My girlfriend slept with my dad before meeting me, Pt. 2

Part 1 here: [\_girlfriend\_slept\_with\_my\_dad\_before\_meeting\_me/]( ​ After the truth about Kate’s steamy past with my dad was out in the open, getting them to reconnect became my sole focus. I was obsessed, and for a while I would occasionally bombard Kate with random questions that popped into my head. Things like if he used a condom … Read more

Slept with ex fiancée’s mother, I am 31 and she is 61. Sex healed us but I feel like I might develop feelings. Pt-3 We are dating now.

So yeah, Jade and I are dating, she told me that she is scared of the consequences, my ex fiancee Ruth will probably never forgive her, her older daughter Kim would be more understanding but Kim isn’t too fond of me since the break up. My dad and his girlfriend Wendy is would probably be … Read more