joked back that your probably could not handle us both. Tonight little do you know, you’re going … Read more

What a surprise

I was at my neighbors helping do some yard work. I was skinny kinda shy and nerdy looked much younger but was a late bloomer. I caught my shorts on the fence and ripped them up the leg i never wear underwere so of course my dick is plain sight. He was an older single … Read more

Vday surprise

Pool boy (m20) He sent me(f45) a txt for vday. He said he was looking back at pics from summer. He said he misses watching me by the pool. He really hopes he can fuck me this summer. I only let him look and watch last summer. He said he was fucking his GF pretending … Read more

Married (29f) Going to surprise my husband’s friend tonight on Valentines day by letting him fuck me in the Ass

So my husband’s really close friend Josh just had his girlfriend break up with him a few days ago and is pretty down . My husband told me he invited him over for drinks tonight after we have our Vday Dinner together . Not even going to tell my husband my plan yet but after … Read more