My brother’s cum leaking from me while I slept next to his wife

Hey everyone, this is later the day after my previous story. I’m staying at my brother’s, Jacob(Stage name) home with him and his wife, Jessie(Stage name). Me and her get along really well. We spent all the day talking about how I’m doing in Colombia. This scene is set after dinner. After dinner, all three … Read more

I [F19] fucked my boyfriend’s roommate [M27] whilst he slept in the room next door

I (F19) flew to my boyfriend’s city for the first time last week. We met online and he’s flown to visit me a couple of time, and we agreed that this time, I’d come to him. I’d never met his roommate before, but my boyfriend introduced us and I was immediately smitten. He was so … Read more

Slept with my Ex

Its my first time posting. Me, 22M, and my guy friends planned to do a farewell for one of us as he’s leaving the country-so we went to a bar and had a couple of drinks. We had a good time and took a picture of all 4 of us-of which i posted on my … Read more