Free-Use Inspection at the Gas Station [ENF/CMNF] [exhibitionism] [patriarchy] [daddy-dom]

…The lithe young girl had just pressed the long, heavy gas nozzle all the way into the receptive opening of her tank between the sleekly sculpted rear haunches of the classic Camaro, when the man at the next pump walked over with a smile and a greeting, and asked if she was eligible. Jennifer knew … Read more

Gas station girl

The night starts out normal like any other you start doing all your normal work getting everything knocked out and you actually get a chance to get most of it done before get a little rush. Once the rush is over you get your mopping and vaccuming done early and are excited you get to … Read more

Worst gas station

So I was at a gas station and some perverts started playing with my body in the corner, I’m not gonna go into details why but it wasn’t my fault and after a bit of time they dragged me to the back of the gas station and used me. Just because I didn’t stop them … Read more