Sleeping with my son

I (45F) slept with my son (21M). Me and my son have a very open relationship when it comes to our sexual needs and sexual lives. This one time though he told me about the time he slept with one of my friends and went into detail on how she blew him and after making … Read more

Son And Boy Next Door Watched

I knew that her grandfather had raised her from the day her parents went to Las Vegas and never returned.Something about a debt , they owed the wrong person alot of money her grandfather told me many years later… Grandpa also taught her a few un-grandfatherly things She insisted on giving me a blow job … Read more

Son in law part 2

As some of you may have read I have had the deepest fantasies about my son in law and how I wish I could fuck him, due to how many of you enjoyed my first story I thought why not give you a part 2 so you can all sit back and hopefully get hard … Read more