Hot tub party [F19]

We recently installed a hot tub by our outdoor pool. We are in a four season climate and were excited about the prospect of spending time in it during colder nights as well as just the overall relaxation part of a hot tub. From day one, this hot tub seemed to be an aphrodisiac for … Read more

My friend and BF at a party

I was at a party last night and got super drunk with my boyfriend. There was a girl who was coming on to me and i could tell she wanted to hook up. I could tell my bf was getting super turned on by seeing me and this other girl flirt with eachother, and we … Read more

Tales of Horn Springs – The Birthday Party – Part 5 of 5

[part 1]( [part 2]( [part 3]( [part 4]( **Jason throws a birthday party (8pm – midnight)** Parker and I arrive at John’s house a little after 8 pm. His house is big, beautiful, and newly built. John Lane is a friend of mine from high school. He wasn’t my best friend or anything back then, … Read more

I (F18) fucked finally got to seduce him at a house party

The pounding music reverberated through the crowded house party drowning out everything except for the electricity crackling between us. My heart raced as I spotted him across the room, my crush, looking irresistible as ever. As our eyes met, a surge of desire coursed through me urging me to make a move. I approached him, … Read more