Update: I (F28) fingered a family friend (F19) at my father’s funeral – Part 3 – Sexy Day Trip

Ok, so this is the third update on the “I’m sleeping with my much younger family friend, Beth” saga and at the moment Beth is sleeping in bed next to me and resting. Both my previous update and my original can be found here. As with my previous posts, this is a true story, with … Read more

A friend and I gave my father-in-law a sexy, little show

Thought I’m sure he would never admit it, everyone knew why my husband’s father loved hosting pool parties at his place. Ever since the divorce, Dan been hornier (understandably imo) and clearly saw it as an opportunity to check out hot, young women in bikinis, getting wet and jumping around, without leaving his house. He … Read more

Sexy chachi ki chudai lockdown mein-1

Story start karne se pehle main aapko meri family ke baare mein bata deta hu. Main ek middle class family se belong karta hu, aur main  mere chacha aur chachi ke paas bachpan se reh raha hu. Padhayi bhi wahi pe reh ke ki hai maine. Mere chacha ek govt. servent hai, aur har time … Read more

A Sexy Detour

The best sex story I have was with my boyfriend. We were driving to his house super early in the morning, and I started kissing his neck and rubbing his leg. I would teasingly graze his cock as well. When I saw and felt the huge bulge in his pants, I started whispering things like, … Read more

I [F26] finally shared a sexy secret with the neighbour [F20’s] who gave me a show the other night

Well, I didn’t think this would end up as a multi-part story, but there’s been an interesting development over the last evening and tonight. Follow up to: [Last night, the girl \[F20’s\] in the apartment across the road showed me \[F26\] exactly what I wanted to see](https://www.reddit.com/r/sexstories/comments/198x3vv/last_night_the_girl_f20s_in_the_apartment_across/) I’d had the naughtiest dreams all night about … Read more