Had an orgasm in an exam hall!

Today, I(M20) took my university test, which I had been dreading for the previous week. Because the paper was a little tricky, it took some time to find solutions, and I had to finish all of the questions on time. Mentally, I was so stressed at that point that strangely, I started feeling really aroused. … Read more

M56 The time I made an 19yr escort unwillingly orgasm! Long story

I’ll be completely honest I visit escorts! I’m not ashamed I’m 56 divorced from a sexless marriage and well why not!m catch up It’s difficult to find good escorts that enjoy what they do and ones who show enthusiasm! Here in the uk we have a lot of Eastern European escorts who aren’t usually great! … Read more

Devotion: Part Two – [F30M40] – [Dom/Sub][Female Orgasm Denial][Edging][Public Masturbation] [Female Main Character]

[Part One](https://reddit.com/u/ConcreteCandle/s/b4y1UkXMjY) Emily [F30] woke up the next morning with a jolt, realizing that her phone alarm had never sounded. She scrambled for her phone, and realized it was still turned off from the night before. As it turned on, Emily looked at her watch and realized she had woken up without an alarm almost … Read more

My friend [21f] gave me [21f] a massive orgasm when we experimented for the first time. I get her back by introducing her to spanking, and making her cum even harder out of desperation! Ruby pt.2 [spanking][lesbian][personal story]

This is the second part of a story I shared last week. In case you missed the first part, a friend of mine in college wanted to experiment with me since she had never had a lesbian experience before. Despite being the rookie, she ended up putting me in my place and forcing me to … Read more

The Slut Diaries: Clamped (D/s, M/f, edging, orgasm control, nipple clamps, public play)

*Everyone in this story is 18+ Last week, my shopping trip consisted of me walking around the store while plugged. Today, I was clamped. My new nipple clamps were delivered this morning, my regular “errand day”. I took it as a sign of fate. It was hot and muggy out. Perfect weather for a sundress, … Read more

Best orgasm I’ve ever had

So this might be a bit vanilla for y’all but I felt like sharing because I’ve been thinking about it every day. 🤣 This guy I’ve been sleeping with is so damn sexy, and his dick feels absolutely incredible. I have vaginismus so sometimes there can be pain, but not with this partner. He likes … Read more