Oral fantasies

I matched with a cute girl(31) on sunday and we went for bubbletea that evening. We got to know each other a bit before we started talking about sex and what we were looking for. I told her my biggest fantasy was to go down on a woman, she looked at me and blushed. Luckily … Read more

Switching it up for oral

Back in 2018 during my hoe phase in the military; I was talking with this girl my friend introduced me to. Tori was a Latina with massive tits but not much of an ass and a slimmer body. She was super loud and obnoxious but hot so I entertained the idea of us getting together. … Read more

I finally hooked up with the hot barista! [Hookup] [Oral] [Sex] [Cumshot] [Orgasm]

Every morning before work, I (F26) head to my local coffee shop. At first, I visited for the coffee, but after one or two visits, it was for the barista. He was about the same height as I was, with dark hair and dark eyes, a distinctly Mediterranean complexion and he always wore a well-groomed … Read more