My sister

My cousin didi (elder sister) is 27 years old, fair skinned, medium build. I always found her cute but never saw her from sexy pov. So she started to live with me since this diwali due to her masters. We sleeps in same room and mostly spend our day together. So one day she came … Read more

think im a bad sister but thats ok

Back when my brother and both used to live at hone with our parents, his gf would often be over at our place spending time with my brother. Occasionally they would get into a fight and my brother would take off for a while to cool down. The first time this happened, i did like … Read more

im such a bad sister for doing this

So me and my brother are 2 years apart and we’ve been super close ever since we were young. He’s always looked out for me too which I think just makes this so much worse but a girl has needs and unfortunately his best mate is too good at filling them (or me) So because … Read more

Sister in law pt.3

If you haven’t read my previous parts, just look on my profile. To sum up, fucked my sister in law, and then my wife walked in on me getting my cock sucked by her sister. She was upset at first, but calmed down. She was open to discussing more things. My wife took a few … Read more

Bhabhi Aur Uski Sister Ko Ek Sath Choda

Bhabhi Aur Uski Sister Ko Ek Sath Choda Bhabhi Aur Uski Sister Ko Ek Sath Choda Halloo dosto me phirse apni ek aur kahani aapko bata ne aaya hu.. Meri pichli kahani bhabhi ke ke bad us ki sister ko choda : aapko pasand aayi hongi, yeh meri tesri kahani hai, mera mail id hai uasblog106@gmailcom … Read more