Crazy naughty

I work nights at a psych hospital and tonight I decided I wanted to wear a plug to work. I made sure to show my bf and he ended up filling my hole before I grabbed my stuff and ran out the door. The sensation of the cold glass plug stretching my ass and his … Read more

[21f]After a naughty one night stand with my rival [21f], we run into each other at a bar. She witnesses my crush rejecting me for being boring, and she tells the world that I was the best sexual partner she has ever had. I reward her by making her squirt in the public restroom. [lesbian][love]

Emily It had been a week and a half since I last hung out with McKayla, and I still couldn’t get over what a crazy night we had. I never thought I would get intimate with another woman, but the things I did with her were downright kinky! As if spanking and fingering her butt … Read more

Delivery guy certainly saw m[23]y gf[21] being a naughty student

The living room table and seat, located in the center and clearly visible from the street through two big windows, were the stage of this story. I was downstairs doing schoolwork at that said table in the seat when my girlfriend decided she wanted me to do something else. I wasn’t yet aware of her … Read more

Naughty Stories

Visit to listen to more in audio form! Dear Naughty Stories, Oh, buckle up, You see, it all started when I found myself in need of some extra cash. Bills were piling up, and my job at the local diner just wasn’t cutting it. So, I made the bold decision to become an exotic … Read more

After seeing her friends get naughty massages, Monica (25f) is jealous and desperate to get her turn with the shy Asian masseuse (23f). She ends up getting edged so hard she drips all over herself as she goes home. Returns the next day to finish. [lesbian][massage][asian][latina]

“Why does everyone get a turn with Jane except me?!” The frustration built up as Monica walked around her apartment. “I want a sexy massage from Jane!” she said to herself. “Ashley gets a massage and a spanking from her. Veronica gets SEVERAL massages from her. When will it be MY turn?!” The short Latina … Read more

Married (29f) Put on a naughty school girl skirt and fucked my married neighbor in it

So lastnight my husband wasn’t home and I had gotten a package in the mail with all my outfits I ordered for my upcoming trip to temptations Mexico. It’s a swingers resort that has theme nights just incase you don’t know about it . Anyways I tried on the plaid schoolgirl skirt outfit and it … Read more