I (F21) Dominated my dork roommate last night, now considering taking his virginity.. Thoughts?

Hi everyone! So here’s my story… I’m 21 years old and in my final year of university. I’ve got a part-time job as a sales associate at a clothing boutique, and I share an apartment with a guy called Dylan who is a 22-year-old student. Dylan is kind of a loser nerd who’s never dated, … Read more

I said I would never hook up with a coworker. But I made an exception when I took our Sales VP back to my room after a work event for a night cap and told him I liked it rough. It didn’t take long until I was pinned down with his hand on my neck.

Since I’ve been sharing some of my secret, slutty Hotwife adventures on work trips, I’ve been asked if I’ve ever hooked up with a coworker. So in the spirit of telling some of my “firsts”, the answer is no, but I did make one exception, and here is the story. If you’ve read any of … Read more

Car fun last night

I’m a partially disabled guy with nerve damage. It’s very difficult for me to perform or hookup due to that and my own anxiety regarding being judged. My cock really can’t maintain an erection due to the nerve damage. I was looking at the whisper app and came across a post about being someone’s birthday … Read more

Just a curious night 💕

When my BF (M19) and I (F19) were together he usually brought his friends to my place to hang out, and he has this one friend (M21) who is my type and I always check him out when he’s around. Fast forward to the time my bf and I broke up, I posted on social … Read more

“Mam, don’t you know it’s not safe to walk around at night with all that cake?” [MF18+][CNC]

Inside my glovebox was a handwritten note from my gf, signed and dated. It explained what we were doing and that everything was consensual. She had also recorded a backup video on my phone in case anyone called the cops. It was 1am and I was driving around the sketchy industrial part of town, hunting … Read more