F 46 Hubs and best man showed me pain and pleasure again. Better than last think getting hooked

Labor Day weekend hubs and best man. In play room full of mirrors. Put on leash and collar fox tail plug and remote controlled bullet vibrator. Forced to crawl while being slapped and whipped. Forced to suck both cocks roughly. Then strung up nipple clamps hot wax ice vibrator up and down whipped me the … Read more

my friend said he liked small tits, so I showed him mine, and swallowed his cum (F18)

I’ve always been a bit self-conscious about my small breasts. I was drunk with my friend I decided to show him my tits because he said it enjoyed small ones. I let him touch and even suck on them and I ended up giving him a handjob too!! Flash forward to the following week. He … Read more

My (28M) coworker (23F) showed me the rest of her piercings

Maybe a week after our club encounter (read other confessions) Ashley comes over to chill. I don’t know where she told her husband she was going, but not my concern if he’s not giving her the attention she deserves. We’re cuddled up on the couch watching a movie and start reminiscing about the club. That … Read more

Wife showed me her tits…

This might be tamed but i figured I wanted to share it cuz I thought it was hot. So my wife and I usually get home around 15min apart. She carpools with my stepson every other day for work. Today she dropped him off at his girlfriend’s house bcuz he wanted to hangout with her … Read more

My Sister’s Best Friend Asked Me to Explain Teabagging, So I Showed Her [Part 2] [M/F]

Last night when I fired up my Xbox and took a seat on the couch, I was restless. I kept shifting from cushion to cushion like I couldn’t find the magical spot where I played best. My first few matches were absolute garbage. I wish I could say it’s because my controller has been acting … Read more