Caught in the shower

Today I spent time on the farm cleaning the hay store ready for a new delivery. I don’t normally mind this job as it means I get to spend time on my own in the barn and can have a play. However it was raining out and I got quite mucky and smelly. When I’d … Read more

[F] How I lost my anal virginity in the shower when I was 18 years old…

I’ve got to preface this story by saying that, throughout my teenage years I was convinced that no matter the circumstances I had no interest in ever getting a cock near my asshole. I heard unpleasant stories of friends who told me that it hurts, was not pleasurable in any way and that they only … Read more

Masturbation in the shower of a public pool in front of the cleaning lady

The story is an old one, but it’s still pleasant to recall. Back then, been 20-years old I lived in a small provincial town in Russia. After my studies at the academy and working in a sedentary office job, I used to go swimming in a pool several times a week. This wasn’t the modern-day … Read more