My 23[M] coworker’s hot artsy sister 26[F] took me back to her place and I fucked her face – Part 2 – Jack’s Adventures #3

[Here’s part 1, where I railed Allie in the bathroom]( We ordered two more Millers and the bartender walked away, disappointed once again but not as surprised. Allie looked at me. “You promise you’ll leave first thing in the morning?” she asked. “Yes,” I said. “You won’t ask for my number, you won’t find me … Read more

After getting spanked and put in her place for demanding a free massage, Latina [25f] returns to the massage parlor craving another punishment from the shy Asian [23f]. Gets her pussy and ass rubbed until she squirts all over the place. [spanking][lesbian][massage][anal play]

The night grew late. Jane was just finishing up at the massage parlor. After a long day of internship work followed by a night of giving massages, Jane had become worn out. She was ready to get home and go straight to bed. As Jane was preparing to leave, she heard a quick knock at … Read more

Is this the right place to get feedback on my (very) rough draft of a story? C/w non-con, rape, degradation, some military/war themes

Thank you all so much for reading! So, I’m picturing an elected president of a country. She’s relatively young, pretty, says all the right buzzwords, modernizes the country, but, when some people move forward, some people are left behind. It’s just how it is. However, when those people are disproportionately represented in the military, well, … Read more