Sex in a park

A few years back I went out with a girl I was dating. Before picking her up, I told her I wanted to make it dirty night, so dress to tease. When I picked her up, I wasn’t disappointed. She was dressed in a tube top (with bra underneath), a cardigan over it, and knee … Read more

Anal at the park

My gf and I had left the bar after a couple drinks but at the time neither of us had a place of our own so we had to result to car sex or buying cheap hotels to have some alone time but I convinced her it was late and there was a high school … Read more

Sucked Off in the Park

As I walked home alone from work, I couldn’t stop thinking about that guy who was flirting with me at the coffee shop. His eyes were so intense, his touch so electric – it was like a current running through my veins. My heart raced as I approached the entrance to the park, wondering if … Read more

The Justice Park [A woman w/ no memory awakens with a chastity belt locked on. She is confused & overwhelmingly horny. She is teased by many strangers while trying to resolve her situation, and horniness…]

(Thought this may be enjoyed here? Some themes of orgasm denail and other stuff!) Tiffany woke up with a sudden gasp. A slim, blonde, young woman. Just 26. She felt very fuzzy in the head…almost hungover. Her body felt exaughsted and her limbs were sore. She went to stand up but found herself fully secured … Read more

The Stranger in the park

So guys, I have a little confession for you. A few days ago I was in a public restroom and experienced something that really turned me on. I was out with some friends and had to go to the toilet urgently. As life would have it, we were at a park and the nearest toilet … Read more

Another Walk In The Park

As I walked back through the park, I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone had seen me the other day. It was possible; there were plenty of people around, after all. But even if they had, I didn’t really care. What mattered most was that I had finally given in to my desires and enjoyed … Read more