The Real Strip Game

So, Me and my wife play a strip game together that we showed another couple how to play. One night at the camp,Rick and his wife Sarah were out for the night with us and we were telling them about it and how horny it would make us. Sarah speaks up and asked “Can 4 … Read more

My story real

I am 18 years old and at university, and I first had sex two years ago in grade 11. My first time for sex was with my first real girlfriend (real as in first since I was 4), who was my first for a lot of things. To this day, she is my only girlfriend, … Read more

real addiction for shy, virgin and small dicked guys, f18

i find it really unfair that isee here and IRL the hot guys or guys with massive dicks or amazing jobs get all the love and attention…and that’s not even all thaaaat much attention. But if anyone gets any, it’s always them. Guys that are considered by society to be “low status” get so much … Read more

It is my real history

I was a lively and somewhat rebellious girl when I was sixteen. I was shorter than most of the girls and had dark hair and dark eyes. I went out most nights, hanging around with groups of lads and girls down the park, and I think lots of people assumed I was sexually active at … Read more