True Story: I (F33) fucked the roommate of a guy who was in love with me in college and he never knew!

Taking a break from my European adventures to share one from my college days! I was 20 and was a student at a fairly large state university in the Midwest. Like most college students, I loved to go to parties and had many fun hookups as a result. One night, my friends and I went … Read more

Linda [18f] cheats on Max [18m] once she gets to college and meets a mature frat guy [24m]. He checks up on her, but she and her roommate hide affair from the pathetic guy. [cheating][story]Friends with Consequences.

Linda woke up with an enormous headache. She crawled out of bed just in time to make it to class. Unfortunately, her hangover proved much too painful. Not only did she leave her first class early, but she also decided to skip the rest of her classes for the day. In the quiet area of … Read more

My girlfriend (F21) fucked her roommate (F21) in lockdown when we were apart

During lockdown me and my girlfriend had to live separately as I was working in a hospital. I stayed at my place and she stayed with her room mate. They both shared a large studio flat at this point and had created two separate bedrooms with an IKEA shelf divider and some large tapestries. There … Read more

We thought we had secret night sex in front of sleeping roommate. He secretly masturbated.

When I was in the college, my wife (GF at a time) used to visit me for the weekends. Sometimes my roommate would go home, sometimes not and stayed for the weekend in the dormitories. When he stayed for the weekend it would mean basically no sex because he was almost always in. And dormitories … Read more