In the Kitchen | Part two

**PART TWO** You turn your head as you approach to reveal a long, delicate neckline which extends in line with lush cleavage. As you inhale, your breasts blossom and I run a gentle finger along the strap of your bra down to the cup. I curl my finger around the fabric and pull lightly. A … Read more

Her Master Plan. Part 1

This is a story I made up. If you like it, be sure to upvote, comment, check out my other stories, and follow me for my most recent content. Now that you’re graduated, you need to get a job. That is what everyone kept telling me. Working nine to five just wasn’t the kind of … Read more

Brian’s Mom part 4

I hope everyone following along has enjoyed the journey. The three previous posts are on my profile page. This one won’t be as exciting, but I’ll try to put a bow on things. Over the following couple of months, I’d estimate there were another 10-12 encounters with Brian and his Mom. There was also one … Read more

Her Master Plan. Part 3

I started lifting and dropping myself quickly while at the same time rubbing my clit. I knew an orgasm could increase my chances of pregnancy, so I was going to make it happen. I could feel some of his cum leaked out around his dick so I used some as lube on my fingers and … Read more

In the Kitchen | Part One

**PART ONE** For months I had been aching to take you in the kitchen. Something about the thought of perfectly clean countertops being used for perfectly dirty activities makes me hot and bothered. As I helped you prepare our meal, I took every opportunity to glance at your ass, which was superbly displayed under a … Read more

Stranger Threatens to Expose Emma: Part Four [All over 18][M/F][predator/prey][noncon/dubcon][roofy][owner/slave][fear][blackmail][rules]

***This is a fictional erotic story written by me and from my point of view. You should not be reading this if you’re not of legal age, 18 in America, 21 in some other countries. My stories fall under genres such as: “BDSM, non-con, dub-con, reluctance, & consensually non-con.” This is my fantasy, with me … Read more

Brian’s Mom part 3

It’s interesting how vivid a lot of these details are to me, even 40 years later! For an 18 year old with very limited sexual experience, I guess it makes sense the experience made a lasting impression. So Saturday afternoon rolled around and I threw some stuff in a duffel bag and headed over to … Read more