Old college roommate and his girlfriend liked to sex all the time

Back in college over like, 15 (WOW) years ago, it was interesting. There were a few moments in college that I remember being wild (someone had a baby pool filled with chocolate pudding and the two girls invited people over to wrestle in it. One girl, a short, slightly pudgy, curly haired goth, was completely … Read more

Mysterious Roommate (F19)

First time writing/posting let me know what you think! I will write more if this gets some upvotes. – – – – My boyfriend and I were studying in University and sharing a small flat with my boyfriends mate from high-school. Lets call him Ethan A weird thing about our roommate is he would spend … Read more


Foreword: This entry is a direct continuation from my previous stories. Basically I’m just telling all of the most interesting and exciting sexual stories of my life in chronological order. I will try and include enough back story for a new reader to be able to jump right in, however I apologize if I fail … Read more

Her college roommate caught us!

This story is nonfictional and really happened Recently I took a trip to visit my girlfriend. She’s about 5’5”, brunette, white, 150lb, big lips, 34F tits, an ass as wide as her tits, a body resembling a bit of an hour glass, and she’s 20. I’m 20, 6’3”, white, dark short hair, 160lb skinny. She … Read more

I [F20] gave my roommate [F21] a full body massage with a happy ending

Hello! It’s been awhile, but I’m back again with another story about myself and my roommate, Layne. First, a quick reminder about what we look like: I’m Brooke. I’m 20. I’m bisexual. I’m 5’5, with short-ish dark brown hair and blue eyes which I’m told are large and innocent-looking. I’m relatively pale, despite my best … Read more

Teasing a Roommate

people seemed to like the other story i’d written out on r/gonewildstories , so here’s something fictional i had written up at the beginning of quarantine, but had deleted after a couple days. hope y’all like it! feel free to check out my other story if you haven’t, and upvote if you enjoy 🙂 // … Read more

A Roommate Ch. 1 by Bullhorny

​​ Adam sighed as he started loading his car with duffle bags. All he could think about was how much he didn’t want to go to college. He’d been bullied all through grade school and hadnt had a girlfriend his whole life. ​​ ​​ “High school was one long swirly,” He thought, “how is college … Read more

Naughty Ch. 1 — Girls discover fun with a pillow and a roommate. [FF] [Lesb]

When Denise got to bed, she couldn’t help but feel sexy. tonight had been so crazy! She’d been to a sorority party on the college campus that night, and she’d had quite a bit to drink. She’d also seen some of the sexiest guys and girls in town, and it was doing things to her. … Read more