A vacation with me and my step mom

It was a beautiful summer day when my stepmom, Lisa, surprised me with the news of a vacation getaway. Excitement filled the air as you packed my bags, eager to embark on this adventure together. The destination was a picturesque beachside resort, promising warm sands, clear waters, and unforgettable memories. Upon arrival, the resort greeted … Read more

Brian’s Mom part 4

I hope everyone following along has enjoyed the journey. The three previous posts are on my profile page. This one won’t be as exciting, but I’ll try to put a bow on things. Over the following couple of months, I’d estimate there were another 10-12 encounters with Brian and his Mom. There was also one … Read more

Brian’s Mom part 3

It’s interesting how vivid a lot of these details are to me, even 40 years later! For an 18 year old with very limited sexual experience, I guess it makes sense the experience made a lasting impression. So Saturday afternoon rolled around and I threw some stuff in a duffel bag and headed over to … Read more

Brian’s Mom part 2

I’ve gotten a lot of requests to share more of my experience with my high school buddy Brian and his mother. You can find the original post on my profile page. A couple people asked me to describe what his mom looked like. I always thought she looked a lot like Lynda Carter, who played … Read more

Brian’s Mom

This all happened during my senior year of high school back in the 80’s. I used to spend a lot of time at my friend Brian’s house. He had an Intellivision video game system, which was state of the art at that time lol His dad was some sort of master electrician for a big … Read more