A letter from your demanding tailor lover waiting the end of quarantine [M4F] [Letter] [Instructions] so light [MDom] [Pic] of [Dress] and [Lingerie]

*This is a letter extracted of a long fantasy role play I have as a rich tailor and dom lover of a smart beautiful trophy wife. I share it to you in hope you might enjoy it as well. Anything to make this quaratine go away faster right ? 😉 It was originally written in … Read more

Quarantine queer-y

So since the Rona took over, our business office closed and we began using a empty apartment, but bc the manager had to be there more, he ended up semi moving in. It was just me and him to begin with so it made it easier. And I gues I never realized the tension. Maybe … Read more

What Happens in Quarantine- Part 2 by Sadistic_Dominant

Daniel Hunter couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His daughter, Lacey, and his son, Anthony, were fucking. Lacey was riding her big brother’s dick and it didn’t seem like Anthony minded all that much. As a matter of fact, Daniel would have guessed that Anthony was enjoying the experience. If he were honest with himself … Read more